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Character Sheet Guide

1. Insert class into the Class & Level section of Character Sheet
2. Write down the features from the class table in the traits and features section of the
character sheet. Along with any other special abilities
3. Read these features and add definitions/notes for them in the traits and features
4. Insert character race into the race section
5. Insert racial traits in the traits and features section excluding the Ability Score
Increase (along with age, size, alignment, and speed, write these in the appropriate
sections). Just write it next to the ability scores on the left side of the page.
6. Roll your ability scores using 2D6 + 6 for each attribute (Strength, Dexterity,
Charisma, Constitution, Intelligence, and Wisdom)
7. Add modifiers for each ability score using Ability Scores and Modifiers Table on page
13 of the players handbook
8. Assign to each category including racial bonus/adjustments
9. Add proficiency bonus (it is right to the strength attribute and underneath inspiration
and above the saving throws)
10. Write down your saving throws, each saving throw is [Attribute modifier] +
[Proficiency bonus] Note only add the proficiency bonus from the Class Features-
proficiencies - Saving Throws area (In chapter 3)
11. Tick your skills from the Class Features- proficiencies Skills area.
12. In the blank space next to them, write [Attribute Modifier] + [Proficiency bonus]
13. In the box below stating Passive Wisdom (Perception) Write down your wisdom
modifier or [Attribute Modifier] + [Proficiency bonus]
14. Add hit points, refer to Class Features Hit points Hit points as first level
15. Go to the Class Features Equipment and select one of the (a) or (b) options per a
dot point and write them down in your equipment section
16. Refer to page 145 and look at the table on the bottom and then write your AC into
the AC section of your character sheet.
17. Go to page 149 and add the damage from the damage column for each weapon
which you have in your Attacks and spellcasting section. Then add your strength
modifier (For melee) or dexterity modifier (For ranged and throwing weapons) to each
of your dice. In the middle (atk bonus) add your strength modifier(For melee) or
dexterity modifier(For ranged) for each weapon
18. Go to the backgrounds section on page 125 and select one background and add the
skill proficiencies into your skills section. In addition, add the equipment from the
background into either your equipment section or treasure section (add the gp into
the gp subheading in equipment).
19. In addition, in the backgrounds section add your Personality, Ideals, Bonds, and flaws
from here (you dont have to, although it is recommended)
20. Fill in your backstory, remember to include your characters Personality, Ideals,
Bonds, and flaws. Also try to answer the following questions.
a. Are you a native, born and raised in the area? If so, who's your family?
b. What's your current occupation?
c. Are you a recent arrival? Where did you come from?
d. Why did you come to this area?
e. Are you tied to any of the organizations or people?
f. Are they friends or enemies?