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Daisy posing for her fans in a truck.
Photo by Brittany Ferencik

April Dates to Remember ABOUT THE COVER

Daisy, a beautiful two-year-old Beagle, is very boisterous,
1 April Fools Day and her energy sometimes takes a destructive turn. Since she
9 Palm Sunday has very elegant taste, she prefers expensive items like eyeglasses,
11 First day of Passover shoes, computer charger equipment, cords, and anything else interesting
13 Birth date of Thomas Jefferson (1743) and breakable that is carelessly left within her reach.
14 Good Friday
16 Easter Sunday Daisy loves people, and running at the dog park.
17 Tax Day And she especially loves working in the garage with
19 Revolutionary War Began (1775) her dad, Dave Getzke, owner of Getzkes Auto Shop
22 Earth Day in Newark Valley. But her favorite activity of all
26 Administrative Professionals Day is napping. You go, girl!
28 Arbor Day
April is: Child Abuse Prevention Month
National Poetry Month
A special THANK YOU to Lawtons Jersey Farm cuts, perms, color,
in Newark Valley for your help and kindness highlights, manicures,
during the recent winter storm.
Good neighbors good friends!
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People have really come to amaze me over the
years. There was a time when young boys would
go around helping neighbors for a fee, whether it be snow shoveling,
mowing, etc. It gave them a little extra spending money and helped the
person they did the work for. Now, currently, I live in a nice
neighborhood, but this does not happen. I have a neighbor who has all
kinds of man toys, but never helps his neighbors. He plows his own
property in early morning or late evening when everyone is inside for
the night. He doesnt have to think about the fact that he doesnt help
his neighbors, let alone feel slightly guilty about it. He could see an
elderly person trying to shovel, but would not lift a hand to help that
personeven for a fee! Especially when there is a major snow storm
and people are breaking their backs. I would love to be able to hop on
a machine and help themwith no back breaking on either part! What
a shame that some people have to be that way. As it is, appearance
tells all. Fortunately, there are other areas in town where there IS a
sense of communitypeople helping people!
So, the way I see it, with a sad lack of compassion and willingness to
help others, the world wont be a better place.

April 2017 The Moonlighter 2

Elderwoods Community Education Series launches WHAT IS UP WITH HEALTH CARE
Heading to Owego to discuss Aging and Nutrition Looking at the legislation for the new health care system, there
are many issues being made by a number of companies. One
March was national Nutrition Awareness month! March also of these companies is AARP. AARP Executive Vice President
began the kick-off of the Elderwood Community Education Nancy LeaMond announced AARPs opposition to the House
Series (CES), which will make its way to the Countryside plan that would make changes to our current health care
Community Center on April 18th. system, such as shortening the life of Medicare, hiking costs
for those who can least afford higher insurance premiums,
Registered Dietitian, Allyssa Kline, and Speech and Language
risking seniors ability to live independently, and giving tax
Pathologist, Jessica Pallozi, will be on hand for the series first
breaks to big drug companies and health insurance
topic Aging and Nutrition: Healthier You for a Better
companies. This is their comment:
Tomorrow. Attendees will learn what to expect from the
normal parts of aging as they compare to the effects of AARP opposes this legislation, as introduced, that would
chronic disease, and will explore the role nutrition plays day to weaken Medicare, leaving the door open to a voucher program
day as we age. Stephanie Sinsabaugh, Assistant that shifts costs and risks to seniors.
Administrator of Elderwood, will give an update on recent Before people even reach retirement age, big insurance
changes to the U.S. healthcare system to include how area companies could be allowed to charge them an age tax that
healthcare organizations are shifting to support a healthier adds up to thousands of dollars more per year. Older
community. Americans need affordable health care services and
prescriptions. This plan goes in the opposite direction,
The event will take place at the Countryside Community increasing insurance premiums for older Americans and not
Center (9 Sheldon Guile Blvd, Owego) on April 18th from doing anything to lower drug costs.
10-11am, and is free and open to the public. Complimentary On top of the hefty premium increase for consumers, big drug
refreshments will be provided. Guests are encouraged to companies and other special interests get a sweetheart deal.
register by calling Elderwood at 607-565-2861 or the Finally, Medicaid cuts could impact people of all ages and put
Department of Aging at 607-687-4120, ext. 331. at risk the health and safety of 17.4 million children and adults
with disabilities and seniors by eliminating much-needed
services that allow individuals to live independently in their
Did You Know homes and communities. Although no one believes the current
Over 58 million Americans receive Social Security health care system is perfect, this harmful legislation would
benefits? Tell Congress to protect your heard-earned make health care less secure and less affordable.
Social Security benefits.
AARP stands ready to work with both parties on legislation that
puts Americans first, not the special interests.

about lunch. Usually I plan a weeks worth of meals and just

Writing From My Rocker switch it around as the mood dictates. Without my list, I couldn't
By Hazel Goodrich remember. No big deal, it's just lunch. Supper posed the same
I decided that trying to plan ahead was just situation and indecision. That doesn't sound like a big deal
too time consuming, so I thought, "Why not either, but the spaces between meals were filled with lost time
try the one-day-at-a-time" schedule. You are trying to remember what came next, indecision and frustration.
now going to experience the "why nots." This could have all been avoided by taking about twenty
The first day went fine. A creature of habit, the routine moved minutes the night before and planning ahead. Ready for the
smoothly at first, having decided not to plan in my little point of this?
notebook with the days activities neatly (well maybe not so
Life gives all of us the same number of hours each day. We can
neatly), and clearly defining priorities was blank.
pretty much use them any way we want within reason. Taking
The first thing, I missed the day and date. Always at the top of away organization, common sense and priorities leaves too
the page, I knew early on where I was in the week. Not a hard much to chance. Chaos can occur. Lists are a good thing;
thing to remedy. I had my breakfast, got dressed and did the planning ahead saves time. Why have I come to the conclusion
little chores that we all dodishes, beds, etc. So far so good; I need lists? I looked at the calendar wrong
then came the challenge what next? Having established it and jumped ahead a day messing up the whole week!
was Tuesday, I remembered it was Bible Study day. I dug out
the material, lined up the program and moved on to think Happy Easter! God bless you and yours.

April 2017 The Moonlighter 9

have Fidos unwavering loyalty
for the rest of his life. Every day,
Fido waited for his master at the
same bus stop, refusing to move
until he stepped off the busand
this at a time when Italy was
being bombed almost daily. But
one day, Fidos master didnt
return. Hed been killed in an air
raid while at work. Fido, ever
vigilant, still turned up to wait for
him. Every day. For 14 years.
There are plenty of stories of dogs
Kitty Quote who stood vigil for dead masters for His tale spread across Italy until
Since each of us is blessed with only years afterward. Among the most Fido became a constant source of
one life, why not live it with a cat? well-known loyal dogs were Hachiko, media attention, both during the
Robert Stearns from Japan, and Greyfriars Bobby, war and long after it ended.
from Scotland. Hachiko and Surviving footage shows that
Greyfriars Bobby have had numerous huge crowds would turn up to
books and even films made about watch him make his way to the
them. But the loyal dog who was bus stop every day, watch
most famous during his own lifetime everyone get off, then walk away
is probably the least well-known. disappointed when the bus pulled
Fido was born in Italy sometime off. He received honors and
during World War II. He was found on medals, but all he wanted was for
the verge of death by a kiln worker his friend to come home.
who took him home and nursed him He never did.
back to health. And for this, hed

Oscar brought a special serenity to the

room. Whats more peaceful than a
YORK STATE purring cat? What sound more beautiful
FEEDS to fill ones ears when leaving this life?


Owego, NY Berkshire, NY
1-800-676-2712 Oscar could always sense
when one of the residents at
the nursing home where he
THE FEED SPECIALISTS lived was near death and
would sit quietly on their bed
FEED FARM SUPPLIES during their last moments.
One relative of two sisters Oleander leaves can kill a human, and
who died in the nursing home
SERVING FAMILY FARMS AND said of Oscars vigil, Oscars
even take down a 1,500-pound cow, so
needless to say, it's extremely toxic to
BACKYARD HOBBYISTS presence gave a sense of pets. Symptoms include diarrhea, muscle
SINCE 1925 completion and contentment. tremors, difficulty breathing, and cardiac
Both women loved pets. failure.
April 2017 The Moonlighter 10
By Diana Oliver and Sallay Fionti FIRST NATION
Indigenous People of the land
We are so excited about the opportunity to who never became citizens
write a regular pet column for The Moonlighter
Press. Each month may include some diary entries and a variety Trade Relations and Sexual Relations
of animal related topics by Diana or Sally. We hope to introduce Traders encountered agricultural peoples where women
you to local rescues and shelters, offer information about animal often controlled the crops their labor had produced. When
related activities in the communities and provide up-to-date traders bought corn among the Cherokees, they dealt with
information on ways animal lovers can help improve the lives of women. Among the Chinooks, women dominated the
the animals in their care and in their communities. trading of furs and fish because the women could talk with
white men better than they could. Women also dominated
Many people decide to add a new furry family member in the much of the trading in skins and furs.
spring so it seems logical that the first topic for spring is to
discuss responsible pet ownership and how being responsible The line separating trade relations and sexual relations was
prevents disease and the birth of unwanted animals. often obscure. Besides creating both delight and unease for
Responsible pet ownership includes getting vaccinations for your white traders and travelers, it expanded the boundaries of
pet. The Distemper combo and Rabies vaccinations protect cats the middle ground. In the late 17th and early 18th centuries,
and dogs from a variety of diseases that are highly contagious the hunting women traveled and had sexual relations with
and often fatal to the pet. The cost of the vaccination is minimal French companions for whom they also cooked, cut wood,
compared to the veterinary expense to treat the illness should and made clothes. In return they received what amounted to
your pet come in contact with an animal that has the disease. wages.
One excuse not to get the pet vaccinated is that the pet is strictly
an indoor pet so there is no chance of getting the disease. Europeans, also, blended exchanges of property and sex,
Unfortunately, that isnt true. Diseases can be brought in by but they only had two categories for such exchange:
visitors, other animals, or members of the household. Please marriage and prostitution. Combinations of property and
make sure that when adopting a puppy or kitten you set aside sexual exchanges often fit neither pattern. So lacking an
money to get those very important vaccinations. appropriate category, Europeans often labeled such sexual
exchange as prostitution. But their activities had little to do
Responsible pet ownership also means getting the pet spayed with prostitution. The women did not solicit customers and
or neutered. When you get a pet fixed you prevent the birth of did not sell discrete sexual acts. It was the concept of
puppies or kittens that could end up homeless in the future. You Algonquian women as masters of their own bodies that
stop suffering caused by abandonment because there is no birth. most disturbed them, and wrongly labeled it as prostitution.
Those unborn babies will never sit in a cage in a shelter or
rescue foster home. Spaying or neutering your new family Some day you will meet a people who are white. They
member is probably the most important thing you can do to stop will try always to give you things, but do not take them.
future suffering and assist shelters and rescues in their efforts At last I think that you will take these things that they
to help these unwanted animals. But just as important, you are offer you, and this will bring sickness to you.
preventing the development of reproductive system diseases -SWEET MEDICINE
that are common in pets. Diseases such as testicular cancer Cheyenne Prophet
and pyometra cannot happen if the pet is spayed or neutered at
a very young age. Neutering a male dog or cat dramatically
reduces the desire to spray or mark his territory, and hormone 2 Whig St.
related aggression is also eliminated. Newark Valley, NY
If you are thinking of celebrating Easter with the addition of a
puppy or kitten, please consider adopting from a local shelter or
rescue. Most animals adopted from these agencies are already With this ad,
vaccinated, treated for parasites and tested for some diseases. get 6 on your
Many are already spayed or neutered. Adoption fees are a
fraction of what it will cost if you have to get those medical
procedures done after adoption. Springs a time of renewal and
Your LOCAL bottle & can redemption center
birth. Give an animal no one wanted the hope of a wonderful life.

Diana and Sallybios coming Mon-Fri 10-5; Sat 10-3; Sun closed

April 2017 The Moonlighter 11

Heaven free admission. He paid the price.
Saturday, April 29
Nanticoke United Methodist
25 Church St, Lisle, NY
Dinner - $9, Half - $5
Children age 11 & under - $5

Includes chicken,
mac. salad, beans,
coleslaw, roll &
Eat-in or take-out

home was the same town in which Peter and Andrew

lived. Jesus saw immediately that Philip would make a
BIBLE STORY FOR CHILDREN worthy follower, so He called to him, Follow me. Philip
Jesus Chooses His Disciples (Part 1 of 1) must have already heard something about the Christ, for
One day not long after the baptism of Jesus, he followed gladly. Philip went to his friend Nathanael
John the Baptist and two of those who believed his message stood and said, I have found the one of whom Moses and the
talking. When John looked up, he recognized Jesus coming toward prophets told us. He is Jesus, the son of Joseph, from
them. He turned to the two men with him and said, Look! Here comes Nazareth. Nathanael himself lived not far from Nazareth,
the Son of God now! This is the very one I was speaking of when I said and he knew it to be only a small town. It was hard for
that someone greater than I is coming. him to believe that Gods Anointed One had been living
The disciples of John were excited to think that they might get to meet there. Can anyone like this come from Nazareth? he
the future King. They left John and ran down the road behind Jesus. asked. Just come and see, Philip replied.
When Jesus heard someone following Him, He turned around and As the two were approaching, Jesus looked up and saw
asked, What do you want? them. Here comes an Israelite with a truly pure heart,
Master, we would like to know where you are staying, the two replied. Jesus said, speaking of Nathanael. Nathanael blinked
Come with me and see, Jesus told them. with surprise. How did you know about me? he
Then the men followed Jesus and stayed with Him all day, listening to questioned. Before Philip ever called you, I saw you
the wonderful words He had to say. By evening, they were convinced standing under a fig tree, Jesus replied. At this
that He was Gods own Son, and that He was the Savior the Jewish Nathanael believed that Jesus was from God, for he
people were waiting for. knew more than just a man could know. Master, he
One of the men who visited with Jesus that day was named Andrew. said, You are the Son of God, the King of Israel.
The other was John. Andrew and John lived north of where John the Do you believe in me just because I saw you under the
Baptist was teaching, up nearer Jesus home in Nazareth; but perhaps fig tree? Jesus asked. Truly you are going to see
they had come down to hear John and be baptized by him. When greater things than this that will make you know that I am
Andrew left Jesus, his heart was about to burst with the news that he Gods Son.
had discovered the Christ. The first thing he did was to find his brother After this, those who followed Jesus did begin to see
Simon. We have found the Anointed King, the Christ! he told Simon. greater things. They saw Jesus change water into wine at
Together Andrew and Simon went to find Jesus again. Before Andrew a wedding feast, they saw Him lash out at the money
had time to introduce Simon, Jesus said to him, You are Simon, and changers who were cheating the people in the Temple,
your father is Jona. I am going to call you Peter, which means a rock. and they watched as He healed a noblemans son who
From that time on, Peter and Jesus were fast friends. was very sick. More and more believed when they saw
The next day Jesus began His journey back to Galilee, the country these miracles, and those who followed Jesus were
where Nazareth was. On the way, He saw a man named Philip, whose called disciples.

April 2017 The Moonlighter 12

Car care Your Local Source
For Service, insurance, tires


ASE Certified
Foreign & Domestic Repairs
Full Computer
Mon-Fri Diagnostics
David Getzke All Types of Tires Available
615 Newark Valley-Maine Rd.
Newark Valley, NY 13811
(607) 642-5551
$15 off a NAPA
Mon-Fri 8am-5pm; Sat by appt
air filter or cabin air filter with
the purchase of an oil change

M-F 8:00am-5:00pm

221 Main Street Phone: 607-687-1009

Owego, NY 13827 Fax: 607-687-0950
Auto Home Business Commercial Life

Did You Know?

If you are an average American, in
your whole life, you will spend an
average of 6 months waiting at red lights.

Your Inspiration For Today

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at
20 or 80. Anyone who keeps learning stays
young. The greatest thing in life is to keep
your mind young.
~ Henry Ford
April 2017 The Moonlighter 19
spiritual connection means the plant, while
GRANDMA'S PRETTIES growing, will tell you what it needs. When
ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES your food plants and herbs start sending you
3 Railroad St. Whitney Point, NY 13862 messages by mental telepathy of what they
need, then you will know you have a spiritual
Open Weds-Sun 10am-5pm connection with whatever you are growing.
Mon & Tues by app't.
My intuitive consciousness with nature (trees
and plants) started in 2009. To my surprise,
50% OFF glassware (unless marked firm) while I was sitting on the front lawn at Kay's
20% OFF everything else! Rare Cactus and Succulent
Sale expires 4/30/17 Green House, I heard an inner thought... not
of my own, "Do you see how the irises and
WE BUY & SELL: the hosta plants catch the Maple tree
Antiques /Collectibles / Linen / Lamps / Jewelry / Tools / Knives Fishing
branches that have fallen?"
/ Buttons / Beads / Pottery / Glassware / China / Crystal Toys / Dolls /
In thought, I replied Yes." An after-thought
Advertising / Postcards / Furniture
popped up. We as humans of the animal
Call 607-862-9795 for appointment or contact kingdom should be able to catch each other when we can, regardless of race, color,
creed or gender.
These intuitive thoughts came while sitting in
a state of quietness in nature. I believe one
Fabrizio must be open minded and in a state of
mental awareness in order to hear and
LAW OFFICES discern what your plants, flowers and/or trees
are intuitively or telepathically trying to
84 Court Street, Binghamton, New York 13901 communicate to you.
. providing quality legal services to The Higher Calling of a Freezer!
After moving back to Ithaca in 2012, I
the Southern Tier since September 1985! continued to be proactive in social justice and
community activism, while executing many
REAL ESTATE WILLS POWER OF ATTORNEY programs through the Rainbow Healing
ESTATES DIVORCE SPOUSAL SUPPORT Center or America Inc. (RHC of America).
CUSTODY CHILD SUPPORT BUSINESS LAW One day I was walking down Seneca Street
and intuitively was told to go into Thatcher's
also located at 103 Southside Drive, Owego, NY Appliance Store to inquire about a deep
Contact Fabrizio Law Offices at 607-771-1984 freezer. I had thoughts of purchasing a deep
freezer about a month before. My thoughts had come and gone since then, since there is
only one individual in my household. I
entered Thatcher's to find out the cost. The
cost was $439 with a great layaway plan.
By Reverend Olivia Armstrong
of the Rainbow Healing Center of America I started thinking of different ways the freezer
could be used and how it could be used for
In the beginning, there was a garden. In the garden, there was the tree of community purposes. The next few days, I
Knowledge. Today trees are the spiritual foundation of life for all human beings. I met with some of the RHC of America
believe all human beings come to earth full of potential like the seed we plant in the Advisory Board members. We discussed the
earth. Like humans, our seeds also grow according to the care and love we put in financial obligations and the community
them. To draw out the best of all species (humans and the plant kingdom) we must usage. I was given the green light for
know the kingdom we are working with and give them proper nourishment (soil, purchase and fund-raising.
sun, water). We also need to nurture them with individualized care. Having a
~ continued on page 31
April 2017 The Moonlighter 20
In quality, service
By Junkyard Smith and value.
When I was a kid, Nana and Ma
became interested in researching the NEWARK VALLEY
family tree. That led us to contact an elderly lady in
Dave & Carol Cooley
Northern New Jersey. One Sunday we drove through the
countryside to her home, which was very near an old Ryan Lamb
church and cemetery. 642--5535
She took us through the church first. It smelled of candles. STUDIO & DISPLAY MACPHERSON FUNERAL HOME, 5 WHIG ST.
The floorboards creaked with age, and the pews highly
polished wide planks with another for a back. I dont
remember the denomination, but I was relieved that our one of The Worlds Most Famous Cemeteries
home parish was more comfortable. Green-Wood Cemetery
Brooklyn, NY
She said that all the church records had been lost in a fire
and this church was rebuilt on the same site, so the only In a city where green space is
records were on the headstones, so we went across the scarce, Green-Wood Cemetery
road to the cemetery. Nana had brought stuff for a rubbing, stands out as a leafy expanse
with great views of Brooklyn and
as most of the gravestones had faded from the weather. beyond.
A vague ION appeared. Now, many names end in those
letters, but the lady was sure that was our ancestor. Notable Ghosts: Leonard Bernstein, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Boss
Tweed, Louis Comfort Tiffany (of stained-glass fame)
Nana, may I say a prayer? Insider Tip: If green space is at the top of your wish list, combine a visit
That would be fine, my honey. here with a trip to Brooklyns Prospect Park.

I knelt, looking both at how the weather had nearly wiped

out who had been buried there, but also admiring the
bucolic beauty of the New Jersey countryside. Mr. Marion,
Im one of your descendents, Chris Marion III. Now that
sounds snooty, but both Dad and Grandpa are hard
workers, as Im sure you were.
This elderly lady standing with Nana said she remembers
you as a really old man when she was very young, and you
were a very kind, gentle, loving man. Thank you for passing
that to future generations.
I blessed myself, got to my feet, and asked Nana if that was
Fine, my honey.
Young man, that was eloquent beyond your years, said
the elderly lady.
I dont know what became of that church and cemetery, or
even the location at the time, but at least I paid my last
respects when I had the chance.

You dont get in life what you want; you get in life what
you are. ~ Les Brown

April 2017 The Moonlighter 21


The Isles of Shoals Light, PARK
also known as "White SO. CAROLINA

Island Light," on White

Island, in the Isles of
Shoals, New Hampshire Congaree National Park preserves the largest tract of old
growth bottomland hardwood forest left in the United States.
This lighthouse was first built in 1821. The present structure Located in South Carolina, the 26,276-acre national
was built in 1865. The lighthouse and the island are protected park received that designation in 2003 as the culmination of a
by the state as White Island State Historic Site. grassroots campaign that started in 1969. The lush trees
The lighthouse was seriously damaged during the Patriot's growing in this floodplain forest are some of the tallest in the
Day Storm in 2007. Waves washed completely over the Eastern U.S., forming one of the highest temperate deciduous
island, destroying the solar panels, foghorn, and the covered forest canopies remaining in the world. The Congaree River
walk between the lighthouse and the keeper's house. flows through the park. About 57 percent (15,000 acres) of the
park is designated wilderness area.
A PLACE FOR PANDAS The park preserves a significant part of the Middle Atlantic
Nature Conservancy supporters recently coastal forests ecoregion. Although it is frequently referred to as
helped to launch the first land trust a swamp, it is largely bottomland subject to periodic inundation
reserve in China. The Laohegou Nature by floodwaters. It has been designated an old growth forest, and
Reserve sits in Sichuan Provinces has one of the largest concentrations of champion trees in the
Pingwu County one of the most world, with the tallest known examples of 15 species.
important remaining pieces of giant panda habitat in the world.
The Nature Conservancy is in negotiations for ten new sites AMAZING PICS FROM THE HUBBLE
in provinces across China to protect vital natural resources SPACE TELESCOPE
and iconic wildlife like pandas, golden snub-nosed monkeys, Pismis 24, A Fantastical Triple Star
Asian black bears, and more. System
While this may look like the cover of a
PORCUPINES direct-to-VHS fantasy film from the late-
With sharp spines, a big, round nose, and a tail they can hang 80s, this Hubble image showcases the
from, prehensile-tailed porcupines are nocturnal vegetarian open cluster known as Pismis 24, the
rodents. They have short, thick spines, and their body color three stars directly above the nebula. In
runs from yellowish to orange-rust to brown to almost black. fact, the biggest star of the three,
They weigh 4-11 pounds. In the Pismis 24-1, is one of the largest stars
wild, prehensile-tailed porcupines ever recorded at 100 solar masses.
can be pretty tough. They have
been known to bite and hit those
who attack or try to capture them. The sky was illuminated in a ring of fire on
They stamp their hind feet when Sunday, Feb 26th as the Earth welcomed
excited and curl up in a ball if its first solar eclipse (an annular eclipse) of
caught. They also sit on their haunches, shake their spines, 2017. It was visible in the sky above parts
and emit both deep growls and high-pitched cries. of the Southern Hemisphere, including Chile.
During any type of solar eclipse, the sun,
NASA officials warn viewers to use protective eyeware. moon, and Earth line up. But an annular eclipse is different. The
Any time part, or all, of the suns surface is exposed moon is too far from Earth to obscure the sun completely,
whether during an annular eclipse, a partial eclipse, or just leaving the suns edges exposed, thus creating that ring of fire
a regular day its essential to use a proper solar filter or effect.
an indirect viewing method to view the sun, NASA warns. Well have a chance to catch another rare eclipse later this year.
You can never look directly at the sun, and an annular On August 21st a total solar eclipse will cross the U.S. for the
eclipse is no exception! first time in nearly 40 years.
April 2017 The Moonlighter 22

FIRST KISS dusk, a nice warm day coming to a close. I was sitting on a
(continued from page 23) picnic table beside the future pastor Aurthur, taking a break just
Of course, it didnt start out so high, but fees, you know, to watch the antics for a bit. He was 16 to my 12, and head-to-
Maam, blah, blah, blah. Still really bugs me to this day. toe gorgeous. Football build, dazzling warm smile,
Despite all, there was laughter and I felt welcome. understanding green eyes, creamy milk chocolate skin,
classically handsome all over. Had I known his future career
Right across the street was her Aunt Leolas Kitchen, which fed choice, what was about to happen would have made complete
a zillion people who couldnt afford to eat otherwise and would sense to me from the beginning. There was a very comforting
later save my own life for a while, but at that point, it was the way about him, very peaceful aura. Anyway, we were just sitting
place I met most of Helenes friends, relatives and neighbors, on the picnic table, as I said, laughing and enjoying the show,
most of whom just gave a nod or a quick up and down and when he asked if I had ever kissed a black person. Well, Id
went on their way. I wasnt sure what they were thinking, but I never kissed ANY person, so, maintaining what cool I had, my
never felt uncomfortable. It was also there that I got to meet answer was the simple, purposely misleading no. He then very
some of the newly integrated high school boys, mainly the politely asked if he could kiss me. For a few brief seconds, the
football stars. One Aurthur is now a lawyer in Miami, a second words happily ever after in bold print flashed before my young
Aurthur is a pastor somewhere, Moses is a doctor, I believe, eyes (having no idea, of course, of an appropriate image). Im
and the other did well also, but Im forgetting details at the not sure if I verbally responded, but when I faced him, he leaned
moment. in and gave me the sweetest, most innocent two-second touch
my lips would ever feel. See, he said, theres no difference at
There was a playground near Helenes house, a merry-go- all. Ohhh, THATS what he was going for, my brain quickly
round, slides, swings that sort of thing that miraculously explained to my preteen emotions. We exchanged a knowing
acted as a neutral zone for racism. At least I never witnessed smile and then joined in with the mix of dusty kids, completely
anything. One day a bunch of us were there, tearing around in unaware that they were showing the world how it should behave.
the dirt and giving the monkey bars a workout. It was about
April 2017 The Moonlighter 29
Health & Fitness
HEAD LICE (continued from last month)
Parents are the key to looking for and
treating head lice! Parents should spend
some time each week on each child
carefully looking for head lice or nits.
Persons with nits within inch of the scalp OR live lice
should be treated. Careful use of a nit comb can potentially
remove all lice. Each child should have his or her own comb
or brush. Teach your child NOT to share hats, scarves,
brushes, combs, and hair fasteners.
Treat all family members who have lice at the same time.
Use the 14-day treatment process. Rinse combs
and brushes in very hot water after each use, and between
people. Only ordinary house cleaning, vacuuming, and
washing bedding and clothes in hot water are needed.

Health Beat
No special effort or sprays are needed to clean your home. Only dead
or dying lice are found on clothing, bedding, or furniture. Use of oils,
lotions, mayonnaise, creams, and vinegar has not proven effective;
NATURAL FOODS & DELI, LLC kerosene, gasoline and similar products do not work and are
214 Main Street
There is no need for children to be sent home or to miss school,
Johnson City, NY 13790 though treatment should be started before returning to school the next
Tel. 607-797-1001 day. School officials should ask parents to check their childrens hair
at least weekly.
Mon-Fri 9-8 Sat 10-6 Sun 10-4
Is your blood pressure higher (or lower) than usual? Certain activities
Quality Vitamins and Supplements and/or habits can cause this
Organic Groceries and Produce THE WAY YOU SIT
Gluten-free Items Dont sit on the exam table when the nurse takes your blood pressure.
That awkward position, sitting like that with your feet dangling, is
Local Meats almost between sitting and standing. This can affect your reading
Bulk organic Coffee because your blood pressure is different when youre standing versus
lying down. The proper position is seated in a chair with your back flat
Grab & Go Deli against the chair back and your feet flat on the floor (not crossed).
~ more next month
Personalized Diet Plans
with owner Michele L. Moelder C.N.

THIS MONTH IN TIME The Columbine H.S. Massacre

This school shooting occurred at Columbine H.S. in Columbine,
Colorado on April 20, 1999. Senior students Eric Harris and Dylan
The #1 Teeth Whitening Salon in the Southern Tier
Klebold murdered twelve students and one teacher. They injured 21
additional people, and three more were injured while attempting to
escape the school. They then committed suicide. Its been reported as
"the deadliest high school shooting in US history." It sparked debate
over gun control laws, high school cliques, subcultures and bullying,
and resulted in an increased emphasis on school security and a moral
panic over goth culture, gun culture, social outcasts, the use of
pharmaceutical anti-depressants by teenagers, teenage Internet
use, and violent video games.
April 2017 The Moonlighter 30
(continued from page 20)
We started with RHC of America's local
business supporters. Our first stop was
Big Time Barber Shop in the Ithaca Commons, with
owners "Uncle Joe and True." It was always crowded
with people and families (with children) waiting for hair-
cuts along with good teaching programs. I informed
"True" of our freezer project and asked if we could sell
dinners to his clientele on weekends until we raised
enough to purchase our freezer. He agreed and asked
us to supply a weekly menu and a time of delivery.
Sometimes RHC volunteers would do the cooking and
on special occasions, Chef Isaac would travel back and
forth to Ithaca from the South where he lives. His
menu of shrimp fried rice, jerk chicken, collard green,
beans and rice, and much more is always enjoyed. I
could always depend on Diaspora workers and other
Ithaca Commons businesses to place a dinner order.
We thank the Big Time Barber Shop, "True," their
clientele and the other Ithaca Commons businesses for
their donations and support. Our purchase was a
reality in 2014.
During 2015 and 2016, the freezer was used by the
Youth Cash' Entrepreneurs Icy Cart Program. The
freezer was also used at the 2016 Grassroots Festival
in Trumansburg, NY. Congo Square sponsored the
food vending stand with Chef Isaac as Lead Chef and
Jhakeem Haltom, Congo Square Director, with New
Roots Student Entrepreneurs at Grassroots. Today,
we store food in the freezer from our Rainbow Garden
plot - grown at the Ithaca Community Gardens (we
store frozen kale, collard greens, peppers, some herbs,
pestos, and chard) for individuals who are low on
meals and need a little extra for holidays and family
Community can be built around things people dont
really even think of. The freezer brought community
together. And the projects would not have been
possible if we did not have the freezer. So it played a
vital role. Everybody has a spiritual connection. But
they dont always listen to what their intuition is telling
For more information please contact:
Rainbow Healing Center of America Inc.
Ms. Olivia Armstrong, Executive Director

2017 Farm to Plate Conference mid-May

between Cornell & Downtown. Medicare Solutions
Spring Lecture TBA - Food-A Spiritual Connection with
Homeopathic Chef Issac - Food is Your Medicine
April 2017 The Moonlighter 31
like a giant spaceship.
We took an elevator
up to the sixth floor
and walked around the
entire building on an
observation deck
where we were able to
get a good view of the
Saudi Arabia Exhibit
Hall. This building is
also known as the
Moon Boat and we will
go there next. This
floor also had
numerous restaurants,
all overlooking the city
below. A sushi place
had a tall billboard
advertising a Big
Bang Roll that looked
Shanghai Adventures (Part 13) absolutely amazing - even better than any of the rolls at
By Joan Fudala Osaka or Fuji. There was a full-size hockey rink used for
public skating on the bottom floor and a retail mall the next
NOTE: Shanghai Adventures is the diary level up that we decided to investigate. It was
of Joan Fudala of Longview, TX (daughter underwhelming, especially after the extravagance of the
of Karl Tiemann of Owego, NY). She was River Mall. I did like the scale model of the arena that was
officially a tourist while her husband Carl was on a business trip in in the main lobby. Overall, the view of the building from
Shanghai. Her diary covers the period of October 15th through the outside is more impressive than anything on the
November 1st, 2015. inside.
10/24/2015 (contd.) Our next stop was the Moon Boat. Our first observation
At the opening of the first tunnel, we could look down and see there was that not many people were visiting this exhibit. It
were two additional levels and it looked like there were lots of quickly became apparent as to why. As we got closer, it
people on the lowest level. We found a directory that showed five looked almost like it had been abandoned. It was very run
different zones each having a theme of stores. We were entering down with dingy carpets and dirty walls where you could
into Zone 3 which had stores like Adidas, Nike, The North Face, see where paintings used to hang. At one point we got
Jansport, etc. Near the bottom of the tunnels were sitting benches onto a travellator and entered into a large area that had
and small sculptures some of animals (a mommy and baby moving pictures on the walls of buildings, food, people and
giraffe) and others of trees with candy for its flowers. The center landscapes found in Saudi Arabia. Exotic Eastern music
court had a three-story waterfall, a pond with various animals, and was playing in the background. This continued for several
floating hot air balloons. The main entrance to the mall had a huge minutes when all of a sudden the area opened up and the
performance stage and the largest television screen I have ever images were now 360around. Needless to say, I got very
seen. They had Roman style columns, a giant chess board, and dizzy and started hyperventilating.
thousands of lights hanging from the ceiling. Another entrance had
a waterfall with birds in a pond and another entrance had a When we reached the top of the building, we were able to
waterfall in the center of the staircase the water cascaded down get a great view of the area. Since we wanted to stay until
over the stairs! At the top of the staircase was a huge aquarium after dark when all the tunnels lit up, I needed to find an
tank with stingrays and other fish. We browsed around there for at inexpensive sweater or jacket as the temperature was
least a couple of hours, eating lunch at a New York style pizza dropping and I was starting to get cool. We walked back to
restaurant that featured homemade sausage. the River Mall and discovered the theater and the Coca-
Cola Bear. Our mission accomplished, we walked up to
We exited the mall and walked to the waters edge where we could the roof top floor to see all the displays now lit up with
see a bridge and some other buildings. One we could see was the colorful lights.
Mercedes-Benz Arena and we went there first. This building looks ~ To be continued
April 2017 The Moonlighter 32
By Katharyn Howd Machan By Kathy Ostrander

full of Tarot cards that matter The sky grew dark and gray
now that shes with me, safe, alive, The earth and trees began to sway
out of the cave where gnarled trolls fester All living creatures trembled in fear
in twisted shoes, in rotting gloves. Tell As the end of the world felt near

me a fairy tale again, Babushka The scent of blood and death was in the air
her small mouth asks below blue eyes Cries of pain and agony were heard
mirror and mirror of all the women Carried on the winds causing great fear
I carry in my blood. And so I choose Not knowing the cost of forgiveness came dear

King of Cups in his crimson thobe, Mankinds Light of the World died that day
Knight of Pentacles green as dragons, And the darkness of souls were portrayed
and one more from the bright stacks center, Down into the Tomb of Hell the Light was placed
The Hanging Man in chains and stars: The Sacrificial Lamb of Grace

The Light of the World was in darkness for 2 days

hero I know she will love one day
Despair and hopelessness of all rampaged
when they both burst loose from times blue mountain
Without the Light feeling bewildered and lost
and wave to me where Ill be riding
Watching the Tomb of Hell covered in moss
far away on my good black horse.
The morning of the third day
THE THIRTY-ONETH The Light of the World again shown to display
by Anita Shipway That the Tomb of Hell was open and bare
A miracle had just happened there
Born 10-27-2016 try The soul had risen from sins Hell
By Bruce C. Christ to do what's The Light of the World had arose to tell
right All had been forgiven their sins
The newest grandson If they ask for it through Him
makes tiny fists and pay up
kicks his long skinny legs every month Thus Mankinds physical body dies
investigates my face But his spirit will live and rise
with a look but some times Because the Lamb of Grace was the ultimate sacrifice
at once wonderment and can't think We have his gifts of Light and Eternal life
The Light of the World was snuffed out
what's the 1st
For 2 days and nights in darkness and doubt
His middle name Wesley and what's the 31th
The third morning it shone again
the name of my own grandpa
To Light the World and Heavens without sin
Fifty years later
the name lives again.
By Rev. Stanley L. Moody, Sr.
When he turns twenty-one
I will be ninety-five (for Amy)
so offer congratulations
No! She will never use a wheelchair in Heaven
well in advance.
When from this world she passes on
All her earthly woes will be gone
She will never need a wheelchair in Heaven!

When gone from this world with all its cares

Heavens glory then she will share
Health and praise are hers for aye
Praise the blessed Lord today
She will never need a wheelchair in Heaven!

April 2017 The Moonlighter 39

Taking reservations for your 2017 parties, reunions, weddings,
company picnics, events, etc. Dont be an April Fool!
Reserve now and you wont have to settle for those other
portable toilets (you know - the cramped, dirty, stinky ones).

We flushed
the notion
that portable
have to be
stinky or
unattractive! 19 East Ave, Owego, ny
Fax 607-687-0796
Well show you where to Go!
April 2017 The Moonlighter 40