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Bridget Turner Kelly, Associate Professor

Higher Education
820 N. Michigan Ave | Chicago, Illinois 60611
p (312) 915-6855 | f (312) 915-6980

March 22, 2017

To E-Portfolio Committee,

I am writing to provide a letter of promise for Alyssa Humbles. I have known Alyssa for two years
and have served as her academic advisor as well as instructor of an independent study. As an
Associate Professor at Loyola University Chicago and as someone who has worked with hundreds
of graduate students over my sixteen year career, I can unequivocally say that Alyssa has what it
takes to be a star in the field of higher education.

Since coming to the higher education masters program, Alyssa made an impression on all of her
faculty, students and administrators with whom she has worked. She immediately introduced
herself to me and set appointments for us to connect around advising. I regularly have close to 15
students each year assigned to me as advisees and rarely do any of them seek me out for course
assistance and mentoring the way Alyssa did throughout her time in the program. Meeting with her
always inspired me and gave me hope for the future of our profession.

Alyssa is a go-getter, self-starter, wise, and thoughtful professional. She stayed on top of mapping
out her plan to not just complete classes, but deeply engage in them for her personal and
professional development. As a part-time student Alyssa is graduating within two years and with a
GPA of 3.9. She has earned an A in all but two of her classes, and in those two classes she earned
an A-. Alyssa has accomplished this all while balancing a full-time position working with
underrepresented students. She is passionate about social justice, inclusion and socially responsible

The potential Alyssas work has for the field is exciting. Alyssa is an ideal professional in higher
education because she takes what she has learned and pulls herself, but also others with her along
the journey to success. Working with her on an independent study was a delight to behold. Alyssa
had a clear idea of what she wanted to do and achieved her learning outcomes of working as a
facilitator in the Emerging Greek Leaders Program at Loyola University Chicago. On the practical
side she was a joy to work with because she turned in all assignments on time, scheduled regular
check-in appointments with me, reflected on her learning in clear, insightful ways and
demonstrated growth in her spiritual and leadership development. On the personal side, Alyssa was
courageous in sharing with me her fears, insecurities, triumphs and aha moments. We both grew
in our faith and trust in each other throughout the independent study.

In sum, Alyssa is a bright, clear and concise writer, with ideas that are fresh and insightful. Alyssa
is passionate about the profession being the socially just environment it professes to be and her
work can help us get there. For all of the reasons I have highlighted above, I give Alyssa my
highest endorsement and praise for being a higher education professional. If you need any further
information, please email me at or call me at 312-915-6855.