Box 2 15 year Tourism Development Plan 1975-1990 Goal: To guide tourism planning during the period Targets: Achieve an annual growth rate of 12.5% Increase in international tourist arrivals from 64,000 in 1975 to 357,000 per annum by 1990 Increase average length of stay from 4 to 9.4 days Increase number of hotels from 900 in 1975 to more than 13,000 in 1990 Create 36,000 new direct and indirect jobs annually Increase foreign exchange earnings at a rate of $58m per annum

Box 3 15 YEAR TOURISM DEVELOPMENT PLAN 1996-2010 Goal: To transform Ghana into a major tourism destination Targets: Increase annual international tourist arrivals from 286,000 in 1995 to 1,062,000 in 2010 Develop Ecotourism based on abundant natural resource attractions Develop Heritage Tourism based on cultural attractions related to the slave trade and attract Africans in the Diaspora (USA and Caribbean) Increase number of beds from 3,420 in 1995 to 11,350 in 2010

Box 4 STRATEGIC ACTION PLAN 2003-2007 Vision: Realise the Potential of the Tourism Sector in the country's economy by generating growth of 20% p.a. by the year 2007 Goal: To Make Ghana a Competitive & Quality Tourism Destination within the Framework of Respect for the Country's Cultural, historical and Environmental Heritage. Purpose: To Make Ghana A Preferred Destination in Africa by the End of Year 2007 Targets by 2007 Increase Tourism Arrivals to 1 million Make Tourism the largest Employer after Agriculture & Retailing Make Tourism the Largest Employer in the Formal Sector + 300,000 jobs Increase Tourism Forex Earnings from Current US$500m to US$1.5b Boost domestic tourism Establish Ghana as the "Homeland” for African in the Diaspora Challenges High Cost Destination Poor Infrastructural Development Inadequate, untrained human resources Poor marketing Law awareness Lack of Investment Underdeveloped production

Box 5 GHANA POVERTY REDUCTION STRATEGY II 2006-2009: FOCUS ON TOURISM Goals: Effective aggressive promotion of Ghana as a competitive tourist destination Facilitating the development of modern capital city for the purpose of tourism and business Harmonization, standardization and expansion of national tourism training programs Creating conducive environment for private sector investment in quality product development Facilitating infrastructure development at all major tourist sites Vigorous promotion of domestic tourism to encourage Ghanaians to appreciate their national heritage and create wealth for rural communities Improving the IT based tourism data management and dissemination Promoting community-based large, medium and small scale enterprises Improving the coverage of registered and licensed tourism plants

Box 6 GHANA TOURISM INSTITUTIONAL FRAMEWORK: PUBLIC & PRIVATE SECTOR Main Policy Body Ministry of Tourism (1993) Ministry of Tourism & Modernisation of the Capital City (2003) Ministry of Tourism & Diasporan Relations (2006) Implementing Agencies Ghana Tourist Board (GTB) Hotel, Catering and Tourism Training Institute (HOTCATT) Ghana Tourism Development Company Ltd (GTDC) Linked Ministries, Departments & Agencies (MDAs) Ministry of Lands, Forestry and Mines Wildlife Division of Forestry Commission National Commission on Culture Museums and Monuments Board Centre for National Culture Ghana Civil Aviation Authority Private Sector Ghana Tourism Federation (GHATOF)

Box 7 TOURISM RELATED ASSISTANCE BY INTERNATIONAL AGENCIES 1973-2006 1973: United Nations Development Program (UNDP) - Feasibility Studies 1973: United States Agency for International Development (USAID) - Feasibility Studies 1974: Danish Government - 15 year Tourism Development Plan 1975-1990 1995: UNDP/World Tourism Organisation (WTO) - 15 year Tourism Development Plan 1996-2010 2001: USAID/Ghana Tourism-Led Economic Growth Promotion Program ** 2002-4: Nederlands Development Organisation (SNV) - Community-Based Ecotourism Projects (CBEP) 2002-4: Peace Corps (CBEP) 2005: Nederlands Development Organisation (SNV)- Needs Assessment for Capacity Development (GHATOF) 2005: Nederlands Development Organisation (SNV)- Stakeholders’ Workshop for Tourism Policy Review 14-15 September 2003-4: USAID/Tourism Capacity Development Initiative (TCDI)Marketing and Product Development Human Resource Development Institutional Capacity Development Policy and Regulation Enhancement Tourism Management Information Systems 2006: Nederlands Development Organisation (SNV)Preparation of Land Use Plans for 21 Receptive Facilities Elmina Tourism Project with European Commission (EC) and Aid to Artisans 2006: European Commission (EC)- Elmina Tourism Project with Nederlands Development Organisation (SNV) 2006: Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) 2006-8- Tourism Development Project through Strengthening Public-Private Partnership

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