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Elements of Narrative Text

(Vaughn Gross Center for Reading & Language pg. 315)

Examples Fiction Historical Fiction Science Fiction Plays

Autobiographies Biographies Fantasies Mysteries
Legends Folktales Myths

Purpose To entertain or inform

Characteristics Followafamiliar story structure

Beginning: Introduction of setting, characters, background information, and conflict
Middle: Progressionof plot, which includes rising actions, climax, andfallingaction
End: Resolution or solution to the problem
Exposition Introduction of setting, characters, backgroundinformation, and
Narrative Terms conflict
(student-friendly definition)
Setting Timeandplace

Characters People, animals, or other entities in the text

Conflict Problem

Interval Conflict Acharacter's struggle within himself/herself

External conflict Acharacter's struggle with another character

RisingAction Eventsleading up to theclimax; tryingto solve the problem

Climax Emotional highpoint of the story; conflict is addressed

FallingAction Consequences or events caused by theclimax

Resolution final outcome