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Assignment 2
POLS 2314.14

As President of the United States I would firmly believe in a partially limited national

government. I would like to create a system or society that fell under the theory of Social

Darwinism. A system where if there is a person in need they will adapt and find a way to

overcome the hardship that they are currently experiencing and have the drive to prosper. The

downside to this theory is that the statement that only the strong survive. If this were to be

applied to society that would mean that eventually there would in fact be individuals who fell

through the cracks and would not be able to carry out day to day living. There are, however,

programs that I feel should be regulated by the federal government. The United States

Department of Agriculture is a vitally important role of government regulation. They check our

food to make sure that what we are consuming is in fact safe for consumption and will not cause

us harm when we consume it. The aspect of this department that I would change is that of paying

farmers not to grow crops during a particular period of time. I believe that it would be better if

this was eliminated or changed in the sense that farmers would be paid to convert their farming

land to produce a different crop that is needed. An accidental consequence of my proposed

solution would be that one year the farmer would be ask to grow corn, then paid to switch to

wheat, and possibly asked to be switched back to corn the following year. For this reason

projections of what consumers will be wanting will become important as well. The other

department that I would find important would be the Department of Transportation. They are in

charge of regulating safety standards in boat, aircraft, and vehicular transportation. Without this

department the consumers would be unsafe when purchasing products because they would be

unaware of any potential dangers or of any shortcuts that were taking when the product was
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Assignment 2
POLS 2314.14

made that could make it less than satisfactory for use. Under my administration there would be

severely limited Corporate Welfare. With the exception of the two programs previously listed

other programs would be cut in certain aspects. I feel that the most hands on form of government

should be at the local levels. This government deals directly with the citizens that inhabit their

regions and know exactly what kind of programs and assistance is needed in their particular area.

From there it would be the duty of the State government to create the programs and create

budgets that can accommodate the creation of programs that are needed in the different regions.

The national government should be partially limited in the everyday lives of the citizens of this

country. The reason being that many times there are decisions made by the federal government

that do not necessarily benefit every group, but instead benefit a small percentage of the

population who may benefit from a government created program. Under my presidency these

two programs would continue to receive the corporate welfare that they currently receive

because they are important to keeping America functioning from a day to day basis. The food

stamps/SNAP programs would have stricter restrictions on them. Individuals who qualified for

these programs would have to maintain employment and if they should be let go, receive

unemployment for a period of no more than six months. There would be penalties for having

more children while receiving food stamps if it is an underage pregnancy. I believe it is unfair for

people to receive aid if they cannot be at a responsible age for conceiving and caring for a child

and continue to make the same choices. I believe that Social Security and Medicare should

remain. The individuals that fall into this category have paid their dues by being a part of the

workforce and having paid taxes to fund these programs. With this said I would have issues with
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Assignment 2
POLS 2314.14

continuing the Medicaid program in certain cases. I believe that a person should be limited to a

minimum of two governmental assistance programs at once. I also believe that if an individual

has been receiving unemployment for more than a six month period and is also receiving other

aid should be penalized in some form. Yes there are cases in which the person legitimately

cannot find a job, but I feel that a small penalty of some sort would push them to try harder

instead of just sinking back and welcoming the assistance that they are receiving.

If I were President my policy for taking the United States out of the current deficit would

be fairly simple. I would propose that the United States severely limit their involvement in

foreign imports. Instead of importing the large amounts of goods from foreign countries, there

should be more of an emphasis on producing those products here in the U.S. This would

produce more jobs for those who are having trouble finding them and will reduce the number of

individuals dependent on welfare programs such as unemployment compensations. With more

jobs there would essentially be a larger workforce, which would mean that the amount of social

security tax could be reduced on workers currently working and be redistributed among the new

workers of the workforce. This would allow each employee to take home more disposable

income and could increase the amount of spending done by families boosting the economic

activity of the country. The alternative would be to keep the same social security tax on current

employees, apply it to the new workforce, and ensure that the program will continue to be around

for those who are currently projected to be left out of the benefits from social security. Another

policy that may increase the economic situation of the United States is to place a tax on any

pensions or retirement funds that are sent to elderly Americans living in foreign countries. This is
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Assignment 2
POLS 2314.14

money that leaves the United States and is spent on non U.S. soil. Though it may not be a huge

percentage of the population who receives pensions abroad it is still a negative figure that gets

written down when calculating the U.S.s Gross Domestic Product. I believe that by promoting

domestically made product and pushing the United States to produce more exports will greatly

assist the recovery of the economy. The United States could also limit their involvement with

foreign disputes unless there is a direct request for them to intervene. The greatest and most

drastic change that would assist the growth of the economy would be to stop importing large

amount of oil from foreign countries. Those countries have oil industries that are booming thanks

to the United States being so dependent on them. If we could use our resources to drill

domestically and increase the oil produced here we could sustain our drivers with fuel and not

have to depend on other countries to fuel our cars and take our money outside of the country.
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Assignment 2
POLS 2314.14


A) Individual Welfare is organized public or private social services for the assistance of

disadvantaged groups such as social security or unemployment compensation.


A) Corporate Welfare is financial aid provided by government to corporations or other

businesses, such as a subsidy or tax break