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Too Big to Ignore:

All real estate may be local, but that doesnt necessarily shield one
market from major incidents occurring thousands of miles away.
In todays global economy, important geo-political events have
consequences that can easily ripple across the planet.

Election results, economic policies and international relations all have

spillover effects on global real estate by (directly or indirectly) creating
incentives for buyers to be drawn towardor repelled fromvarious
geographic markets.

Some factors are purely financial in nature, like changes in currency

values or tax treatments. Other policies may make some destinations
more or less appealing by easing or restricting immigration or cross-
border trade. In worst-case scenarios, geo-political events can escalate
into full-fledged military conflicts, displacing entire communities and
endangering lives.

This issue of Global Perspectives examines many of the most significant

geo-political developments of the past year with an eye towards
possible directions in 2017. As a global real estate practitioner, its
important to stay dialed into these and other stories. Doing so puts
you in a much better position to spot opportunities and understand
where future business may originate fromand why.

The British people may have voted to leave the
European Union last June, but there are a
thousand different ways this could play out,
ranging from a hard to a soft exit. Prime Minister

THE IMPACT OF Theresa May has promised to trigger Article 50

of the Lisbon Treaty by the end of March 2017,
which would officially start the exit process.

In January, she delivered a 12-point plan that

promised a clean break from the single European
market, but also indicated enthusiasm to work
with the EU on trade agreements and other
matters. May envisions a phased arrangement
requiring at least two years to complete and
including a Parliamentary vote on the final Brexit

ON U.S. AND EUROPEAN deal. While signaling a desire to cooperate with

the EU, she also threatened to walk away from

REAL ESTATE unsatisfactory terms.

To be sure, exiting from the EU is completely

By nearly any standard, 2016 was an extraordinary year in the world of politics.
uncharted territory and there are many
Starting with Great Britains Brexit vote, then rippling through major elections
significant areas to hammer out, including the
across Europe and the United States, populism has been upending the status quo.
movements of people, the trading of goods and
security matters. While the process is generally
While it may be tempting to view populism as a monolithic movement extending
expected to take two years, some supporters
across borders, this would be an oversimplification of the various forces at play in
downplay its complexity but others think it will
each electionand would encourage faulty assumptions about how
take much longer. Adding to the climate of
developments may unfold in 2017 and beyond.
uncertainty, Article 50 is not irrevocable, so its
also conceivable that the UK could change its
At its root, populism pits the broader population against the powerful. It includes
mind once the Brexit terms become clearer.
people with dramatically different agendas representing both ends of the political
spectrum and everything in between. (Case in point: During the U.S. presidential
Implications for real estate
primaries, supporters of Democratic contender Bernie Sanders and Republican
Immediately following the vote to leave the
Donald Trump were often characterized as two sides of the same coin.)
European Union, the value of the pound fell
dramatically and Londons pricey real estate
What populists share is a strong suspicion that traditional institutions no longer market took a hit. By September, some broad
serve them. Theyve decided its time to change the status quo, and that means measures of domestic economic health (like
removing the well-entrenched elitists currently holding power. consumer confidence and spending) had
rebounded, although confidence may stall again
What happens after a cart has been overturned? That remains to be seen. In fact, once the UK serves formal notice to quit the EU.
widespread uncertainty about future developments is the single most
dominant issue in todays global markets. With that in mind, what follows is a In the aggregate, UK housing transactions were
country-by-country summary of several of the key factors at play, along with slow in 2016 with modest price growth. The
potential implications for real estate markets1. long-term implications for real estate, however,
remain undetermined and vary by market
Details for each country profile were culled from multiple U.S. and European news sources. segment and geography.
Note thatthis information is time sensitive and subject to revision as events unfold in each market.
For questions on the source of any particular fact, please contact

2 ~ Global Perspectives 02.2017

Investors abhor uncertainty, the dominant A strong economy will also increase the
factor now challenging the UKs ability to U.S.s trade deficit in 2017 and invite the
attract buyers from outside its borders. possibility of new tariffs and a reduction Certified International Property Specialist
If Brexit results in a more cumbersome of trade, which historically have been a important political events with populist
business environment for global business catalyst for recession and job cuts. overtones could also have major
(e.g., restrictions on the movements of implications on the global economy and
goods and people), some companies will Implications for real estate international real estate developments.
opt to leave the country, taking workers Unlike the Brexit vote, the populist wave
with them and adding more vacant that launched Trump into the Oval Office
commercial space and housing inventories triggered an immediate post-election spike ITALY
to a dampened real estate market. in the value of the dollar. If sustained, the
In December of last year, Italian voters
commensurate increase in property prices
rejected Prime Minister Matteo Renzis
Foreign owners of properties used for for buyers using other currencies will
constitutional reforms, prompting him to
vacation purposes may be less affected probably slow foreign appetite for U.S.
step down. While the populist Five Star
or perhaps even spot a buying opportunity. real estate.
movementwhich promotes an anti-EU,
anti-establishment and anti-austerity
Trumps nationalistic call to turn inward and
agendacampaigned strongly against the
UNITED STATES Make America Great Again implied that
immigration (and particularly illegal
referendum, Five Star was not Renzis
Donald Trump may have earned his fortune only opposition.
immigration) would face tighter restrictions.
in real estate, but his broader policy Whether such restrictions are carried out
positions and their implications on U.S. real Some factions of Renzis own Democratic
and negatively impact home buying remains
estate will only begin to take focus now that party and several former prime ministers
to be seen.
hes assumed the presidency. also voiced their objection to the reforms,
which would have streamlined
For U.S.-tax-paying residents, tax reform is
Much of Trumps talk during the campaign government by reducing the number
another potential agenda item that could
centered on tougher immigration and trade impact real estate ownership in various of senators and increasing the prime
policies, both of which could hurt the flow ways, including possible changes in the ministers power. Ultimately, the referendum
of goods and people between the U.S. and mortgage interest deduction, property tax boiled down to a vote of no confidence in
the rest of the world. In the weeks following deduction, and exemptions on capital gains Renzis leadership.
the election, however, this rhetoric assumed from the sale of a home. Commercial real
a softer tone. Further, even with Republican estate may see changes to the like-kind President Sergio Mattarella quickly formed a
control of both chambers of Congress, its exchange tax deferral and the ability to new government, led by Paolo Gentiloni, who
uncertain President Trumps policies will have depreciate commercial real estate assets. now faces formidable challenges in balancing
unfettered support. domestic pressures against EU rules.
One hallmark of U.S. real estate, regardless
Over the first half of 2017, there is little doubt of who holds the presidency, is the fact that A founding member of the EU, Italy has
the U.S. economy will enjoy a stimulus, largely personal property rights are held sacred relied heavily on EU support to prop up its
via a combination of tax cuts and govern- and those rights are extended equally to fragile banking system and heavy public
ment spending on infrastructure and national foreign nationals. Often, geo-political events debt load. Following the defeat of Italys
defense. This in turn should boost consumer in other parts of the world can tip the scales referendum, the euro lost more ground than
confidence and drive the economy higher in such a way that a safe haven in U.S. real it had with Brexit. Without solutions that
along with inflation and interest rates. As long property still attracts inbound investment, in ease market volatility and placate fears, Italy
as GDP growth is sustained and comes from spite of other disincentives. could slip back into recession.
more jobs and higher productivity, inflation
(continued on page 4.)
should be manageable. Brexit and Trump may have grabbed the
most headlines last year, but several other

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AUSTRIA FRANCE among her own Christian Democrats as well

as growing support for populist movements.
In another important December 2016 vote, Numerous forces are at play leading up Most noteworthy, Alternative for Germany,
Austrias moderate leader Alexander Van to Frances May 7 presidential election, first founded in 2013 as an anti-Eurozone
der Bellen achieved a narrow victory over especially following Socialist president party, has had a strong showing in recent
his far right rival Norbert Hofer of Austrias Francois Hollandes decision to step back elections and now has a presence in 10 of 16
Freedom Party. Hofer ran on a platform of from seeking a second term, due to low state Parliaments. If Alternative for
restricting immigration and strengthening approval ratings. At this writing, Germany secures more seats in the general
Austrias borders, although the Freedom Conservative party leader Francois Fillon election, it will be harder for Merkel to press
Party would also like to see Austria leave leads numerous other contenders, but her pro-EU agenda on issues such as
the eurozone and the EU. subsidies to struggling partners like Greece
National Front candidate Marine Le Pen and Italy, and cross-border immigration.
has enjoyed unexpectedly strong support.
National Fronts anti-eurozone and anti-
In 2017, several major elections will further
immigration message has resonated with
many voters, who are frustrated with
test Europes ability to remain united, stagnant economic growth and high Putin may not be running for president again
starting with a Dutch general election on unemployment rates. Le Pen prefers until 2018, but his countrys efforts to shape
March 15. Due to the countrys fragmented renegotiating the EUs founding treaties elections outside its borders in the form of
political party system, Geert Wilder of the over completely breaking from the alliance. targeted cyber attacks and disinformation
populist Freedom Party could pull off a Even if she doesnt win, support for her campaigns is being called into question.
nationalistic voice in French politics is Following its annexation of Crimea and
victory with just 28 percent of the votes,
another clear sign of populist unrest with ongoing meddling in Ukraine and Syria,
although he may struggle to find enough
the status quo. there are good reasons to scrutinize
coalition partners to form a government.
Russias motives.

Always mildly skeptical of the EU, it appears

Nationalistic populist candidates have
that the Netherlands is tilting further in this GERMANY tended to be more friendly to Russia,
direction. Much of the campaign talk has
Germany will hold its next national election lessening the likelihood of retaliatory
centered on the economy, migration and the
as early as August 27 or as late as October sanctions. But populist movements also
healthcare system.
22. Chancellor since 2005, Angela Merkel run the risk of destabilizing Europe,
will be seeking another term. She is making the continent more vulnerable
expected to retain power, but will have to outside aggression.
to contend with evolving popular opinion

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4 More Stories to Certified International Property Specialist

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The fallout from national elections in the U.S. and Europe arent the only International Traffic Propensity
geopolitical events worth following in 2017. Here are four other important Local Market Share of International
topics with implications for international real estate. Traffic Relative to U.S. Share

Bellingham, WA
1. [TAX POLICIES ] 502%
Urban, Honolulu, HI

Generally speaking, countries see foreign investment in real estate as a positive 458%
Kahului-Waluku-Lahana, HI
development and prefer to remove, rather than erect, barriers to ownership. However,
when demand soars and prices are driven so high that local buyers can no longer afford Naples-Immokalee-Marco Island, FL
to live in their communities, the political winds may suddenly shift. 371%
El Centro, CA

Thats what happened in London in 2015, when the British government closed a loophole 346%
Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, CA
in its tax code requiring UK homeowners from overseas to pay a capital-gains tax when
their property is sold. The move followed another decision to increase the stamp duty on Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach, FL
properties priced at or above 1 million. The initial effect of the tax changes appeared to 332%
be a slowing, rather than a reversal, of London housing price increases. Brownsville-Harlingen, TX

El Paso, TX
Then last year, Vancouver took the surprising step of imposing a 15 percent surcharge
on foreign buyers of Vancouver properties, where home prices were almost double Hinesville, GA
Canadas national average. In this case, the effect was immediate and dramatic. 307%
Yuma, AZ

In the first month of the new tax, participation by foreign nationals virtually dried up. 289%
Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, WA
Vancouver home sales fell 26 percent from a year earlier, while the average price of
single family homes fell to the lowest price levels since September 2015. Cape Coral-Fort Myers, FL

Where did these buyers go? Some shifted their sites to Toronto, while others explored Orlando-Kissimmee-Sandford, FL

options south of the border. The impact was clearly apparent in data compiled by 250%
McAllen-Edinburg-Mission, TX, where Bellingham, WA suddenly surged to the top of the list
of U.S. property searches conducted by international visitors to the site during October
Lakeland-Winter Haven, FL
2016. (See International Traffic Propensity, right) 236%
Anchorage, AK

Note: To view similar traffic data, updated monthly, visit 212%

San Diego-Carlsbad, CA
Punta Gorda, FL

(continued on page 6.) 200%

Fairbanks, AK

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In 2014, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) began flooding Perhaps one of the biggest topics facing the
the global marketplace with oil, driving the price of a barrel of crude oil from $107.5 in global marketplace is the issue of trade,
June 2014 down to $45 in January 2015. The glut has been particularly hard on especially in light of political developments
Venezuela, which has the worlds largest oil reserves and relies on it for virtually all its in the U.S. and Europe.
export income.
Both Clinton and Trump espoused anti-trade
Throughout 2015, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro pleaded with OPEC members rhetoric during the U.S. presidential cam-
to stabilize oil prices, warning of imminent economic collapse in his country. Last year paign, although Trump was decidedly more
alone, Venezuela witnessed over 400 percent inflation and an unprecedented monthly critical, threatening to renegotiate every U.S.
collapse, in November, in its currency2. (See chart, below.) trade deal. The North American Free Trade
Agreement (NAFTA) took the brunt of the
Finally, in December 2016, members of OPEC and some of its oil-producing rivals criticism, but it is just one of 14 free trade
(including Russia and Oman) reached their first agreement since 2001 to jointly agreements the U.S. has signed with 20
reduce output. Prices immediately gained ground on the news, but skeptics think it will countries. The United States largest trade
be difficult for all parties to stick to their word. In any case, the historic agreement is partners are Canada, China, and Mexico.
welcome news for Venezuelans, who have been facing severe shortages of food,
medicine, and other basic necessities. Free trade agreements are intended to
reduce barriers and create a more stable
and transparent trading and investment
Venezuelas Currency Sees Biggest Monthly Decline Ever environment. Its a cornerstone of the
European Union and helps smaller countries
The strong bolivar has lost 45% of its value so far in November
gain access to larger trading partners.
Monthly change in value of the Venezuelan Bolivar
It will be particularly interesting to see how
for U.S. Dollars on black market
trade leadership emerges in Asia, where
-1.8% 3.3% -3.8% -11.4% -2.7% -2.7% -96.5% two rival trade pacts have been vying for
acceptance. President Obama championed
the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which
2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
excludes China, while President Xi Jinping
promoted the Regional Comprehensive
Economic Partnership (RCEP), which
excludes the United States. If President Trump
concedes leadership in the region, China will
presumably fill the void.

Assuming global markets remain open to

free trade, one vital trade routethe Panama

Venezuela tightly controls two legal exchange rates, but people and businesses regularly
turn to a black market when the government wont approve the purchase of dollars at legal rates.

6 ~ Global Perspectives 02.2017

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Canalwill be fully capable of handling more cargo traffic since the completion of a
major expansion project in 2016.

The expansion doubled the waterways capacity by deepening both entrances, dredging
existing channels, adding a new Pacific access channel, as well as a third set of locks
(a lane for larger ships), allowing the passage of vessels up to 13,000/14,000 TEUs3
versus 5,000 TEUs for pre-expansion cargo ships.
More than two years behind
schedule and one billion The Growth Whenever one country experiences political
dollars over budget, the of Container Ships unrest, there is always the risk of a domino
Panama Canal expansion effect spilling into neighboring countries or
opened during difficult across the global stage. At the start of 2017,
financial times for the shipping 1984 its Syrias President Assad who continues
American New York 4,600 teu
industry. Still, early anecdotal to preside over what is easily the worst of all
evidence suggests the expansion political situations.
is bringing more and bigger 1997
Susan Maersk 8,000+ teu
ships into the Gulf of Mexico The Syrian Civil War, which began in 2011,
and other east coast ports in now involves multiple military forces from
the U.S., only four of which can
currently handle vessels in the
2003 within and outside of the Middle East. It has
Anna Maersk 9,000+ teu displaced roughly 11 million people (half the
10,000+ TEU range (although countys population), creating a humanitarian
several ports are stepping up crisis for the refugees, a potential crisis for
efforts to upgrade their host countries, and a political crisis over
their facilities). 2006 how to resolve the situation. The rise of the
Emma Maersk 11,000+ teu
Islamic State both intensified and expanded
Wherever trade improves, the conflict, easily the most deadly war of the
there is a commensurate 21st century, into Iraq and beyond.
increase in foreign nationals
needing residences and 2012 Other political disputes, such as the
Marco Polo (CMA CGM) 16,000+ teu
facilities to support more impeachments of Brazils President Dilma
shipping activity. It remains Rousseff and South Koreas President Park
to be seen, however, whether Geun-hye, also bear watching. On the Korean
greater physical capacity for peninsula, in particular, experts express
imports/exports will be 2014/15 concern that destabilization of South Koreas
met with non-restrictive CSCL Globe/MSC Oscar 19,000+ teu
political system might invite North Korea to
trade policy decisions. Source: World Shipping Council engage in new military provocations.

TEU stands for Twenty-Foot Equivalent Unit, the standard measure of a shipping container thats
20 feet long and 8 feet tall.

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