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Powers of the Revenue Court in context of an Original and a

Second Appeal and a third Appeal

As far as the jurisdiction of the Revenue Court is concerned, the CG Land Revenue Code has
been enshrined with a detailed explanation with regard to that along with the Revenue
Officers who comprises to be a part of such Revenue Court. However the jurisdiction of the
Revenue Court has been further divided according to the number of redressal opportunities a
party can have, where the order so passed is questionable on the grounds of its legality or

The jurisdiction of Revenue Court has been divided into 2 categories within the Act, which

Original Appeal
Any complain being filed by any party seeking justice by the Court, for the very first time
is known as an Original Appeal or a First Appeal. Section 44 of the Act provides the list
of Revenue Officers, on whose shoulders the Original Appeal may lie or can be filed to,
which are as follows:

(a) Sub-Divisional Officer,

(b) Settlement Officer,
(c) Collector,
(d) Commissioner,
(e) Board,
(f) Revenue Officers and
(g) Tehsildars.

Second Appeal
Sub-section (2) of Section 44 further lays down the Revenue Officers who can entertain
a second appeal against any order passed in an Original Appeal which are:

(a) Commissioner

(b) Collector,

(c) Settlement Commissioner and

(d) Board.
However, it also provides the grounds on which such Second Appeals can be entertained
by them; i.e.

(a) Where the order is contrary to law,

(b) Where the order has failed to determine some material issue of law,

(c) Where, there has been a substantial error or defect in the procedure prescribed by the

It is after the reading of Section 50, one can say that the Revenue Court to grand and hear
a Third Appeal as well. That is, the Board, Commissioner, Settlement Commissioner,
Settlement Officer and the Collector have been provide with the powers under the code,
to hear and grant a third appeal upon the existence of any questions which pertains to the
legality or the proprietary of the order passed by any Revenue officer as to the regularity
of the proceedings of the Revenue Officers, provided that such application for Revision
cannot be entertained when:

(a) Against an order appealable under this code.

(b) Against an order of the Settlement Commissioner under Section 210, wherein such
circumstances it will be considered to be final.
(c) Against an order passed by the Commissioner or the Settlement Commissioner.