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Attachments & Exhibits

Sturgeon v LA County (BC351286)

Interested Party Joseph H Zernik’s Requests for Interventions by State and
Federal Attorneys Generals, and Motions for Mistrial, alternatively – to
Vacate Judgments and for Orders to Initiate Corrective Actions

Executive Summary
A small selections is presented here, from a large volume of evidence of the
operations of an alleged cult of criminality1 among the judiciary in Los Angeles
County, California. It effectively controls the LA Superior Court, the largest
superior court in the U.S., which serves over 10 million residents. It is enabled
through computerized case management systems, which require immediate
attention by the public and the U.S. Congress. Combined with denial of access to
litigation records, the LA Superior Court is a court that must be deemed upon
review in severe violations of Civil Rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and
the Amendment, as well as Human Rights, pursuant to ratified International Law.
Here is perhaps a first attempt to outline the scope of such allege corruption, by
brining together evidence from both civil and criminal courts, related LA County
agencies – the Sheriff Department and Office of the Registrar Recorder, and the
conduct of local, state, and federal (FBI) agencies who are fully aware of the
Federal agencies are not ready, willing, or able to take action against a large group
of the state of California judiciary, which is organized, widespread, and well-
established, and which managed to gain some support also in the U.S. Courts. The
outcome is of global and historic proportions, from the ongoing false imprisonment
of thousands of Rampart-FIPs (Falsely Imprisoned Persons) for over a decade, to
the colossal collapse of Countrywide, and inability of US agencies to enforce the
law there either. It is proposed that the most direct way to address the problem in
general is through enforcement of (a) Nixon v Warner Communications, Inc (1978)
and states and federal rules-making enabling laws. Specific review is demanded of
the alleged criminality of Judge Jacqueline Connor in both civil and criminal
courts, which will also lead to release at long last of the Rampart FIPs.

The reference is to the Blue Ribbon Review Panel (2006), which concluded that a “sub-cult of criminality” was
tolerated in the justice system in Los Angeles County, California. The attempt here is to review the system in its
wider scope – the LA Superior Court both criminal and civil divisions, its relationships with the California Court of
Appeals, 2nd District, with some, small minority of the judiciary at the U.S. District Court, LA, other LA County
agencies, State and U.S. law enforcement- particularly FBI, large corporations such as Countrywide. The claim
here is that “sub-cult”, as it was designated in the Blue Ribbon Review Panel report, was an unreasonable
diminution, since such cult, as demonstrated by the evidence here, controls the LA Superior Courts.


Attachment A: Vague and ambiguous Rules of Court in re: entry of judgment in LA
County, California - p7
Published rules bear no relationship to reality, and the unpublished rules are both
unpublished and out of compliance with California, U.S. and International Law.
Attachment B: Concerns & Proposal regarding computers at the courts – p12
The unregulated use of computers at the courts is identified a root cause, and
solution is proposed based on enforcement of state and federal Rule Making
Enabling Act, as well as Nixon v Warner Communications, Inc (1978).
Attachment C: Involvement of Countrywide, now Bank of America Corporation, in
alleged criminality at the LA Superior Court- p15
Attachment D: Involvement of Bryan Cave, LLP, Sheppard Mullin and the legal
profession p19
The legal profession in Los Angeles and alleged criminality at the courts

Credible evidence demonstrates that the LA Superior Court denied and continues
to deny access to the true official litigation records – the Register of Actions in
Sustain – a public record by law, and false and deliberately misleading alternative
records are published by the court.
Exhibit 1-a: July 27-29. 2009 Denial of Access to Court Records - p21
Exhibit 1-b: Aug 9, 2009 Table of Available Document Images compared to data
available in “Case Summary” online – p43
Exhibit 1-c: August 6, 2009 online Case Summary p53


Unofficial, false and deliberately misleading court records.
Exhibit 1-d: January-February 2007 & July-August 2009 Justice James A Richman
Papers in Sturgeon v LA County- p62
All of these papers should be deemed of dubious authenticity, or at least as being
treated as such by the LA Superior Court.
Exhibit 1-e: February 2007–January 2009 – Cal Crt of App, 4th District – p129
Court of Appeals rulings fail to appear among LA Superior Court records, and it is
doubted that the LA Superior Court deems them as effectual.
Exhibit 1-f: August 6, 2009 Dr Zernik’s Requests for Verification/Corrections in re:
Litigation History – Sturgeon v LA County – p136
Addressed to Clerk Gregory Drapac and Executive Officer/Clerk of the Court
John A Clarke, to Judicial Watch, Los Angeles office, and to the office of Justice
Richman. No response received so far.
Exhibit 1-g: August 10, 2009 Letter to Mr Klunder - IT, and Mr Clarke - the Clerk, in re:
Computer systems verification.- p192
Requesting explanation regarding Google Chrome security warnings regarding the
court’s severs, which are found by such programs to bear a false verification
Current, indefinite, real estate litigation at the LA Superior Court, which
originated the false jailing of Att Richard Fine though alleged judgment fraud.
Exhibit 2-a: March 4, 2009 purported Judgment by Judge David Yaffe – p197
Exhibit 2-b: July 31, 2009 Letter to the Clerk of the U.S. Court, Terry Nafisi, Demand for
Investigation – p211
Demand is for investigation of credible evidence for tampering with litigation
records in custody of the Clerk of U.S. District Court, LA.


Exhibit 2-c: July 31, 2009 Letters of Meet and Confer - p213
Letter sent to parties in preparation for filing a motion for relief from judgment.


Alleged courtroom real estate fraud, based on alleged judgment fraud. Combined
analysis with Samaan v Zernik (SC087400), a twin case, would lead a reasonable
person to conclude that the litigation, even prior to the filing of the complaints
were almost certainly schemed by judges of the LA Superior Court.
Exhibit 3a- Requests for authentication - p216
Exhibit 3b- Evidence for Criminality in the Register of Actions - p222
Exhibit 3c- Alleged criminality in Conveyance of Title by Att David Pasternak –
Exhibit 3d- Declaration of Darwish - p233
Exhibit 3e- “Equity Rights” and alleged frauds at the LA Superior Court – p240


FRAUD p244
Alleged courtroom real estate fraud, based on alleged judgment fraud. Although
the case was most likely initiated from the exact same launching pad, and involved
some of the same players, the case took a different turn of events.
Exhibit 4-a: Denial of access to litigation records- p244
Exhibit 4-b: Evidence of Criminality in the Register of Actions p 1 – p247
Exhibit 4-c: Table: Minute Orders in paper court file compared to Minute Orders in
Sustain – p276
Exhibit 4-d: August 9, 2007 Judgment by Court per CCP §437c, by Judge Jacqueline
Connor, and Order Granting Summary Judgment Motion- p289


Exhibit 4-e: August 9, 2007 Minute Order – Motion for Summary Judgment– by Judge
Jacqueline Connor - p297
Exhibit 4-f: August 21. 2007 Minute Order – Samaan’s Ex Parte Application for Entry
of Judgment- by Judge Jacqueline Connor – p307
Exhibit 4-g: August 7-9, 2007 Judgments from the LA Superior Court’s Microfilm
Archive – p314
Exhibit 4-h: September 7, 2007 Retired Judge Gregory O’Brien Escrow Referee
Appointment papers-by Judge Jacqueline Connor - p352
Exhibit 4-i: Sept 10, 2007 Minute Order –Disqualification for a Cause of Judge Connor,
and Fictitious Hearing on Motion for Sanctions per CCP §128.7 –
By Judge Jacqueline Connor – p364
Exhibit 4-j: Nov 9, 2007 Order Appointing David Pasternak Receiver in motion
at 4-days notice – by Judge John Segal – p370
Exhibit 4-k: Nov 9, 2007 Hearing on 4-day Notice Motion for Appointment of
Att Pasternak Receiver – Court Reporter’s transcript – Court of Judge
John Segal - p378
Exhibit 4-l: November 21, 2007 Order “like Unlawful Detainer after issuing
Writ of Execution and Entry of Judgment” by Judge John Segal, at Att
David Pasternak’s request - p398
Exhibit 4-m: December 7, 2007 Gag Orders, Indemnity Agreement, approval
of false Grant Deed by Judge Patricia Collins - at Att Pasternak’s
Request - p405
Exhibit 4-n: December 7, 2008 and December 17, 2008 Grant Deeds – by Att
David Pasternak – with opinion letter by James Wedick, of “frauds being
committed”. p437


Exhibit 4-o: January 30, 2008 Minute Order – Defendant Dr Zernik’s Ex Parte
Application for release of funds held by Att David Pasternak – by Judge Terry
Friedman - p458
Exhibit 4-p: June 22, 2009 Att David Pasternak periodic report – at the Court
of Judge Terry Friedman - p627
Exhibit 4-q: August 21, 2008 – Veteran FBI Agent Jim Wedick’s Email Note – p639
Exhibit 4-r: August –September 2008 – Kenneth Melson – Director, U.S. Dept
of Justice, and Kenneth Kaiser – Assistant Director, FBI - Alleged Fraud in
Responses to Congressional Inquiries – p641-1
Exhibit 4-s: May 13, 2008 pages from complaint filed with US Attorney Office,
LA, and FBI, LA. p641-12
Exhibit 4-t: May 30, 2008 The Big Picture – Outline pf Criminality in re:
Samaan v Zernik filed with FBI, Los Angeles. p641-64

EXHIBIT 5. RAMPART –FIPS (Falsely Imprisoned Persons) – HUMAN RIGHTS

Exhibit 5-a: PBS – Rampart False Imprisonments (2001, 2005, 2008) p642
Exhibit 5-b: Chemerinsky, Erwin – The criminal justice system of Los Angeles,
California, Guild Practitioner, 2000. p648
Exhibit 5-c: October 8, 2000 LA Times Remarks on Perez by Rampart Trial Judge
Raising Eyebrows p662
Exhibit 5-d: November 16, 2000 NYT: 3 of 4 Officers Convicted In Police Corruption
Case p670
Exhibit 5-e: December 23, 2000 LA Times- Rampart Verdicts Voided p671
Exhibit 5-f: December 24, 2000 LA Times The Judge’s Decision p675