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1939 and German Refugee Children

Name: Kirsten Suffecool

Grade Level: 9-12
General Subject area: Social Studies

Art, Biology Chemistr Early Preschoo English English General General Health Math Math P.E. Readin Social Social Theater
PreK- 9-Adult y Education l Special 5-Adult 5-9 Science Science PreK- 5- 5-9 PreK- g Studies Studies PreK-
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Amount of time/length of teaching period: 45 minutes

Learning goal(s): To show them how not everything that can be god for the people gets passed through

Content Standard(s) Lesson objective(s) Assessment method(s)

List state standards & national What will students be able to do? State in Assessments must match objectives.
standards by number measurable, observable terms, identifying what
behavior will denote mastery
State Standard(s): SS.US.23 Test their understanding
National Standard(s): NCHS.Historical Thinking.5 Test their understanding

List and include all material you AND the students will need.
Include ways in which you collaborated with others to enhance instruction.
Teacher Student
Notes, and Videos Pencil and Paper

Design for Instruction:

Introduction: Show the students videos about the 1930s and ask what they recollect from previous history
classes and what was going on at that time.

Learning Activities Differentiation
What will you do? What will students do? Include your teaching strategies, management strategies and transitions. List how you will differentiate
Include questions that engaged students in critical thinking and discussion your lesson activities
For each learning activity indicate how long it will last in approximate minutes
You must state exactly what the teacher AND the student will be doing during EACH activity
One activity MUST include a technology component and highlight in yellow
They will pick a research topic from a list of topics about the I would differentiate
1930s and refugees. They will have a couple days to work on this these activities by
topic in groups and present it to the class. The teacher will be classifying them as
there with them through the in-school research to help guide group or individual
them and answer any questions they will have. I will ask them work.
questions like, What was this time in US history like? and
How did this affect the people/refugees that wanted to come into
this country? These presentations should be no longer than 10
I would have them do an individual assignment that they would have to
do research on refugee children around 1939 and do a presentation.
Their presentation will be them acting as a refugee child and explaining
to the class their difficulties and how life was like of them and how hard
it was for them to get into America. Each student will pick a refugee child
from a different country, so that no one of them as the same child or
country. This presentation should be no longer than 5-10 minutes.

Closure: Analyze and explain how political, social and economic factors influenced American
involvement in World War I.

Diverse learners: Sit down with them one-on-one and explain to them what is going on and to answer
any questions they might have. Explain in more detail how to do the projects.