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Group work Rubric

Students evaluating themselves and other members in the group

You have the opportunity to evaluate the work of the members of your group. Complete the rubric below for each of the group members.


Your evaluations will be compared against my ongoing evaluation and the evaluation by the other group members. If there is a major
discrepancy there will be consequences against the groups marks.

Write the score in the last column of the row for each criterion mentioned below.

This evaluation is CONFIDENTIAL and will not be shown to the other group members. Email the completed form to the instructor.

Name of the evaluator:

Student 1: Type your name here

Student 2:
Student 3:
Student 4:
Student 5:
Student 6:
Student 7:

Each row in the score column is assigned to the above mentioned students. Evaluate and fill up the rubric accordingly

No. Criteria Beginning Developing Accomplished Exemplary Score

1 2 3 4
1 Role and Responsibilities Student
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Student never Student requires Student requires Student proposes
accepted a role. much direction and some guidance to an appropriate role
Assuming a role in
a guidance in define a role for for him/herself and
the assignment
determining a role him/herself and to fulfills the role and
for him/herself in complete duties duties without
the assignments question.
and for completing
assigned tasks.
Participates in few Participated in Participated in most Participated in all
or no group some group group meetings. group meetings,
b Team role fulfillment
meetings. Provided meetings. Provided Provided leadership assumed leadership
no leadership. some leadership. when asked. role as necessary.
Seldom or never Does not follow Follows through on Follows through on
follows through on through on most most assigned tasks. assigned tasks.
c assigned tasks and assigned tasks and Shares work and
relies on other sometimes relies on responsibility for
members to do it. others to do it tasks evenly.
2 Work Contribution
Group members Group member Group member Group member
contributions were occasionally contributed completed an equal
unimportant or contributed little significantly, but share of significant
absent towards the other members and meaningful
a Overall contribution
assignment, but at clearly contributed work and
times was more maintained it
inappropriate throughout the
Group member's Group member's Group member's task Group member's
task product was task product was product was task product was
b Quality of work frequently of poor occasionally complete most of the always complete
quality unpolished and/or times but needed and of extremely
incomplete some polishing high quality
Late for all or most Sometimes late for Usually punctual for Consistently
group meetings and group meetings and group meetings and punctual for group
seldom or never occasionally gives gives appropriate meetings and gives
Meetings and gave response to response to group response to group appropriate and
response time group queries and queries and group queries and group useful responses to
group work task work task work task group queries and
discussions. discussions. discussions. group work task
Rarely gets things Occasionally gets Usually uses time Routinely uses time
done by the things done by the well all through the well throughout the
d Time-management
deadlines, group deadlines. Group assignment. Group assignment to
has to adjust work has to adjust work has to rarely adjust ensure things get
deadlines or deadlines or work deadlines or done on time.
responsibilities responsibilities responsibilities. Group does not
because of his/her sometimes. have to adjust
insufficient time work deadlines or
management. responsibilities.
3 Working as a group
Achieving Group Student is Student does not Student is committed Student is keen
Goals disinterested in respond to group to group work and about group work
working in a group. goals. Remains goals, but carries out and makes an
Will not cooperate "off-task" even only own role effort for group
or collaborate. though seemed willingly. success.
Student works committed to group
against group goals goals earlier.
and is "off-task."
Monitors Group Rarely checks for Occasionally checks Usually checks for Routinely checks
Effectiveness the effectiveness of for group group effectiveness for group
the group and does effectiveness and and works towards effectiveness and
b not work to make it sometimes works making the group makes suggestions
more effective. towards making the more effective. to make it more
group more effective.
Group member Group member was Group member was Group member
generated regular the source of minimally involved in worked to minimize
conflicts which conflict within the solving conflicts. conflict and was
c Conflict resolver interfered with group. effective at solving
assignment personal issues
progress. within the group.

Does not try to Does not suggest or Refines solutions Actively looks for
solve problems or refine, but is willing suggested by others. and suggests
d Problem solving help others solve to try out solutions solutions to
problems. suggested by problems.
4 Working with Others
Rarely listens to, Often listens to, Usually listens to, Almost always
shares with, and shares with, and shares, with, and listens to, shares
a Support
supports the efforts supports the efforts supports the efforts with, and supports
of others. Often is of others, but of others. Does not the efforts of
not a good team sometimes is not a cause "waves" in the others. Tries to
player. good team group. keep people
member. working well
Student is Student responds Student interacts Student actively
insensitive toward to prompting and with others and is supports
the opinions and interacts, however, sensitive to differing interaction that is
feelings of others in remains insensitive opinions and feelings positive and
the group. Does to the opinions and of others in the respectful to the
b Interpersonal Skills
"put-downs" and feelings of others in group. feelings and
refuses to actively the group. opinions of others
listen to others. in the group.
Pays no attention to
teacher prompting.
Often publicly Occasionally Rarely publicly Never is publicly
criticizes work of publicly criticizes criticizes work of critical of the
other group work of other group other group assignment or the
c Attitude members. Never members and members. Often has work of others.
has a positive rarely has a a positive attitude for Always has a
attitude for the positive attitude for the group task. positive attitude for
group task. the group task. the group task.
Total 0 0 0 0 0 0 0