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Online and Hybrid Teaching Training

Romance, German, Russian Language and Literatures
September 2 December 2, 2016

Date Location Lecture and Discussion Homework

Sep. On-Campus Effective Practices in Online and Standards for Online
2, 1- Hybrid Teaching and Hybrid
3PM Copyright and
BB Collaborate
Sep. On-Campus Content, Activity and Assessment Course Design (First
16, 1- Tools for Online and Hybrid Draft)
3PM Teaching
Course Design & Feedback for
Online and Hybrid Courses
Sep. Online via Course Design (First Draft) Course Design (Final
23, BB Draft)
1-3 PM Collaborate
Sep. On-Campus Course Design (Final Draft) 2 Learning Modules
30, 1- Learning Module Organization
Oct. On-Campus Learning Modules Homework Content and Lecture
14, Creating Content and Lecture Video
1-3PM Videos
Oct. On-Campus Content Homework Activities and
28, 1- Activities and Assessments Assessment
Nov. Online via Activities and Assessment Syllabus and Welcome
11, 1- BB Homework Email
3PM Collaborate Syllabus and Welcome Email
Nov. Online via Syllabus and Welcome Email Customized Homepage
18, BB Homework
1-3 PM Collaborate Homepage Customization
Dec. On-Campus Homepage Homework
2, 1-3 Training Feedback
PM Certificate of Completion