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How would you implement a problem/project based unit in your classroom?

What would
be your topic, question, or problem you would investigate? What might be some concerns
to consider in implementing such a unit?

Provide a proposal for a problem/project based unit with some details about the topic and
some online sources for teaching such a unit. You should also cite sources from readings to
support statements.

Fortunately I teach Health Issues at the high school level. I say that I am fortunate because
everything we discuss relates to real life/everyday situations so the implementation of a PBL unit
shouldnt be difficult to execute. The 8 topics and units that we discuss remain current because
they involve what people deal with on a daily basis. When creating a PBL unit I must first
understand that the topic especially in its most basic form may not be appealing to the student
and may require an added twist or tweak to gain the interest of my students whether it is the topic
or the way in which they go about completing the project. Katie Spear discusses the failure of
students not really being interested in the topic itself and seemingly going through the lessons
just to get a grade. If I am able to at least get students to want to do the assignment in its
entirety, that is a win in itself, but sparking the interest for true learning would be the main
accomplishment (Spears, 2015).

The topic would be the evolution of bullying. We have seen it change over the years and now
cyberbullying has become a real life monster to many bullying victims.


How bullying, specifically in schools has evolved into the real life monster it is today.

Brief Outline:

Students will create a visual media timeline of the many ways that bullying occurs and how
cyber bullying has now become so prevalent. Students will be responsible for creating video
skits demonstrating different ways bullying occurs, how to stand up against it, and end with an
anti-bullying public service announcement video. Students will also have to demonstrate an
understanding for the result of bullying (i.e., depression, suicide).

Sources and Required Readings/Materials:

Types of Bullying Video Students should watch this video to give them a better
understanding of the different types of bullying.
Students will then be required of finding a video that helps them understand more about
the types of bullying and summarize.
Stories on Bullying Students should select a story on bullying. These stories allow
students to read about different types, effects on the bullied and possible ways to
How Has Bullying Changed Over The Years
The Evolution of Bullying

Required Software:


Areas of Concern:

1. Accessible technology - Not all students have access to computers and/or the internet at
home. I would have to make sure to reserve much computer lab time during school to
give each student a decent and fair amount of time to work on this project especially if
this is the only computer time they would have available to them.
2. Learning Curve Tiki-Toki is software that Im sure many students arent familiar with
because I had never heard of it. It would take time to get used to and learn the software
well enough to produce a good timeline.
3. Time Allotted for Completion and Obsticals Being that students will be required to
do research as well as create video visuals this would seem to have to be a quarter long
project (roughly 9 weeks). This also brings up the issue that students would see this as
plenty of time and would end up procrastinating. One way to counteract this is to have
required due dates in which certain aspects should be completed by. There are also many
school events that take place that I would have to be aware of. The introduction event
for my PBL unit was right before spring break, and when school started up again, three
weeks of state testing made the project feel disjointed (Spears, 2015).
4. Individual vs. Group So many students dislike working in group for more reasons
than one whether its because group partners do not do their share of work, or they work
faster and more efficiently by themselves. Should I give the option to work individually?
5. Fool Proof Rubric For years I have done other projects and every semester I change
something within the rubric because I find loop holes that might make the assignment
somewhat confusing or unclear. Coming up with a rubric that would cover all aspects of
the project would take much planning and preparation in which case a mistake on my part
could cause confusion and disaster for such a large project.

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