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A collaborative supported service model

 A model that seeks to address the needs of
homeless and at risk of homelessness people
within Newcastle.

 A site in Newcastle that could house a mix of
clients some of whom had high support needs
and others with lower needs in an environment
that would be integrated into the wider
Key Objectives
Establish a model that allows people
experiencing homelessness to move as quickly as
possible from homelessness to long term
accommodation that meets their needs.
 Provide sources of temporary accommodation to
extend the capacity of the service system to provide
supported temporary accommodation options
 Provide an opportunity to change our focus from
managing homelessness to fostering initiatives
which have a demonstrated ability to end
homelessness in Newcastle.
Project Model

The project model has two distinct components,
accommodation and support.
Accommodation is separated into temporary
accommodation and medium term
Temporary Accommodation
The project provides 9 units of temporary
Eight units are bedsit configurations, which is
mostly appropriate for single clients.
There is one two-bedroom unit, which would be
suitable for couples or families.
Medium Term Accommodation
The project provides 24 units of accommodation, 6
x 2 bedroom units and 18 x 1 bedroom units.

The site also provides 1 x office for the on site
manager and a community room.

The on-site manager has proven to be invaluable
and a large contributor to the success of the
Support Services
All clients accessing temporary or medium term
accommodation will be supported by the
nominating services.

Support Services will be coordinated by the Service
Provider in accordance with the agreed Case Plan.

The agreed services will be implemented with the
aim of assisting the client move from temporary
accommodation to more long term sustainable
Partner Facilitation Group
• NSW Department of Family and Community Services
• Allambi Care
• Jenny’s Place
• Baptist Care
• The Samaritans Foundation
• Wesley Mission
• St Vincent de Paul (Matthew Talbot Homeless Service)
• Wandiyali ATSI Inc.
• Warlga Ngurra Women’s and Children’s Refuge
• Nova for Women and Children
• Mission Australia
Approximately 124 clients access temporary
accommodation at TWH each year.
The average stay is currently 14 nights, down
from 19 in 2012 and 2013.
To date, 128 clients have accessed medium term
housing at TWH.
Most clients stay the maximum two years.
Current Client Comments
“I am 100% more stable - within 6 months I have a house
full of furniture, with a beautiful atmosphere, a fridge full
of food, and happy kids. I couldn’t have asked for
anything more.”

“The place I live in is clean. I can have the kids over here.
I think that my mental health is worse though.”

I am living here for my daughter, she loves it. I left a
violent relationship. Now I mostly feel safe.”

“Peace of mind – having Compass there to help.”
Client comments continued…
“Overall I feel more stable – exactly right – in a boarding
house you get kicked out any day. They knock on your door
you gotta go. It’s a big thing, feeling more secure.”

“Life changing help. To be able to prepare for a better life, to
grow and learn to love life and myself more.”

“I’ve been looking for jobs. I can keep the house clean now.
I’ve got a good routine. It’s changed my perspective, you
“I don’t gamble no more – that was really affecting
my life. I have saved up and got a car – that’s
freedom. My mum’s got dementia and in a nursing
home and I like to take her for drives every day or
two. She loves it.”