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¥ | % bon % iG Bi x Universityerldaho MASTER | J x > Br i s | x FOOD SAFETY =: gf ADVISOR g Pog g x University of ho Extension wie % eal x Questions? Contact Us Learn How to Safely a) 4 |F Utextension, Ada Cou gy) ie) see Presewve Food es g2 oy Boise, ID 83714 Si 5 5 s (208) 287-5900 5) aes Ie Beessy 288% Taught by Joey Peutz, one Fic tanentyaf tate ote apatapperenagieienntes Payette Extension Educator and Surine % cr Greenway, Owyhee Extension Educator 2 f x in on nc hh Yrs 2 2 \— dtet te pepemer sansa MO University of idaho Extension offers the "Master Food Safety Advisor Program (oko Master Food Preserver) 10 teach participants how to satel preserve high-quality foods. Acer completion ofthe coursework, Participants work withthe community to complete thee volunteer time (see Phase 2 = Volunteer Service). Thisisa great ‘opportunity to share your knowledge, a ‘Anyone with an interest in food preservation and food safety + Anyone with tte to no food preservation experience + Anyone interested in expanding and sharing their knowledge with others * Anyone who enjoys being involved in their community Residents who liven Ado, Adams, Canyon, Elmore, Ger, Owyhee, Payete, Vale, or Washington Counties Training Pha Phase 1 Attend Each Educational Session ‘Joey Peuts and Surine Greenway, Extension Educators willteach the 7-week course ina lecture format using videos and hands-on preservation labs to enhance your learning experience. Demonstrations are taught by ‘ur Advanced Master Food Safety Advisors. Homework and readings are assigned to prepare you fr the folowing session “Topics include: ‘Canning Acid Foods [Frits and Tomatoes) Canning Low-Aeid Foods (Meats and Vegetables) Jams, Jlies, and Preserves Picking Dehydration Food Safety Freezing Methods Teaching Tps and Aids Phase 2= Vokinteer Service Paticipants are required to complete 30 hours oF volunteer service hich ean be completed in their county of residence. Opportunities include answering food safety ‘questions via phone, assisting with and/or teaching classes, staffing booths, and making displays. Where and When: The course is ofered at the UI Extension office in Ada County Classes start the second weelsin Apri and will run through the end of May las times ‘typically are from 9:00am. ~ 3:00 p.m. Participants are certified a Univesity of Idaho Extension Master Food Safety ‘Advisors whea they have completed the 7 week course and 30 hous of volunteer service. After one year, participants can recertiy forthe Advanced Master Food Safety Advisor Program. Dre reve Mtg ‘limited numberof applicants are accepted ‘each year on first-come, fst served basis ‘An application wil be mailed or emailed to ‘those who complete ths form. Application dead March 18, 2016 Cost - $149 $149.00 includes a handbon, aeitonal Feference materia, fo, lab supplies, and 40 hours of instruction time with hands-on labs. “Wparipat are unebl tcompete te 30 hows sfvoluneesericeo yu choses compete ony ‘es partion wb hrped on oda! '$30000 ($800 oa reference wi beg co indi essed in comgleting both pases.