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Abstract - Agriculture sector being the Keywords- Internet of Things (IOT),

backbone of the Indian economy deserves Security, Raspberry Pi.
security. Security not in terms of resources
only but also agricultural products needs
security and protection at very initial Agribusiness assuming a vital part in the
stage. The integration of traditional economy of most countries, agrarian
methodology with latest technologies as generation has been encountering the
Internet of Things and Wireless Sensor consistent change of its procedures and
Networks can lead to agricultural methods. Progresses in implanted
modernization. Internet of Things based gadgets, nearby remote availability and
device which is capable of analyzing the endeavors in creating correspondence
sensed information and then transmitting conventions and equipment for
it to the user. This device can be interconnecting systems to IP
controlled and monitored from remote (Internet Protocol) based Internet has
location and it can be implemented in prepared for the wide scale arrangement
agricultural fields ie. crop, soil, water level, of WSN network. The goal of this venture
water pressure, motor related operation is to enhance items quality and in addition
purpose. This paper is oriented to keeping up an economical horticulture, by
accentuate the methods to solve such gathering continuous information from the
problems like identification of crop is earth. In this way, there is the requirement
suitable for which soil. level of water in for upgrading the assets utilized in the
soil, pressure of water etc. In this project, agrarian procedures, mostly in the water
mentioned sensors and electronic devices system framework. For each product the
are integrated using Python scripts. water required is diverse agreeing there
development. The water gave by pump is infrastructure for remote monitoring and
insufficient to give the measure of water control and WSN concept is implemented
required by the plants for a sound for irrigation infrastructure[2].
development. Thus, According to the yield
give water by checking the dampness Wireless Sensor Network in Precision
level of the harvest. As of now, farming Agriculture Application Implementation of
expends around 70% of the crisp water. WSN in PA will optimize the usage of water
This rate can be diminished performing fertilizer and also maximized the yield of
proficient water administration with the crops. Improve the precision
regards to water system. This venture agriculture by using water level soil for
applies the water effectively, in the appropriate crop [3].
opportune place, at the perfect time and
in the appropriate sum. It brings wide Development of IoT based Smart Security
advantages, for example, water and Monitoring Devices for Agriculture In
investment funds; cash reserve funds and this device, mentioned sensors and
additionally the change of harvest quality. electronic devices are integrated using
Python scripts. Based on attempted test
II. REVIEW OF LITERATURE cases, we were able to achieve success in
84.8% test cases. IOT concept is
Intelligent Control Based Fuzzy Logic for
implemented based on Raspberry Pi
Automation of Greenhouse Irrigation
python for access security level [4].
System and Evaluation in Relation to
Conventional Systems In this research,
The performance of irrigation automation
The paper provides examples that will
system based on soil moisture level for
show the simplicity in designing and
pep-per growth The irrigation times and
constructing such a system and other
amounts of irrigation water applied by the
advantages of using fuzzy logic in the
system is suitable for uni-form crop
feedback control problem. Improved
Production using soil moisture sensor. Soil
Things Improve the fuzzy logic for things
moisture PH sensor is used to improve the
which are not in digital output like on/off
crop quality [5].
The Internet of Things in Agriculture for
Sustainable Rural Development IoT to
Software aspects of WSN for monitoring in
mitigate the agricultural needs of these
an Indian Greenhouse This paper proposes
communities for the domains of crop farm-
a method objective of this paper is to
ing, weather forecasting, wildlife mgmt,
integrate the implementation of high
forestry, livestock farming, market
resolution WSN data and cloud
identification and rural financing.
Applicable for rural development due to communication system. This solution
using low cost sensors [6]. monitors and controls a set of sensors and
A wireless application of drip irrigation Actuators, respectively, to assess plants
automation supported by soil moisture water needs. WSAN communication
sensors The obtained irrigation system not system im-proved based on cloud server
only prevents the moisture stress of trees to monitor control the main module [10].
and scarification, but also provides an
efficient use of fresh water resource. Drip
irrigation system is improved by using The existing system contains the
solenoid for maintain the water level for low level maintenance of water. This
crop [7]. model used formal water maintenance
Design and Implementation of the Span which will produce the wastage of water
Greenhouse Agriculture Internet of Things due to improper water supply for each
System Due to real-time data automatic crop equally. In physical way every crop
acquisition of green-house environment required different water level as well as
parameters and biological information, the farmer not easily identify which crop is
farmer achieve good economic benefits, suitable for soil. In this system the event
and the great significance to the related operation and actions are
Development of modern agriculture performed like when water supply is
information-based and intelligent. Real required the motor is on, damage of water
Time concept is implemented using fast is identified by using the measuring of
access to the remote sensors devices [8]. water at two side which will compared &
decide whether the water theft is done or
Web based intelligent irrigation system in the any damage present. System is based
wireless sesnsor network Irrigation time on the android application not fully the
table can be fetch and map from web application to maintain the security.
agriculture university or government web
site as per soil and crop type. It gives Disadvantage

maximum profit from minimum cost.

1. Not applicable for monitor soil
Manage control system for web improves
the cost as well as time management [9]. 2. Not maintain the quality related to
water & soil
Wireless Sensor and Actuator System for 3. Not suitable for cloud based web
Smart Irrigation on the Cloud this paper server
pro-poses and evaluates on a real
deployment a cloud-based Wireless Sensor
and Actuator Net-work (WSAN)
The proposed system consists of devices and controlling them through an
the Wireless Sensor Network for acquiring android app as well as monitoring the
climate data locally. In WSN various security of their farm in case of unwanted
weather monitoring sensors are placed access to apps. This model uses soil
inside the field, sensors include soil moisture to indicate the water level in soil.
moisture & PH sensor. Using this Flow sensor is used to calculate the water
information, irrigation requirement is pressure and also monitor and control the
calculated remotely at central computer real time tracking and switching of all their
and control irrigation controller module electrical devices through an android
wirelessly. Wireless Sensor Unit (WSU) based mobile app.
consists of a Wifi, soil moisture sensors, a
microcontroller, and power sources.
Several WSUs can be deployed in-field to
configure as a distributed sensor network
for accurate irrigation control. This setup
can also be used for multi-crop systems,
which has different water demand. Each
unit is based on the microcontroller Fig.1. Existing Architecture
raspberry pi that controls the Wi-Fi module The system is connected to this
and processes information from the soil- android app using internet connectivity for
moisture sensor & Ph sensor. Flow sensor communication. The model has an option
is used to calculate the water flow from of controlling devices by either sending
the pump. By using this easily calculate voice commands or by simple tap-to-
the pressure of pump which can indicate toggle system, making the overall system
the theft of water or any damage of pump. user friendly and easy to manage. So
Advantage getting in detail about the model is to
Maintain the security by monitoring monitor the moisture level in soil , and
the sensor & actuators relay connected devices so that they can
Overcome maximum things related be easily toggled by the microcontroller.
to agriculture It is Arduino certificated and
Achieve the Precision Agriculture to
designed to be hardware, software, and
improve the use of water
Global accessible from world wide. pin compatible with large range of Arduino
V. EXISTING ARCHITECTURE Uno R3 shields. The app is android based
which is connected to the internet through
In Existed model an Ethernet based
either Wi-Fi. It connects to the Intel Galileo
system that let users monitor real time
based server over the internet and lets the
switching information of the electrical
users to monitor with the help of an
internal mobile timer and toggles the damage of pipe as well as theft of water
switching by tap-to-touch. User can and indicates by using buzzer. DC motor is
manually switch on or off the devices. used to indicate the flow of water to the
crop. Also monitor and control the real
VI. PROPOSED ARCHITECTURE time tracking and switching of all their
electrical devices through an android
based mobile app as well as the web
application. The system is connected to
this application using internet connectivity
for communication. The model has an
option of controlling devices by either
sending tap-to-toggle system.
It is Raspberry Pi certificated and designed
to be hardware, software, and pin
compatible with large range of Raspberry
Pi shields. The app is android & web based
which is connected to the internet
Fig.2. Proposed Architecture thorough either Wi-Fi. It connects to the
In Existed model an Ethernet based putty based server which is connected to
system that let users monitor real time cloud server over the internet and lets the
switching information of the electrical users to monitor with the help of an
devices and controlling them through an internal mobile app or web apps and
android apps as well as monitoring the toggles the switching by tap-to-touch.
security of their farm in case of unwanted
theft of water.
Our model uses Flot sensors to
check for the water level indication in
tank, soil moisture sensor is used to
measure the water level in crop to
maintain the use and avoid the unwanted
wastage of water, PH sensor is used to
check the acidic level in the soil due to
this we can select which crop is suitable
for crop, Pressure/flow sensor is used to
calculate the amount of water is flow per
unit time which determine the pressure of
pipe. This is helpful for monitor the
[2] Shailendra Singh-Software
aspects of WSN for monitoring in an
Indian Greenhouse-Yuktix

Internet of Things has many Technologies Pvt Ltd Bangalore,

applications in different areas. Iot has India. 2015 International

been already designed for industrial WSN. Conference on Computational In-

It has been developed for Smart Irrigation telligence and Communication

System. This system presents the Networks

architecture of lot and architecture of

[3] Ibrahim Mat, Ahmad NizarHarun-
Smart Irrigation using lot. There are some
Wireless Sensor Network in Precision
problems found in lot and Smart irrigation.
Agriculture Application-MIMOS, Ministry
New technologies could help to minimize
of Science, Technology and Innovation
them by achieving the better security &
Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA. 2014IEEE
authentication concept as well as soil
quality and unwanted wastage water [5] TanmayBaranwalDevelopment of
things are completed. This system IoT based Smart Security and
presents the problems and challenges that Monitoring Devices for Agriculture-
could come. New technologies and Department of Computer Science
methodologies which are already used to Lovely Professional University
improve applications of loT have been Phagwara, Punjab. 2016IEEE.
discussed in this paper. Raspberry Pi kit,
[6] Murat -The performance of
Wi-Fi modules, soil moisture, PH sensor,
irrigation automation system based
float sensor, Flow sensor sensors are
on soil moisture level for pep-per
currently in used for lot.
growth- Department of Farm
Structure and Irrigation,
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