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From The Desk of Frankie Wunderink
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To Whom It May Concern,

I am submitting a recommendation for Courtney Dickinson. I have known Courtney

since she was in early elementary school. I have known Courtney first as her Youth
Pastor while at Grace Valley Church. In that location Courtney and I have had many
types of relationships over the years; beginning with Courtney as my student then
our relationship developing where I was also her mentor, supervisor, and finally her
partner in ministry. Courtney was one of my tutors in my side business, iWunder Inc,
where we taught ESL to Korean students. She was also a trusted care-giver to my
greatest gifts: my grandchildren. I feel I know Courtney well and can speak into her
character and skills. I can attest to the fact that the qualities Courtney exhibits now
have grown and developed well over the years they have deep roots and are
genuine; they are not surface qualities.

Courtney is a student leader in Youth Group and a Camp Counselor for Middle
School Camp. Her presence provides direction in moral and wise living. She is a
good example in thought, word and deed. Courtney has been organizing and
directing the Children and Worship program and Vacation Bible School for three
years at Grace Valley. She understands curriculum design, a holistic approach to
program development and she understands how to set goals and priorities. She also
recruits and trains leaders of all ages for both those programs. She has an eye for
developing training material, especially for new recruits. In her various teaching and
leadership roles at church she is well respected.

As a tutor for ESL she developed interactive learning opportunities with students.
She used a variety of teaching methods. She was positive with her students. She
was always prompt and prepared for her students. She was able to adjust a lesson
plan spontaneously in order to be more effective. The students loved her.

Courtney has a passion for teaching children. She has a confidence in who she is
and her future goal to be a teacher. She has known from a young age that she
wanted to be a teacher and has intentional sought out mentors who would teach
and train her. She has seized opportunities to develop her skills.

Not only does Courtney have good skills in the area of teaching, she has depth of
character. I trust Courtney completely. She is responsible and conducts herself with
integrity. Courtney takes initiative and is self-motivated. She is kind, calm and
gentle. Courtney is also trustworthy in that she faithfully nurtures the emotional and
spiritual well-being of the children in her care.

I would highly recommend Courtney for her skills and her character. Courtney would
be a good asset to any organization. I have seen her grow and develop over her
young life and I am confident she will continue to strive to be the best person and
teacher. If you have any questions concerning Courtney the best way to reach me is
by email at


Frankie Wunderink