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Enter by airway
Living in alveoli
Without Inflammation Spread
infection by lymph
Fibrosis Connective
tissue that is
Cough Calcification elastic and thick
In expiration
Exudation alveoli didnt
Hemoptysis return
Necrosis Gas cant
Weight loss Germ diffuses
Cavity Breathless
Primary infection

Recovered with ghons

Recovered nest
Germs appear
a few years later

Reabsorb Necrosis tissue Nest extends

recovered with
tissue fibrotik

Extends to Condense and Clean and

form a nest wrap them self recover
The cause of pulmonal exudation, and than necrosis.
tuberculosis is So it make a cavity in alveoli.
mycobacterium TB. It enter In addition, the
our body by airway and inflammation have two
living in alveoli. There is possibelitis. There are
inflammation, and than without infection and can
fibrosis. It can cause spread b lymph, arise a
calcification, make the connective tissue
and than in
expiration.. because there is spread by
it can cause gas bronkoghen, limpogen, and
cant so, the hematogen.
patiens feel breathless. In condition recovered but
with forming a ghon nest is
dangers because germs not
die but can appear a few
years later what happens is
The germ make primary reabsorb, necrosis tissue, and
infection. In there has a three nest extand it
possiblitis. First it can cause extand to form a nest
recovered, second it cavity, or condense and warp
recovered but with forming a them self, or clean and
ghon nest, last there is recover but it needs some
complication. The maximal therapy and
complikasion can occur continuing.