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Clauses and linkers of contrast:
Although, however, in spite of/ despite

Although introduces a clause and is followed by a subject and a verb. When the although clause comes first, it is followed by a comma. The linker however starts a new sentence and is followed by a comma. However is much more common in written English than in spoken English. The linkers in spite of and despite are followed by a gerund (-ing form) or by a noun. In spite of is more common than despite.

1. Complete the sentences using although and a sentence from the box. Use capital letter and commas if necessary:

She known him a long time.  Rob had only seen Linda in a photo. I don’t have any money to spend. I hadn’t invited him to mine. I don’t usually read articles. She was very tired. He’d had a big breakfast at seven. The train was about to live

    

She didn’t recognise him in his and sun glasses although she’d know him a long time. a) Peter was hungry by ten o’clock _______________________________

b) ____________________________________ she couldn’t get to sleep. c) ____________________________________ he recognised her as soon as she got off the train. d) I always look at the photos in sport magazines _____________________ e) ___________________________________ he stopped to buy a magazine for the journey. f) Sam invited me to his party ___________________________________ 2. Complete sentences with the phrases in the box:

- her doctor’s advice - the weather

- her age -

- the noise  the time

- the number

- the rubbish

- the traffic

- their disagreement

My parents slept well in spite of the noise we were making downstairs with our electric guitars. a) We arrived in time for the flight despite ___________________ on the road to the airport. b) We decided to queue for tickets for the Texas concert despite ________ ____________ of people in the queue at the tickets office. c) She woke up at four o’clock this morning but decided to get up despite _________________. d) One rainy weekend in November, we decided to go camping in spite of ____________________. e) Despite _______________________ last weekend, Tim and Dominic are still good friends.

f) It’s a fascinating and colourful city in spite of _______________ and dirt
in the streets.

g) She continued to drink ten cups of coffee a day despite _____________ _________________________ .

h) My grandmother goes everywhere by bicycle in spite of ______________