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Follow the advice given in the EPT329 Guide to Professional Experience Placement and our
Subject Outline, as well as our online modules/face-to-face workshops regarding how to complete
this template.


Goal 1: Professional Knowledge In being able to achieve this goal I In completing the
will try to do the following:- actionable items (to the
To learn how to use behavioural 1. Establish the issues left), I will keep detailed
management techniques in and surrounding the situation notation of what happened
out of the classroom in a (if the issue is not directed and including a detailed
secondary school context. at me (being the teacher); evaluation of the situation
2. Maintain class direction and how it was resolved.
Standard 4: Create and maintain and attention; and I will also keep notes of the
supportive and safe learning 3. Establish positive student in the proceeding
environments; 4.3 Manage relationships while lessons to compare (as it
challenging behaviour. dealing with any issues. may be my style of teaching
that the student has an
By achieving this goal in EPT329 issue with).
practicum I will be able to Being able to reflect on my
demonstrate in future practicums teaching will not only show
that I have the ability to meet the my achievement of the
above standard, but not just show standard but also the
that I have the ability, but be able to Professional Knowledge
efficiently demonstrate my ability. and Understanding
standard of the
Professional Standards.
Goal 2: Professional Practice To achieve this goal, I will need to Copy of lesson plans
discuss the sequences with the showing sequence of
To establish effective teaching supervising teacher prior to the class events;
sequences in teaching one topic and have the supervising teacher as Work completed by
over multiple lessons, while well as the students complete an students showing the
maintaining lesson structure. evaluation of the sequences and completed sequence;
their effectiveness. Evaluations from
Standard 3: Plan for and implement supervising teacher; and
effective teaching and learning; 3.2 Evaluations from students
Plan Structure and sequence about the engagement
learning programs levels of activities and the
By establishing effective teaching
sequences in the secondary context,
I believe that this will enhance not
only my teaching as a whole, but
also my classroom management
plans (because the students will be
engaged in what is occurring).

Goal 3: Professional Engagement I will need to do the following to The main ways to collect
achieve this goal:- evidence for this goal is
To engage with a range of 1. Speak to parents/guardians meeting notes and notes on
parents/guardians of the students on a range of issues, such discussions with students.
with whom I have a teaching- as daily school life activities Confirmation (in writing)
student relation to improve my and behavioural from my supervising
communication abilities. management issues; teacher stating that I have
2. Speak to parents/guardians this will aid in meeting the

at school council meetings goal.
Standard 7: Engage professionally (this will also allow me to
with colleagues, parents/careers and see parental views on
the community; 7.3 Engage with school issues, which is not
parents/guardians. a standard, but an issue
that is important).
This is to both add to my portfolio,
but to also practise approaching
teachers/guardians. In being able to
communicate with parents and or
guardians it will not only enhance my
ability to actually do this activity in
the future, but it will allow me to be
prepared for when I actually have to
do it on my own.

Other aims you may have for the professional experience:

Attend departmental meetings and see how these operate compared to whole staff meetings and
see how the conversation about students differ between the different departmental meetings.

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