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The 21st Century has been really successful for unlocking the mystery of nature since the discovery of

special relativity and quantum mechanics, and general relativity follows from the former principle.
As day by day , due to the persistence efforts of physicists , understanding of the reality is going
simpler, in search of the coherent theory of the nature. In doing that follows Quantum Field theory
which is the mathematical framework of the standard model describing particles and fields. Since the
discovery of Higgs boson, I am trying to understand the mechanism of giving mass to elementary
particles. There remains certain difficulties. I am awaiting such opportunity to explore my questions
and certainly to increase the horizon of knowledge about particle physics. In my university, I do not
have such curriculum and resource person to discuss about these ideas. I am teaching myself. I found
this program really interesting in the sense that I will be devoting my future work on this field which
will boost for my future academics. I am always inquisitive about the fundamentals laws of interactions
around us.

I have already done two semesters course on General Relativity & Cosmology. Emphasis was given to
particle physics during lectures on Early Universe. This regime has dazzled me a lot. I am trying to
work out the details. Attending school on Astroparticle physics will be guidance to me for future
academic career. I also want to have some exposure to experimental particle physics. I am hoping that I
will gain 100% benefit as being participant on this school as I never stop imposing questions about the
world around us.