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Phil-IRI Form 1 - Post Test

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Direction: Read the selection silently. Record your reading time

as soon as you finish reading. Read the questions
and encircle the letter of your answer.

Bulong (Whisper)

Filipinos are known for their creativity.

One contemporary proof of this claim is a 24-year old Filipino named

Joaquin Pedro Gomez Valdes. He finished a degree in Film and Audio-Visual
Communication at the University of the Philippines. As part of his graduation
requirements, he needed to submit a major project called a thesis.

He then set his creativity to work and came up with a short film entitled
Bulong (Whisper). He submitted his work to different international competitions, a
couple of months after its completion.

His efforts paid off when Bulong which talked about lifes purpose and the
peoples freedom whether to live that purpose or not, was named Best Thesis. It
was also given the Felicianio Award. It gained recognition abroad when it was
chosen to represent the Philippines in the prestigious Short Film Corner, Festival
de Cannes, in France. It also won the Best Short Narrative in New Beijing
International Movie Week.

Joaquin Valdez, exemplifying excellence, made something not just to meet

requirements in order to graduate. He made a short film that brought pride to the
country. He exemplifies a world class Filipino.

Grade V
No. of words: 186

SY 2012-2013

1. What is Bulong?

a. a short narrative
b. an award
c. a short film
d. an international requirement

2. Joaquin Valdez is a _______________.

a. 24-year old filmmaker

b. 24-year old college student
c. 24-year old movie producer
d. 24-year old film writer

3. Which of the following awards was not received by the film Bulong?

a. Best Thesis
b. Festival de Cannes Award
c. Feliciano Award
d. Best Short Narrative

4. Why did Joaquin Valdez receive the awards mentioned for his short

a. He was talented.
b. He worked hard to make a good project.
c. Many of his friends helped him.
d. He dreamed of being a famous director.

5. What does prestigious mean in the selection?

a. selective
b. international
c. multi-awarded
d. popular

6. When Joaquin Valdes submitted his work to different international competitions,

what character trait did he show?

a. creativity
b. loyalty
c. confidence
d. responsibility

SY 2012-2013
7. What can Filipino students learn from Joaquins life?

a. Make movies to receive international awards.

b. Give your best in everything, even in simple school requirements.
c. Choose the right course in college.
d. Do everything to be sure that people will recognize you.

8. Which of the following illustrates creativity?

a. Copy someones story

b. Ask people for their ideas about some creative work
c. Come up with a unique and interesting story
d. Find different ways to research about peoples excellent work

SY 2012-2013

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