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Scholarships for Graduate Studies for HEI Faculty and Staff - Local
CHED Memorandum Order No. 4, series of 2017


Teaching/Work Load Teaching personnel:​ maximum of six (6) units per term
Non-teaching personnel:​ maximum of ten (10) work hours per week

Thesis/ Dissertation Beginning AY 2017-2018, new thesis/dissertation grantees will be entitled to:
Grantee Privileges 1. Tuition and other fees (for those enrolled in CHED-approved DHEIs)
2. Living allowance
3. Transportation allowance (if DHEI is in a different province from the SHEI)
4. Thesis/Dissertation allowance
5. Group Insurance
Bridging Courses or Bridging Courses​ ​(Included in the scholars’ privileges)
Qualifying Courses ​ ho
refers to a pre-requisite course, which DHEIs may require from scholars w
have been admitted​ to a degree program.
Qualifying​ or remedial courses
​ ​ ​(NOT included in the scholars’ privileges)
refers to courses, which DHEIs may require from scholars who have NOT been
admitted to the program, or whose admission is dependent on the passing of
those courses.

Summer Term Scholars under full scholarships shall continue to receive living allowances even
while on official school break (e.g. summer or mid-year break), provided that the
scholarship agreement is still in force and upon submission of the required

Grades Scholars must ensure that all course requirements for all subjects taken have
(i.e. INC) been complied with at the end of each term, in order to continuously receive the
allowances and other privileges of the scholarship.
Schedule of The disbursal of the allowances shall be in tranches on a per academic term
Disbursements basis, following the submission of the relevant documentary requirements.


A. Scholastic Record 20%

B. Professional Experience 40%

C. Potential Outcomes (individual) 35%

D. Strategic Direction of the SHEI 5%

TOTAL 100%

Commission on Higher Education | K to 12 Transition Program

extension program. honors and awards). ✔ “Mr. Mathematics. de la Cruz will help in creating a framework for Adult nation upon completing the Education in Conflict Areas.pdf Please name your files using the suggested format: SHEI_last name_document type Note that no two individual ✘ “He will help the Math Department. ● Having additional 2 faculty scholars to help us move from COD to COE status even if we have sent 3 faculty members for studies already.HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR SENDING HEI (SHEI) NOMINATION FOR THE INSTITUTION ​(SHEI JUSTIFICATION FORM) Clearly state the HEI’s mandate ✘ “To be one of the top HEIs in the Philippines in the field of and specific goals. Santos will help the English Department by….g.pdf are uploaded. ✔ Master of Arts in Psychology. discipline. region or ✔ “Mr. the K to 12 Transition scholarships will thus can help) complement our ongoing faculty development by: ● Helping develop expertise in ECCD as there is currently no provider of this degree program in the region..” ✘ “This will help the English Department.” ✔ Enumerate your HEI’s goals and objectives. Commission on Higher Education | K to 12 Transition Program www. ✔ WMSU_delacruz_medcert.” (do not copy paste!). and staff in the English department to strengthen their research capacity in the area of linguistics…” FOR THE FACULTY / STAFF ​(INDIVIDUAL JUSTIFICATION FORM) Be as specific as possible​ regarding ✘ “This scholarship will be beneficial because the scholar will earn how the faculty/staff can contribute a master's degree. publications. ​(citing numbers Masters degrees. de la Cruz will help the Math Department by…. “Mr.” to the . nominations to the HEI’s overall ✔ “Currently.” Make sure to fill out all fields ✘ MA PSY completely​ (e. Ensure that all required documents ✘ 2. Cite how this connects to the HEI’s ✘ “This will help the English Department” ongoing faculty and staff ✔ “This scholarship is in line with our plan to develop our faculty development program. Be sure to connect the scholarship ✘ We want to become a COE in the English Department by 2021. which will contribute to our ongoing scholarship.” justifications will be accepted “He will help the English Department. which is a CHED requirement.chedk12.” ✔ ​“This will help the English Department by strengthening a subspecialty being developed…. major in Counseling Psychology professional involvements. only 5% of our faculty have PhDs and only 20% have vision and goals.