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Summary and Reflection on Using Varied Learning Environments for Deeper Learning and

Student Mastery of Complex Content

Sushma Tamang Syangtan

Alignment II


The main point of this article that authors want their reader to know is about building

good environment for students who need special help (e.g.: slow learners). They have given three

approaches for creating learning environments and that are essential subject matter concept,

highly effective learning environment, and deeper learning.

In the deep learning approach authors have stated that the process of achieving deeper

learning involves developing student competencies in three areas: mental, intrapersonal, and

interpersonal. The authors have also mentioned that the effective teachers build a positive

learning environment in teaching on the basis of three areas: designing and implementing

learning environment variation, teachers have to examine the extent to which the selected

curriculum content contains essential concepts and skills to improve students learning.

They have also investigated how teachers may use matrix to evaluate a proposed

environment and display how such evaluation of the TEx2 approach to financial literacy

illustrates creation of a different ways of learning environment that will require student mastery

of the proposal finance share of the high school social studies curriculum. According to the

authors investigation varied learning or building healthy and positive environment can affect in

students learning. Therefore, to improve students mastery of difficulty in content teacher can use

varied learning environment.

In conclusion, author explains that effective teacher can build varied learning

environments to achieve the students progression of mentally, and socially. Therefore, for

building a positive and healthy environment for student, teacher can use these three strategies;

subject matter concept, highly effective learning environment, and deeper learning and can

evaluate the proposed through matrix.


This article teaches every teacher how to use varied learning environment for deeper

learning. In my opinion, teacher should have knowledge of using different ways and materials to

teach the content otherwise class might be boring and ineffective. Varieties in learning may help

students to make think critically, and ways to solve the situation by using their own knowledge

with what they are learning.

According to my experience classroom is the combination of different students from

different background, cultures, and abilities. When did my teaching practicum at SPH I found the

class the diverse class so I used various way to teach because some students were slow learner. I

used video, pictures, oral drills, drawings and group activities and students were able to learn

through these ways. As Bible says every human beings are made with different Skills therefore,

as a Christian teacher we should find out student needs and guide and teach according to their

abilities and skills but treat them equal because they are the bearer of Gods image by providing

equal time to share and participation.

I have also learned that varied learning environment is very important in the classroom

because it helps students to think deeply about the subjects and give them the various ideas to

solve the problem. When we use this method we should have experienced in teaching and also

have high-quality skilled because without being export and experiences we cannot use various

teaching method properly. Therefore, teacher should do research and study on the topic before

they use varied learning concept in the classroom. If teachers do not have the knowledge of

lesson then they cannot make students understand about the topic. I will also use this method to

teach my students in my future class.