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Executive Summary

Competitive bottled water market How can you stand out?

Increased bottled water consumption Promote green efforts
Health-conscious consumers Sustainability
Water protections
Maintain brand image
Benefits of consumption
Social media influencers
Reward consumers
Brand loyalty programs
SWOT Analysis

Strengths Opportunities
The most pure water To create more comical
Diverse geographic presence advertisements
Strong research and To replace PET bottles with rPET
environmental efforts bottles to increase recyclability
Target market with discretionary Expand media mediums

Weaknesses Threats
Not really marketed to men Modern competitors
Can be seen as girly Competitors with local sources
No variation in the product (no Carbon footprint due to shipping
sparkling version) costs
Market and Consumer Behavior Analysis
Why choose evian?
History of health benefits
Thought to promote a youthful body and mind
since 1824
Unique filtration and purity
Filtered through glacial sands for 15+ years
Mineral balance is perfect for babies
100% recyclable bottles
Protect water sources
Water Institute by evian
Reducing carbon footprint
Seen as a product for celebrities
Perception of youth
Company and Product Analysis

Marketing Efforts
Baby & Me app
Roller Babies
2013 Most Watched Video YouTube
Live Young
Over 200 years of healing and youth
High brand awareness and recognition
Luxury brand
Increase in consumption since the downturn
in 2008
Competitive Analysis

Exotic appeal
Green image
Unique bottle
Strong corporate parent brand
High-end partnerships
Restaurants, hotels, clubs
Fresh product and image
New to market
Target Audience

Age 28-45
High discretionary income
HHI $100K+
With children
Received higher education
East coast, upscale urban and
suburban areas
Knowledgeable in current trends,
celebrity news and technology
Interests may include travel, fashion,
golf, tennis, skiing, yoga
Health-conscious, active lifestyle
Target Audience Geographically
PRIZMs Young Digerati
Washington, D.C.
11001, 51013, 51610
Boston, MA
25025, 25017, 25021
New York City, NY
Staten Island, NY
Hoboken, NJ
Baltimore, MD
Philadelphia, PA
Norfolk, VA
IMC Campaign

This campaign will reinforce your target audiences strong brand perception
of evians product benefits, while educating these audiences on the global
impact of evians sustainability efforts.
First Objective
Objective 1: To increase awareness of
evians recycling initiative by five percent
within three months.
Strategy 1: Create a social media
influencers campaign to start a
conversation about evians recycling
initiatives and how they impact the
environment based on green and
environmental influencers.
Strategy 2: Pitch evians recycling
initiatives to environmental bloggers
and journalists, including, but not limited
to, National Geographic, The Guardian,
The New York Times, Treehugger,
Mindful Momma, Eco Chick, and more.
Second Objective

Objective 2: To increase benefit

awareness of evians products by 10
percent within three months.
Strategy: Introduce
experiential marketing
campaign at Wimbledon that
encourages customers to
engage with evian and
understand brand benefits.
Third Objective

Objective 3: To reinforce customer

buying by 10 percent within six
Strategy: Offer brand loyalty
programs at wholesalers like
Costco and Sams Club
where our target market
shops for their family.
Media Flow Chart

Quarter 1

Quarter 2
Media Flow Chart

Quarter 3

Quarter 4

Evaluation of objective one: We will evaluate objective one through social media analytics reports
based on engagement with influencers, and media coverage reports with outlet and blogger reach
numbers after the three month campaign to measure increased awareness of evians recycling

Evaluation of objective two: We will evaluate objective two through event reports including
attendees per day, views per day internationally, exit surveys of attendees, and social media
analytics of the experiential marketing campaign within a month following Wimbledon to measure
benefit awareness of the product.

Evaluation of objective three: We will evaluate objective three by measuring how many wholesale
distributor customers sign up for and use the brand loyalty program within one year of the launch,
which supports customer buying.