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W1: Introductions

Introduce yourself to the class. What do you hope to do with what you learn in this
class? Which text editor are you using? Which browsers are you using? Why did you
choose them?

Important Message: this is just a preview of the week one discussion. The
real discussion will be available for you to post the first day of class.

Week 2-8 Discussion Questions

Week 2

List one semantic element (either structural or text-level) and tell why you would want to
use it instead of a more generic element.

Additionally, provide a link to an example (either a code snippet/demo or an actual

website and its source code) that uses a semantic element. Identify the element for the
class and explain how its use enhances the webpage.

Week 3
Think about all the hyperlinks you have used today alone (in the course of your own
web browsing, work, etc.). Paste a few of them and tell why they were important to
making your web experience easier, either because of their ease of access, how they
helped page organization/navigation, or some other reason.

Week 4
How would you decide between using internal or external style sheets on your web
page? When is one more appropriate than the other?

Week 5

What things will you consider before choosing between fixed, fluid, hybrid, or elastic
layouts for your final project site?

Week 6

Your final project requires a table. How do you plan to use a table on your site? Why
do you feel a table is the best way to display this information?
Week 7
Why is the design of your web form so important? What elements did/will you include
and how did that influence your design?
Week 8
What has been the most interesting thing you have learned in this class? What has
been the most difficult? Do you think you will continue to create websites?