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Make a Pirate Chest

. Plus
PuliOut Plans
Colonial Shelf
Rocky Duck

74470 12727
Th e Lowest Price 7 Pc . set in pouc h or 25 Pc.
IN U.S.A.! set in metal case.
This portab le dust 7 Pc. set contains V8" to
collector is the answer V2" by V,6 increments.
to the sma ll shop MODEL G1834 $
mess. Motor draws 8 ONLY 6 95
amps and unit weighs Cuts up to 2" thick material. Table tilts 25 Pc. set contains V8"
77 lbs. 45 and table size is 73/8"xl 7". to V2" by V64 incre ments.
MODEL G1031 MODEL G1572 MODEL G1835 $
ONLY 27 50
ONLY 5169 95 Prepaid To You ONLY 599 95 Prepaid To You Both Sets Prepaid To You!


Safely & accurately cut,

Precisely pos ition repeat shape, route and joint This prof essional 8 Pc. set is made of
cuts on Radial Arm saws A very handy dev ice that pieces as small as 1" with carbon steel and heat-treated to 60
and other mach ines . holds the work -piece in this jig. Rockwell.
MADE IN U.S.A.! place when cutting . Int roductory Price Overall length is 151/." each.
ONLy 5 27 50 PrepaidTo You ONLy 5 95 PrepaidToYou
29 529 95 PrepaidTo You ONLY 529 95 PrepaidToYou

Des igned to fit in the
au xilliary slot of the Incra-
Jig , all calculations on
Heavy duty cast -iron
Make intric ate dovetails , yo ur part are eliminated!
construct ion with quick
finger-joints, etc . . . with Set of 6 templates for Enlarge or reduce images right on the wood
setting feature . G 1091
this amazing jig. making dovetai ls and accurately.Comes with a scri be point & lead.
opens 8", Gl092 opens
Introductory Price! finger-joints. Made in Japan.
10". Gl 091 _ 542 50
G1092 - 559 9 5
529 95 PrepaidTo You ONLY 95 Prepaid To You
514 Both prepaidto you 51850 PrepaidToYou


Sold elsewherefor $89 .95 about it,
MODEL G 1630 you'veheard
549 95 Prepaid to you THIS IS
Green shophelpers for shapers! DYNAMITE
Used as hold downs, these green JIG'
e shop helpers are very popular REGULARLY $49.00
with shaper owners. MODEL G1662
Only $49.95 Prepaid to you ONLY 534
Price Breakthrough! Both prepaidtoyou

We have the most courteous operators and the fastest shipping crew in the world! You place the order and before
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0 iCfjill&J,

AugusVSeptember 1989

A Popular Woodworking Project

Laminated Bracelets and Napkin Rings
by Devore 0. Burch 29
Unseen Creations by Kathy Hackleman 34
A Popular Woodworking Project
Colonial Shelf by John A. Nelson 53 29
A Popular Woodworking Project Q;
Rocky Duck by Howard V French 54 s:
A Popular Woodworking Project
Make A Pirate Chest by Warren Asa 56
A Popular Woodworking Project
A Sleek Mahogany Table Set 60
by Hugh Foster
A Popular Woodworking Project
Decorative Carved Screen by Amy D. Shojai 66
Focus on Carving
Carving Carousel Animals-Part 3
by William H. McMaster 71
A Hand-Rubbed Oil Finish by Thomas Wisshack 76
The Turner's Page
Egg Cup by John A. Nelson 83
4 Clear Cuts
12 Book Reviews
_M.t1!iITff@iilJHWfMmJilW IM1f11''M$ ;,;ml.W'PWmmrtwlit@$J!B!f11'&On-theIit0 Gverdl.!liillB 16 Videoscene
20 The Business End
~ 24 Tried and True
Warren Asa smoothes the top of his . 86 Out of the Woodwork
oak pirate chest with a spokeshave. This ]j .-. ~ .
delightful project isn't as difficult as it i
looks. Improvisation is the key to bevelling
the slats for the top. You'll find a full- size
pattern for the end pieces bound into 6 Letters
the center of this issue (that's right, you 10 Tricks of the Trade
don't have to send away for it) and 22 Tests & Comments
complete instructions for the project on
page 56. 80 Calendar
84 Classified Market
85 Index to Advertisers

A ugust/September 1989 3
Popular Woodworking Staff
David M. Camp Editor
Wien Chad Managing Editor
I was watching Norm 's show on PBS (one of the best things on
Phil Fischer Assistant Editor
televi sion ).They were showing a closeup of a certain table saw
procedure. It's a dramatic shot, actuall y. The camera starts out J.A. Newell Editorial Assistant
high, sort offollowing Norm around at shoulder-level. Then , as the
wood make s smooth contact with the table and fence, the camera Contributing Editors
swings over and drops-zooming in on the front edge of the blade William H. McMaster
ju st as the material make s conta ct. Then , as certain as his cut is true, Alan Marks
the bright message com es crawlin g across the bottom ofthe screen: Hugh Foster
"Guard removed for photographi c clarity . Safet y guard s should be
James Barrett
used. "
Ah , the thing s we do in the name of photographic clarit y. Never
Don Kinnaman
mind that it would be impossible to make that particular cut with
the guard in place. Art Department
PW should probably run such a disclaimer with some of the Ginny Pruitt
photos we publi sh. We should do so for safety purpo ses, just
like they do on The New Yankee Workshop: to cover our as... Circulation
...selves. We prob abl y will.
Suzanne Eriksen, Sue Fullmore
My high schoo l shop teacher kept the table saw guards hand y:
next to the machine with the wrenches and blade s. He jokingly told
us to put them on the mach ines only if someone from the Customer Service
administration buildin g was on their way over. And, that was really May Fayne
only if they were bringing a lawyer with them .
He said the guards themselves were a safety hazard . Speak ing Advertising
for those guards and those machines, he may have been right. I Debra Nowak Advertising Manager
know I never saw an injury that resulted from the absence of a Tel. (4 15) 67 1-9852.
guard. Pop ular WoodH'o r/';inK (lSSN 0884-88 23) is published
I do not mean to say that PW is recommending you not use your bimonthl y by EGW Publish ing Co. 1320 Galaxy Way.
Concord . CA 94520 . Second-class postage paid 31
table saw guard. We can' t say that. Concord. California and add itional mailing offices .
POSTM AST ER se nd address c hanges 10 Popular
I'd like to hear how you feel about the subject, though. I'd w ood working , 1320 Gal axy Way. Concord. Ca lifornia
especially like to hear from those who swear by the guard. Are there 9452 0.

aftermarket guards that are as worthwhile as aftermarket fence s? SU BSCR IPT IONS :
A year' s subscription (6 issues) is SI 7.00; two years' worth
Any shop-made ver sion s that do a better job? Write in and let us ( 12 iss ues) is $30 .00; o utside of U.S.A. add $5.00/year . Send
all subsc riptions , adve rtising inqui ries and co rrespond ence
know . It goes without saying that shop safety is an essential to :
concern-even to big-time TV stars. Popu lar Woodw orkilll{
1320 Ga laxy Way
Co nco rd. CA 9452 0
Random Notes: If you're looking for Part 2 of Alan Marks' Please allow 6 10 H wee ks for deli very .
feature on computer-aided furniture design, stay tuned; you'll find All rights rese rved . Rep rodu ct ion without prior perm issio n is
proh ibited. Co pyright 1989 by EGW Publishing Co .
it in the October/November issue.
Unso licited man uscri pts. photographs. art wo rk and ot her
I'd like to welcome Assistant Editor Phil Fischer to our staff. materi als are accepted . but Popular Wood~ 'orkin l{ can not 3.\ .
sume respon sibility for these materials. Wri ters who subm it
Phil's been messing around with wood for years, but his previou s articles do so w ith the understanding that the origi nal
dayjob was as a high school English teacher. He had planned to add and done by them. Th e autho r warrants that submi ssions and
subseq uen t printi ng of any materials in Popular Woodwork
a second story to his house during summer break this year but i"K magaz ine dono r infringe upo n the rights of any third party
decided to forgo tho se plan s to come join us at pw. I'll be teach ing and agrees to be totally liable for such claims . Subm issio ns
mu st be accompa n;oo by a self-addressed. stamped en velope
him my loooong-term remod eling approach. for retu m .

Welcome also to Ginn y Pruitt and Sue Fullmore. Ginn y helps Th e op inions expressed by the auth ors do not necessari ly
refl ect the po licy of Popular WondKorkinx . Editori al corre -
with pasteup and illustrations (see pages 66-70), and Sue helps spo ndence is enco uraged . and may be ed ited for publicat ion.
with circulat ion and advertising chores. Both brighten the offices Ad vertisers and age ncies assum e com plete lia bility for the
considerably. co py in their ad vertise ments and warra nt that it does nor
infrin ge on the copy rig hts or tradem arks of othe rs. Ad verti s-
ers and age ncies agree to hold publ isher harml ess from any
liabil ities arising o ut o f s uch infri ngeme nt and to reimburse
publisher for any and all ex penses and costs incurred by
publisher by reason of such infringement.

Co rpo rate of fice rs: Wayne Lin. Preside nt

Prod uced and printed in U.S. A.

4 Popular Woodworking



. I

~~ ~
1- 114" 15'16" Cutting dia.

!I"J 1-3/B" Cutting
$22,95 I
'14" SHANK '14" SHANK length
'14" SHANK

it~ ~
112" SHANK. 1-5IB" DIAMETER 114", 5/16",3/8" , '/2", & 5/S" G 1409 1 S" s 995
G 1797 1 S'
3 -16"
$ 1500 G 14 1Q 1 4' $1095
'.~.lf> MODEL G136 7
MODEL G1587 SET G 1798 $ 15.00 G 1411 3 S" $1095
ONLY $19.95
G 1799 732" $ 1875 G14 12 12" $ 1250 529"95
SLOT CUTTERS GI800 1 4' $ 15.00
CUTTING 1 S" s 995

G 1414 1 4" $10.95
G l80 1 $26 00
G 1415 3 S" $10 95
.-r'-=~b-.., 15 ' 16" Cutting dia. G1802 3 S' $3795 BUYANY
G1 4 16 12" $12 .50

(J ~;~~~ cuttlng ~~~~~~~~
G 1803 1 2" $39 95 10BITS

G135S 1 S" $16 50

G 1359 $17 .50 : .v, MODEL G136B 'h " SHANK 'h " SHANK
G 1360 1 ' 4" $17 .50 L:::J 529.95 2- I 12" Cutting dia .


'h " SHANK G1G04 1 S" $1195

curnse PRI C E STRAIGHT BITS . . '14" SHANK G 1G05 3 16- $11.95
A G I606 1 4' $ 12.75
G136 1 1 i 8~ $ 16.50 MO DEL CUTT ING
P RICE G1G07 3.- $13.25
GI608 1 2" $ 1395
G I362
G 1363
3 16"
1 4"
$ 17.50

$ 17.50

'12" SHANK
I" $ 12.95
5 S"
3 4 0
G 1611 I" $ 1595

~ '12" SHANK 1 '12" SHANK

' - 1116"
1 3 16"
$ 13.50
$ 1450

G 1404 1-34" $ 1850
Cutting dia .

PRIC E 1-5 ' B" Cutting VERY


G1371 l f4- $5 .95
G 1372 5 '16- $5 .95

G1373 $595
'14" SHANK G1374 3 S" $595 Momo"" 10BITS
A G1375 716- $595
D AND IMODE~ ~~~~~~N~ylS~9~5~~~P~JDEfo I YOU
PRICE G1376 1' 2" $5 .95 ' 32.50 DEDUCT 10,,"
I 1 'l' SHANK. 1- 1 7 DIAMETE R
MODEL G15980NLY $19.95 PREPAID TO you I
G 1395 3'- s 995 G 1377 1/2" $9 .95
. '14" SHANK
1,2" $11.95 G1378 9 16- $625
G 1396
G1379 5 S" $625 ROUNDING BITS ,
G 1397 5 S" $ 12.95

G 13S0 3 4" $695 MO D EL RADIUS PRICE
'h " SHANK G1381 7 'So $6 .95 G 1405 3 S" $12.95
A GI382 I" $895
G1406 12" $ 1395 WITH
G139S 3 '4~ $ 13.95
'14" SHANK '12" SHANK
7 S'
$ 15.95
'14" SHANK
~ J
G1663 1 14~ $595 G 1407 3 S" $ 12.95
G1664 5 '16" $595 r '14" SHANK
DOVETAIL BITS Gl665 3 S" $595
M ODEL RADIUS PR IC E G 1408 12" $ 13.95
G1666 3 S" $595 G 1417 14 0
$ 1295 A
G1667 7/16" $595 G 1418 3.- $ 1650 ROMAN OGEE BITS DIA METER

BUY ANY G1668 112" $595 G 1419 1 2" $1850 G13B3 $595
10 BITS GI669 1' 2" $995 G1364 3 S" $695
'h " SHANK

AND G1670 916" $625 BUY ANY Gl385 12" $595
DEDUCT 10% G1671 5 S" $625 t 10BITS G l386 12" $695
"1 G1672 3 '4~ $8.95 RADIUS G1387 1 2" $695

~ ~ '14" SHANK
G 1420 1 4" $ 1295 OEO~~~ lOot.
G142 1 3S" $16.50
A OGEE FILLET G 1422 12" $ 185 0
G I388 3.- $495
Gl389 $495 MO D EL PR I CE

'12" SHANK RADIUS 15116" Cutting dia .
'12" SHANK G1423 532" $15.50 5 !B" Cutting length
G1424 1 4" $1650
A 2-5 IB" DIAMETER 5 ' 16" Bead
-""- '12" SHANK
'12" SHANK
G 1392
1'2:" $495
$5 .95
$6 .95
~ JIi _

l?"'" 1 ~~ODELG1679 MO D EL
~~ MODEL G1369
G 1393 7 .'8"
$7 .95
$8 .95
MODEL G15BB I ~ ONLY 53 4 09 5 G 1425 5 32" $15.50
G1394 G1426 1 4' $ 16.50
ONLY $22 ,95


EAST OFTHE 1-800-523-GRRR .- (For Orders & Cataloqs Only) -- WEST OF THE 1-800-541-5537
MISSISSIPPI : (717) 326-3806 .- (For Inquiries & Customer Service) -- MISSISSIPPI (206) 647-0801
Popular Woo~~orking welc'OrAes The au th or replies: Whil e it is true may even find something you overlooked
your comments;' pro or con , about that there is little pr essure on the hit before.
articles we publish. Send your letters during the return stroke of a Stan ley pu sh David Eckel
to: Ediff! r, Pop~J1lr Woqdworking, drill , the cutting edge of the hit is f orm ed Syracuse, NY
1320 Gblaxy wa)', C~i/(;ord, CA hya simple flu te gro und along both side s
in such a way that , in effect . there is Rega rd ing Hugh Williamson ' s
94520. [ etters he editedfor pu}/-
lication. indeed a cutting edg e on hath sides and a "S hop Filing System," I have a sugges -
certain amo unt of cutting does occ ur. If tion: Why not have your adverti sements
Interest in Boring Tools the hit wer e ground so that only the lead- physically se parate yo ur article s so the
I have long been a subscriber to Popu - ing edge cut , it wou ld he very diffi cult to tail end of one does not fall on the same
lar Wo odworking, and I especiall y enjoy keep the hit cent ered in any hole-with sheet as the start of another?
the articles on old tool s by Graham Black- the result tha t the hit would tend to hind That way when articles are removed
burn. However, I couldn 't help but notice and turn with diffi culty. for filing it saves us shop nuts from mak-
a few errors in his article on boring tool s Your points co ncerning the nut au ger, ing a spec ial trip to the photocopier.
in the December/January 1989 issue. horing machin e , and plated bra ce are Todd Effren
They are : tru e and well tak en . Of the several nut Brooklyn, NY
I. While bit s for the Stanley push drill au gers l awn. the single example with a
rotate in both dir ections, they cut (and holstered shank has indeed had the inside Th ere are several reas ons why this
sho uld be gro und with clearance to cut) of the handle ream ed alit and shows evi- wou ld he impractica lfor us to do. First of
on the pu sh stroke onl y. There is little dence of past own ers having made at - all . we ar e limited in term s ofthe locations
pressure on the bit on the return stroke, tempts to refill the hole and tighten the nut of co lor pa ges because of the way the
and no cutting ac tion . and washer ever mor e sec urely to the magazine is printed ; if we want to use
2. I have never seen a nut au ger with a point where they are now deep ly embed- co lor. we can only use it on certain spe-
flange or bol ster, and could not find one in ded in the top of the handle. This was cifi c page s. Getting color ads and color
any books or catalogs. If the sq uare shank obvio usly not as succ essf ul a design as the edit orial pages to all wind up in the right
of a nut auger is even slightly loose in its commo ner f orm you de scrihe. p lace wou ld he almost impo ssible ,
wooden handl e, it will soon ream out the By f eed mechanism on the horin g Secondly. the ad pages are firm ed up
handl e. The way to prevent thi s is with a ma chin e , I meant to refer to the beveled at the very last minute. It tak es a f ull two
tapered shank that is alw ays pulled tightly gears on the cra nks and the hit holding months f or the editorial department to
into the handl e by the nut ; a bol ster would mechanism that dri ve the hit. It is, of prepare its materia l. so we lump it all
not allow this. course. only the pit ch of the lead screw on together in the middle of the magazin e ,
3. I have never seen a boring machine the tip of the auger that determines the then wh en ad sales are finalized we put
with a feed mech ani sm . They usually rat e of f eed of the hit . The conf usion togeth er the front and hack of the ma ga-
have withdrawal mechanisms , but not hetween fr am ed and plated bra ces de- zine .fi lling in the space betwe en the ad s
feed . Blacksmith s' post drill s hav e feed serves to have been pointed out and, as with our departments (Book Reviews ,
mechanism s. mentioned at the end of the article. war- etc.) . Th ere j ust isn' t enough tim e he-
4. The beech -and-brass brac e illus- rants a separate article cove ring this tw een the ad closing dat e and the issue
trated is a plated brace, not a framed one. enormo usly interesting area of old tools. deadline to allow f or rearrangin g every-
Th e term s are not interchangeable. In the Graham Blackburn thin g .
brass-plated brace, the bra ss plat es Rio del Mar , CA Edit or
stren gthen the wooden fram e. In the
brass-framed brac e, the frame is of cast The Shop File files HighTech Pragmatism
brass, and the wood infill is mainly deco- I read with int ere s t Hugh F. Peter Good seems to have a problem
rative. Williamson ' s S hop Filing S ystem with the word "Technology" ("Truly
While talking about hand and breast ("Tricks of the Trade, " PW #4 8, April/ Low-Tech Woodworking," PW 4 8,
drill s, I was surprised he didn 't ment ion Ma y 1989). April/May 1989).1, too , have been tinker-
the more complex ratchet drill s, such as I use a loose-Ieafbinder with the nam e ing with woodworking for severa l years,
those by North Brothers. The se allow the of the magazine label ed "project s" and and altho ugh I haven 't achieved
handle to ratchet in either dire ction, lock another labeled " how- to." I use the tabs museum-di sp lay quality, I certainly be-
the chuck to make bit changing easier and, you can purchase at any stationery store, lieve in the axiom " use the right tool for
in the double ratchet setting, will turn the making it easy to find each publication ' s the job." My workshop is not a high-tech
bit in one direction regardless of which projects and how-to. factory, but I make furn iture and other
way the handle is turned. Still, it was a Abov e all e lse, it's nice, on a co ld useful and marketab le prod ucts with the
good articl e. winter ' s night to grab a bunch of maga- "proper tools." Mr. Good seems to derive
John Martin zines , a large cup of hot chocolate and a sense of arrogance from his insistence
Cumberland, ME enjoy going throu gh them again. You that he can do it ju st as well as someone

6 Popular Woodwork ing

UC202 3/4Inch 415/ 16" 5/s"

UC209 3/4Inch t
415/ 1 3/4"
UC210 3/4 Inch 415/ 16" 3/4"
UC211 3/4Inch 415/ 16" 31t
UC212 3/4 Inch 415/ 16" 3/4"
with more modem equipment. I find it to its creator. common sen se? So-called "high- tech"
diffi cult to believe that a busine ssman/ I agree with Mr. Good in that " it' s not equipme nt wou ld provide him the luxury
woodworker would tie his hands ju st to so much the equipment you use as the of producing his ware s in far less time
prove that " what works, works." technique:' That' s very satisfying to the than by his antiquated method s. The
Yes it works, but just how efficiently? pragmatist who satisfies his primal need s mac hines would surely pay for them -
Every tool in my shop is there for a pur- by crea ting orna te furniture with a butter selves in very little time and give Mr.
pose. I can't afford every high-tech knife and a screwdriver (and maybe a Good the extra time to figure out more
gadget that's on the market, but I use each large box of bandaids). But I find it hard way s to use his father' s screwdriver.
too l the way it was de signed to be used. to believe that as a craft sman who ma nu- [ don't have any problem with Mr.
Tool s are nothing mo re than a method to facture s custom doors. he would be satis- Good's basic premise, but I have a big
achieve a singular goal: 10 produce a fin- fied to produce his ware s on a "hobbyist" problem with a businessman that won 't
ished pro duc t that is useful and, at the scale. Where is the entrepreneurship, the wake up to modem produ ction tech niques
same time, provide a se nse of satisfaction busine ss acumen and part icular ly the that wo uld increase his ability to man u-
fac ture more a nd s ti ll pr odu ce
high--qual ity merchandi se. Somew here
along the way yo u mu st put into perspec-
1. tive the essentia l idea of product and
pragmat ism.
Thank yo u for lett ing me get this off
my chest. I take a lot of pride in my
avocation. Perhaps it's "pride" that is
lacking wit h Mr. Good?
Gar y L. Ward
Phoenix, AZ

Th e author replies: Perhaps I sho uld

start hy say ing that I don 't actually

e th~~
"tinke r" with woodworking. I've heen a

u'd like to see su ccessful professional wood .....ork er for

19 years. I also take great pride in my
.'lIIe nice'round numbers .....ork and have many devoted custome rs
.....ho will readily attest to the quality of my
you get with these Delta saws. .....ork ,
The "right too l for the job" is some-
Here's achanceto cut yourself guides , is perfect for contours, times a matt er of opi nio n. which in tum
a $100 rebate check from Delta straight cuts and resawing. may he based on experience . Many proce-
when youbuyeither our 18"Elec- If you're ready to cut it with dures in woodworking can he do ne by
tronic Variable Speed ScrollSaw the best of them, calltollfree for
or 14" Wood Cutting Band Saw. several I'ery different methods. Ten ons .
the name ofyour nearest Delta
The 18"ScrollSaw allows you dealer. Delta International for example. can be made using f our cuts
to lockin anyspeed from 40 to Machinery Corp., on a hand saw .four cuts on a tabl e sa w. a
2,000 CS/M. Work in areas as 800/438-2486 series ofcuts usin g dado blades on a table
tight as Y6/ diameter, on stock (in PA, 800/438-2487) . saw. a ro uter with a straight bit. a router
up to 2" thick. with a sp ira l hit. an indu strial tenoning
Offer good on 18" Scro ll Saw!
The 14"Band Saw, with Model 40601 and 14" Band Saw! ma chine . or hand chise ling . In the right
its 6 ~" capacity Model 28 283 only from
hands. all of these tools .....ill produce
part icipating dealers in
and micrometer continen tal U.S.. Alaska results of nearly eq ua l q ua lity . in nearly
adjustable blade and Hawaii from July 1 to
the same am ount of tim e. and all will he
December31 ,1989.
perfe ctly fun cti onal. Bill different pe ople
use different meth ods. and that' s OK . I
Building ro utine ly cut hin ge mortises in do ors with
On Tradition a ro uter , hill I know another "door man "
who does the same opera tion with a
CELTA A Penta ir Company hammer . chisel. and mortising p lan e with
eq ua l res ults in the same am ount oftime.
I' ve al so been in the shops ofa nu mber
of renowned woodworkers and have wit-

8 Popular Woodworking
nessed their use of some tools and meth- more sensitive f eel f or the material to
ods which you would . no doubt . be ap- make up fo r the lack ofprecision or effi -
palled by. I'm talkin g about homemade ciency in the tool. Quite possibly. this Nooffensive odor Recoatin 4 hours
machinery and tools that bear a close re- makes a more prof icient craf tsperson.
Nobrushes No sags or bubbles
semblance to randomly f ound objec ts. Bear in mind that much ofthe woodwork-
Nosanding between coats
Th e d ean of wood turn ers , Bob ing machinery in use today-particularly
Stocksdale's prin cipal piece of equip- at the industrial level- was developed so Dries to touch in minutes
ment is a homemade lathe which he that consistently high-quality results
rigged up partly by using spare parts. His could be produ ced rapidly by operators Call today and ask about
fi rst lathe was operated by a washing with lower levels ofskill and experience. our sample kit! You'llbe
machine motor. Bob's turning is done Some ofthe best machinery works so well glad you did
almost exclusively using a single uz" that any klutz can obtain good results
gouge. and his tiny basement shop has using it. In this case. is the operator a
ceilings that are so low you have to duck. woodworker. or ju st a button-pusher DEALER
and part of the floor is dirt . Sam Maloof s with little or no skill? INQUIRI ES
overcrowded shop. where you have to l 'm not a woodworker who. as you put INVITED
pick your way around disorderly piles of it. "creates ornatefurniture with a butter
miscellaneous material s. looks more like knife. a screwdri ver and a large box of
a garage before a garage sale.and a piece bandaids." I'm not quite that good. But I 1-800-BARTLEY
of f olded- over sandpaper is one of his can. if need be, pr odu ce a fi ne (In MD 301 820-7722)
most important tools. Using what many f rame- and- panel entry door with mor-
people would consider low-tech tools tise and tenon jo ints. raised panels with
and methods. these craf tsmen, who are at beveled or coved edges and raised deco-
the very top of the fi eld , produce stun- rative mouldings around the panels using
ningly beautiful pieces ofwoodwork with nothing but a table saw. belt sander .
reasonable effic iency and without a great orbital sander. a half-dozen pipe clamps
deal of effo rt. In the case of Roy Under- and a hamm er. Startin g with rough lum-
hill ,auth or and star ofthe highly success- ber . I could complete the proj ect in less
f ul "Woodwright's Shop" series on PBS. than a day. With no additional equipment.
a whole career (and a very good one at I can also make the panels with arched
that) was built on low-tech tools and tops (think about that one f or awhile). I
methods. don't usually do it with this little equip-
Don't get me wrong; I certainly advo- ment, but I can.
cate the use oftools and methods that do Stop in at my shop sometime. We' II
a good job . safe ly. efficiently and in a have a beer and maybe I can show you a
timely manner. For example. I am a great couple of nifty tricks. For instance, I
fan of air-operated tools and use them could tell yo u about how I make
da il y . I ope ra te in ~ premium one-piece laminated elliptical mouldin gs
5.000-square-foo t shop equipped with. and picture fram es. I get pe rfect results
among other things. a 12" table rip saw. a using any old table saw and router table.
12" rolling-table crossc ut saw. 10" table a hammer and a f ew nails. You'd be
saw. /2 " jointer. 12 " planer . 24" planer. shocked.
very large band saw . 16" disk sander.AS" Peter Good
edge sander. large drill press and a cen- Oakland. CA
Let us introduce you and your family
tral dust collection system . all of which is to the exciting hobby of clockmak ing .
industrial- grade machinery. It's easy- fun - and a great source for
Many woo dwo rkers , particularly Clock Repair extra income . You 'lI find our service
A Profitable Business is fast and friendly . so send for you r
those who arej ust starting out.may not be
able to afford some ofwhat you refer to as X' . or an Exciting
free catalog today !
(Over 17 years the leader)
the "proper" tools and equipment and . ~.... Hobby
Name _
out ofeconomic necessity. may have to do JHAINING
Address _
the job in a lower-tech way. There may VIDEOS I
City 8t ate _ _Zip _ _
even be an advantage to this because to
make the lower-tech tools and methods
6313 Come Abo ut Way. Am . G
produce a quality result . you have to Awen daw. SC 29429 Dept. PW99
develop a greater degree of skill and a Approved for Vetera ns P.O. Box 542 , Lake Geneva , WI 53147
Appr ov ed by Co m m . of Ed . Sta te of South Caro lina

August/Septemb er 1989 9

Planer Tricks
"Tricks ofthe Trade " shares readers' tips f or making wood- Eve n the planer can be jigged for spec ial opera tions . If yo u
working tasks easier and safe r. If you've come up with a trick wa nt to plane stock thinner than the bed will allow, make th is
that would help other woodw orkers, send it to "Tricks ofthe "s lave board" fro m a plastic-l aminated sink cutout. Cut it to the
Trade " c/o Popu lar Woodworking, 1320 Galaxy Way, CO l/- width of the feed tabl es and lon g eno ugh to reach at least to the
cord, CA 94520. Include any photos or sketches that help il-
lustrate your idea (we 'll redraw them ). We pay $25 fo r each
trick we publish.

Vise Arrangement
In my fir st (tiny) sho p I built a 6'- long wo rkbe nch and
mounted a ca rpe nte r's vise on the left end. Ho wever, besid es 5/itve Beam
wo odwor king I did so me woo d carving and also work ed in bon e
and met al. so I need ed a ma c hini st' s vise . I mounted a heft y
mod el on the right side , po sitioning it so that the perm anent jaw
would be in perfect ali gnment with the ca rpe nte r's vise. It wa s
one of the smartes t mov es I eve r made . Ico uld cl amp long board s
in both vises pro viding g rea t sta bility for sawi ng. planing,
drillin g and ca rving. I padded the ja ws of the machinist' s vise
when necessar y. So me may arg ue that a mac hinis t's vise has no
place in a woodworki ng sho p, but my wor kbenc h had to provide
faci lities fo r all of m y inter est s and thi s arra nge me nt wo rked
pe rfec tly for me. I'm still usin g thi s bench in the sa me way in my lilted.
.- -- 5lctve &xr.-d
larger shop 40 yea rs later.
Warren Asa f e-tce
G lendo ra, CA

Plywood Transport
Th e passage of tim e has mad e it inc reasi ng ly diffi cult for me
to lift and ca rry large shee ts o f plywood aro und the shop . I ca me
up with thi s de vice to rem ed y the probl em. As show n. it is a
simple ca rt w ith a hin ged rack that tilt s up to balance the plyw ood
hori zont all y and s wings do wn to eas ily move the mat erial
around the sho p.
Th e only dim en sion that real ly matt ers is the 24" wid th of the
rack . Hinge it to the upright portion of the ca rt in suc h a way that :;
r- 4 2-" iii
2" -4" v-swt
r > _ _- C1 ~ t
fb::;~~;:;;::;::====--i1 ~
\ ~
~ L---- ....J

outfeed rollers, and apply a c lea t to the bottom to stop it agai nst
the infecd table . W ith thi s se tup, yo u ca n make yo ur ow n veneers
do wn to abo ut 1/16" th ick .
A slave board made fro m a 2 X 4 with a V-groove c ut in the
top and a cleat on the bott om makes it possibl e to mi ll a flat
it wi ll be flu sh with the top whe n in the hor izo ntal posi tion. W ith surface onto roun d stoc k for use as dr awer pull s. etc.
the weig ht of the plywood bal anced on its ce nter. it requires very On e time. I had to duplicate so me tap ered hou se sid ing that
little effort to lift it up or do wn . ow I s lide the material o ut o f was no longer manufactured. I made a slave board that was the
its rack and onto the ca rt. tip it down to ro llover to the tahl e saw, width of the siding and had mat eri al und er one edge to tilt it up
and tip it back up again to present it to the ma ch ine at the right into the c utter head at the proper angle . A fenc e alon g the othe r
he ight. edge kept the stoc k from slid ing down as it wa s bein g mill ed .
John E. Leed s Don Kinn am an
Ojai , C A Phoeni x, AZ

10 Popul ar Woodwor kin g

tll~ '~~8t
P icnic Table
Plans $16.75 (M I res. add 4% tax) VILLAGE P.O. Box 06243 ~8Q88r
Portland. Oregon ti:!t
Phone: (503) 7771848

HOUSES Clipping & Jointing
Easy-to--follow plans, instruc tion SCHOO UG RANGE $ 2.50 sample kit available
sheet and step-by-step pictor ial. CHURC H/STORE (refunded with first order)
Features include, wal k-through Ma ke one or line them up Send lor Iree price tist.
sea ting, abili ty to sea t eig ht peo ple to create a n entire country
in a socia ble circle, the streng th of a village .
Clayton Oscillating
bolted cons truc tio n.
$6.95 each Spindle Sanders.
$29.95 all plans For large or small
Specialty Furniture Designs + 6% SALES TAX (e A Residents ) shops. Ideal for con -
of Michigan tour sanding. Quick
797 Wes t Remus Road, Dept. PW-5 The Country Craftsman change drums. V2"

Mt. Pleasan t, MI 48858
P.O. Box 110622 - I
Campbell, CA 95011-0622 to 4". Satisfaction
guaranteed. Cove r-
VISA /Me accepted ed by 1 yr. wa r-
rantee. 4 models to
choose from. For
more inf o rm at io n
Clayton Enterprises
2505 W. Dewey Rd.
Owosso, MI 48867 M ad e In U.S.A .



11 30 5.69 ea 3124 5 .80 ea 50 I pk 100 I pk

1142 .69ea 3127 .83 ea 40-0 5l6/ pk 530 /pk
11 .6gea 4I 2Hl .91ea so-o 15 / pk 27 1pk
21'1 116 .73 ea 4124 .94 ea 60-0 14/ pk 25 1pk
3118 .74 ea 4136 1.14ea 8O-D 13/ pk 23 lpk
3121 n ea 6148 2.98 ea 100 IhIu l50C 12 /pk 211pk
3123\1 .80 ea 2141 80 2.47 ea

50 Ipk 100 I pk
8O-A S I /pk S16 /pI<
50 Ipk l00 / pk 100 Ihru 280A 8/p1< 141pk
l80-Athru 411O-A 510l pk 5181pk


ADHESIVE DISCS! 2201h1u 600A 513 /pk 523 /pk


8" 1.99 ea *WIDEBELTS sa.80
12" 4.45 ea *PUMPSLEEVES P.O. BOX P865021
15" 6.95 ea
PLANO, TX 75086
Manufactured by
SPEED Oldham Saw *MINIMUM ORDER 525.00 NATIONAL 1-11003674101
The Ellremely ThIn
Kerl and Aggressive Burt,NY *MASTERCARO. VISA OR CHECK IN TEXAS (214) 3779779
Hook Ang le Mak e lor
~ 1Pl'lHG ClWlGES AllO SU S
W;Book .Reviews
by Hugh Foster
The T AB Hand book of Hand and Before taking a look at the tools incl uded only ha nd tools, but it ranges far
Power Tools by Rud olf G raf & George them sel ves, the autho rs discu ss several beyond the wo rkbe nch.
Wh alen, 1984 (T A B Book s, lnc., points abo ut the attitude that lead s to safe Mos t of the book is devoted to power
Mo nterey Lane, Blu e Ridge Summi t, PA wo rk. Taking this sec tion to heart and tool s. T he auth ors des cr ibe which
172 14) 50 1 pp ., pap erback. $ 17.95 applying it to o ur ways and wo rks could features are he lpful and which are just
T his bo ok m ak e s a n exce lle nt po ssibl y put man y doct or s o ut of fluff in co mmo n workshop tools. from
one-stop g uide for novice crafts persons busin ess. Sinc e Chapter O ne wise ly simple drills to much more complex
who are choos ing their first tool s. The admo nishes us that sharp tools are the devices. Besides woodworking tools,
introdu ct ion to the hand tool sec tio n is safest tools. Chapter Two takes up devices like we lders are discussed.
one of the most se ns ible two-page essays meth od s o f sharpening. Th en the rea l Bran ching o ut from strict ly shop tools.
I have read. Besid es describin g what's business of the book begin s: twent y- si x the boo k co nside rs cha in saws. lawn
ahea d and advis ing that few project s will more chapters d iscu ss eve ry co nceivable mower s, cultiv ators, and even snow
be described, it gives a qui ck history of type of tool. Woodw ork ing tool s are blower s. Prop er use of these items migh t
hand tool s po inting o ut that thei r use has exa mined. to be sure, but so are tools for ge t us more sho p tim e! Ju st abo ut the on ly
co ntinua lly increased human s ' ability to shee t metal wo rk, e lec trica l wo rk, power tools not covered are the orb and
think. masonry, plumbing, se wing, kitchen, and sce pter. but then those are used on ly by
even yard work. Th e book wo uld re ign ing roy a lty.
Hu gh Foster is (//1 English- teaching
woodworker in Manitowoc. w isconsin. represe nt an honest va lue eve n if it T he seco nd half of the book, like the
first. co ntains a harvest of information.
Ever a g lutto n, thou gh , I wanted even
more da ta abo ut tool main tena nce. Even
thou gh I try to be co nsc ientious about
mainten an ce, I don 't know how, where.
or wit h what to lubricate and adj ust my
mach inery. As much as I like this book,
I'd be eve n more del ighted with one that
sha red that info rma tion.

Scroll Saw Handbook by Patrick

Spielman, 1986 (Sterling Pub lishing
Co., 2 Park Ave .. New York, NY 100 16)
256 pp.. pap erback , $ 12.95
So man y types of scro ll saws are
ava ila b le tod ay th at a prospective
purch ase r mi ght find it hard to know just
where to star t shopp ing. I have found
myself in that situation more than once,
and have thu s far always give n up on the
not ion of scroll sawing in my sho p. Now
I'll know how to shop for one the next
tim e I'm sm itte n by the urge. Spielman
takes us throu gh the vario us kinds of
scroll saws, both by type and by brand.
Over half the book consists of thoro ugh.
info rma tive. we ll-illust rated product
revie ws. T his book does n't tell yo u which
type or brand to buy, but Spie lman's
exp lana tions of the di fferences make it
possible for you to make an informed
j udg me nt.
The second hal f ofthe boo k is devoted
to saw ing techn iques. Som e of the jo inery
that ca n be sc ro ll saw n after a bit of
practi ce is nearl y incre dib le. I like to use
dovetail s in my wo rk , and Spie lman
shows here a fine way to qu icken their

12 Popu lar Woodworking

cutting. shows a bench plan that features a Black (G le ncoe Publ ish in g Co., 153 19
A sec tion on " Ma rquetry Basics" is and Deck er Workm ate as its main Cha tswo rth St., M ission H ills, CA
very entertaining, es pec ially the photos of fea ture. 9134 5) 992 pp., hard back, $39 .95
Silas Kop f' s ve ry non-basic marqu etr y, The onl y place he wouldn' t have you Thi s book, in its fifth edition, is still
which alone make the price of admi ssion skimp is on your woo d. That makes sense. laid out like a text book, and, like most
worthwhile . He says to learn to like plywood in the textb ooks, it regul arly waxes d ull. But
right places for the right reason s. Stud y that dulln ess isn' t really much of a
Scroll Saw Pattern Book by Patrick the great designs of the past, and study handi c ap , fo r th e bo o k is very
& Patricia Spi elm an , 1986 (Sterling Lift ig 's designs, too-they aren ' t bad. co mprehensive. I' ve had a copy of the
Publ ish ing Co ., 2 Park Ave ., New York , Th e book includes fine des igns for 1977 revised edition since it came out,
NY 1001 6) 256 pp., paperbac k, $12 .95 attrac tive computer furniture. You may and it's one of the few book s that lives in
With ove r 250 pages of scroll saw not find anything exc itingly new here, but my shop, where it will, no do ubt, be
pattern s and photographs of scroll saw n the book ' s refreshin g tone sets it apa rt supplanted by the new edi tion . As is
items, this boo k sho uld be the scro ll from the ordinary . always the case with a gigantic wo rk,
sawyer's del ight. While there are only a there are parts-s-even of this ne w
co uple of pages of ac tual text, those pages The Complete Book of Portable edition- that look outdated, but that is
prov ided this reader with an insight into Power Tools by R. J. DeCri stoforo, pretty easy to forgive. When I know so
why most of my atte mpts tocopy a pattern 1987 (Ste rling Pub lishing Co., 2 Park much that I don ' t have to refer to
by the "grid" method have failed-and Ave ., New York, NY 10016) 258 pp., Cabin etmaking and Millwork a co up le
why my next effort won' t. Th e c raft paperb ack , $ 14.95 dozen times a year, I' ll wri te a new o ne
item s that he provides pattern s for are the The author knows as well as yo u and I with all new photos.
type that se ll like hot cakes in my area . If that this book is far from "complete," but Feirer 's text is so fine that it's not
you' re wond ering why you have that novice woodw orkers will appreciate his like ly to become ou tmoded in our
ex pensive scroll saw, this book may co llec tio n of cl ear , easy to read , lifetim es. If there ' s a copy of an older
answer the question. well-i llustrated material. DeCri stoforo edi tion in your shop, yo u don 't reall y need
covers safe use of co mmo n tools, a new one, but if yo ur sho p doesn 't have
The Fru gal Woodworker: including the circular saw, saber saw, one, it probab ly sho uld.
Woodworking for the Beginner on A reciprocating saw, electric drill, router,
Budget by R ick Liftig, 1986 (TA B belt sander, pad sander, disc sander/ Fasten It! by Charles R. Se lf, 1984
Books, Inc., Mont erey Lane, Blue Ridge polisher, power planes, flexible shaft (TAB Books, Inc. , Mo nterey Lane, Blue
Summi t, PA 1721 4) 227 pp., paperback , tool s and o the r gr inde rs, va rio us Rid ge Summit, PA 1721 4) 293 pp.,
$ 12.95 batter y-powered too ls, and some unu sual paperback, $ 14.95
This boo k ca ught my eye because it tools as well. In addition, he tell s us how More than half of Faste n It! applies
looked like the sort of thing I love to hate. to fabricate stationary work stations for more or less directl y to woodworkers.
I had a visio n: I wo uld look at it for a few portabl e tools. For those with access to a The author opens his disc ussio n with
min utes and then pan it. My first fully set-up shop, whateve r that is, this kind s of woods and plywoods, and the
impress ion was wro ng, however, as I sec tion won 't mak e much difference, but, best methods for fas tening eac h. He
d iscovered while read ing the bri ef then, neith er will the rest of the book. For concl udes that wood -to-wood joints
biography of the author. Liftig is a denti st the novice, however, these setups will with appro priate adhes ives are the bes t
who loves wood wor kin g because wood help to ease the transition from beginn er wood faste ners. He remi nds us that joints
does n' t bleed, no r does it mind when he to ex pert tool ow ner. mu st be tight because it is the join ery, not
slips. I like a fe llow who can look at The book also discusses lumber, panel the glue, that hold s our projects togeth er.
himself with a wry sense of humor. Rick m at er ia ls, o ther woo d pro d uc ts , A lengt hy chap ter shows eve n novice
Liftig is also a fe llow who has done so me abrasives, hardware, and shop math. woodworkers how to make strong joints
pretty dece nt woodworking in a pretty These ap pend ices consume nearl y the last precise ly and q uick ly. Eve n more
Spartan sho p. His introd uctio n shares the third of the book. Wh ile some of the interesting are rev iews of var ious glue
secret of his success: having a positive coverage may see m superficia l, the types, ofte n by bra nd name.
attitude. sec tio ns on hard ware and shop ma th W het her we are woo dwor kers
Chapter One reminds us that we ca n fasc inated this reviewer, who found beca use we are fairly handy, or vice versa,
go bankrupt buyin g tools. Dem onstrating himsel f say ing, " I didn 't know that" so is as old a question as whet her the
the trut h of this, he point s out that ofte n that maybe the author sho uld chicken precedes the egg . My friends
bankrup tcy auctio ns are among the best co ns ide r w rit ing " DeC ris tofo ro 's and relatives are co nvinced that I can
places to buy woodworking tools. The Co mplete Book of Shop Math ." fix anything; of co urse , I ca n't, but I' m
most importan t too l in the shop, says forever trying-if on ly to keep fro m
Liftig, is the be nch, and he adv ises you to Ca binetma king and Millwork, 5th disa ppointing my lo ved one s. For this
save a bus he l by making your own. He Ed itio n by John L. Feirer, 1988 reason I fou nd the rest of the book

August/September 1989 13
tHWM1itt B
more interesting . I know of two fire places bett er than average . e lec tric a l equipment in the ph ot os
tha t wi ll be safer because I have read Industrial Drafting: Principles, a ppe a rs antique , and th e p roj ect s
Self's disc uss ion of mortar , and that sa me Techniques, Industry Practices by John illu strat ed look as though they were made
discussion wi ll permit me to lay so me tile D. Bies, 1987 (Mac m illa n Publi shin g in the 195 0 ' s. I reall y wo nder ho w mu ch
in a long-put-off proj ect. Co., 866 T hird Ave .. New York, NY more ex pe ns ive it would have been if the
Th e cha pter on met al fas te ni ng bears 10022) 530 pp ., hardback, $2 4.9 5 autho r and ed itor had incl uded projects
some resemblance to the ca talog of Th e publi c ati on d at a o mi t a n and photos cap abl e of dazzl ing neoph yte
Mi nnesota mail order hard ware ve ndo r, im po rta nt fact about thi s book-the trade woodwo rke rs into wanting to produ ce
DRI Inc., but Self' s descripti on s of the nam e AU DE L. That nam e alone sho uld their best. In sho rt, thi s is a good referen ce
various fas te ne rs are more co m plete. be sufficient to recommend it. Thi s highl y vo lume, but its low interest value means it
Rem aining chapters hi ghli ght so lde ring resp ected series has been around for won 't be pull ed from the shelf often.
and we ldi ng, tap es, and othe r flexibl e decad es, but thi s yo ung autho r man ages
fas tene rs ran ging fro m hin ges to ro pe . to brin g new light to his subject. Rath er Making Cabinets and Built-Ins:
These closing cha pte rs are little more than than open with a rehash of basic drafting, Techniques and P lans by Sam Allen,
curso ry treatments of the ir subjects. Bies ove rviews profession al drafting 1986 (Ste rling Publ ishin g Co., 2 Park
Where it is good, thi s text on fasten ers is ro om pr act ic e s , e q u ip me n t, a nd Ave., New York , NY 1001 6) 384 pp.,
abso lute ly fine, but its weak nesses stem techniques. G uide lines fo r lettering , pap erb ack , $ 16.95
from the very fact that it is an am bitio us s ke tc h ing, and in strument dr aw in g Thi s book has a more modem feel to it
work. T hey are fo rgi vable because they fo llow, as does a review of geome try and than the A UD EL manual review ed
merel y represent instances of the w rite r 's trigon om etry. In treating the various above . It ' s better illu strat ed with both
reach exceed ing his grasp. If yo u read it types of projection, he di scu sses the photos and drawin gs, the writing is
thou ght full y, a grea t deal ca n be learn ed theory as well as the pract ice , so that we friendlier, and its proj ect, a kitch en, is
fro m thi s book, regardl ess of yo ur ca n und erstand wh y thin gs are drawn as more attrac tive and interes ting. Som e
fastening ex pe rtise . they are . time ago I bou ght new kitch en cabin ets
A dva nce d topi c s i nc l ude bec au se I thought the project was bigger
Picture Framing Made Easy by dim en sionin g, tol erances, nonthreaded than I co uld handle . If I'd had this book
Pe ne lo pe S to kes, 19 86 (Ste rl ing mechani cal eleme nts, springs , thread then , the new kitchen would have cost a
Publishin g Co., 2 Park A ve ., New Yo rk, sys te ms, mech an ism s (ca ms, ge ars, third of its pric e , wo uld have been be tte r
NY 100 16) 128 pp. , pap erback , $9.95 bearin gs), working dra wings, jigs and looking, and would have taken only a
I wo nde r as I look at ye t ano the r book fixtures, axo no me tric proj ections, and co uple of we eks to build.
abo ut pictur e fram ing why an yon e wo uld more. Th e text cl oses wit h a useful Th e bo ok is not ju st for beginn ers- its
need a book that says basicall y, "Cut a45 discu ssion of co mpute r-aided drawin g most inter esting feature may be the ninet y
ang le on eac h end of four pieces the right and design (CA D D). Appendices detail pages of bill s of material for vario us
len gth and fas te n them togeth er." Of drafting standards. sty les and typ es of modul ar cabinets. Full
co urse, every author elabo ra tes furth er, Thi s is a fine instru ctional text useful use of thi s book co uld change yo ur hom e,
but still.... And then there ' s Ms. Stok es' to learn ers with so me bac kgro und, and to or at least provid e yo u with an interesting
book . Far and away the most co mplete woo dworkers who would like to spend and even profitabl e project.
book on the subject I' ve see n, th is one th ei r p rojec t plannin g tim e m ore
treats the wh y and whe refore of picture efficiently. Furniture Repair & Re storation:
frami ng as we ll as the how. A fter dealin g Over 100 Methods & Projects by
with the diffe re nt typ es of fra mes fo r Woodwo rki ng and Cabinet- Len and Ka y Hilt s, 1981 (Creative
different types of art, St okes tak es up making: A Basic Gu ide to Working Homeo wn er Press, P. O. Box 527,
ma tti ng, g lass i ng , mountin g, with Wood by F. Rich ard Boll er, 1986 24 Park Way, Upper Saddle River ,
three-dimen sion al art, mak ing the fra me, (Mac m illan Publi shing ce., 866 Third NJ 0 7458-23 11) 160 pp. , paper back ,
asse mbling the work , and appl yin g the Ave., New York , NY 10022) 353 pp., $7 .95
backi ng. hardback , $ 18.95 Althoug h this volume has been aro und
Most im po rtantly, howe ver, she Thi s A UD EL manu al is a 353-page since 1981, I ran across it only recentl y,
teach es us wha t to do wh en we screw up hardbac k at a paperback price. Its and the penalty for m y lack of vigilan ce in
so me part of the pro ce ss. A mu sic ian inform ation is so lid and basic but not cruis ing the book stores has been at least
friend of mine once told me that he pla ys flas hy-which may be precisel y wh y a couple of pieces of thrown- away
qu ite a few wro ng not es, but hi s AU DEL manu als are such a go od buy. In furniture. Th is is the book that shows yo u
professiona lism perm its him to " hide" clear, simple, and acc ura te terms , Boll er how to salvage tho se pieces that yo u
them . The noti on app lies directl y to covers mat er ials, design , hand and pow er thou ght were beyond repair. Highli ght s
Sto kes' book . What se para tes it fro m tools, basic co nstruc tion, and se tting up a incl ude fixing ca ne sea ts and back s,
others abo ut fra mi ng is that she shares hom e work shop . Onl y the chapter on repl acin g cas ters, fix ing "alliga tored"
wit h us the " tricks" that make her fra mes project s disapp oint ed me . Much of the finis h, c igare tte bums, dent s and go uges,

14 Popular Wood working

This Could Have Been
dowe led jo ints, broken comers, edges, advance d trai ning. As a bonus of so rts,
Your Ad
tenons and veneer. warped jo ints and Peters throws in exce llent drawi ngs of For information about advertising in
surfaces, and water rings, among othe rs. seve ral of his best designs. Since I got the Popular Woodworking, contact:
The full-color illustrations really help in book, 1've gone through it four times , and Debra owak
the finishing sections. At $7.95, this one's it gets better eac h time. Popular Woodworking
a steal! 1320 Ga laxy Way
C rea ti ng Sma ll Woo d Obj ect s as Concord, CA 94520
C a binet ma k ing: T he Profession al F unc tio na l Fu rn iture by Donna Z. (415) 671-9852
Ap pr oach by Alan Peters, 1986 Me ilach , 1987 (Crow n Publishers, lnc. ,
(Macmi llan Publish ing Co ., 866 Third 225 Park Aven ue Sou th, New York, NY
Ave., New York, NY 10022) 197 pp., 10003) 288 pp., paperback , $14 .95
hardback , $29.95 Although I co uldn' t remember see ing
In the broad est sense , this is a ho w-to the 1976 edition of this book , I had a
book, but not as in " how to build twent y strange sense of deja \ '11 as I peru sed it-
proj ects." Pete rs te lls us how the Arts and I had see n it all some where before,
Cra fts Movem ent go t to where it is today, somew here else. The newest item in its
ho w to learn woo dwo rking, how to set up " up-to-da te" b ibli ograph y was
a shop, and how to run the finances of a pub lished in 1975 . Appare ntly there have
sma ll business (in Eng land! I say, mate. been no good woodworki ng book s
be certain to collect you r value-added pub lished since then. Well , there have
tax!) Fortu nate ly. Peters moves away bee n so me , but th is co llection of
from these things q uickly and gets to "cu t' n'paste" certai nly isn' t one of them .
"Design-Thinking. Techniq ues a nd This book is lovely to look at in a dated
Inspiration," and how to ge t sort of way, but be sure to look at it very
commissions, ba tch production, and carefully befo re you buy . ~

Special Limited Offer - Expires Oct. 31, 1989

j J;j
Forstners, the only wood bits that can: POCKET HOLE

Bore any arc of a circle at any angle

Make entry holes in veneer, end grain, and knots
Leave glass smooth walls and a flat bottom hole
Pros use them:
For starting rabbets or grooves POCKET HOLE
To make pocket holes to attach rails to tops, and IN END GRAIN

rods, spindles and stretchers to legs ARC

To make blind holes for plugs and
Through holes for locks
Best Because: Inexpensive Because:
Machined from high-carbon alloy steel Manufactured in China where the US dollar is still king
Precision ground cutting edges, lifters and brads Imported directly by us
Hardened to HRC 50 Our sincere desire to bring back sensible prices for
Mirror polished head to maintain splinter free woodwork ing tools
entry holes


BUY A 7-pe FORSTNER BFTSET (1/4 , 318,112, 518,314,718 ,1 , 1-118,1 -1/4,1-318 , 1-112,1-618,

HIli I
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7-pe Brad Point Drill Sat, a $12 .00 value. a 25-pe Brad Point Drill Sat In Metal Index, a ~ -
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August/September 1989 15
~ideoscene a ~~_.m ~~;~.~~
by Alan Marks
Ta b le Saw & Accessories: in te res t ing to not e how th e proj ect ?"
Operation & Safety long- accepted. standardized approach to A second tenet of modem education
Radial Arm Saw: Operation and filmstrip ed ucation by the audio/v isual hold s that a student should have some
Safety indu stry now seems ineffectu al compared idea of what material is to be prese nted
Band Saw: Operation & Safety to the way more modern video instru ction before he is ex posed to it. Th is may take
Jointer/Surfacer & Accessories: handl es it. the form of an introductory outline-easy
Operation and Safety Years ago, when the ex pense of film to accompli sh in the video format, usin g
Wood Lathe & Acce ssories: and the cos t of processing necessitated supe rimpos ition of text. Along with this a
Operation and Safety getting things right on the first or consc ious effort ca n be made to keep the
From the se ries Woodwork ing Power second take, visual portions of the student appraised throu ghout the tape as
Tools, 1987 by Meridian Ed uca tion instru ction were don e separate ly from the to where the instru ction is leading and
Co rp., 236 E. Front St. , Bloom ington , IL so und. Expensive mikin g and mi xing on what ground has already been cove red, as
6 170 I, $89 .00 eac h, eac h 14 minutes in stage were avo ided. Overdubbing was a so rt of revi ew. Such orientation
length . easi ly done in a so und studio. If the enco urages wand ering mind s to stay in
narrator fluffed his lines it cos t noth ing the groove.
This series co nstitutes what co uld be to re-record his voice on the magnetic The above comme nta ry applies
defi ned as standa rd seconda ry schoo l strip. equally to all tapes in this series. I also
training fare-straig ht o ut of the high Today, most mod ern video instruc tion have ob ser vations concerning a few of the
schoo l audio/v ideo department. is done with an instru ctor who is miked tapes in parti cular.
Co nsidering the stress they place on di rectl y. It cos ts nothin g to re-do a scene Regarding the band saw tape, I was
avoi di ng acc ide nts, these are the so rt of because with magneti c video tape all that surprised they didn 't use diagram s to
videos all shop instructo rs and anxious is needed is to record directly over the illustrate how adju stments are made.
begi nners sho uld know abo ut. Blinking unacceptable material. Modern mikin g Often there were fleet ing references to
red text flashes on sc reen to ca ution techniques redu ce expense as well. A parts and pro cedures never explained
students whenever the possib ility of co ncea led min iatu re lap el mik e full y. There see med to be more narration
dange r appea rs during a dem on str ation . broad casts an FM signal to the recorder, than actua l demonstration. Of course,
Use of guards and guide lines for persona l thus e liminating boom s and cables. how mu ch information can yo u really
safe ty are point ed o ut. All tapes detai l Rece ivin g ins truc t io n fro m a n stuff into fourt een minut es of instruct ion?
basic operati ng procedures. A teacher ' s o n-sc ree n in struct or in st ead of a The machine used by the student did not
gu ide co ntaining an o utline of the disemb od ied voice mak es a presentation appea r to hav e a foo t brake- to my mind
mat e rial plu s a li st of suggested more personal and more engagi ng. Had I an important safety feature. And why
disc uss ion question s is incl uded with co nti nua lly been forced to revie w didn 't they sho w how to change the
eac h tape. narrated video s for this co lum n, the blade? I guess this was the instructor ' s
I have no critic ism of the materi al intense boredom would have ca used my res pons ibility . Th e emphasis, as in all of
itself. I do have a number of reser vations dem ise long ago. the tapes, was on danger and safe ty. I
concerni ng the way in whic h the I ex perienced other problem s with the know du st collec tion systems are usually
present ation is made. presentations as well. Modem teachin g standa rd in secondary school shops. but
Every video in the se ries is narr ated by methods employ a few trick s which the dust itse lf is a hazard and should be
an ove rdu bbed vo ice, the ow ner of whic h producer of this series would do well to point ed out as such.
never appears on scree n. Thi s anonymo us acq uaint himself with. In the j ointer/shaper tape, students are
voice gives instru cti on in profession al, A prim e obj ecti ve in v is ua l told that stoc k should be jo inted "with the
well- modulated, we ll-artic ulated tones instru ction , or any instru ction for that grain," but this term is not defined. If I
rem iniscent of what might be expec ted matter, is to raise question s in the were a beginning student, I think I would
from a gra duate of the Co lumbia School stude nt's mind. His ment al faculti es get co nfuse d when told that "e dge
of Broadcasting. attuned to ge tting answers, the student jointing is used to make an edge stra ight
The Meri dian Ed uca tion Co rpo ratio n, grasps eage rly at the information supplied with the face. "
wh o produced thi s tap e, mark et s by his instru ctor and retain s it. To Th e lathe tap e was ve ry well
hund red s of videos and fi lms tri ps acco mplish this goal in a practical way, it o rganize d and outlined and is an
cove ring eve ry co nce ivab le fie ld, might have been useful, for exa mple, exception to the genera l criticis m I fee l
incl uding rob ot ics, e lectro nics, design , to begin by showing a uniqu e operation applies to the other tapes. Th e part s of the
d rafti ng, a uto mo t ive me ch ani c s , or a uniqu e object created using the lathe are adeq uately discussed, and both
welding. metallurgy, home imp rove- power too l to be discu ssed . Thi s would spind le and facepl at e turnin g a re
ment, and the building trades. It is pique the stude nt's interest and raise a dem onstrated . Si x types of turnin g tools
few intern alized question s, like: " How are menti oned but the use of eac h is not
A lan Marks is a cabinetmaker ill Carme l
Valley . California, and a contribu ting edito r was this acco mplished?" or "How can d emon str at ed-the m yster iou s
to PW. I take adva ntage of this in my ow n fo urteen-minute time limit again.

16 Popular Woodworking
Ment ion is made of the ball bear ing
dead ce nte r and the cup, or co ne, dea d Heavy duty industr ial Qual ity
1 4 by 1-1 4 in c h l o n g shafts

center, but the d iffe rence s between them Enc losed Ball Bearing Gui d e s
are not ex plained. Wh y not tell stude nts Too ls exceed AISI standa rds

the reason for lubri cating when using the

dead ce nter (to keep it fro m burning and ~ CO,"., Round-o ve r
. Rad ius Pr ice
digging into the wood)?
1 /4 " $12 .50
A dem on strat ion of scraping is g iven,
3 /8 " $13 .75
but the turning tool used is not named . Th e 1/ 2 " $14.50
tool rest used in facep late turnin g was
different from the one used for spind le
~ Co B;I,
Rad ius Pr ice

turnin g, but it wa s not nam ed either. I 1 /4 " $14.50
would h a ve lik ed a littl e more 3 /8 " $15 .50
completeness in this video . 1 /2 " $17.00
T he info rma tio n these tapes conta in is 45" Cham!er Bit,
of critica l importan ce to any woodshop Diame ter Pr ice
begin ner. T he y sho uld be required 1" $12.00 78 full -colo r pag es of exclusive . inn ovative
view ing by students before they are 1- 1/4 " $14.00 tools and accessories for the w oodwo rker .
1-1 /2 " $15 .50 do - it-you rselfer an d ho bbyist. all guaranteed!
permitted to use mach iner y and, in my Mail in the coupon today...or call toll-free
1 DO '\, Money Ba ck Guarantee
opinion, the instruct or sho uld also give a
800-654-7817 ( Dept. 114)

(---------- -
dem onstrat ion afte rwa rds, as sugges ted Order now - Toll free
in the teacher ' s g uides. 1-800 767-4747 Anytime ) Please ru sh my FREE catal og!

Th e Meridian Ed uca tion Corp orati on Visa - Master Charge Ok

I Name _

also mark ets a co mplete series of six Or mai l c h eck to : I Address - - - _

films trips each covering both the rad ial SK YCROFT TOOLS , INC . I Ci ty I
P.O. Box 418P1 State Zip _
arm saw and the tabl e saw in greater
Myersville, MD 21773-0418 I Mail to: Leichtung Workshops. De pt. 114 I
detail. ~ L 4944CommercePky. .:....Cl eve land .OH441~...J



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NOW ONLY 539.9 5 Order Item ~200
FEATURES: Less TearOut Stops Burning
Speed Adjustable from Full Speed to0RPM Works with All Routers 3 HP orLess Feedat ComfortableRate
Full Horsepower andTorque atAllSpeeds 120V 15 Amp Better, Safer Resuffs with Large DiameterBits
Go Back and Forth from Any Pre-Set Speed Gives Your Router aFeature Only Available Less Wear on Bits
to Full Speed atthe FlipofaSwitch on Routers Costing Hundreds of Dollars! Less Noise and Softer Starts atLower Speeds

EASY TO USE - Simply plug in Speed Control and plug yourrouter Reduces speed electronically without reducing torque; electronic
into the Speed Control - turn dial for best results. (Speed Control has feed-back maintains speed by increasing voltage to motoras load
aclipthat can be worn on your belt orhung on wallar left loose.) increases.


11400 1r.- d _ 1 l1f4' Classical $10.00
11491 jlf.!' Classical $11.00
m2 l 1f.!' Class~al $14.00
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'!is' I' $7.00
1/4' R If! I' $7.00
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If.!' R if,6" I' $7.00
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Sfa' I' $8.00
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1f4' $30.00
mo '!is' Rabbeting ~8' Deep If! $30.00
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11/4' '# $15.50
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I'- '\
I -
I) I)
~ ~ ,-

'- I- L...-
'- It.'-
Ie---: v'- ',
L....-- L....--

Laminated Steel Chisels are just not for every-

one. As with much of life, owning and using the
very best appeals to only a small select group of
people, even when, as with chisels, the cost IS
clearly affordable.
For hundreds of years, traditional Japanese
chisels have been forged by Masters and their
journeymen. The blades, of high carbon steel,
hardened to Rockwell C 64-66, are supported by
an upper layer of iron that absorbs the shock of
mallet blows. The very hard steel takes an
exceedingly sharp edge and holds it far longer
than any Western chisel. These are lifetime tools.
Combination Tang and Socket construction for
added strength. g" Overall , 2-1/4" long Blades.
Sizes: 1/8", 1/4", 3/8" , 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8" , 1",
1-1/4" ,1 -112".
ORDER #02-0731 set of 10 Laminated Steel
Chisels only $89.95 plus $4.00 ship/handle.


Brad Points are engineered espe -
cially lo r wood - soft wood or hard.
The cenler point (brad point) of the
drill is pushed into the ma rked
location for the hole. It lock s into
position and will not slide out. Then
the motor is turne d on . The hole is
drilled ~ where it is wanted .
This is the most important part of
doweling, after proper measuring .

The two outside spurs cut clea n

entry holes. There is no tear out
(splintering) - not even in Oak or
Curly Maple - so that if the hole is to
be later plugged to cove r a screw, ALL-IN-ONE.. .
the periphery of the hole will be
almost invisible. Bar Clamp Straight Edge
These spurs provide smooth hole Fence Power Tool Guide
walls and almost flat bottoms . A
dowel shou ld touch bottom to glue properly. Metal working drills As a FENCE or GUIDE, it attaches ten times faster
leave a tapere d bott om.
than 'C' clamping and won't surface mar wood. As a
It is best to own a com ple te 25pc set and have every size from l iS BAR CLAMP, the unique low profile jaws enable you
to 1/2 in increments of 1/64ths (.0156) because commercial
doweling is seldom sized exactly . Dowels that are too loose don't to clamp butt-jointed corners (down to Y2" material)
cut it; those that are too tight don't fit. and also allow edge clamping. These clamps always
WHY DOLLAR'S BRAD POINTS ARE BEST: Our drills are milled
lay flat for easy assembly set-ups. World's fastest,
from the solid; others are only roll lorged. Our brad points and most versatile bar clamp!
spurs are first milled then ground lo r accuracy . We use high
carbon , alloy steel. Many others are made from plain carbon steel. TWO SIZES AVAILABLE:
Our drills are heat trealed and hardene d to Rockwell C4S-52 . They 24" Grip , , , .. . . . ... . . . . . . . . .. . . , , , $22.95
are tough, sharp and long lasting . Most companies that sell drills
do not know what they are made of, or what the hardness is. 50" Grip (panel size) ... . . , . , , . , , , $32 .95
These drills will fit any 31S or larger chuck. EDGE ClAMPING
FREE met al index included. 1 800 428-3809 (Inside California)
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Dept PW 08 Sales Tax MI 4%; CT 7-1/2% 965 W. VENICE BLVD.

Augu st/September 1989 19

the BusinesS:ihEnd
by Peter Good Effective Selling
Wou ldn' t it be nice if every meeting with a potent ial clien t rang . Put that ac tivity, thou ght , or wha teve r, mentall y on hold.
ac tually resulted in a sa le? I ca n' t make promi ses, but perh ap s I It' s crucia lly impo rtant in the sa les proc ess for you to "b e there"
can give yo u so me new insight s into the process of e ffectiv e whe n yo u mak e initial co ntac t with a potent ial custome r. Don 't
se lling that can s ubs ta ntia lly increase the return s on yo ur e fforts . be sha ring any part of yo ur atte ntion with anythin g e lse. If yo u
An imp ort ant gro und rule in co mmercial dea lings is that yo u do , yo u' re likel y to mi ss so me of the subtleties of the ca ller ' s
mu st get out of yo urse lf and learn to relate to the customer on message, and perhaps eve n mak e some glaring errors, lik e
thei r level. You mu st learn to read betw een their lines, and wh en failing to catch their nam e the first tim e. If, at any other time in
they spea k, it' s imp ort ant that yo u reall y hear wha t they say . A that co nversation, you ha ve to ask them to repea t their nam e, yo u
big probl em that man y of us have is tha t we' re rather weren't there whe n they sa id it the first time; yo u we re
self-centered and tend to tak e a g lorified view of our produ cts so mew here e lse, ment all y. And if yo u ' re only half there now ,
and abi lities . Whil e the re 's not hing inherentl y wro ng with this, they may reaso n, will yo u co ntinue to be only half there?
we some time s becom e preoccupied wi th such noti on s, clouding Rem ember that the ca ller is co m ing to yo u for help in some
our abi lity to es tablish a mean ingful and producti ve sales way . Th ey may be tim id and, in all likelihood , harbor man y fea rs
relation ship with a potenti al buyer. So, the first thin g we have to abo ut co ntac ting yo u. Will yo u und er stand what they need? Do
do is to be ab le to ment all y put o urse lves on the she lf- secure in yo u do that so rt of thin g? Do yo u have the tim e? Ca n they afford
the kno wled ge that o ur se lfwi ll still be there whe n we co me back it? Will yo u treat them fairly? Do yo u do goo d work? Ca n yo u
for it-and devote o ur full atte ntio n to the potent ial buyer. reall y provide wha t they wa nt, o r are yo u ju st another se ller of
A good way to get used to this type of attitude is to practi ce empty prom ises?
it on the pho ne. Thi s is part icul arly important when so meo ne In talking to yo u. the potent ial customer may not ex press
ca lls yo u for the first time in regard to yo ur business . Wh en the their fears. but yo u need to und erstand that those things are
phon e rings, before yo u pick it up, be sure that yo ur m ind has present , eve n if they are not spo ken . We all have fears when
finished deal ing wi th whate ver yo u were do ing befo re the phone co ntemplating the pur ch ase of nearl y every thing . We often fear
As the owner of Grand Openings in Oakland. California, Peter that the produ ct or serv ice will be too ex pe nsive, will not do wha t
Good manufactures doors. He also gi ves seminars at national we hop e it will do, or anyone of a hun dred othe r thin gs.
woodworking shows on business aspects of running a small shop. (Re me mber yo ur last major tool pu rchase?) We have these fea rs

With this ONE ALLPURPOSEblade 40 Teeth and1/8kerf. (tablesaw too) This ALL PURPOSEbladegives scratch free (very good on chop saw too!) STOP SPliNTERING
SMOOTH RIP & CROSSCUT 1" - 2" ROCKHARD Sand POLISHED cuts on all materials RIPor CROSSCUTup to 2". those SPliNTERY OAKS . HARDWOOD VENEERS and
SOFTWOODSwith smoothassanded surface. AII 60Tand 3132" THIN kerf20' ATB and5' face hook. thin 2 SIDELAMINATES ONPARTICLEBOARD.
PLY-VEN EERS oak/birch crosscut Wi th NOBOTTOM DOUBLE HARDER and 40% STRONGERcarbide.
Mostly 1/8 kerf 150 ATB and 200 face hook(easyfeed). SPLINTER CONTROL.
saves1/3wDod less on eachcut. radial or table,
DOU BLE HARDER and40% STRONGER CARBIDE. Feeds easy whenused for moderate rip and crosscut on DURALINE HI-AT
Ends blade changing (doesrip. combo and crosscut). table saw. Note: Fine Woodworking
Ends scratchy saw cuts (for therest of your life). Reduces " JUMP IN" greatly for better" PULL-CONTROL" .
Ends secondstep finishing (jointing and sanding). Editorial Nov.lDec. 1988
Practically elinlinates bottom splinter on RADIAL No. 73pg. 65 S.N.
Ends cutt ing l hS " oversize to allow for RESURFACE . CROSSCUT .
Buy and sharpen ONE blade instead of 3. 24Trip. 50T Totally stopsALLbottom and top splinter on ply veneers recommends !!JIJ!!.
Combination, BOT Crosscut. in push-cut mode on RADI AL. alternating top bevel(ATB)
Strongly recommend our .00 1 flat large stillener OurSTIFFENERSTRONG LY RECOMMENDED AGAINST !!ll!J kerfs andg blade
dampener against outside of blade for smoothest, Quietest. outsideof blade only for best cuts. stiffeners for smoothest
cuts bythis and anyotherblade.
Madeandserviced in USA for your benefit.
cutson RADIAL SAWS , JIm Forrest. President and de signer ,
Use30T if ripping mostly 2" - 3" hardwoods. etc. microscoptng cut1lngedge.
Side wobbleheld .001- others .004/.010is common ! List Safe
RAISEfor THICK woods. LOWER for THIN woods and 12" x 60T x ror SI8" 5198 51 19 Ali s/a" hole. Boring up to 11/4" $7.50 extra
perfect cuteverything' 10" x 60T x 5/8" 162 97 - Larger holes - time basis.
List Sale List Sale 9" :60Tx.518" 156 94 Shipping $3.50.
12" x 40Txl " 5183 5109 8" x 40TJI32" 51 36 582 8- x 60T x 518" 150 90
12" x 30Tx l " 162 97 30T3I32" 11 5 69 New 8 114" x 40T x 518" 136 B2 HI-ATPriceList
10" x 40T 156 94 71/4" x 30T3132" 112 49 RY0 81 RA200 TS200 MAKITA 5008 N8A
30T 135 81 7"x 30T 3132" 112 49 8" x BOT 5202 14" x 80T 5232
9" x m 1~~ ~~ :18~r~6~b~~ ~~~I~ ~'~;50
Lasercut DADO KING MULTITOOTH dado setcuts ALL114" -13116"
9" x BOT
10" x 80T
12" x 80T
207 l OOT
207 16" x 80T
212 l OOT
THIN SAW. DML. LEtTZ, etc. U~~~~~D~L~Soo~6wa~T~rR~~8~~~~DA:~,~'~;gf~~~~~ lOOT 253
Useour large'18" DAMPENER

STIFFE NERS . aqarnst one Side For 50% 10300% longer life!
6" - 525 Parallel and flat to .001 FREE dampeneror S10.00 off with any

o ~
. i{, 2nd blade.
5" 24 Stops vibration. flutter. 8" x 24Tx 4Tx 8TIIl1ers 13/16" set 5299 5:e" set 5209
cuttmg norse and blade 8" x 24Tx4T 3/"''' set 249 1/2" se t 179 ." CHOPM ASTER SERIES FOR MITE R SAWS fo r

o nng .
4" - 21 Tryableand RETURNABLE
Full cash refund.
FREE di mpene, 0' 1 10.00 011with any 2nd bl ade .
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20 Popul ar Woodworking
beca use we have been let down , ripped off or disillusioned so you are showing respect for their abi lity to se lect among several
many tim es that we ca n scarce ly believe it when eve rything things.
works out ju st fine . You will have an incredible selling Puttin g togeth er a sa les procedu re which encompasses all of
adva ntage if yo u ca n let a potenti al custome r know ea rly in the these issues will es tablish yo u as someo ne who care s abo ut the
process that yo u under stand that they have fears , and let them customer and is responsi ve to the ir needs. [f you a lso corne
know that yo u will not repeat the things that brought on the ir through wit h a qu alit y prod uct or service tha t doesn ' t let the
fears in the first place. Then, of co urse , you have to be sure not buyer do wn, you' ll have a winning co mbination that, in the fina l
to repea t those things, once you make the sa le. analysis, may ca use you a probl em of a differen t sort: How to
We have been co nce ntrati ng on the co nce rns of the custome r, deal with success. All woodwo rke rs should have that problem .
which is as it sho uld be . Most ofus like attention and ca ring from
others and if we ge t it, we will co ntinue to go back to the so urce .
Popu lar.
Isn 't it grea t whe n yo u find a ga rage that reall y know s how to fix Pocket-size
that the mois ture content of wood is
your car right and does a good job, on time, with a sm ile, at a fai r crucral. Moisture related de fects such as

price? And isn ' t it g rea t when the repair proves to be properl y
$110 surface checks . warpage , cracks , loose
Only [omts . fogg y finishes , etc " can ruin
the bes t piece ever built.
and reliabl y don e? Most peo ple wo uld go co nsiderably out of
their way to patron ize such a busi ness and will never go
elsew here. Good bu sinesses are so hard to find that when we do, mo istur e de fec ts are irreversible .
The refore don 't waste money and
we never let go of them . T hink of your business the same way. time on wet wood . Use a moisture
Incl. Case . meier 10 be sure you work
Conce ntra te o n the cu sto me rs and their needs, and they' ll kee p Battenes only with dr y woo d.
and Prns
co mi ng back to yo u. Rem ember in your co nversations with for Ul-and '/'6-
Measuring Depth. Ask for E t~ on
customers or pote ntial c ustomers to use words like " yo u" and mo isture mete rs (ra nge 430%.
4-60 % ) a nd accessories to
"your" frequ entl y, and use "me" and " I" only when necessary. morntor air or kiln d rYing .

T his same thin g holds true for any kind of adve rtising. Keep in
min d that an im portant ingred ient in successful se lling is to
crea te a bond be tween the buyer and yo ur produ ct or service . As k
you rself. " W hat ca n I say to this person to make them fee l
emo tiona lly draw n to my product or service?" 1/2" Shank CarbideTipped Router Bits Moulding Plane Profiles
What abo ut reading between the lines ? This is a little more
tricky because mos t of us tend to not say exactly what we mean ,
beca use to do so m ight not be socially acceptable, and so we tone
it dow n a bit -may be a lot. You r job, therefore, becom es that of
interp reter to determ ine the full importance of the buyer's
words . The inter pretive process is further co mplicated by the
fact that what that person is sayi ng is ofte n deepl y influenced by
either posit ive or negative emotional ex periences from their
dista nt past, which they may not eve n be consciously awa re of.
Listen ca refully for indications of resistance to certain materi als,
proced ures or desig ns. Such resistance , although mildl y stated,
may be the result of so me trau matic past ex perience . [fthi s is the
case (and you' ll probab ly never know ), it cou ld be d isastro us,
from the standpoint of making a sa le, for you to ignore their
resistance or wo rse ye t, insist that their resis tance is ground less
or without merit. Instead , it wo uld ge nerally be mo re producti ve
to accept the resistan ce an d offer alternative so lutio ns. If yo u try
to j ustify the origi na l idea , even if yo u think it' s bette r, it may
ca use the buye r to take a defensive posit ion (perha ps not eve n
knowi ng why), which wi ll grea tly reduce yo ur chances of
making a sale.
Speak ing of alternatives, a good selling practice is to present
seve ra l d iffe rent solutions , if pos sib le, and ex plain the
adva ntages and disadvantages of eac h. T his allows the customer
to make an informed decisio n. More importantly, it indicates to SPECIAL OFFER: SET OF ALL FOUR BITS
them that you are sensitive to the fact that they may have needs $99,95ORDER ITEM #866.Set of four quickly
or desires whic h may no t have been fully exp resse d and that to produce classictraditional mouldings. Bits are shown Full Size 2 Flute Carbide Tipped.
Order by VISA / MasterCard,7Day / 24Hour Service,Call 18005339298
accommoda te such things, yo u are giving the m some op tions. or send check to: MLCS Ltd., P.O. Box 4053 PO, Rydal, PA 19046
Also, if you ex plain the pros and con s of alternatives or cho ices,

August/Sep tembe r 1989 21

"T ests and
by Hugh Foster
CommentsV' Tru-MatchEdge Joining System '
jm'~, mi,mm, "';"m) vrZ*'XiKW":W

The toughest part of gluing boards

edge-to-edge the o ld-fas hioned way is
linin g up the faces flush to eac h other. A
sha per with the right c utte rs ca n crea te a
sca rf joint that interlocks the two edges so
the faces line up; th is also result s in a
stro nge r joint with more gluing surface
area. Well , now there ' s an easy way to ge t
sim ilar result s with a rout er.
Port er- Cabl e ' s T ru-Match Edge
Joining System wo rks by way ofaspecial,
co rruga ted ro uter bit and a ste pped ro uter
sub-base. Th e bit and base are ava ilable
individuall y, togeth er as an accessory kit
for ce rta in Port er- Cabl e rou ter s, or as a
co mplete sys tem that includes their
model #6 90 2 router fitte d with a 1/2"
co llet.
Th e stepped sub- base allow s you to make
both cut s with th e same depth setting .
Th e Tru-Grip Clamp 'n ' Tool Guide is a straightedge
fo r guiding routers or portable circular saws that can be secured
without C- clamps or hand scre ws; it can also work as a bar clamp.

The corrugated profile on the edge of on e

board is offset just enough to match the
profile on the other board so the two
sufa ces line up flush .

To use the tool. c lamp a straig htedge bad for a rout er , but loud enough that
3- 1/4" back from the edge to be joined. protr acted use is sure to dam age your Wher e to Get Them
What ca me to mind for th is straig htedge hear ing; better safe than sorry! Porter-Cable ' s Tru-Match Edge
was the Tru-G rip Clamp 'n ' Tool Guide; As with most router operations, Joining System #692 specially fitted
interes ting ly eno ug h, these Tru - Gr ip always run the tool from left to right. If router and bit, or #692 I sub-base and
cla mps in 24" and 50" len gth s are yo u have the layout right , the only thin g bit accessory kit for routers with
avai lab le at Port er- Cabl e Se rvice Ce nters yo u' ll have to rem em ber is to turn the #42186 or # I 0695 sub-base : contact
as we ll as fro m Trend -Lines, Rodm an , router 180 0 for oppos ite sides of a joint. Porter-Cable Corporation, P. O. Box
and other tool so urces . Th e clamps ca nnot Routin g half the joi nt on the " high" side of 2468, Jackson, TN 38302-2468, (90 1)
be recommen ded too highl y. the router base and the other half on the 668-8600.
Se t the depth of the bit to the thickn ess " low" side is what permi ts the two halves Tru-Grip Clamp ' ri ' Tool Guide
of yo ur material. plus I/x". Put yo ur to mate flush. available from Porter-Cable; Rodman
hear-muffs on: the tool run s at 92d B, not T his tool is such an easy opera tor that and Company , Inc., 965 W. Venice
Hugh Foster is a pari -time furni ture it m ight make biscuit joining as irrelevant Blvd . Los Angeles, CA 90015 , (800)
dcsignertbuilder in Manitowoc. Wisco nsin as bisc uits have made dow elin g for this 228 -1806 : or T rend-Line s 375
and the aut hor of The Biscuit Joiner Bea chham St. Chelsea, MA 02150,
Handbook (Sterling Publishing Co .. 387 kind of application. It makes for fast,
Park AI'l'nue SOli/II. New York, NY 100/ 6 ). easy, and supreme ly acc urate wo rk. ~ (800) 343-3248.

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Tried and True
by Graham Blackburn The Workbench
I moved my shop rece ntly and, as is below with box es o f rags and other had had to go as part of the ge ne ra l
usual when this happen s, was fo rce d into finishing supplies. One end of the ben ch clearing out for the new owner. It had not
a co nside ration of all the ex tra stuff that had becom e co mpletely obsc ured with meant more to my friend than ano the r
see ms to acc um ulate bet ween moves. It' s the aut omoti ve equipme nt that I am cumbe rso me objec t to be dealt with , but I
hard for me to wo rk in a di sorgani zed forced to keep in the sho p. and the oth er had seen it not only as something to do
envi ronme nt so m y sho p is ge nerally end had been pressed into se rv ice as a w ith woodwo rk ing (whic h always
prett y neat. I think I kn o w what's what co nve nient pla ce to rest a bun ch of arou ses my int erest) but as some thing
and where eve ry thi ng is- but it's woode n sas h c ra m ps that had ob viou sl y ver y old and of great potenti al
astonishing how much ex tra cree ps in and unexpe ctedly com e my way . Th e result of use in my own shop. At the time there had
ge ts sec reted aw ay, quite forgott en unti l all this was that the bench had literally been no time to do more than qui ckl y
some thing as dr astic as a move fo rces it disappeared from sight. move it; and its subseq uent fate, afte r a
out into the open. Now I have alway s loved tools for couple more mov es on my part, has been
Now it' s easy to und er stand ho w tha t their own sake , but have nev er admitted to explained above.
extra screwd river that yo u picked up at a bein g a too l co llector, so I try and ab ide by Now I look ed at it mo re carefully. It
yard sale and thr ew into a drawer was the se lf-imposed rule that if I haven' t wa s, as already menti oned, eight and a
quickly forgotten, and ho w you soon lost used something in the last two years it's ha lf fee t lon g. Aside from the extra labor
track o f num erou s othe r sma ll item s time to get rid of it. I am very happy with involved in the res urfacing of such a large
acquired here and there , but a workben ch my reg ular ben ch-a larg e European bench that is nec essar y from time to tim e,
is anothe r matt er. Even sma ll ben ch es are model of c lass ic d esi gn whi ch I a large ben ch is much to be preferred ove r
subs tantia l objec ts a nd di fficult to peri od ically resurface and refini sh-and a smalle r one. It pro vides not only goo d
ove rloo k, but I had become o blivious to the fact that I had co mpletely forgott en working space and suppo rt for planin g
the fac t that my shop no w hou sed an ex tra abo ut the ver y existence of the antique lo ng and wid e board s, but is also
full-sized antiq ue ca bine tma ke r's ben ch , ben ch seemed adequ ate proo f that it was invaluable for assembl y--especiall y of
fully eig ht and a half feet lon g ! It so unds not reall y need ed and sho uld be disposed thin gs with legs that mu st all be
imp ossible, es pec ially when yo u conside r of. Thi s decided. I we nt abo ut the awful referenced off the same flat surface .
that my oid sho p was not mu ch bigger busine ss of packing eve rything e lse into C abin etm ak er' s ben ch e s ha ve
than a two-car ga rage, but so me how the boxes, and for got about the ben ch for the evolved o ver the last two hundred yea rs
bench had di sappeared from view-at mom ent. I felt sure that whe n the tim e into a fairly standa rd form eq uipped with
least as a ben ch- and I was qu ite taken by ca me, I'd be abl e to find an eager home for a pair of vises-one at the right-hand end
surprise whe n I began the move and suc h a desirabl e item . (as yo u stand in front of the bench ), and
uncovered this lar ge beh em oth lurking in The days passed, and the old shop on e on the front of the bench, towards the
the shadows. grew gradua lly emptier since I was not left-hand e nd. The fo rmer is known as a
Uncove red is, of course , the ope rative moving far, and could effec t the mov e tailor end vise , and the latter is a face vise
word here. Thi s ex tra bench had been bit by bit. Slowl y, the antique bench or, if it e xtends a ll the way from the top o f
acq uired a whil e ago as a potenti al project was revea led un til fina lly it was the only the bench to the floor, a leg vise. Thi s
for restoration and incorporation into my object left in the now vaca nt space. It bench was fitte d wi th a massiv e tai l vise ,
regular work spa ce. Th e usual press of stood there, magn ificen t, its anc ient nicely dov etailed and operated by a large
da y-to-<lay busin ess had delayed the patina glowing in the desert ed shop, wooden sc rew . and a full-length leg vise,
prop o sed re storation, a nd in th e looking larger than ever, and I could not also o perated by a large wooden sc rew,
meantime, the ben ch had begun to be used avoid exam ining it more clo sel y than I and complete with a bored adju stment bar
first as an ex tra wo rksu rface , then as an had before. As its presen ce grew more at its foot.
ex tra storage surface . Eve ntua lly the powerful, it becam e more difficult to Ben ch es ha ve not always had vises,
wo rkbe nc h had di sappeared under a do any thing about disposin g o f it. Thi s and man y of the holdin g devises that were
we lte r of boxes co ntai ning paint ing was no o rd ina ry ben ch, no mere used before they became co mmo n may
supplies , c a rv ing sa mp les , specia l co nve nient extra work surface for the still be incorporated to goo d e ffec t o n
hard ware , scales, gl ue co ntainers, ca ns of occasiona l help er or stude nt who find s mod ern ben ch es. Thi s bench had its sha re
Dani sh o il, lacquer th inner , bo xes of his or her way into my sho p; this was of these, too, but before describing them
roofi ng nail s, a big shop fan, and my a king among ben ches, and I rem em - in grea ter detail, I' d like to say some thing
eme rge ncy e lec tric heater. I had erec ted a bered my exciteme nt when I had first abo ut the woo de n sc rews used in ea rlier
" temporary" she lf above the ben ch for come acro ss it. vises suc h as tho se on this ben ch . Mo st of
ja rs of asso rted nut s, bolt s, was hers, and It had been one o f those se rend ipito us the tim e whe n they are found toda y, they
sc rews, and had rapidl y filled the space find s that occur now and then whe n one is are in such a sad state of rep air that it can
not acti vel y looking for anythi ng in be diffi cu lt to believe that they ever
Graha m Black burn is a fu rniture des igner! parti cu lar. I had been he lpin g a friend functioned ver y efficiently.
ma ker ill Rio del Ma r. Califo rnia and the
author of many hooks Oil woodwo rking and mov e, and the bench, which had bee n in A rec ent Tried and Tru e column (PW
home maintena nce , the house when my friend had bought it, 48, Apri l/May 1989 described the root s

24 Popular Woodworking
something very simple. fixe d to the
underside of the bencht op or to the
supporting frame. Co mmo n faults are that
the guide block is loose in its fixi ng. the
----"--- slots or c utouts for the guides are
excessively worn and perm it too much
play. or that the block and guides are
misaligned-makin g a wide r. and hence.
too sloppy adjustmen t necessary if the
vise is to be opened and closed to its full
ex tent.
It may be necessary to replace the
'& !Jide AYYYL5 c;love b;J. j(ed guide block if it is too worn or brok en . or
iY10 side t7F ViSe it may simply be a question of resecuring
it firml y to the bench. Once the g uides are
,I rigid ly fixed to the face of the vise . they
" .-Guide ArM.5 wwY'bi;ed. should slide through the block with as
little slop as possible. Th e fit sho uld be so
ivtlo fc;{ce o-f V ise tight that waxi ng the g uides is necessary
E" before they will slide throu gh easi ly.

~ The second part that may need

~. attention is the garter. The garter keeps
~ the screw attac hed to the face of the vise.
:c and at the same time allows it to tum . It
L..- -----' ~ may be simply made out of wood. or it

that were once commo n for makin g the

woo den thread s that were used on a
variety of objects. including the large
F!1.2 Wood eV\ti1 Mettil L GtfYtevs
woo de n sc rews co m mo n on
ca binetmaker's benches. When adjusted ---:::;;-~ Gu Ld e Arm s
prop erl y and kept in good repair. these
screws mak e possibl e vises that have
great holding po wer combined with a
Wm.5cve w
nicene ss of g rip--capable of firml y (tWV/5 rvi: rtlfp&t block.
holdin g a thin pie ce of .pa pe r . 5eCVYed to be.Vl.-ch-
Unfortunately. such old vises have often
been terr ibly abu sed and it is sometimes
difficult for them to sec ure ly grasp even a
two-by-four. Th ere are. however. really
only two part s that need atte ntion to keep
these vises working effic iently: the guide
arms and the screw ga rte r.
Regardl ess of the co ndition of the
bencht op and the matin g surface of the
vise (w h ic h can be im proved. if
necessary. later ). the first thin g to see to,
if yo u co me into possession of one of
these vises (or a bench ). is the pro per
operatio n of the guide arms. They must be
rigidly fixe d in the woode n face of the
vise itself. Thi s may have been effec ted in
various wa ys. as show n in Figure I.
Furth ermore. they mu st run smoo thly and
trul y in whate ver form of guide block has
been provided for them . Thi s is usuall y

August/Sept ember 1989 25

Tried and True
may consist of a two-pa rt cast iro n piece.
as show n in Figure 2. On ce yo u locate it.
it is usuall y qu ite obv io us how it is (or
ought to be ) atta ched. A ll that is usuall y
nee ded is to see that it too is sec ure ly in
place and wi IIall ow the sc rew to tum with
a m inimum of pla y. possibl y wi th the hel p
of a little lubri cati on (g rease in the case of
a me ta l ga rte r. and wax in the case of a
woo de n ga rte r).
The above holds true for al l vises-
tail. face . and leg vises-but leg vises.
beca use of the ir ex tra size. are usuall y
provid ed with an add itiona l adj ustme nt at Beved Bar
their foot. Th ere are va rious ways in
which the foo t o f the leg vise may be held
sec ure ly. so that the face rema ins parall el
to the face of the ben ch no matter how
wide ly th e vise is opened. T he
commo nes t meth od is a simple bar or
bea m. fixe d to the face of the vise like the
guides. whic h runs throu gh a slot usually
forme d in the leg o f the bench . T his beam
is bore d wi th a se ries o f holes so that a pin
may be insert ed at the appro pria te point D

(see Fi gure 3). .~

O nce the vise is run ning pro pe rly. its ~ Ffj.3
top s urface mu st be mad e perfectl y flush ~ L- ....J

-rail Vise - __


Deilld v>IW' held

vVt TVl-i [ v ise

F[1. 4

26 Po pular Wood wor king

pieces of card to these surfaces . T he card
is ea si ly repl aced when it de teriora tes.
and not only protects the jaws of the vise
but also help s avoi d de nting or damagi ng
so ft pie ces clamp ed in the vise . For rea l
protecti on of a fres hly finis hed wo rkpiece
it so metimes help s to glue pieces of baize.
felt . or eve n ca rpet to the inside of the
T he antique ben ch in my shop needed
a little of all the above described atte nt ion,
but basically its massive tail vise and
hand some. full-leng th leg vise were as
effec tive as the day they we re made.
More over , as ment ion ed earlier. there
were additiona l holding bo nuses. of
which the most impressive was a slidi ng
Hz; Ie5 fl;v-
deadm an .
5JPptJYtlM3 Pivv A deadman is an upr ight that is ofte n
freestanding or held in the tai l vise .
Detlld V\I1aN1 provided with a peg that ca n be posi tioned
in anyone of num erou s holes bored in its
face to support the end of a lon g board
held in the face vise , as show n in Figure 4.
A more so phis ticated versio n is a
dea dm an made integral with the fro nt of
the bench . and not need ing to be
supported in the tail vise. So metimes.
such a deadman ca n be mo ved c loser to. or
furth er from. the face vise in order to
support varyi ng len gth boards at the most
co nve nient place along the ir len gth . T his
bench had such a deadm an . whose top and
bott om ends were grooved to run on
F~. 5 matchin g project ion s und er the front of
the bencht op and on top of the bott om rail.
as show n in Figure 5.
Th e top was also provid ed with a
with the top of the be nch. This is a ll part " pa t ina " in th e firs t pl ace . Su ch se ries of mortises fo r the inserti on of
and parcel of prop erl y dress ing the re finishin g is not the sa me as sa nd ing the ben ch dogs to be used in co nj unc tion with
ben cht op . Flatten ing of the bench may be surface clean and app lying a coat of a cas t iron ben ch stop se t in the top of the
accomplished wi th the j udic ious use o f a pol yureth ane- as is so often done by tail vise-whic h had a mate se t in the
pair of windi ng sticks in co nj unctio n with mi sguided and ove rzea lo us ant iq ue hencht op itsel f at the othe r end. Modem
a po wer hand plan er . a joint e r plane. a shops. Sandpaper sho uld never touch a repl acem ents. made of potent iall y less
smoo th plan e. or j ust a sc raper-i n that benchtop for fear of loose grains of tool-damagin g alum in um. m ight be
o rder. de pe ndi ng o n the degree of abras ive damagin g fine ly sharpe ne d prefe rable to cas t iron o nes, but these
tla tte ning and refinish ing necessar y. I cutting edges. and pol yureth ane is a were possessed of s uch a hand some
wo uld lik e to cor rec t th e ofte n hideou sly inappropriate fini sh . nineteenth ce ntury qu alit y- they we re
erroneo us ly held beli ef that refini sh ing The insid e surfaces of the vises. and obvious later repl acem ent s for woo de n
a ben cht op as o ld as the one und er the matchin g surfaces of the ben ch (o r its bench stops-tha t it was impossible to
disc uss io n is wa nto nly des troyi ng legs or wherev er the vise mat es) should co ntemplate replacin g them.
va lua ble patin a. If th e ben ch had also be maintained in smoo th and closely There we re eve n several holes bored
remai ned co ns tantly in the hands of a mating cond ition. A badl y abu sed vise in the top fo r iro n holdfasts- sim ple
d iligent crafts person from the day it may need to ha ve its insid e face bu ilt up ang led pieces of iron with a small
was made. it would never have been with additional wood to rend er it correctly tlatt ened face at one end design ed to ho ld
allowed to deteri orate into a shameful plan ar. I find it also help s to glue thin anything sec ure ly to the top of the ben ch

August/September 19H9 27
I "--!~'.~e~ -and True

~ Ttilil V,se
.BeV1ch <t p
BeYld1 D! j Muvbsr:s

simp ly by being wedge d int o the hole (see there was no tool tray. And secondly, the to spec ulate that so me ente rprising joiner
Fig ure 6). undercarri age o f the workbench appea red back at the end o f the eig hteen th ce ntury.
All these accommodation s were mad e to have been built from parts that mu st had traded a newer bed that he had been
in a very profession al manner. T he vise origina lly have form ed part of an ea rly commissioned to make for the older
sc rews and ga rters, while handmade. bed frame. since they were bore d in the rope bed it was repl acin g. and used the
we re not the least bit ama teur ish. Th e mann e r typ ical of the co rde d beds part s in the co nstruction of his new
dovetail ing of the vario us members of the co mmo nly used in eig htee nth ce ntury work be nch.
tail vise. and the finis hing detail s of the New England. Such beds were held By th is point in my assess me nt of the
leg vise. together with the regul ar. neat togeth er by rope which for med an bench . I reali zed I was too attached to the
way the dog morti ses had bee n mad e. inter woven base upon which the ma ttress quality. the wo rkm an shi p. and the
were every bit as good as those in a and bedding rested . T he bedc ord was roma nce of it to be abl e to ge t rid of it.
fac tory- made ben ch migh t have been. It woven through hol es bored in the sides of So me how I wo uld have to find roo m for it
was still obv ious for a co uple of reasons. the fra me . T hese frame members were in my new sho p, and I secretly promi sed
ho we ver. that this was a handmad e ben ch , also co mmo nly given a sma ll bead to mysel f that this time I wo uld see it put
and this lent an even grea ter cha rm to the brea k the edges- j ust like the bo tto m back into service. and no t allow it to once
piece. members of my benc h. agai n becom e a mere g lor ified she lf or
Firstly, altho ug h the bac k piece of the I had found th e be nc h in storage fac ility . I wo uld have to be nd my
top was thinner than the two massive Co nnec ticut-w he re rope bed s had once rule abo ut usability a litt le, but then wha t
pieces wh ich co mprise d the main surface, bee n very co mmo n-and it was tempting e lse are rules for '? ~

28 Popular Woodworkin g
ber as gifts. I' ve ma de them from all the
dom estic hard woods, and practica lly
eve ry exotic spec ies from amarant h to
ze brawood .
Because a boa rd foo t wi ll yie ld up to
20 bra celet s, depending o n the width yo u
mak e them , yo u can indu lge in exotic
hard wood s witho ut ba nkru pting the fa m-
ily bud get. (I've found that the ladi es wi ll
" ooh " and " ahh" over the wide bracel et s
but usuall y end up bu yin g the narrower
ones .) Also. one blan k will yie ld bo th a
bra ce let and a sma ller napkin rin g, as
you ' ll see later. You ca n make the brace -
lets in a woo d shop with mod est eq uip-
ment - lath e, band saw . drill press, and
tabl e saw-but yo u wi ll need to mak e
severa l simple ji gs and fixtures.
It 's best to make these bracelets in
batch es to save se tup time on the various
machines and fixtures. Start with a sma ll
batch - say. 5 or 10, to hel p wee d o ut the
initia l "uh-oh 's " as yo u learn the process.
My mass-producti on techniques ce n-
ter around a very precise. three-hol e ref-
ere nc ing sys tem that locates and hold s the
blanks for drilling , and attac hes them to
the mandrel for turn ing. In orde r to use
1/4" rods for reference pin s, the hol es that
fit ove r the pin s need to be eve r so slightly
larger. You can ge t a se t of drill bit s that
are designed for j ust thi s kind of preci -
sio n. Th e sizes of the drill s are ide ntified
by letters of the a lpha be t. and the " F '
d ri ll ' s s ize is .257 ", o r seve n
one- tho usandths larger than 1/4" . It is
made spec ifically to drill holes that fit
over 1/4" stee l rods.
Ma king the Blanks
Fir st, glue up a " log" (from which
yo u ' ll slice off the blank s). using a co re of
hardwood that co ntras ts with the ex terior
by Devore O. Burch In retrospect . those bracelet s were wood yo u've chosen . Th e core wi ll not be
I first becam e inte res ted in lath e turn - prett y crude. Mak ing on e involv ed push - included in the bracel et s, but w ill be a part
ing bac k in 1935 . whe n I wa s takin g ing a woo d blank with a pre-cut insid e of the napkin rings that yo u ' ll mak e fro m
woo dworking co urses at Pol ytechn ic diam eter onto a tapered mandrel. then the same blanks. Ama ra nth over a mapl e
High Sc hoo l in Fo rt Worth . Texas. Eac h turning the outside into va rio us design s. co re. or vermillion over a walnut core, for
yea r. when the school held its "ope n (So me of yo u old- time rs may recall thi s ex amp le. mak e es pec ially prett y rings. If
hou se" to di spl ay the stude nts ' accom- meth od .) Non eth eless. the girls wo uld yo u don 't wa nt to mak e the napkin rings,
plishme nts. the wood sho p see me d to sta nd in line to ge t one (they wer e free. of use any inexpen si ve lumber. suc h as pine
dr aw the largest crowd. No t only did the co urse). or fir, for the co re.
stude nts ge t to show o ff their work . but the Sever al years ago, my wife overheard I g lue up the logs in two stages as
shop instru ctor wo uld have severa l live an old schoo l friend and I rec alling these sho wn in Figure I. Start by cutting a
dem on strat ion s go ing on, On e of the real shop ex pe riences and insisted that I make 1-3/4" X 2" core (the len gth will dep end on
crowd-pleasers was turning woode n so me bracelet s for her. Well . on e thing led the number and thi ckness of blanks yo u
br a c el et s o n seve ra l of t he o ld to anothe r, and I eve ntua lly developed the wa nt). Nex t, cut two 3/4" X 2" str ips of
line- sh aft-dri ven lath es. techniques show n on these pages . I'v e exotic woo d to the sa me len gth . Wipe
Devo re Bu rch is a woodworker ill Fort mad e and so ld thou sand s o f these brace- the surfaces to be g lued with den atured al-
Worth , Texas. let s. and have give n awa y an eq ual num - co hol or ace to ne to rem ove the oi ls. the n

August/September 19R9 29
ing fixture shown in the pho to at bottm
Figure 1. Gluing Up the Log right, page 3 1. To make the fix ture, cut a
wooden base 1-1 /2" X 6" X 10", dr ill an
"F" hole in the ce nte r, and insert a 1/4"
dress excess to trim size stee l rod that is abo ut 10" to 12" long into

-- r- - +- - - - -

the ho le (do not fas ten the rod pe rma-
nentl y to the base). Cu t a top block the
sa me size , wi th its ow n hole dr illed
throu gh the ce nter, to put over the top of

the stacked blanks. Coa t the matin g sur-
faces of the wafers with epox y, and stack
-- -- - - - -- 51 the assemblies over the rod, placing
j pieces of wax paper bet ween eac h brace-
!.. ~ let "sand wich." Apply the top block and
~ cla mp , then wi thdraw the rod so it wo n' t
First Stage Second Stage .~ becom e a perman ent part of the stack .
~ After the epoxy has cured, clean out the
L..- --' = ce nter holes with the drill.
Preparing the Blank
glue and clam p the strips to each 2" side of two or more co ntras ting woo ds, such as for Turning
the core , usin g a good g rade of clear rosewood and ve rm illion with thin maple Nex t, mak e the dr ill jig show n in Fig-
epoxy adhesive. (O rd ina ry wood glues fea ture stripes (made from scra ps of ve- ure 2; it is used to bore the hole pattern
don 't always give yo u a reli abl e bo nd on neer) sandw iched bet ween the exotic required for mounting the blanks on the
exotic woods.) I use G-2 br and epoxy, woo ds. Just glue up a log for eac h spec ies lath e fixtures. I mad e the base plate formy
avai lable fro m Headl and Intern ati on al. yo u wa nt to use, slice thin wa fers fro m ji g from stee l; yo u can make yo urs fro m
Inc. (see So urce List o n page 33). T his eac h, and lamin ate these to mak e yo ur tempered hardboard , or hard wood. Steel
prod uct is spec ially fo rm ulated for use on blanks. The co mbinations of woods and bus hings fo r guidi ng the " F" dr ill ca n be
"o ily" exo tic woo ds, such as teak, rose- designs yo u ca n ac hieve are virtua lly orde red fro m Manh attan Supp ly Co. (see
wood, coco-bo lo, and ebony. Wh en the unlimited . So urce Lis t on pa ge 33). Drill the holes for
epoxy has c ured, dress the 2" di me ns ion I use a car bide-tipped Freud 80-too th these bu sh ings on 1/2" cente rs, and use
to 1-3/4" and apply 3/4" X 3- 1/4" boards to com binatio n blade to slice off the wafers; yo ur ben ch vise to press them into the jig
the ot her two co re sides . it leaves a surface smoo th eno ugh for base plate.
Wh en the epoxy has cured , sq uare up g luing witho ut further surfac ing . Afte r To use the j ig, place it ove r the blank
the ends of the log, find dead center at yo u've cut off all the blank s wi th ho les in as show n in the top photo on page 32, then
each end, and bo re an " F" hole abo ut 3" them from one end of the log, go back and inse rt a 1/4" pin through the center hole.
deep. dr ill agai n so that all yo ur wafers end up Bore one of the o uts ide holes, insert the
Yo u ca n make yo ur brace lets fro m o ne with that ce nter hole. second pin , and then bore the thi rd hole.
type of wood, but yo u' ll ge t a more strik- I usuall y g lue up about 10 wafe r as- Th e blank s ena ble yo u to make one of
ing appearance if yo u lam inate them from se mblies at a time, usin g the simple stac k- two bracelet sizes: 2- 1/2" inside diam eter
(sma ll) or 2-3/4" insid e diameter (reg ular).
T hese two sizes will fit the hand s of most
Figure 2. The Drilling Jig
g irls and wo me n (if yo u intend to sell the
bra celet s, it ' s a good idea to make some in
bushings eac h size) . I c ut these out with a thin-wall
sized for hole saw . Keep the saw sharp, and clean
"F" drill off acc um ulated o ily sa wdust (es pecially
I insi de the sa w) as yo u're cutting .

rtl/"e- Mak e a holding jig for the blanks by

drilling the hole patt ern from yo ur drill jig

into a piece of two-by lumber lon g
eno ugh to clamp to yo ur drill press table .
Positi on this j ig in line with the pilot bit of
the hole saw, then press a 1/4" stee l pin into
base plate
eac h of the two o uter holes. Th e pin s
sho uld ex tend abo ut 1/2" above the sur-
face of the two-by.
thickness of your scrap j L Place a blank in the holding j ig and
bore abo ut 1/3 of the wa y throu gh the
blank; flip it ove r and repeat on the othe r

30 Popul ar Woodworkin g
~---~---- s:o



Glue the hardwood around a core of some

other species (above left ). Drill a hole in
the exact center of the log (above). Set a
stop- block for the thickness of the wafers,
and remove the throat plate to allow them
to fall clear of the blade (center).

Cut wafers of different thi cknesses for

bracelets of different width s (left). Put wax
paper between layers to keep the individual
assemblies from sticking together (above).

August/September 1989 31
r-----------------------------------, ~
lathe face plate E
hardwood >.
threaded inserts .Q~
"F" hole
(1 /4" X 20) ~

r ---- - - - - - - - - - -
---- - - # - - ---
..... _- - --- - -- - - - - -
r-r- -:

\ ~: ::

k-~:o:-.- r_--- 4" to 6" - -- .1 (A bove left ) Use the center pin to locate the
drill hole pattern jig; drill on e hole, then pin it and drill the
from drill jig oth er. Two pill s hold the blank in place

3/ "
while you sa w partway through with a hole
saw (above right). In stall threaded inserts
4 ill the mandreli and lise Allen screws to
Figure 3. The Turning Fixture hold the blank ill place during turning
(above and below).

side (do n' t bore co m plete ly throu gh the

blank at this time). Now, rem ove the
blank and saw the rough o uts ide dia me ter
of the bracelet (about 1/2" la rge r than the
insi de dia meter) on yo ur ban d saw or jig
saw . I use a simple template di sk wit h an
"F" hole in the ce nter to mark the 0 0 for
cutt ing.
Turning the Bracelet
Nex t. build the turning fix ture sho wn
in Figure 3. I use 1/4" A llen ca p sc rews to
attac h the blanks; the screws fit into
threaded inserts in the fixture. Mo un t the
fix ture on the lath e face plate. then pin the
blank throu gh the ce nter hole in the fix-
ture (yo u ca n use one of the 1/4 " pins from
yo ur drill jig. or the shank of a 1/4 " tw ist
drill ). Install the screws. and remove the
ce nter pin . You 're no w read y to turn the
blank into a brace let -let yo ur imag ina-
tion run wild. Fo r the profile. I' ve used
templates. mould ing cutte r shapes, etc..
but I like a simp le design because it

32 Popu lar Wood wo rking

Figure 4. The Finishing Mandrel
scrap rubber \ slip-fit inside bracelet

remove head
from 3/ s" bolt

3/ "

' /s" plywood
Sand the insides of the bracelets with a
smaller diameter sanding drum chucked ill
the drill press.

Figure 5. The Napk in Ring Fin is hing Mandrel

1'/2" diameter wood space r
from core of napkin ring
hardwood adaptor for spur center

<[- - - -fIIW"'I--i I

doesn 't detract fro m the natural beaut y of out side of the bracelet. Th e fini sh ing 10 abo ut 1/3 through on each side, as you
the woo d. mandre l shown in Figur e 4 makes it ea sy did the bracelets. To turn the rings, I was te
Afte r turning the brace let with a sharp to apply a traditional French poli sh , using one of the plugs to make an adapter for the
skew chisel, I sand it on the lathe, usin g your lathe or drill pre ss. Except for the turn ing fix ture in Fig ure 3. Mount it to the
progressively finer gr its from l2o-grit to 1/2" closed-cell neoprene rubber pads that fixture and turn it down so its sma ller than
600-grit pap er follo wed by crocu s cloth; hold the bracelets, all the part s are readily the 00 of the rings, then attac h a napkin
then poli sh w ith a soft c loth-the exotic ava ilable at mo st hardware stores . I ring blank using lon ger Allen sc rews .
woo ds po lish lik e a ge ms tone. No w, put bou ght the rubber for my pad s from Texas After you've turn ed the rings and
the bracelet back on the sa me setup yo u Rubber Supply, Inc. (see Source List). bored out the ce nter plugs on yo ur drill
used with the hole saw and ge ntly feed the Here ' s how I fin ish my bra celets: fir st press, save these plu gs for use as space rs
saw throu gh the bracelet to cut out the apply two co ats of sanding sealer, sanding on the napk in ring finis hi ng ma ndrel
plu g. (The brace let wi ll sta rt spinning on between coa ts with #4000 aluminum show n in Fig ure 5. C huc ke d between
the sa w whe n yo u've cut through it.) Be ox ide paper. Th en apply six to e ight coat s the centers of yo ur lath e , the mandrel
s ure to save the plu gs, becau se yo u' ll be of bru shin g lacqu er , such as Deft Clear enables yo u to pol ish or fin ish six rings
makin g yo ur napkin rings fro m them . Wood Fini sh , following the label direc- at once. ~
The fina l ma chining pro cess on the tion s. Afte r the fina l co at cures (in a da y or
bra celet is to sa nd the inside diam eter so), I mount the bracelets on the fini shing Sou rce List
with a drum sa ndi ng attac hme nt on yo ur mandrel , chuck the mandrel in the lathe,
G-2 Epoxy:
drill press. Thi s ma y see m aw kwa rd at and po lish the lacquer fini sh with fin e Headland International, Inc.
first, but yo u' ll soon ge t the han g of it. pumice and rubbing oil, then rott en ston e. 2020 - 124th Avenue, N.E., Suite CI02
Bellevue. WA 98005
Hold the bracelet with thumbs and fin gers Finall y, I wax and buff the bracel et to a
of both hand s and let it slowly rotate as deep, lustrous fini sh . Drill j ig bushings:
Manhattan Supply Co.
you apply light pressure on the sanding Na pkin Rings 151 -A Sunnyside Blvd.
drum. The procedure for mak ing the napkin Plainview, NY 11 803
Finishing rings is sim ilar to making the brace let s. Neoprene rubber
First, appl y two co ats of sa nding You'll mak e them from the plu gs re- for finishi ng mandrel pads:
Texas Rubber Supply, Inc.
sea ler to the insid e of the bracelet only; moved from the bracel et blanks. Th e 217 Beach 51.
wh en dry, rub lightly with #0000 stee l rings have an inside diameter of 1-1/2" and Fori Worth, TX 76 111
woo l. Use yo ur favorite finish on the an out side diameter of about 2" . Bor e the

II August/September 1989 33
L ~ -- ........;;:_ _
Unseen Creations
by Kat hy Hackleman
As Dale Reif look s back ove r his life ,
there are few thin gs that the Ne wto n,
Kansas, man wo uld do differentl y, but he
does wish he had spent more tim e study-
ing woo dworking ma gazin es while he
co uld still see . Reif, wh o has bee n blind
for ove r ten years, took up se rious wood -
wo rking about thr ee yea rs ago. He now
spe nds several hours a day, six days a
wee k in his backy ard work sh op.
" I don 't think there is one word that
describes prop erl y what I do, " Reif
laughs. " It's the shaping and c utting of
hardwood s. It' s the und esigned art of
machining and cutting of woo d," he says ,
searching for the right co mbination of
words to describe his craft.
Basicall y what Reif does is g lue di f-
fere nt types of wood together , c ut a sha pe
from the g lued block and then sand it into
the shape he "sees" in his min d. Th e end
produ ct is one that an y sig hted craft sma n
wo uld be deli ght ed to claim.
Reif', who is 50 yea rs o ld, suffers from
retiniti s pigmentosa , an inherit ed disease.
Fro m the 20/2 0 vision he had when he
graduated high schoo l, he suffered a grad-
ual loss of vision ove r the next seve ra l
yea rs. He retir ed from Hesston Co rpo ra-
tion, in 1986 afte r working there for
nearl y 30 years. Hisjob was wo rking with
metal, and in his free tim e, he stud ied
metalworkin g magazin es. " At that tim e, [
had no interest in wood," he rel ates, "Now
I wish I had spent that tim e on woodwo rk-
ing magazines."
After retiring, he bou ght a woo d lath e Dale R ei! po ses with h is favorit e mantel clock,
and started " play ing around" with woo d-
wo rking. His wife enco urage d him to
build a work shop , and soo n his hobby taken to buy the right tools and then mod- hard woods native to ce ntral Kansas
turn ed into a full -time job. ify them to meet his needs. "I f your too ls (mos tly walnut , birch and cherry) .
His goa l in woo dworki ng is perfecti on are Mickey Mouse. they ' re not go ing to It is that same love of a challenge that
and acc uracy-a go a l he says he is usu - cut it," he ex pla ins. keeps Re if from usin g a co py lathe. " l
a lly able to meet because of the ca re he has Deciding that there was not enough don't want to make one piece and then
cha llenge in wor king with so ft woods, 100 mor e ju st like it. It' s more of a
Kathy Hackleman is afreelance writ er ill " because I co uld do that with my pocket- cha llenge to make eac h one different ," he
Mcl'he rson, Ka nsa s. knife," Re if chose instead to foc us on sa id. For exa mple, eac h of the dozens of

34 Popular Wood workin g

rolling pins he has mad e is different in the
types of wood used , the length , the diam e-
ter and the handles.
Likewise, he doesn 't like to make
something so meo ne else has design ed.
Each of his creatio ns has co me fro m his
imagination combined with the mem ories
of how he think s the fini shed product will
look. "If you can' t bu ild so me thing out of
your imagi nation, I can't see any chal-
lenge to doing it," he sai d.
Reif rememb ers the cha rac teristic
co lors of the wood he uses, which he ca n
identify by feel and sme ll, and he puts
them together in co lor patterns he thinks
would be effective.
Ha ving mastered the "easy" items
such as bowl s, rolling pin s, trays and lazy
susans, Reif has gone on to grea ter cha l-
lenges. Some recent projects have in-
cluded matchin g sets of end tables, m usi-
ca ljewelry boxes, and clock s, all of which
he has designed him self.
In addition to the basic probl em s of
cracks, warp s, and splits that face any
wood craftsman, Reif also faces pro blems
and dan gers that are unique to him be-
cau se of his blindness. Spl inters are a
con stant source of discomfort becau se he
Reif uses a homemade disk sander to shape his pieces.
must spend so much time fee ling the
In his special setup at the lathe, Reif has wood to ident ify it, and he can not see a
incorporated a machinist's vise to hold and move the tool.

August/September 1989 35
ro ugh splinter until he jams his finge r into
More dan gerous, however, are the
power tools that he must wo rk with to ge t
the basic shape before hand sandi ng . To
avo id getting c hips of woo d and saw dust
in his eyes, Reif a lways wear s a face
shield that protect s his face and neck . But
that still lea ves the problem s of the saw
and grinder them selves. As he ge ts read y
to saw, he measures his wood fort he exact
length he needs, using a rul er with raised
ma rkings or one of several pre-cut iron
pieces that se rve as measurement g uides. ~
Alwaysleaving hisleft handon the wood. :f
he brings his right hand up to gauge the .~"
distance to the blade before turning on the U
machine. " Yo u know the saw will always
co me straight o ut. My left hand is always
Thi s walnut candy dish is inlaid with aftller of maple.
A walnut candle stick

Thi s square clock with a round fa ce is made

out of walnut.

safe. Th e only time' wo uld have trouble

is if the blade is du ll, it has a tendency to
grab the woo d instead of sawing straight
thro ugh," he said.
T he only time he makes allowances
for his blind ness is when sawing a piece
that is less than one inch. "That's getting
too close," he sa id. For the tiny pieces, he
clamps the piece to be cut to another piece
of wood be fore cUll i ng .
When sanding, he is j ust ca reful to
keep his fingers away. '" always know
exactly where it's at," he said, adding '"
wo uldn' t tell the next blind guy to do this,
but it wo rks for me."
amed "Unseen Creations:' Reif s
wor ks wou ld be wort h having for their
beaut y alone, but as rem inders of what we
ca n accomplish if we choose to do so,
the ir value is imm easur able. ~

36 Popular Woodworking
PullOut Plans
Popular Woodworking #50
August/September 1989
Pages 37-52
, ,
, '\@, ,
, ,
'\ I ,
,. \
Rocky Duck ,,
Cutting List
Rough Size
Qty Part T W L Piece
2 A 1 2" 11 ' // 27" wings
1 B 1" die meter 13' /2" support rod
1 C 1'/2" 11 '/4" 17" seat
2 0 3/4" 11/ 2" ]3/,6" tail feathers
1 E 1' /2" 107/ s" 11 ' /4" head
1 F 3/4" di meter 63/4" handle
1 G '/2" 11 '// 105/S" seat back
1 H 1/2" 11 1/ " ]3/;
4 leg rest
1 I '/ 2" 11 ' // 7' /2" foot rest
leg rest
1 J 1'/2" 2'/ 4" 11 '// support

1 K 11/ 2" 2'/4" m; bumper

4 #12X 3'/2" flat head wood screws
2 #12 X 4" flat head wood screws
2 #10 X 2' /2" flat head wood screws
finish nails
~ ~ N f'- _ ..
-- --~.I

--:::;Dr;: Tr:l----+- _
~ hi I 1:-+----- - = film
~f' f -
I,~ I L'fY

~I i\
I \
I \
) II
, I

- IY "
J ~
)) co

( il

-------- ----I
/ /
/ /
/ /
/ /
----------/" / / ./.:_----
/ /
/ /
/ /
/ /
/ /
/ /
/ /
/ /
/ /
/ /
/ /
\' / ,, ,(

, , ,,
\ ,, ,,
\ "
\\ " ~,
\ "' ' \.
, , '\ ,
\ ~ "
\. \' , ,
,, ' "
\ -'
\ /f(D\/ . ,

'~-G)- J'
\ ' ' - - ':"";/
- - - - -
- - - - - - - - --
- - -
r - - - @----- -
r- -- --I -- -
I 1
1 -(f)- I
1 I
I 1
I @ I
- - - - -i I
I 1
C9 I
...i I
I I Center of Gravity
/ /1 I
,- / I 1
/ 1 I
/ 1 I
I -(f)- I
1 I
-- 1 1
-- Match Line
, -IN

\ \

-IN __
( \

I @
r )
) I
~ I I
~~ 1 I
~ -1 1- - - - - Center of Gravity
~ / I
/ I
/ 1 ' 1
.: I I I
I-()- 1
1 I 1
----,- I - - - Match Line
I 1
1 1
I 1
1 1
1 I
1 1
1 I
I 1
1 I
I 1
I 1
I 1
> I I
\ I

APopular Woodworking Project

by John A.Nelson
Our forefa thers were very imag inative when it came to the
design of wall shelves. Their sense of proport ion was superb,
and through the yea rs. the graceful and beaut iful lines of their
ea rly shelves have rem ained unsurp assed . Eve n tod ay. with o ur
computer-ass isted design ca pability, we have not imp roved
upon their lines and designs.
Th is ea rly shelf design , datin g from the eighteenth ce ntury,
was found in Maine. It is fairly small, and is per fec t for holding
a clock or other sma ll objec t. I was attrac ted to it becau se of its
smoo th, graceful lines. It ca n be made of any kind of wood. soft
or hard . Hard wood makes a more impressive project and can be
-g. finished much more beautifully.
Begin by transferr ing to wood the PuljOut" Plan s for the
it four pieces-two sides (A), one brace (B) and one shelf (C). Cut
3 out and sand the two sides together so they will be an exact pair.
~ After cutting out the brace. countersink two I/S" ho les in it for
L -1 ~ mounting the fini shed shelf on the wall.

Glue the brace to the notches in eac h

side piece and check to be ce rta in that all
pieces are sq ua re before the glue
sets.Once the shelf is glued and nailed .
c round the edge s very slightly with sand-
Prepare the proj ect for fini shin g by
sanding all over with a fine grade of
sandpaper. Stain the shelf, if you wish,
with a color of yo ur choice, and com-
plete it with any goo d grade of low- gloss
finish. Apply a coa t of paste wax. and
your shelf is no w rea dy for the next
cen t ury . ~
10111I A . N elson is a woo dwo rke r and the
author of 26 hooks . ineluding W ood w ork er 's
Jackp ot (lA B Books , Monterey Lane, Blu e
Ridge Summit, PA 172/4 ).

Colonial Shelf
Cutting List
Finished Size
'5 Qty Part T W L Piece
= 2 A 3/ "
a 43/, " rt; sides

See the PullOutT M Plans section for full-size patterns. i

c 1 B 3/a"
3/ "
2" 12" brace
L- _ 1 C a 5'/2" 14\" shelf

August/Septembe r 1989 53
APopular Woodworking Project

Rocky Duck by Howard V. French

Rocky Duck is a sturdy, inexpensive
and easy-to-ma ke riding toy that will
del ight the pre- school set. Exce llen t
rockin g surfaces are provided by the
curva ture of the wings. Two-by-twe lve
material makes for wide "tread" and easy
operati on on ca rpe ted floors . and also
eliminates any need for cross-brac ing
bet ween roc kers. The "tai l feathers" nea r
the wing tips prevent even the most
energe tic little rockers from tippi ng over
backw ard.
Sta rt the project by transferring to
wood the wing pattern from the full-scale
PullOuf l M Plans in the center of the
magazine. Cut out one wing (A) anduse it
as a pattern to lay out the other. Stack and
cla mp the two wings toget her secure ly.
15 and smooth them with a belt sander.
.!J: Since the left and right wings are
5'----,---,--::----,-.".----- - - - - -
: Howard V. French lives in Abeline, Texas
5- where he spends his tim e dreaming lip
Q woodworking project ideas.

Figure 1. Assembly Diagram

See the PullOuFM Plans section for full-size patterns . r-

'--- '~"
...J :J

54 Popu lar Woodworking

iden tica l until the holes are dril led. of abou t I ". Then turn the head ove r and the Pullfr ut" Plans: then g lue and
choo se the best surface of each for the follo w the pilot holes unt il throu gh . Th is finish-nail these pieces tog ether as a
outer sides. Drill I" holes to a dep th o f pro cedure lea ves a clean hole on both sub-assembly.
1-1/8" for installing the suppo rt rod (B) sides of the ma teri al. ext. attach the le ft win g to the se at
later. (A Forstner bit comes in handy Cut the se at (C) to the ro ug h with glue and two 3-1/2" screws . Chamfer
here .) T he n co unterbo re holes for the di men sion s in the cutting list, and bevel the ends of the suppo rt rod (B), apply g lue
3-1/2" flat head wood sc rews which will the back edge as show n in Figure I. After to one end. and insert it into the I" deep
later attac h the wings to the seat (C). Now rippi ng the be vel. cut the seat to its final hole yo u dr illed ea rlier in the left win g.
make the tail fea ther s (D) as sho wn in the shape (see Figur e 2). Align the head with ow fit the foo t rest and bumper
Pu ll'Out" Plans. To ensure that the the seat and counterb ore holes for two 4 " sub-assemb ly into place. With the leg rest
curved surfaces o f wi ng and tail fea ther flat head woo d sc rews . T he n fasten the (H) and the leg rest support (1) firm ly
pieces meet prec ise ly. lay a wing on the head o nto the seat. aga inst the botto m o f the sea t, co untersin k
stoc k. trace the curve and cut. Align the Round both ends of the handle (F) and holes for 2 - 1/2" woo d sc rew s throug h (1)
ce nterlines of the tai l and wing pieces and insta ll it throu gh the head piece as shown and into (C). App ly g lue to the mati ng
attach the ta ils with g lue and a finish nail in Fig ure I. Lay out and cut the seat back surfaces and ins tall the sc rew s.
throu gh each. (G) from 1/2" plywood and sc rew and glue Apply glue to the remaining e nd of the
ex t, lay out the patt ern for the head it to the seat. s uppo rt rod and install the right wing.
(E) from the PuljOut" Plan s and cut it Cu t the leg rest (H) and the foot rest (I) T he n dr ive two sma ll fini sh nai ls throug h
out. Locate and dri ll 1/8" pilot ho les from 1/2" plyw ood and bevel the back the foot rest and into the support rod .
throu gh fo r the eye and for the handl e (F). edg e of the leg rest. Whil e the saw blade Sand all ex posed corners and fini sh
Foll o w the pil ot holes with a I" paddle is tilted, rip the edge of the leg rest support the completed assembly as desired.
blade bit for the eye and a 3/4" paddl e piece (1) to the ang le show n in Figure I. Rock y Duck is now read y for ye ars of
blade bit for the handle. drilling to a depth Make the bumper (K) fro m the pattern in fai thful service. ~

Rocky Duck
Figure 2. Dimensions of the seat
Cutting List
Rough Size
Qty Part T W L Piece
2 A 1' /2" 111/ 4" 27" wings

1 B 1" diemeter 13' /2" support rod 2" R

holes for attach ing head
1 C 1'/2" 11 '/4" 17" seat

3/. " 1' /2" 73/ , 6" tail feathers

1' /2" 107/ 8" 11'/4" head 11 ' /4"

-- -------- ----- - -- -4w-
.:.t./ ---- -1tu---
<I,' -
-+1 ' /2"

1 F 3/
4" di meter 63/ 4" handle
1 G '/ 2" 11' /4" 105/ 8" seat back
1 H '/2" 11' /; 73/." leg rest
1 I '/2" 11' /; 71/ 2" foot rest
leg rest
1 J 1\ " 2'/; 11' /; support

1 K 1' /2" 21/; ' 73/ 8" bumper

- - - -7"- - ---
- - - - - - - -17"
L3 "-"0+1.....-
4" ---i
4 #12 X 3'/2" flat head wood screws
2 #1 2 X 4" flathead wood screws
2 #10 X 2' /2" flat head wood screws
finish nails

August/Septembe r 1989 55
Ma/(f a Pirate Chest
Screw th e sides tu th e ends, and fill the holes with plugs.
by Warre n Asa
Eve n as a boy I liked pi rate ches ts. I had no gre at interest in
things nautical , but a pirate ches t had such rakis h angles and
c urves with rea l !lair that I found them thin gs of wo ndro us
beauty . Wh y pirates hit on thi s unique design I have never
kno wn . Perh aps the sha pe adde d streng th or discouraged stac k-
ing, or perhaps pirates had a greater apprecia tion of aest hetics
than we im agin e. I made Illy first pirate ches t some yea rs ago and
liked the wa y this useful ches t dominated a roo m and becam e an
instant co nversa tion piece. Making one is rather a diffe rent so rt
of project, but it' s goo d so lid woodw or king throughout, so if yo u
like that you will enjo y making on e.
The chest show n und er co ns truction here was made o f red
oak that had been sa wn and planed to 1-1/4" X 5 ". You can use
any cabinet-g rade woo d that yo u hav e or ca n acq uire. Now.
don 't do yo ur sho pping fro m the cutting list, j ust ge t 37 board
feet of 6/4 materi al, and ge t it in len gth s that arc multiples of30"
so you 'll have ex tra len gth for trimming. O f co urse you don 't
have to build yo ur pirate ches t thi s size . Cons ide r a smaller one
for a child's toy box or an eve n smaller one for jewelry. If yo u
ma ke a larger one, I sugges t it be for a big room becau se a pirate
ches t can see m to take ove r a roo m.
Most of the co nstruction isjust butt join er y but the curved lid
is a little trick y. Not that it' s all that difficul t; itj ust requi res so me
acc urate mea surem ent s and sa wing , and some planin g and
Warren A.l'a has beell wlu'lIlillg and woodcrafting since his
scouting days. lie specializes in native A merican folk craft .

56 Popular Wood working

....,..,,,.,,...~-------------. -g. r------------------------,
Figure 2. Key Dimensions


L t

trim ends
to compensate
for saw kerf


L .--0-t--
IL _ _
- --'----'---+ r
riP bottom
to be flush
with the ends

See the PullOuFM Plans section for full-size patterns.

Determine the width and the angle of the bevel by measuring fro m
your actual end piece.

scraping to smoo th down the finished product. The key to Dress the panels and cut them to length , and while that stop
de signin g a pirate ches t is to make a full- size template of the end is set up, cut the materi al for the lid to length , too. Cut more than
piece in ca rdboard; yo u' ll find a pattern for this in the PultOut" you think yo u will need because there is some waste invo lved in
Plan s sec tion in the ce nter of the magazine. Thi s size end piece makin g the lid.
will be appro priate for chests that are from 28" to 34" long. To rip the panels to width set your table sa w blade to 78 , or
Start the ac tua l co nstruction by gluing up the pane ls for the better yet, the ac tual slope of your fin ished end pieces (on paper
ends (A), sides (8), and bottom (C). Your end panel (A) ca n be they're 78; what are they in reality?). Rip o ne edge of the
quit e a bit shorte r than the length given in the cutting list if you bottom panel (C), then tum it end for end and rip it to the width
alte rna te the layout of the pattern as shown in Figure I. Use a that matches the bottom of your end piece (see Figure 2).
port able circ ular saw to cut the sloped sides of the end pieces, Use the same blade angle to trim one edge of eac h side panel
then band saw the top profile. Finish-shape the two pieces as one (B). Measure the width you need to go fro m the rim of the box
unit , so they wi ll both be the same . When yo u cut the lid portion dow n over the bottom , and flip these pieces over to rip to that
from the en d, yo u' ll need to trim a bit fro m its ends to acco unt final width. You want both edges parallel. Rip the-two lid sides
for the saw kerf (see Figure 2.) (D) to width in the same manner.

You can use clamp s to hold the fi rst several strips, after that you 'll
need to screw them to each other and to the ends.

Figure 1. Flip the pattern end-for-end to use

less wood.

August/Sep tem ber 1989 57

Cut each pair of strips to match the situation and rough-shape Some of the tools used for shaping the lid, clockwise from the top:
their bottoms to fit the curv e of th e ends. a scorp, a spokeshave, a spoon- bottom carving plane ,
and a bench plan e.
Use a scorp, a carving plane or just a gouge to smooth the concav e surf aces, and follow up with a curved scraper.


58 Popul ar W oodwork ing

the edge of the strip as close to it as yo u ca n. Then ju st take a
Pirate Chest
plane to the bottom of the board and shape the ends to fit the
Cutting List curve. Don't worry about round ing the who le len gth of either
surface at this point; ther e will be plent y of time for that. Ju st get
Rough Size
the edge s to fit pretty good , and shape the str ips as need ed .
Qty Part T W L Piece At this point you run into one of the odd thin gs abo ut makin g
1 A 11/ 4" 21 " 32" end panel
the lid, namely that when yo u clamp these wedge-s haped pieces
the y have a tendency to creep. Clamps can help with this for a
2 B 11/ 4" 14" 29" side panels while. I continue to sa w, glue and clamp in this mann er until the
1 C 11/ 4" 11 " 29" bottom panel clamping becomes diffi cult . At that point , I use fla t head woo d
screws to fasten each subsequent strip to the piece next to it.
2 0 11/ 4" 41/ 2 " 29" lid sides
[Editor' s Note: For best results, attach a single strip in the
20 E 11/ 4" 2" 29" lid strips center and work your way down both sides to meet the strips
you've already applied.)
1 F 11/ 4" 11/ 2" 23" handle
Build up the entire lid always striving for tight joints. Wh en
Supplies you finish this gluing, the top is prett y rou gh lookin g; lots of
elbow grease will be called for to work it do wn. At the very apex
2 3" butt hinges
of the lid is a convex curv e which ca n be tackl ed with spokes have
2 brass handles and block plane. On each side, however , is a co ncave c urve
1 roll top desk lock set
which requires an entirely different approach . My favorite tool
for this is a spoon-bottom carving plane (see the so urce list at the
Sources end ). Thi s small tool can be used with one or two hand s and
Spoon-BottomCarving Plane #OBJ03 or
allows you to sculpt ju st the curve yo u want. It provides yo u with
100'/, Hollowing Plane #02831 from:
Woodcraft Supply Corp. the freedom of cut of a gou ge but with the co ntro lled cu t of a
P. O. Box 4000 Dept. PW89 plane. A hollowing plane will also work. Lackin g eithe r of these,
Woburn, MA 01888 a large gouge, scorp, or small, curved adze would see m the bes t
Brass Handles # 06902 and bet. Curved spokes haves are of no value becau se the handl es ge t
Roll Top Desk Lock Set #06804 from: in the way. Do the final work on the lid with curve d and straig ht
The Woodworkers' Store
21801 Industrial Blvd., Dept. PW scrapers. Naturally, all of the curves are j ust the re verse when
Rogers, MN 553749514 you work on the underside of the chest lid.
Sand the outside of the chest, and fasten the hinges and lock .
Sand the ins ide surfaces of these pieces before you asse mble I used 3" butt hinges. Because of the ang le on the front panel you
the chest. I fastened it all together with 3" round head shee t metal may have to be a bit crea tive to make yo ur lock mech ani sm fit.
screws, and of course , glue. The screw head s were recessed 1/2" On this che st I rever sed the lock and catch plate. I also drill holes
in 1/2" diam eter hol es. I filled the holes with black walnut plu gs for the handle hardware at this time but don 't fas te n it until afte r
because I like the co lor co ntrast betwe en the dark wood and the the fini sh is applied. All of the fittings on thi s ches t are standard
oak. Use any conveni ent spacing. commercial hardware in brass. The larger pir ate ches t sho wn in
Assemble the lid frame consisting of the lid sides (D) and the one of the photos has c ustom- made hard ware of black stee l.
two c urved-top ends , with glue and scre ws. Make sure this If you use a hasp to lock your chest it provid es a co nve nient
fram e is square or at least lines up with the box . handle to raise the lid, but this design utili zes a built- in key lock .
Now comes the fun part of buildin g a pirat e che st. Con struct - So the que stion I faced was how to lift the lid. I so lved it in a way
ing the c urved lid is a true woodwo rker's challenge, but don 't be that doe sn 't alter the raki sh lines. I added a strip of oak partway
intimidated becau se it is not that tricky. Think eac h step through acro ss the front of the lid. Thi s strip was left over from mak ing
before you act, measure twice before yo u cut, and yo u will be the keystone piec es for the lid. I ca rved a groove on the lower
OK. side to provide a good fin ger grip. It works quite we ll and is not
My approach to fo rm ing the lid is to view it as a complex obtru sive, but a bra ss handle on either side wo uld have do ne the
arch. Th e key to buildin g an arch from an arch itectural point of job equally well.
view is a keystone and so I make a series of keyston e- shaped I finished this ches t with Dani sh oi l, but yo u ca n decide what
pieces to cover the ches t top. After makin g my first chest, I fini sh you prefer. The larger chest was finished with polyur e-
wond ered if perhaps I was doin g thin gs the hard way. I thou ght thane . The final jobs were attachin g the handl es and esc utcheo n
abo ut preshaping piece s for the lid like barr el staves , or of plate for the keyhole, and attac hing a cord to keep the lid from
build ing up the top with very thin strips. But after serious con - opening too far. If your chest is as large as this one , be sure to use
sideration, I rejected all of these as being impractical forthi s job. heavy-duty handles. I also put a layer of cedar in the bott om for
I measure the angle for the first piece, set the table saw and arom a and moth prot ect ion.
cut two pieces-t-one for eac h side . I rough-shape the bottoms of The days of the pirate were long ago and, happil y, their needs
these pieces to fit the curve of the ends, and then glue and clamp have largely been forgotten ; but they did leave us one positi ve
them in place. legacy, their unusual chests. If you want to share in this bequ est,
Th e sec ret is to eye ball the angle with your T- bevel, and rip this is the project for you. ~

August/September 1989 59
APopular Woodworking Project

A Sleek Mahogany Table Set

by Hugh Foster
Honduras mahogan y lend s itself well
to the simple, clean lines of man y co ntem-
pora ry furniture pieces, such as th is e le-
gant coc ktail table/end table se t. I chose
the wood not o nly for this rea son , but also
becau se it was ava ilable in wide plank s,
which enabled me to make all the table
tops from a sing le piece of 20 "-wide )
stock. If yo u ca n' t get material this wide,
you' ll need to glue up rand om widths to
make yo ur top s. Of co urse , yo u ca n make
the tables fro m wa lnut. mapl e, or any
species yo u like. They're designed to
emp hasize the natural beaut y of the wood
itself, unhindered by orna te detail s. Also,
the simple design enables yo u to eas ily
alter the length, width , and height to suit
Hugh Foster is a part -time furni ture
dcsignerlbuilder ill Manit owoc,
Wiscoll silllllld the author af T he Biscu it
Jo iner Handbook (Sterling Publishing
Co . , 38 7 Park A " 1'1/111' So uth, New York.
NY / 00/6 ).

1 16"

Figure 1. The Shape of the Top
60 Popul ar Woodworking
your particular need s. to 1- 1/4" thick X 20 " wide X 52" lon g. If
When I made the tabl es shown here, I you start with rough 5/4 " stock , the thi ck-
had ju st acquired an antique beading ness after plan ing will be slightly less.
plane, which I used to pro vide some vis- Thi s is okay , but try to kee p ma terial loss
ual interest to the aprons. Individual tastes to a minim um. If you don 't have a planer
differ , how ever, so you ma y not want to wide enough to surface the face s (few of
add the beading, or you might even want us do) have it done by your lum ber dealer

\ . to add oth er detail s of your own.

The Cocktail Table
or a local cabi net shop. The top for the end
tabl e is mille d to the same basic width and
To make the top for the cocktail tabl e, thick ness as that of the cocktai l table. If
yo u' ll need a pan el that is cut and surface d yo u're makin g the co mp lete set (with one
j Figure 2. The Apron to Leg Joint

a 1" ~
; ~~ I -

'" .z'"
_ _ _ __ _ __ __ ~ ...JQ

August/Sept em ber 1989 61

or two end tables), just buy a longer piece
of top material and cut all the tops from it.
Thi s not only saves time and money, but
assur es a clo ser match in wood color and
grain pattern.
Once yo u' ve milled the top (A) to
rou gh size, taper the sides. as shown in
Figure 1. Although the initial width is 20",

~ 2"
/ "
the fini shed top will measure 18" wide in
the center, tape ring down to 16" wide at
each end. The ex tra margin not only fa-
c ilitates cutting the taper, but also
matches the widt h of the end table tops. if

I you 're mak ing these from the same stock.
The best method for cutting the tapers is to
@ use a portab le circular saw with a straight-
edge clamped to the work.
Pla ne and sand the sides and ends of
the top to remove saw marks. Nex t, de-

Cocktail Table
'133/ 8 "
Cutting List
Finished Size
19' / 2 "
Qty Part T W L Piece
1 A 1'/4' 20" " 52" top
4 B 2" 2" 133/ 8' legs
2 C 3/: 23/ 4' 401/ 4' side aprons
2 D 3/
4" 23/ 4' 123/4" end aprons
4 E 15/ 8' 15/ 8" 6" corner braces

-I I I.. Supplies
1" 8 table clips with screws
16 #10 X 1\ " flat head wood screws

-I I I.. 4 furniture glides

Figure 3. Mortise Layout on Legs 1" "Finished width after cutting tapers will be 18".
See text.

62 Popul ar Woodworking
cide whic h side will be the top surface,
then place the tabletop bott om side-up on Figure 5. Installing the Crossbrace
your bench and bev el both end s, as shown
in Figure I. I used a drawknife and spoke-
shave to rough-cut the 3" bevel s, then
smoothed the beve lled surface with a
plane and cabinet scraper.
Flip the top back over , and use a cabi-
net scraper to remove mill mark s from the
surface. On thi s project , I found that I o
didn't need to sand the top ; after scraping, @
I scrubbed it with its own shavings, bur-
nishin g the surface until it literally shone. g
I then appli ed a coat of medium- walnut .

Watco Dani sh Oil , followed by six coat s ~
of natural Watco, and finally, a good ~
waxin g. I started my fin ishin g schedule .9

for the top before building the base be- ,g~
ca use the top required additional coat s to L . . . - - - - ---!._ _---"'-- .!-. ---I

build up a durabl e fini sh. on each side . usin g most of the same proce d ures de-
To mak e the base , cut the legs (B) to Disassemble the table and apply a coat scribed for the coc kta il tabl e-mortise
size indic ated in the cutting list, then mark of medium walnut Watco oil to the base. and tenon join ery, tapering the legs, ap-
and cut mortises for the aprons as shown Rea ssemble and apply two or thre e coats plying an oil finis h, and so-forth. On e
in Figure 2. Ne xt, tap er the legs, as sho wn of natural Watco to the entire tabl e. Note major difference is the addi tion of a
in Figure 3. You can c ut the tapers on a that the initial coat of medium walnut o il dra wer and the e limi nation of the co mer
tab le sa w, using a simple taper ji g. If yo u yo u applied to the top and base simulates blocks to allow clearan ce for the dr awer.
don 't have a taper ji g, now is a good time the deep , rich appearanc e of mahogan y Th e height of these tabl es is 20-1 /2", but I
to mak e one (yo u ' ll find instruct ions in dark ened with age, wh ich it will do natu - stro ng ly sugges t that yo u adj ust it
the Jun e/Jul y 1986 issue of Popular rall y after a period of time, anyway. After (length en or shor ten the legs) to accom-
Woodw orking ). Aft er cutting the tapers, the final oil coat is dry, appl y a good paste modat e the height of the arm rests on yo ur
plane and scrape or sand the legs to re- wa x, and your table is read y to grace the sofa or easy cha ir.
move an y saw mark s or other surface livin g room . C ut the top (F) to size, smo oth to
defects. Matching End Tables remove mill mark s, and break any sharp
Now, cut the aprons (C and D) to the To mak e the end tables, yo u' ll be edges with sandpaper. As with the cock -
sizes indicated in the cutting list. Th e (;r - - - - - - - -- - - - - -- - -- - - -- - - - - -- - - -- ---,
len gth includes I " at both ends to allow 5
for tenon s. Mark and cut the tenons, then ~'"
test them for fit in the morti sed legs. Mak e
any needed adjustments for a perfect fit
(the top side of the tenoned aprons should
be flush with the top of the legs), then
scrape or sand the aprons smooth. Now is
also the time to add any decor ative fea -
ture s to the aprons, such as the beading I
put on mine. You sho uld also cut a kerf at
1/2" frum the top ed ges of the aprons for
the tabletop fasteners (see the list of sup-
Glu e and clamp the base assembl y
togeth er (see Figure 4 ). A framin g clamp
facilitates thi s nicely . Before you attac h
the top , cle an up an y g lue squeeze-out on
the base, sand or scrape it smooth, and
burni sh with wo od shavings. Cut and
insta ll the four co rne r braces (E) to the
base, as shown in Figure 5. Then, car e- The finished drawe r f ront is wider
full y position the base on the underside of tha n the apron s to create a lip
the top , and attac h it with tablet op fasten- for pu lling open the drawer.
ers and screws , two on eac h end and two

August/September 1989 63
Figure 6. The Drawer Support Structure

tail table, start yo ur finishing sc hedule o n the base and attach it. End Table
before building the base. Cut the legs (G) No w, measure and cut the drawer
to size, then cut 1/2" X 1/2 " X 3" long supports (L), and attach them to the bot- Cutting List (for one)
morti ses in the legs to accept the back tom edge of the filler strips with glue and Finished Size
apron (H) and side aprons (I ) as show n in finish nails. Make sure the tops of the
Figure 6. Next, c ut a 1/2" wide X I" long supports are perfectl y flush with that of aty Part T W L Piece
stop--dado, 1/2" deep to acc ept the front the front support (1), so the drawer will 1 F 1' /4 " 20" 28" top
draw er support (1). Th e bottom surface of rest squarely on all three.
4 G 2" 2" 191/ 2" legs
the dado should be exac tly 3" below the Next, cut the draw er sides (M) and
top of the leg. Mark and cut the leg tapers ends (N) to size and cut the 1/4" X 1/4" 1 H 1" 3" 14'/2" back apron
as sho wn in Figure 3 usin g yo ur tapering grooves in them to acce pt the plywood 2 I 1" 3" 24" side aprons
j ig on the table saw. Cut the ten on s on the bott om (0). Cut the bottom to allow a
e nds of the aprons (Figure 6), and bead the slight amount of mov ement in the frame front drawer
1 J 1/ "
2 1" 14' /2"
edges. (do not glue it in place, or the drawer may
Test- fit the base assembl y and make warp or stick). You ca n either assemble 2 K 3/ "
21/2" 23" filler strips
any needed adjustme nts, then glue and the drawer fram e with simple butt joint s,
clamp the base together (see Figur e 7). usin g glue and fin ish nail s, or, if you 2 L 1// 13/ 4" 23" side drawer
After the glue has dried , cle an off any have a router and dovetail jig, with
2 M 1// 2' // 20" drawer sides
squeeze -out and sand or scra pe smooth. half-blind do veta ils. If you do the
Flip the base upside-down on yo ur bench latter, adj ust the lengths of the pieces to 2 N ' / 2" 2' /4 " 123/ 8" drawer ends
and measure the distan ce bet ween the co mpensa te for the dovetails. Cut the 1 0 1// 12 3/ "
193/ 8" drawer bottom
front and back legs at the side apro ns. Cut finished front (P) to size and ap ply it
filler strips (K) to fit between the legs, and to the draw er so it clears the underside of 1 p 1" 3' /2" 133/ 8" finished
drawer front
plane Ih em 10 a thickn ess that makes them the tabletop by abo ut 1/8 ". The ove rhang
flush with the legs ' inside co rne rs. Th e at the bottom will enabl e yo u to ope n the Supplies
bottom edges of these strips sho uld line drawer without knob s or pulls.
8 table clipswithscrews
up with the top ed ge of the front draw er Appl y fini sh to the end table and
support (J) so that the side dra wer sup- drawer face, following the same pro ce- 4 furniture glides
port s (L) will be flush. Cut the groo ves for dur es as for the cocktail table. As a final Sources
the table iron s in these filler strips; the touch , you can add furn iture fee t to the Table Clips #09500 and
draw er sides will ride low enough to clear bott om of the legs (see the list of sup- Furniture Glides #C1724 from:
the table iron s. G lue the strips to the side plies). If you've made two end tables, yo u The Woodworkers' Store
21801 Industrial Blvd., Dept. PW
aprons, flush with the apron top. Aft er the now have a hand som e se t to arrange Rogers. MN 553749514
glue has dried, carefully position the top around your favorit e co uch. ~

64 Pop ular Woodw orkin g

Figure 7. Assembly of the End Table

August/September 1989 65
Carved Screen
by Amy D. Shojai I mad e my sc ree n out of one by twelve Th e de sign may be as simple or intri -
Thi s fold ing wood sc ree n is co m- knott y pine she lving plank s with dim en - cate as yo ur ima gination des ires . Th e
prised of six ind ividu all y ca rve d and sions 01'3/4" X 11-1/4" X 54". T he kn ots pattern s in Figures I and 5 are provided
hinged panels that po rtray , on one side , a are incorporat ed in the design, ac ting ju st to get yo ur creative jui ces flowing;
stylized fruit tree and on the other, a alon g with the agate stones as the many you 'll have to cu stomize them to acc om-
peacock in full di spl ay. Agate stones hav e eyes of the bird feather s on one side and modate the knots in your wood . Ali gn the
been mounted in the sc ree n for "eyes" of the tree ' s fruit, knot s, and burl s on the plank s on a large work space , and , with an
the peacock feath ers on one side, while oth er. If yo u choose such woo d, dra w eye to the size and po sition of the knot s,
shining through as " fru it" of the tree on yo ur design to give yo u as little carv ing of pencil in the de sign . Rem ember that when
the othe r. the knots as possibl e since the wood in carv ed eac h individual plank mu st full y
these places is of unpredi ctabl e grain and align with the next. Th e pen cil lines will
A my D. Shojai is a woodcarver and writer den sit y. be ca rve d away so , at this stage, keep the
living in Sherman . Texas .

66 Popular Woodworking
de sign simple. Detail should be add ed
The first stage is roughing out the
design by cutting an outline and then
removing the " background." For useful
information on this and every stage . read
William H. McMaster' s "R elie f Carving:
An Introduction" (Popular Woodwork -
ing #39. October/November 1987).1 used
a very basic co llec tion of carving tool s
including a straight blad e knife. a chise l.
shallow and deep gouges. and a V-tool.
Use the straight blade to outline the entire
desig n. Cut at an angle. leanin g the handl e
of the kn ife toward the de sign . Then cut a
second o utline. parallel to the first with
the blad e handle tilted away from the
design . T his procedure sho uld result in a
thin. wedge-shaped groove completely
outlining the pattern.
Now. keeping in mind that the deeper ~
the backgrou nd. the more contrast the i '''' '
Figure 1. Make the knots in your material the fruit in the design.


~ L- -' L --' '-- -' L JL ---1'-- --.J

Augusl/Scptembcr 1989 67
~/~ Figure 3.
Carve clusters of leaves as
receding layers.

Figure 2. The three stages

of shaping a surface.

carving will sho w, decid e what porti on s

of the design will stand out the furth est.
Thi s sec tion sho uld be atta cked first, or
later the ca rv ing may need to proceed
nearl y through the woo d in order to ga in
the right co ntras t. You want to "boas t" the
high areas by rou gh ing down the low
I ca rve d the trunk and branches of the
tree first , incorporating the ex isting grain
and idiosyncrasie s of the plank right into
the design. Knots in the plank becam e
knots and fruit of the tree; grain in the
plank was ex aggerated and stylized, be-
co ming gna rled limb s and bran ches. Af-
ter using the stra ight blad e to outl ine .my
portions of the trunk not roughed o ut
previou sly, round and smoo th the ove ra ll
tree shape (see Figure 2). Then add indi-
vidua l burl s and details- again, by
roughing first and then round ing and
smoo thing. Use this same roughing,
round ing and smoo thing routine throu gh -
out the project.
Ca rving the leaves of the tree is very
simple and rep etiti ve, yet when finished
they look ex treme ly impressive. At first
they are nothing more than .ro ughed o ut
ci rcular areas where individual leaves
will later be formed. Each circle is
rounded and smoothed to a co nvex
mound whose edges see m to " disa ppea r"
into the plank. Leav es are then pencil ed
in, starting a lways at the high est point of
the mound and und erlapping as yo u pro-
ceed out to the edges of the circle (see
Fig ure 3) .

68 Popul ar Wood wo rking

Figure 4. Use the V-tool to detail the feathers.

Figure 5. The knots and the agates are the "eyes" in the feathers.

August/September 1989 69
f -- - -' Q

Usin g the straight blad e. cut a protec- the sha llow go uge ve ry carefully. peacock fea ther eyes while show ing
tive outlining groove (a stop-c ut) around T he sweeping tail feathers are layered thro ugh o n the othe r side as sty lized
the top-most leaf. Round and smooth the m uch the same as the leaves (sec Fig ure apples . Stained g lass ca n also be used , or
next underl ying leaves so that the high est 4). Pencil simple oblong sha pes onto the the wood itself w ill do j ust fine.
leaf app ears to stand out from the mound . woo d, crossing to adjacent plan ks to en- Th e co mplete d panels hinge in an ac-
Continue with the imm ediatel y und erly- ha nce the illusion wh ile be ing careful to cordi on fas hion so that the screen ma y be
ing lea ves. deciding which is topmost kee p the plank s and d rawings lined up and fo lded for easy mov em ent. Depending on
and cutting protective groo ves aro und it. true. Once the oblongs are roughed in the design , the six pan els co uld also be
Each time the gro ove is ca rve d, the next wi th the straight blad e and rou nded hin ged in two three-panel sec tions. I
underl yin g le a f is round e d a nd smooth, ca rve a ce nter quill in eac h. Ac- stai ned the kn ott y pine to a cherry finish,
smoo thed---only then is its own stop-cut comp lish this by cutting alo ng eac h side wiping off the first coat with a clean ,
carved . Onc e all the c ircles of leaves are of the quill with the V-tool when wo rking lint-free c loth, allow ing the deepl y
completed, eac h indiv id ua l leaf may be with the grain, or by cutting two para lle l carved recesses to reta in more of the stain.
scored down the middl e with the V-tool o utlines with the straig ht blade whe n Th is crea tes all effective co ntrast and adds
to create a vein or stem, g iving furth er wo rking agai nst the grain. to the appea rance of depth in the carving.
detail and texture to the finis hed carv ing. Ca ref ully smoo th the line of the q uill Finish the wood before inst allin g the ag-
Carve the peaco ck by following the and round the bod y of the feathe r down to ates . I anchored them in their pre-carved
same pro cedure. C ut a protect ive groove meet it before carving the ma ny met icu - inset s with ce ram ic tile ce ment.
that outlines the bird first. Rou gh out the lou s parall el grooves with the V-tool. T he Since its size, compos ition and fini sh
back ground and smooth it; then deter- eyes of the peacock fea thers sho uld be left can be determined in ad van ce to comple-
min e th e topm o st porti on -th e alone, whethe r o r not they co inc ide wi th ment ex isting interi or design , the decora-
peacock ' s head and neck-and carve and knots. tive ca rve d sc reen can mak e an attractive
round it appropriately. I achi ev ed an in- Fo r acce nt, ca rve inset s through the and dramati c woode n acce ssory for virtu-
terestin g "feather" texture here by using plank s to hold agat es. which then se rve as ally an y roo m. ~

70 Popular Woodworking
by William H. McMaster anima ls. Some of them carved a
In this artic le we will round out yo ur co llectio n of large se lection of anima ls, while
carouse l anima ls by giv ing yo u a few pattern s for others on ly offered the lion
men ager ie anima ls. With the increasing popularity of and tiger-the favo rites wi th
the carouse l, the figures eve ntually began to incl ude the ridi ng publ ic. The
anima ls other than the horse. Although the horse carvers often used his-
was by far the most popular, most manufacturers torical sc ulpture for their
(exce pt Stein and Go ldstein) offered mena gerie model s. Mu ell er used
the pro cession al lions
William H. McMaster is Chief of the Education
Di vision of the California Carvers' Guild. on the Lion Wall of the
His "Focus Oil Carving" is 6th Century BC Babylonian
a regularfeature ill palace of Dariu s I. The lion s
PW .
ca rve d by
~ Loo ff a re

\ llt'~ s imi lar to
the six lion s
ca rryi ng s uppo rt
pill ars fo r
th e o rna te
pulpit of the
13th Century
Ca the d ra l at
Ravello, Italy. Many Dent zel
lions are co mparable to the tradi -
tional standing lion used in heraldic pageantry and co mmo n on
many coats of arm s.
Th e lion was traditionally placed on the outs ide row
Full- Size Pattern with his natural pre y (ostrich, deer. giraffe, zebra) mounted
on the inner row s ju st ahead ofhim to sim ulate his stalking
of the weaker animals as the caro use l revol ved. Th e tigers
were generally placed on the opp osite side of the carouse l from
the lion to indicate that these two predators do not share the same

August/Se ptember 1989 71

habit at.
Men ageri e anima ls first appea red on Europ ean caro use ls
" during the late 18th ce ntury and became popul ar in
-..........:::::::-,J1_~ Am erica after their intro duc tion by Charles Loo ff in
187 6. Wh en Ch arl es I.D. Loo ff arrive d from Denmark in
1870 at age 18, he was cha lle nged by immi gration offic ials to
give a middl e nam e as a positiv e " ID." No t having one, he re-
so urcefully told them that his middle initi als were " I.D." On ce
in Ameri ca he began wo rking as a woodca rve r in a furn iture
fact ory and carved ca rouse l animals at hom e in his spare tim e.
He was ve ry successful and soon began carv ing carousel anima ls
full tim e. In 1910 he moved his fac tory to Ocean Park , CA, and
laterto Lo ng Beach . His carouse l in Lon g Beach was recentl y re-
stored and is now ope rating fo r the enjoyme nt of all.
T he most popul ar men agerie animals we re carve d by
Dent zel, and his carvers ac hieved a great deal of real ism whil e
producin g thei r fant asy fig ures. How ev er , when the Mu eller
broth er s left the co mpa ny in 1907 , Dentzel stopped produ cin g
menageri e anim als.
Here we present two patterns fronm Dent ze/ : the ca t and the
giraffeand also the came l produced by the Phil adelphia Tobog-
gan Company. For referen ce photos of the or iginal carved ani-
mals, yo u ca n use the fo llo wing three book s: The Art of the
Caro usel. by Cha rlo tte Din ger, shows a picture of the head of
the cat and its paws on page 6 1, the g iraffe on page 64 , and
the came l on page 144 . Th e second book is The Encyclo pe-
dia of Collectibles (Buttons to Chess Sets) by Tim e-Li fe
Books. In this book the ca t is on pa ge 43, and the giraffe on page
69. A goo d reference for the ca me l is again shown on page 80 of
Painted Ponies by William Manns and Peggy Shan k. These ref-
erences will help yo u with both the carving and the paint ing of
these figures. It' s go od to learn to use photograph s as referen ces
whil e you ca rve . For co ntinuing information on caro usels and
carousel animals, yo u might wa nt to subsc ribe to the qu arterl y
magazine, Caro usel Art (P .O. Box 992 , Garden Grove, CA
Before yo u start carving, it is es pec ially help ful to first mak e
a clay mod el of the head , so yo u have a ve ry goo d idea of how
it is form ed . T he main charm of these fantasy anima ls is in the
faces, so that is where yo u sho uld spe nd most of your effort.
I placed the hold ing tab s for the ca me l and giraffe on the
bottom o f the two hind fee t as sho wn in Fig ure I . When working
on the animals, leave the carving of the hind legs until the end.
You don 't wa nt to break these hind legs. Wh en the tab is re-
moved , yo u can hold the anima ) in a vise bet ween two pieces of
hard spo nge to protect the ca rvi ng yo u have already done.
Dentzel Cat
Th e firs t carouse l ca t wa s created by Sa lvatore Ce rn igl iaro,
an immi grant from Sicil y. who was one of Dent zel ' s mo st
talented carvers. Eve ry Dent zel ca t had some small anima l in its
mouth representing its newl y ca ught prey. Th is pre y was usuall y
either a bird or a fis h, and in our patt ern we use the fis h. Th e head
of the caught an imal was alw ays fac ing the left side , away from
the outside of the ca rouse l, to spare the onloo ker of looking di-
rectl y at the dead anima l.
Figure 1. Holding Tabs Th e ca t in thi s pattern has a rea listic bod y ca rved in a running
pose. Use the phot ograph s referred to above and those that
acc ompan y this articl e to guide yo ur ca rv ing . Fi gur e 2 gives
eng ineeri ng-style views of the ea t's head to help you with this

72 Popular Woodworking
0' - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - --,




Figure 2. Details of the eat's head

most import ant part . The value of this style of pattern is that it
makes sure that all views are consistent with o ne another. Thi s
is acco mplished by the guide lines drawn to each prominent
feature. Th e side and front views are coo rdi nated through the use
of a reflec tion line. The views can then be co nside red to lie on
three sides of a rect angul ar block. You would do well to first
block out the wood to this shape before starting to carve. Then ,
by first rem oving the shaded areas as shown in Figure 3, yo u can
ge t the co rrec t sha pe of the head. I find that whenever I ca rve
heads of any kind , this method produces the best res ults. Do the
ot her anima ls in the same fas hion.
Since the ca t is in a suspe nded pose, it is the only one of this
set that req uires a po le for support. Locate the ea t's holding tab
behind the pole, and remember to dri ll a hole for the pole once
the wood has been bandsawed and before you beg in carvi ng.
The body is textured using a sma ll U-tool to simulate fur. It
is useful to shape the cutting edge of this go uge as a bull- nose
to give better control in the scoo ping motion used in texturing.
Also, in order to get clean cuts, the tool m ust be super sharp.
Keep it polished on an 800D-grit water stone with stro kes par-
allel to the cutting edge.
Dentzel Giraffe
Our giraffe patte rn is of an early versio n of a Dent zel outside
stander which was carved in 1895. It is real istically posed with
its head lifted high as though it was abo ut to graze on the leaves
of a tall tree. The origi na l giraffe stands approx imately six feet
Figure 3. Blocking out the eat 's head
tall and is the largest animal on the caro use l. It is now in the
Charlo tte Dinger co llec tion, one of the finest in the country.

August/Septembe r 1989 73
Fig ure 4 gives you three views of the head. In this case we
have cha nged the orientation of the front view so that you ca n see
more of how the fea tures are shaped. Note the way the reference
lines and the reflection line are positi on ed for this changed view.
As you ca n see, this meth od of creating pattern s is very versat ile.
The protrudin g ears are ve ry delica te, and you must be ca re-
ful not to brea k them off while ca rving. Su pport them with the
fingers of yo ur left han d whi le ca rving with the go uge in the

with only one hand .

Toboggan Company
right. I find that the penc il- grip sty le of go uge works best fort his
type of carving since it is very versa tile when carvin

This co mpany was fo unded
by Henr y Auchy an d Ches ter Al-
bright in 1903. Th eir carousels are
know n for the ir su- perb craftsmansh ip
and design. T hey ca rve d ma ny armored
horse s w hic h we re adorn ed with rep licas
of armo r and weapons from the 13th to
17th Century. T he P. T . C. caro use ls were
e s p e cia II y kno wn for their fine chariots
which were based on class ical
them es and intrica tely ca rved .
During the ir thirty years of op-
eration, they had the serv ices of
so me of the best carvers and pro -
d uced man y menagerie ani ma ls.
T his ca me l pattern shows one of
the ir o utside row stande rs carved in
1903 . The bod y has textured fur
carved in the same manner as that of
the cat.
T here were many other menag-
er ie anima ls on the caro usels. They
were carved by most of the maj or
carouse l ma ke rs. Here are some notes
on some othe r anima ls that you may
wan t to add to your co llection: T he most
co mmo n mod el of the goat fo r the
carouse l carvers see ms to be the Spanish
Ibex, whose horn s form an open spiral
ris ing in an upward direction, the n
fla ring o utward and backwards. A
wooden Den tzel caro usel goa t has a
Full-Size Pattern perma nent hom e at the U.S. Naval
Acade my, where it serves as the
symbo lic mascot for the Navy.

Roosters were liked because of the ir
co lorfu l plum age; how ever, no hens
were made by the Am er ican carvers.
All carouse l deer had rea l an tlers
lam inated inside the top of the head .
T his made them stro nge r, and they
we re eas ierto install than wooden
ones . T he frog was only carved
by th e Her sch ell - Spillm an
Co mpa ny. T heir leaping frog

74 Popul ar Woodworking
...----------- - - - - - - - - - - - - - ,-g.


footm an in a bow tie and cutaway was modeled afte r Sir

John Te nner's illustratio ns for Alice in wo nderla nd. It is the
only carousel fig ure that was carve d wea ring hum an sty le
With the co ncl usion of this series of articles on the ca rving
of carouse l anima ls, you sho uld have the begi nnings of a nice
co llec tion of these wo nderful fantasy ani ma ls. Learn to lise the
Figure 4. Details of the giraffe's head engi neeri ng style of crea ting pattern s and yo u w ill have much
better result s in produ cing well - proporti oned figures. ~

Full-Size Pattern

August/Se ptember 1989 75

A Hand-Rubbed Oil finish
by Thom as Wisshack remov e the scratches from yo ur previous sanding and begin the
The use of oi l on woo d is par t of an anc ient trad ition. An oi l polishing action.
fini sh is a good cho ice for objects which won' t be exposed to In a short time you will not ice the grai n and color of the wood
liquids or getting a lot of hard use. It ' s an o pen- po red finish, one comin g into sharp focu s. Further the effect by switching to
that will enhan ce the color and grai n on both traditional and 400-grit paper. Compl ete the sanding by burnishing with a worn
contemporary furniture and develop a beautiful pat ina over piece of 400-grit paper. Gentl y round all sharp corners. Check
time . I like to think of it as an ongoing, living finish because you for imperfections, first with a strong light ,
can renew it by adding a coat of oi l at any time. With eac h then with your fingertips. Your fin gers
application , it seems to get rich er and ga in more depth . True , it will tell you if your project is
can take several week s to produce a good oi l finish, but the time ready for fini shin g.
and labor payoff in the end with super ior results.
To crea te a hand -rubbed oi l finish, begin with a flaw less,
glass-smooth wood surface- an essent ial foundation
for the coats of oil you will apply later. Begin
by removing machine mill
mark s and other

sharp cab inet
scraper. Don 't rely on
sandpaper alo ne to take out
. the dips and valleys in your
work- sandpaper can
even make the problem
wor se. Next, rai se the
grain of your wood with a
sponge dipped in hot wa-
ter. This force s any imper-
fections to the surface so
that you can more easily
sand them off. It also
makes your piece less
tro ubl esome to repair
later, if it come s into con -
tact with water.
When the wood is dr y, you 're .
ready to sand . Stock up on 220-, 320- and
400-grit silicon carbide wet-or-dry sand -
paper. You'll find that it cuts better, stay s Although
sharp lon ger , and per- form s the final a number of oi I
polishing that ordinary abras ives can 't. finishin g product s
For large, flat areas attach a piece of220- grit on the mark et will gi ve yo u
paper to your orbital sander. For hard to satisfactory result s, I encourage
reach spo ts use a rubber sanding block or a you to mak e your own oil solution. Be-
piece of softwoo d covered with shee t cork, cau se the ingredient s are so sim ple and inex-
and sand with the gra in in lon g , e ve n pen sive, and becau se the sense of acco mplish me nt
strokes. Vacuum your piec e before going in making yo ur own wood finish is so stro ng, every
on to the next grade of abrasive to pre- woodworker should ex perie nce it. Begin by mi xing three parts
vent loose grit from ruin- ing the work. Re- Thomas Wisshack is a furnit ure make r. restorer. and fini sher in
peat the process with 320- gri t paper to Galesburg , Illinois.

76 Popular Woodworking
-a. L-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - --'
The author rub s down the first coat of oil 01/ this wail/lit writing
table with rotten ston e and a pad of steel wool. Above, the finished

August/September 1989 77
Th e classic lin es of this
mahogany lowboy are
accentuated by a hand-rubbed
oil finish,


'-- - ' s:

boil ed linseed oil to one part pure mineral spirits. Add a few min eral spirits, but it force s the evaporatio n of the oil as we ll.
drop s ofJapan drier (ava ilable at mo st pain t stores), about 5% by Even if yo u choose to use one of the commerc ial oil finishes, try
volume. experime nting with small amounts of drier to be abso lutely
For the first coat , get maximum penetration by warming the ce rtain it will dry properl y. In this way you safeg uard against
jar of oil in a double boil er or e lectric glue pot co nta ining about unforeseen cha nges in hu m idity and pec uliarities in wha tever
an inch of water. With oil , yo u needn 't worry about absolut ely wood yo u are working with. In short , yo u wan t to obta in a tough
du st-proof conditions. Flow on a liberal am ount with a natural film of o il in the shortes t time poss ible.
bri stle brush. Cover ea ch area quickl y to avoid uneven absorp- For the seco nd coa t use a brush as be fore, but skip the burlap
tion, and work the oil into the pores of the wood. Let it soa k in and rottens tone and simply wipe the surplus off with rags. After
for twenty or thirt y minutes and then sprinkle the surface with another wai ting period, add a third coat by simp ly dipping a soft
rottenstone abrasive powder. Giv e your project a vigorous rub rag in the o il so lution, applying it and w iping off the surplus. In
with a piece of burlap or some stee l wool. Be sure to work with time yo u will ge t a fee ling for ho w man y coa ts it will take to get
the gra in of the wood , since the burl ap and rott enstone can leav e the look you want on yo ur project. T he beaut y of oil is that there
fine scrat ches if used carelessly. Put plenty of energy into is no lim it to the number of coats yo u ca n apply, and if do ne
rubbing down your first coat of oil-it should provide a prop erly, eac h will give your work more depth than the last. At
gla ss-smooth foundation for the remaining applications. Re- the very minimu m, I suggest yo u apply fo ur coa ts. The lowboy
mov e all traces of oil from yo ur work with soft rags and dispose in the photo above was finished using six coat s of oil.
of these highl y flammable item s immediatel y, preferably by On e reaso n why oil fin ishes appea l to so many craftsmen is
submerging them in water and removing them from the shop. that there is no thick acc um ulation of varnish or lacq uer to
There are vast differences of opinion on how long to let an oil scratch and chip off. When a sp ill or minor scratc h does occ ur,
finish dry between coat s; overnight see ms to be the minimum , it ca n usuall y be repaired simply by dipp ing a pad of 0000 steel
and two weeks the maximum drying time used by various wool into the o il so lution and rubbin g ou t the dam aged area . For
finishers. I prefer waiting from one to two weeks betw een coa ts slightly hea vier dam age, "wet-sand ing" with a worn piece of
becau se a shorter drying time leave s a greasy look to the wood , 400- grit silicon ca rbide paper usuall y does the trick . Remem ber
espec ially after many coats. With oil , you're not ju st lettin g the that the surface of your piece will cha nge co lor in time, so use
coats dry, but beginning the process of curing- harde ning the this last sugges tion with some ca ution-s-don' t sand too dee ply
finish. When matching antique pieces, I wa it an es pec ially long and reveal the inner co lor of the wood . In the photo at the
time between coats in ord er to impart a hard , cured shine that beginnin g of th is article , the top ofa wa lnut wri ting tabl e is being
matches the old fini sh. revived with a pad of stee l woo l dipped in oil. Adding a small
You can adju st the drying tim e by adding Japan drier to your amo unt of rottenstone powder will make a paste to help restore
oil solution. The drier not only forces the evaporation of the the original shee n. ~

78 Popular Woodworking
The Turners r Page

by John A. Ne lson
A lthoug h th is egg cu p is a sim ple
turni ng proj ect , it m ak es a great gift for
those who ha ve hand-erafted decor ati ve
eggs to d ispl ay. o r fo r those who j ust like
to eat the ir hard -bo iled eggs in sty le. It ' s
turn ed fro m a solid piece of hard wood Q;
two inch es in diamet er and abo ut fo ur 15
inc hes lon g. A ny nic e piec e of hard wood ~
w ill do , like th e spa lte d m apl e I used . Its ~
fu ng i-i nd uced m arkings pro vide inter- li
es ting a nd unusu al detail beyond the ~
mapl e' s c lassica lly s im ple gra in pattern. c.L- ---.J

Secure the block to a turning plate by ~ r------------------------------...,

first g luing it to a piece of sc rap wood that ~
is about 3" in di am eter. For eas y se para- "
li 2 0 I A .- ~---~--.....,..,. - - ----r---.-
tion late r, insert a piece of paper be twe en .:5,
. \ I
the g lue surfaces, o r use a hot g lue g un to ~ \ I
join the block and the scrap. Aft er turn ing ~
I /T I
the o utside surface to sha pe . care full y c ui
\ 3/4 R
l / ;'
o ut the inte rio r sha pe . A sa fe and easy way
to begin is by drill ing a 1" di am eter hole
'~ 2
a bo ut 1" deep . Then sta rt w ith the o utside <,
.... ;'
/ ~
9 -- --
wa ll of the hole yo u ' ve drilled and work
yo ur way o utward. T o ge t the exact size 116 0 I A. t ::::;:::::;::::::;:::; ::::==::;:::=7 ~I/ 4
and sha pe of the int eri or space. yo u mi ght
3 f
wa nt to use a lar ge egg o r. if the c up is for 1 IA . 9 /16
d ispl ay. wha teve r yo u plan to put in it. 4D
Sand the c up a ll over with a fine sa nd- I 3/16 DIA .- '-
pap er a nd fin ish it wi th two or more coats
I 1/2 DIA.- _ _ __ 3/ 16
of a sa tin va rn is h. Finall y, cut a piece of
5/ 16
fe lt to size and g lue it to the bottom of the
c up. Now find an egg- and don 't forget
to hard boil it! ~
J ohn r1. Ne lson is the author of numerous
hooks and (J Contributing Editor 10 Popu lar
Woodworkin g.

August/Se ptember 1989 79

Events of Interest to Woodworkers
working. Connecticut when it will travel the rest of the year to
If your group is having an event For information, contact: Eric Nelson, galleries and museums throughout the
youwou,ld likeother woodworkers Museum Curator, at (707) 579-1500, or Date: August 18-20 cou ntry. Entrants will benotifiedof accep-
it o hear about, please send usall Thomas Stockton, Show Chairman, (707) Event: Summer Crafts Festival tance by November 6.
' pertinent' information at least 795-8618. Location: Berlin Fairgrounds, Berlin For information, contact: The Worc-
three months beforethe opening All shows are juried, with 200 to 250 ester Center for Crafts, 25 Sagamore
date. We will publish it for you in Date: October 2-6 exhibitors and 15,000 to 25,000 public Road, Worcester, MA 01605. Tel. (508)
Calendar free ofcharge. Event: Afive-day reliefcarvi ngworkshop attendance per show. Indoor ($180) 753-8183.
with William H. McMaster and outdoor ($200) spaces available.
California Location: Lighthouse Art Center, 575US Submit five product slides and one Michigan
Highway 101 S. CrescentCity booth display.
Date: August 9-13 Techniques covered include creating For information, contact: Arts & Crafts Date: September 22-24
Event: The Pacific States Craft Fair an illusion of depth through foreshort- Festivals, P. O. Box 412, Canton, CT Event: The Metro-Detroit Woodworking!
Location: Fort Mason Center. Bay & ening and the illusion of distance 0601 9. Tel. (203) 693-6335. Home Improvement Show
Laguna Streets. San Francisco through depth perspective. The class Location: Cobo Hall, 1 Washington
Threehundred artists. newand estab- will emphasize advanced design tech- Illinois Blvd., Detroit
lished, all producing high quality hand- niques. Machinery, tools, supplies, demon-
madecrafts. have been selected forexhi- For information, contact: the light- Date: October 6-8 strations and workshops for beginning,
bition. All mediaincluding clay, basketry, house Art Center, 575 US Highway 101 Event: WoodworkingWorld advanced and professional woodwork-
fiber, jewelry, metal, mixed media, paper S., Crescent City, CA 95531. Tel. (707) Location: Metro Center, Rockford ers, turners, carvers, homebuilders and
and wood, will be ondisplay. 464-4137. Close to "Little Switzerland," an early remodelers.
For information, contact: American immigrant settlement, the show will in- For information, contact: Michelle
Craft Enterprises, Inc., P. O. Box 10, 256 Date: October 6-8 cludedemonstrations of Swiss chipcarv- Troop, 1516 South Pontius Avenue, Los
Main Street, New Paltz, NY 12561 . Tel. Event: Northern California Woodwork- ing and Swiss cabinetry teaching tech- Angeles, CA 90025. Tel. (213)477-8521
(914) 255-0039. ing/Home Improvement Show niques. or 1-800-826-8257.
Location: Cow Palace, Geneva Avenue Forinformation, contact: Woodworking
Date: August 25-0ctober 29 & Santos Street, Daly City Association of North America, P. O. Box Minnesota
Event: Artistry in Wood '89 Machinery, tools, supplies, demon- 706, Plymouth, NH 03264. Tel. 1-800-
Location: Sonoma CountyMuseum, 425 strations and workshops for beginning, 521 -7623 (Monday-Thursday) or (603) Date: August 13-19
Seventh Street, Santa Rosa advanced and professional woodwork- 536-3768. Event: Sixth Annual Villa Maria Wood-
This annual juriedshow presentedby ers, turners, carvers, homebuilders and carving Workshop
TheSonomaCounty WoodworkersAsso- rernocelers. Maryland Location: Frontenac
ciation features work by leading amateur For information, contact: Michelle Classes planned include caricature
and professional woodworkers in Son- Troop, 1516 South Pontius Avenue, Los Date: October 13-15 carving, relief carving, stylized carving,
oma County, andincludesweekenddem- Angeles, CA90025. Tel. (213) 477-8521 Event: The Baltimore/Washington songbird & waterfowl carving, carousel
onstrations of various aspects of wood- or 1-800-826-8257. Woodworking Show horse & fish carving, and marquetry.
Location : Festival Hall, 1 West Pratt Classes will be available forexperienced
12 SHOWS IN FALL 1989! Street, Baltimore and beginningcarvers.
Free Workshops * 100 Exhibits * Win a Jeep 4x4 Machinery, tools, supplies, demon-
strations and workshops for beginning,
For information, contact: Villa Maria
Workshop, P. O. Box 37051 , Minneapo-

* The
Woodworking Shows *
advanced and professional woodwork-
ers, turners, carvers, homebuilders and
For information, contact: Helen Fill-
lis, MN 55431.

Date: September15-17
Event: The Twin Cities Woodworking
man, 1516 South Pontius Avenue, Los Show

Angeles, CA 90025. Tel. (213) 477-8521 Location: St. Paul Civic Center, 143
machinery or 1-800-826-8257. West Fourth Street,St. Paul
tools supplies Machinery, tools, supplies, demon-
Massachusetts strations and workshops for beginning,
advanced and professional woodwork-
SEE TH E WI DEST VARIETY OF WOODWORKING Date: September & October ers, turners, carvers, homebuilders and
PRODU CTS UNDER ON E ROOF Event: One-week workshops in House remodelers.
Renovation (September 11 -15), Finish For information, contact: Helen Fill-
Hundreds of Items
Carpentry (September 18-22) and Cab- man, 1516 South Pontius Avenue, Los
Machinery Power & Hand Tools > Supplies inetmaking(October 2-6) Angeles, CA90025. Tel. (213)477-8521
Sept. 8-9-10 Greater Cincinnati Cincinnati Conven tion Center Location : Heartwood School, Johnson or 1-800-826-8257.
Sept. 15-16-17 Twin Cities St.Paul Civic Center Hill Road, Washington
Sept. 22-23-24 M etro-Detroit Cobo Hall, Detroit For information, contact: the Heart- North Carolina
Sept. 29 - Oct. 1 Western Washington Seattle Center wood School, Johnson Hill Road, Wash-
Oct. 6-7-8 "No, Calif ornia Cow Palace, San Francisco ington, MA 01235. Tel. (413) 623-6677. Date: September 22-24
Oct. 13-14 -1 5 BaltimorelWashington Festival Hall, Baltimore Event: Woodworking World
Oct. 20-21-22 Pillsbu rgh Tri-State Pillsburgh ExpoMart, Monroeville Date: September 22 Deadline Location: M. C. Benton Convention
Oct. 27-28-29 Central Florida Curtis Hixon Conv. Ctr., Tampa
Nov. 3-4-5 Oregon Portland Memorial Coliseum Event: Woodturners of the Northeast Center, Winston-Salem
Nov. 10-11-12 So. California Los An geles County Fairgrounds 1990 The show will include router master
Nov. 17-18 -19 San Diego Convention & Perf. Arts Center Location: Worcester Center for Crafts, Brad Witt who will share his knowledge
Dec. 1-2-3 Delaware Valley Gard en State Park, New Jersey 25 Sagamore Road, Worcester and techniques.
The Center for Crafts and the Central Forinformation, contact: Woodworking
'Specia/ Woodworking/Home Impro vement Show
New England Chapter of the American Association of North America, P. O. Box
Seminars by Ian Kirby - Roger Cliffe - Bob Rosendahl Associationof Woodturners invite turners 706, Plymouth, NH 03264. Tel. 1-800-
Rude Osolnik - Nick Cook - and other Master Craftsmen from the northeastern states to apply 521 -7623 (Monday-Thursday) or (603)
1800-8268257 or 2134778521 for entry to an exhibition. Juried by 536-3768.
Call for free bro chure , 8:30 - 5 Pacific Time p Vermont turners Alan Stirt and Michelle
Holzapfel, the show will be on view at Ohio
Save $1 off reg. $6 admission with this ad the WorcesterCenterfor Craftsfrom Feb-
ruary 10, 1990, through March 17, 1990, Date: September 8-1 0

~o Popu lar Woodworking

Event: The Greater Cincinnati Wood- strations and workshops for beginning, Exhibits, sales and carving demon- stration
workingShow advanced and professional woodwork- strations willrun from 9 am to 4:30 pm. Location : Artwood, 1000 Harris Avenue,
Location: Cincinnati ConventionCenter, ers, turners, carvers, homebuilders and For information, contact: C. A. Brown, Bellingham
525 Elm Street, Cincinnati remodelers. Exhibit Coordinator, P. O. Box 268, R. F. Artwood will displayfine furniture and
Machinery, tools, supplies, demon- For information, contact: Michelle D. 1,Waterville, VT 05492.Tel. (802)644- accessories of textiles, glass, ceramics
strations and workshops for beginning, Troop, 151 6 South Pontius Avenue, Los 5039. andpainting. OnAugust 12, Len Zeoliwill
advanced and professional woodwork- Angeles, CA 90025. Tel. (213) 477-8521 demonstrate lathe turning.
ers, turners, carvers, homebuilders and or 1-800-826-8257. Washington For information, contact: Artwood,
remodelers. 1000 Harris Avenue, Bellingham, WA
For information, contact: Michelle Tennessee Date: August 3-September 3 98225. Tel. (206) 647-1628.
Troop, 1516 South Pontius Avenue, Los Event: Dark Dancers
Angeles, CA 90025. Tel. (21 3) 477-8521 Date: September 9 Location: Northwest Gallery of Fine Date: September7-0ctober 1
or 1-800-826-8257. Event: One-day seminaronsmalldrykiln Woodworking, 202 First Avenue South, Event: The Artof Chairmaking
technology Seattle Location: Northwest Gallery of Fine
Oregon Location: Log Home Guide Information New works in exotic woods by Jon- Woodworking, 202 First Avenue South,
Center, Cosby athan Cohen willbe showcased. Seattle
Date: October 15 Air-drying, kiln types, and kiln drying Forinformation, contact: Cheryl Peter- ChairsbyNorthwest woodworkerswill
Event: A seminar in Precision Wood- techniques willbepresentedby technical son, 202 First AvenueSouth, Seattle, WA bedisplayed.
workingon a Small Scale experts, and should be of special interest 981 04. Tel. (206) 625-0542. For information, contact: Cheryl Peter-
Location: Oregon School of Arts and to people interested in drying from 1 to son, 202FirstAvenueSouth, Seattle, WA
Crafts, 8245 SW Barnes Road, Portland 5,000 board feet of lumber per month. Date: August 12-13 98104. Tel. (206) 625-0542.
The instructor willbe Ken Altman and Jointly sponsored bythe Tennessee Val- Event: Artwood exhibition and demon-
thefee is $33. leyAuthority, Tennessee Valley Dry Kiln stration Date: September 29-October 1
For information, contact: Becky Ban- Association, and Log Home Guidemaga- Location: Artwood, 1000 Harris Avenue, Event: The Western Washington Wood-
yas, Oregon School of Arts and Crafts, zine. Bellingham workingShow
8245 SW Barnes Road, Portland, OR For information, contact: Bill Parrish, Artwood,aco-opgalleryofwoodwork- Location: Seattle Center Coliseum, 305
97225. Tel. (503) 297-5544. TVA Forestry Building, Norris, TN 37828. ers, will displayfine furniture and acces- Harrison Street, Seattle
Tel. (615) 632-1656. sories of textiles, glass, ceramics and Machinery, tools, supplies, demon-
Pennsylvania painting. On August 12, Vernon Leibrant strations and workshops for beginning,
Vermont will demonstrate lathe turning. advanced and professional woodwork-
Date: October 2022 For information, contact: Artwood, ers, turners, carvers, homebuilders and
Event: The Pittsburgh Tri-State Wood Date: August19 1000 Harris Avenue, Bellingham, WA remodelers.
working Show Event: TheSixteenthAnnual Wood Carv- 98225. Tel. (206) 6471628. For information, contact: Helen Fill-
Location: Pittsburgh ExpoMart, 105 Mall ers Exhibit man, 1516 South Pontius Avenue, Los
Blvd., Monroeville Location: Peoples Academy Gymna- Date: September 2 Angeles, CA 90025. Tel. (213) 477-8521
Machinery, tools, supplies, demon- sium in Morrisville Event: Artwood exhibition and demon- or 1-800-8268257.

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Super 125 Planer and again by planing your own lumber.
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Au gu st/S ept ember 1989 83

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der,size selection available. Call orsend stamp for BUILD YOUR OWN WATERBED AND SAVE.
listing.Garreson Lumber, RD#3, Dept. G, Bath, NY Mattresses, Heaters, Massage Systems, Hard-
the ultimate tool-post system! KRF, Box 783C, St.
14810. (607) 566-8558 ware, Packages, MORE!! Send $2.00 forCatalog
Joseph, M149085. (616)429-7050
with FREE plan set. Woodins' Waterbed Connec-
DOWELS PLUGS PEGS tion ; 45 Industrial Park Rd . Dept, PW; Albany NY
CUSTOM BRANDING IRONS. 250-800 watts drill Manufacturer Direct
press or hand-held. In-house branding and parts Largest andnnest selecton 01Oak. Walnut, Hickory, Maple, Cherry. 12206
Mahogany, Teak. even TreatedDowels
marking. Brochure $1.00. ENGRAVING ARTS, Quantl~
P.O. Box787P, Laytonville,CA95454. (707)984- MIDWEST DOWEL WORKS, INC. _.-~: ,- ' easy.$8.50. Rocking Dobbin Ranch, 7172 Summi-
4631 Hutchinson Road ..
8203, Fax (707)984-8045 Cincinnali, OH45248 ".~ . trose Street, Tujunga, CA 91042
(513) 5748488 . Catalog onrequest
CUTIERS MANUFACTURED TO YOUR SPECI- WOOD SUPPLIES WHOLESALE: Shaker pegs, able) Wood-Met Services, Dept. PW, 3314 Shoff
FICATIONS -also retipping andprecision sharpen- candle cups. hearts, dowels, toy parts, free cata- Circle, Peoria, IL61604
ing. For brochure, information, call or write: True log. Rainbow Woods,20Andrews St.,Newnan,GA
Cut Tool Corporation, 1074 Hwy 93 S, Victor, MT 30263
terns $7.95, brochure $1 .00. Smart Designs, P.O.
59875. (800) 262-2487
HARDWOOD by UPS. Pennsylvania Mountain Box 112 Dept. PW, Hanford, CA 93232
Post Mounted Bowl Lathe RIM CO INDUST RIES IN C.
4XlN 7'lh A.... hardwoods, quality selected , kiln-dried for the dis-
WILlIe P.P1I,l,4 N S631J 7
DUTCH WINDMILL ! Over five feet tall including
e 122S3-e88J
criminating craftsman . Custom sizes or random
Fr.-oom 10 0" .'-
'"'~<="~- blades. Accent any yard/garden ! Patterns PLUS
,....- lots. Write: Croffwood Mills, RD#1 Box 14L Drift-
_ s.J acl Boowts
wood, PA 15832 woodcraft catalog$7.00. ACCENTS (DR-69), Box
l&l t S nl
. o.oor. \OI' ~ p,
7387, Gonic, NH 03867
' ~15
WESTERN HARDWOODS, figured lumber, burls,
squares, slabs, whole sample kits, SASE list: Eu- DINOSAUR PATIERNS, 6 full-size patterns for
reka Hardwood Supply, 3346 0 Street Eureka, CA wooden jointed dinosaurs. Great profit orgiftidea.
BOOKS.& CATALOGS 95501 (707) 445-3371 Send $6.75 for "dinosaurs"toDAKOTA WIND, Box
866pw, Jamestown, NO 58402
only inexpensive sewing or woodcraft materials. finials in walnut, cherry, and mahogany. Send SIMPLIFIED PLANS for wooden-gear,
Great Christmas gifts. Details: AWE, Box 1150, $1 .00 toSouthern Country, Box6,Sharpsburg, NC weight-driven, pendulum regulated clock. $10.00.
Chino Valley, AZ 86323 27878 for brochure BOB MEYER, Rt.1 , Box 275, Elgin, MN 55932

X4 Popular W ood workin g

ROUGHED OUT BLANKS, 35 different 80%
roughed out basswood blanks of birds, animals, with a soft touch. Free Brochure with sample. LINEAR FOOT, FOB Pensacola, Florida. C, Stan-
and characters. Also supplies. Free brochure with DonJer Products, Ilene Court-Bldg. 8G, Belle- der, 932 Springmier Place, Pensacola, FL
SASE to West FallsWoodcarving P, 7458 Ellicott mead, NJ 08502, (800)336-6537 32514,(904) 968-6424
Road, West Falls, NY 14170, (716)662-3648 POST OFFICE BOX BRONZE DOORS;No 1 & No BUSINESS CARDS printed especially for the
SUPER WOODCRAFT PATTERNS windmills, 2-4 for $21 .00; No 3-$8.00 each Post Paid, woodworker. Free samples, Mercury Press, Box
wells, vanes, whirligigs, bird houses, jigsawing for Lewis, 1649 McDowell Rd" Jackson, MS 39204 51-W, Broadway, NJ 08808
fun orprofit. Catalog $1. CRAFTER'S,11840 North (601)372-2725
ClassifiedRate: 95cents per word ; 15-word
WOOD accessories. Send SASE for information to:
WOODSMITHS, 128 Henry Road, Enola, PA minimum; Classified Display: $60,00 per
TOY 17025 inch for 1issue,$50.00 per inchfor6-time rate
* Patt erns Part s Wheels (6 consecutive issues). Payment must accom-
.. Executive Toys INFORMATIVE 192-PAGE CATALOG forwood-
t oys and joys * Se nd 51 for new ca ta log workers, woodcarvers, upholsterers, antique re- pany all Classified ads (not commissionable).
Box 628-P and receive coupon for
lynden. WA 98264 wh eels & axle peg s . storers, including many unusual, hard-to-find Deadline for Issue 51 (Oct./Nov. 1989) is Aug.
items, Send$1 .00 to Van Dyke's, Dept. 50, Woon- 1, 1989, PopularWoodworking, 1320Galaxy
Attractive, durable, perfect for yard/patio. Full-size socket, SO57385 Way, Concord, CA 94520, (415) 671-9852,
patterns PLUS woodcraft catalog $7.00. AC- POST OFFICE BOX BRONZE DOORS; No. 1
CENTS (AR-69), Box 7387, Gonic, NH 03867 $5.00; No.2 $5.00; No.3 $9.00, plus $1 .00 each
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shipping. SASE : Hubbert Woodcrafts, P.O. Box
1415, Fletcher, NC 28732. (704) 687-0350

Door Harp Parts

aii t~ i~ljii,,~!t':~ti:ill:ti~;t.];,f.j :ll.
Same Day Service
Tun ing Pins : 1 00 for $18 .00 , 500 fo r $75 .00
W ire : 25 fl. for $ 2 .50, 350 ft . for $15 .00
Bart ley Coll ection
Brown Wood Products 83

10 20 0 patt ern pack et for sc ro ll. band & jigsaws I Wood Balls 3/, " 100 fo r $8 .00, 500/$30 .00 Clayton Enterprises II
'0 " Co unt ry Critters"-100 pa tte rns . uniq ue proj ect s I V isa & MC ( 5 1 6 ) 4626228 Catalog $1.00 Daniel ' s Discount Tool s 17
:0 6 enjoyable "W ind-Ac t io n" Whi rligigs I Sh ipping charge $2.50 ...... NY Res. add t ax
10 "Count ry Classic s" - be st se lling c ount ry projec ts: ARMOR Box 445. Eas t Northport. NY 11731 Delta International Machinery 8
:0 100 yar d o rna me nts , animals, bird s and more I
Dollar Trading Corp. 15,19
10 17 ' Show Stopp er s" - c raft sho w best selle rs :
World's Large st Se lling Gl ue G un !
: Send 57 .00 p e r packet or 3 FO R O N LY 514.00.: Econ-Abrasives II
~ 1HI1!:ll1r M~ll1r <Glll!ll~ fJ1 <G1!ll1l\\~
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Buy the best at be low whole sal e .
Forre st Manufacturing Co . 20
:ACCENTS Dept. MR89, Box 7387, Gonic, NH 03867 : Free g lue samp les - Free Fre ight. . Freud USA 7
Tra nsl uce nt Stick s 1/2" Diameter
\. _C:~ ~~ ~f ~ ~~!'~t~e:n: ~:O_O~ ,:.,,:.e_w~l~ ~r~:;I~ _.J 4" or 10" Length. Grizzly Import s 2,5
PRiers - de livered (W est Coa sl od d 20e/lb .r
.sI b 5 25 00 I. Sl8 00each
Windmills, Birdhouses, Toys, Etc, $4.50. Catalog IOl b
S 43.50
5 98 75
I n 00 each
Sl6 00 eg ch
Laguna Tool s 23
alone $.50 Hayes Patterns 6E Willow Street, 5O11. 518250 7.l2
Sl5 00 eo ch
114 00 each
Leichtung Workshops 17
Woburn, MA 01801 ~ SJ&f0JD)jp)&IPlE~ Lignomat USA 21
Lobo Power Tools 23

Ix 42 $ .70 ea 4 x 24 SI. OOea
3 x l8 .75 4136 1.25 Klockit 9

3 x 21 .80 6 x 48 2.80
3 x 24 .85 Pflces qu oled 80 g rit. ot her g u ts av o lla ble Makita 88
5" Dtcme ter $ .SOeo 9" $1.65 eo MLCS Ltd. 18,21
~ _~ IW 1.85
MAKE MONEY WITH YOUR WOODWORKING. 8" 1.30 12" 2.25 Old ham-United States Saw 11,12
Pnce s quoted 80 g u t. othel gu ts av a ila ble
Book shows you how. Covers different kinds of GARNET PAPER - ORANGE WATERPROOF PAPER - BLA CK
Pacific Brass Hardware 83
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faction Guaranteed. In Print, Box 687PW 80 G n t 50 PK 13.00
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100.120.150. 100 PK 22.00 Also Sho p Roll . , C lo.h Sh....' . On. m.

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CLEANING STICKS S3 50 SmaU $6 50 Large
RED HILL CORP.. P.O. BOX 1234, GETIYSBURG. PA 17325 Seyco Sales 83
IDEAL WOODWORKING BUSINESS. Unusual CAll TOll FREE - 1-(8001822 .0030< 17111 337, ' . ' 9 FA.X 17171337-3936
Min imum Orde r $25 00 . PA Res Add 6'\. . FRE:E C A TAL OG Ues Skycroft Too ls 17
Money Maker. Work Home. Free Brochure. Pine- Specialty Furniture Designs II
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MISCELLANEOUS Call or write for brochure: The Rockport Appren- The Winfield Coll ection IS
ticeship, Box 539P, Rockport, ME 04856 (207) The Woodworking Shows 80
PROfESSIONAl. just $3/c opy 236-6071 Truly Persnippity 19
If yo u work wi th staine d glass, this mont hly maga zine
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professionals. $25/year (12 iss ues). Sat isl. guaran tee d
$50,000 in awa rds for new work . Order from : Catalog$1 . Refundable.ROYALWOOD LTO.517 Woodworkers Suppl y of NM 87
Professional Stained Glass
245 Wes t 29t h si., Dept. o-s, New Yor k, NY 10001 PW, Woodville Road, Mansfield, OH 44907

August/Se ptember 1989 85

O u t of
by Jeff Taylor
oodwork The Caffeine Machine
So much to do , so mu ch to do... admi tted, " I always take a full pot of cups of es presso: my highly caffeinated
My wife' s in town, sho pping. I'm on co ffee out to the sho p." A full [Jot ? I yea rs as a ca rpe nter, leadin g to my job in
my ow n, with the blah s closing in. mar veled then . Wh y, yo u' d twan g like a a giant hom ebui lding corpora tion, and
Looking at all the projects und erway in banj o. " No , yo u need that mu ch whe n yo u mornings sipping the sca lding black j uice
the vas t j umble of my sho p, [ desp air; the ge t o lder ," he laughed . " Wai t. You 'll find before the commute in the BMW ; and ,
eno rmity of the wo rk ahead makes me out." af ter the birth of our first child, those
tired. That cha ir ca n be undamped ; af ter He wa s right. My tolerance for fam ily picnics in our Honda Civic, wit h a
a week, the glue's surely dr y. No wo nde r caffei ne is still low, but a lot higher than little T he rmos bottl e of es presso on the
ou r hou se look s so empty; the darn when I was a kid . Putt ing awa y three cups sea t. Back then. we always seemed to be
furniture mu st all be o ut here, under of co ffee no lon ger mak es me wa nt to drink ing it and go ing somew here .
co nstruc tio n or rep ai r. Th e floor need s part y all night and go drag rac ing. [ need My decision to stop rat-rac ing and
sweeping. A lot of the too ls bestre wn on three cups, eve ry morning, j ust to co me ea rn a bare subs istence as a woodwo rker/
ben ches co uld use a goo d putting- away, fully awake . As my mind starts to wa nde r writer cha nge d all that. We put away the
too. and my bod y break s down , I'll need five es presso machine and bought an old
But you know how it is; sunny wea ther cups j ust to pull me out of the rocking pickup . Life is slowe r and simpler now, in
is the mother of procrastin at ion. And to cha ir. I'll be 40 any yea r no w. my sunse t yea rs . Ah, yes terdays .
me , ge tting th ings don e is only a Another wea riso me fac t co mes to It tak es a lon g tim e to make even a
byp rodu ct of doin g them enjoyably; [ try m ind : our old plastic coffee mak er small pot of espresso. But I can 't find
to bal an c e acco m p lis h me n t w ith gurg led and died yes terday , unable to get those ridi cul ou sly teen sy cups. Out in the
relaxati on . Wh en I'm in puttering mod e, the water up to a boil. In hum an yea rs, it shop, I fill m y trusty old china mug with
1 usua\\y put peaceful classical mu sic on was prob abl y my age. the bitt er ebo ny syrup and take a fe w slugs
the tapedeck. I rummage throu gh the cupboa rds. as I wo rk.
Today, it look s like we ' ll have to pick After some searching , I run across o ur old The infinit e number of jo bs qu ickly
up the pace with some coffee. In my es presso machine. Wh at was that old dwindl es to a fe w thou sand. In fact, after
yo uth, an old, wise wo odworker once expression?-Far out, man. the second cup, Bizet and Beethoven ooze
J eff Taylor continues to earn a hare Now this brin gs back mem ori es: out of the speakers like cla bbered varnis h.
subsistence as a woodworker/writer in Burnt Dr ivin g hom e afte r class in my oId So I slap in a different tape; something
Woods. OR. Vo lkswagen starship, after a few tin y loud, hard, and thumpy by Mick Jagger-
at full vo lume .
My hand s start to move in a blur,
plan ing, sa nding, staining, organizi ng,
and gr ind ing blad es to the mu sic.
Boomboom boom , wugga h...
Afte r my wife dr ives up, I hear her go
in the sho p, ca lling my name. She co mes
in the hou se to find me resting in a
co uc h-coma , but still popeyed and
tw itching .
" Gos h, yo u ' re am bitio us!" she
exclai ms . " I've never see n yo ur shop so
clean! And look at our furniture! Inside
the hou se. ye t! Th anks, honey. You mu st
be t ired. " S he be st o w s a
we ll-done-my- hero kiss on my sweaty
fore he ad.
My eyes whip up, and I start talking
in a fas t staccato. "T ired? Tired? Nope,
j ust ge tting warme d up. Go t a lot done,
all right , for sure; eve ry tool cleaned,
oi led, sharpened , and hun g up, too. Hey.
let me take a qui ck shower, and we' ll go
out for supper, a splatter movie, and
maybe some dancin g, OK ?" I snap erec t,
bon es creaking , rea dy to boogie. The
"You are at your best when you lamin ate a sandwich." caffe ine sho uld bum off by tom orrow
morn ing . ~

86 Pop ular Woodworkin g

No other mach ine has eve r attempted t o do w h at
th is mach ine does. This u ni q u e mach ine makes it
easy to do accurate boring , mortis ing , tenon ing ,
dovetails, carving duplication and more.
Us ing a table that moves i n two d irections and a
cutterhead that moves i n a th ird direction , many
convent ional (and some not so conventional)
joints can be cut qu ic kly and accurately (w ith-
i n .005" ).
By simultaneously co ntro ll i ng the pos itions of
the Table and Power Unit, the operator makes the
stylus-follower follow the template w h i le the cut-
ter is shaping the wo rk p iece to match the tem-
plate. The Tab le and Power Un it are moved w ith
very light forces resu lt ing in smooth and effort -
less operation.
Not only is each cut made quickly, but the chan ge-
over time (ti me needed to change from one cut-
ting operat io n to another) is much faster than
you 'd expect from a mach ine w ith so much versa-
til ity. For example , if you were cutting tenons and
wanted to chan ge over to cut the matching mor-
tises, the changeover t ime would be about 2
m inutes . That's fast for any mach ine , but the rea l
k icker is that tenons (ten o ns that take a tenon ing
j ig and 8 passes on a tab le saw ) take on ly a few
seconds on the Matchmaker":
Powered by a 2'1. to 3 HP plu nge router , the
Matc h maker? is small enough to f it i n any wood -
Patent #4,S93,73S, other patents pending shop . gO-da y mo ney-back guarantee.
Invented in USA Made in USA


Thickness Width Size: 17'/," x 12" Maximum tenon size: 10"
1/4 " 1" $21.50 In-out travel: 6" wide x S" high
1/4 " 1-1 /2" $21.50 left-right travel: 12" ACCURACY
1/4 " 2" $21.50 Force required to move: Stylusto spindle movement:
3/B" 1" $21.50 less than 4 oz. less than .004"
3/B " 1-1 /2 " $21.50 POWER UNIT Free table movement: less
3/B " 2" $21.50 Spindle RPM: determined than .003" (guide rollers
1/2 " 1" $21.50 by router used are on adjustable
1/2 " 1-1 /2 " $21.50 Drive: Bosch, Ryobi, Makita eccentri cs)
1/2 " 2" $21.50 or Hitachi 2';. to 3 HP Table motion deviation from
3/4 " 2- 1/2" $21.50 plunge routers straight li ne over full travel:
3/4 " 2" $21.50 Vertical travel: 6" less than .OOS"
3/4 " 3" $21.50 Force required to move: Typical overall duplicati on
less than 6 oz. accuracy (with stylus and
CAPACITIES bit of same diameters):
Maximum depth of cut: within .0 10 "
li mited by bit extension WEIGHTS
beyond collet or 6". which- Net weight: 30 Ibs.
I D E ~ ~~~~~ for ~ ~~ ~ e r'~--1
o Enclosed is my $2 .00 for a l- year subscript ion to your
catalog (eight issues).


Cutting Edge CITY STATE Z iP _

Length. Overall Length
95- 860 3/4 " 2-3 /4 " $ 9.50 CATALOG TOTAL
95-861 1-1 /4 " 3-1 /4 " $10.50 QTY. NUMBER DESCRIPTION PRICE PRICE
95-862 1- 1/ 2'" 3-1 /2 " $13.50 8S2 00A Matchmake," to r u with $S48.00
95-864 3/4 " 1-1 /4 '" 3-1 /4 " $32 .50 BOlch . 1611 rouler
'W III cut deeper than this length with multiple passes. 95- 200B Matchmake,' tor u with $549 .00
Ryobl, Hllochl or Mokllo

BITS OR LARGE DOVETAI 802-02 1 BOlch 11811 120V routor 8239.95

132-012 1/2 " x 14 Dovetail bit $11.90 802-0 22 Balch 11811 220V ro uter 8264.50
132-063 3/4 " x 7 Dovetail bit $24.50 802088 Ryob l I R-500 ro uter 8189.00
132- 115 1" x 14 Dovetail bit $49.95
Us e addition al shee ts if ne eded .
TOTAL f - - -
Dept. PW 10 NEW M EXICO TAX 5.5% I - - -
O M.C .


Geauga Lake Park, Aurora, O hio Photo Ae rial Perspective , Lititz, PA

Dinn Corporation of Cincinnati, Ohio, depends on

quality Makita Power Tools to build exciting roller coaster
rides all over the United States. When you're working on
wooden structures hundreds of feet in the air, you've got to
have faith in the tools you use.
That 's why more tradesmen use Makita tools than
any other cordless. And tha t's why more and more
do-it-yourselfers and home craftsmen are turning to Makita.
Makita offers two complete cordless tool systems, each
with its own inte rchangeable battery. Choose from the
extensive 18-tool, 7.2 volt system , or the powerful 9.6 volt
system with 12 tools.
But don't forget that Makita also offers over 100 corded
power tools in its extensive line.
All our power tools, whether corded or cordless, bear
the Makita trademark. Quality and durability. 14930 Northam St. La Mirada, CA 90638-5753 (714) 522-8088

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