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Talking about patients – Brain Twister

Instructions: If the sentence has only ONE blank the choice will come from Group A. If the sentence has
TWO blanks, the first word will come from Group A and the second word will come from Group B.

Group A
aggressive caused drained infiltrated received sprained
blistered committed got lacerated relieved started
brace concussion had left result suggested
burst constricted hurt looked scalded took
came contracted ineffective managed slipped used

Group B
adjusted control get lethargic reconstructed started
bled developed injections loose severing sutured
blurred discontinued intubated lump spilled tore
booster extended left minor splinted

1. The patient __________ through the surgery with only __________ complications.
2. The doctor __________ that the patient __________ 10 kilograms.
3. She __________ on the ice and __________ the medial meniscus in her left knee.
4. He __________ a tetanus __________ before he left on his trip.
5. The patient __________ an allergic reaction to the vaccine and had to be __________ immediately.
6. The leg __________ was uncomfortable, but she __________ well to having to wear it.
7. He __________ malaria while traveling in Africa.
8. What __________ as influenza quickly __________ into a bad case of pneumonia.
9. Hyperplasia of the prostate __________ the man to __________ up 4-5 times during the night to
10. The skiing accident was extremely severe; as a __________ his right knee had to be completely
11. His diabetes is was __________ with daily __________ of insulin.
12. Jim __________ his ankle while playing basketball.
13. Mary __________ herself when she __________ the pot of boiling water.
14. During the car accident he __________ a blow to the head that __________ him in a coma for 6
15. The cut __________ minor; however, it had to be __________ closed.
16. The antidepressants __________ her feeling fatigued and __________.
17. They __________ a tree branch and __________ his broken arm.
18. Sam __________ 8 different medications each day in order to keep his HIV under __________.
19. He __________ suicide by __________ his radial artery.
20. The pancreatic cancer was certain to be fatal, but the __________ treatment probably __________
his life by at least a year.
21. The old man __________ his back trying to move his television.
22. After just a few kilometers in the new shoes, his feet were badly __________.
23. The __________ left him with __________ vision for 2 weeks after the accident.
24. The aortic aneurism __________ and the patient __________ to death in a matter of seconds.
25. Plaques in the left coronary artery left it dangerously __________.
26. Since the medicine was clearly __________, it was __________.
27. The accumulation of fluid in the bursa meant that it had to be __________.
28. Because he wasn’t wearing a helmet, the fall from the bicycle resulted in a badly __________ scalp.
29. She was __________ when she heard that the __________ in her breast was benign.
30. The IV in her hand had __________ and a new one had to be __________ in her forearm.