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Mc Donalds

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Mr. M .V Kulkarni
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Shalu singh
Vikas nagvanshi
Bhaskar dabral
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McDonald's Corporation is the world's largest chain of FAST
FOOD RESTAURANTS , serving nearly 58
million customers daily. It was started by
two brothers Dick and Mac McDonald in San
Bernardino, California in 1940. McDonald's
restaurants are found in more than 119
countries and territories around the world
and serve nearly 47 million customers each
day. McDonald's operates over 31,000
restaurants worldwide, employing more
than 1.5 million people. The company also operates other
restaurant brands, such as Piles Caf, and has a minority stake in
Prt a Manger.

McDonalds MISSION AND VISION: We serve people with good

quality food, fast and at low cost. McDonald's vision is to
dominate the global food-service industry. Global dominance
means setting the performance standard for customer satisfaction
and increases market share and profitability through successfully
implementing our convenience, value and execution strategies.

CUSTOMERS: Customers are those who pay money to acquire an

organization's goods or services. For many years McDonald's
mostly targeted the young people, however this has changed in
this decade; McDonald's has turned towards a more general
market. By doing this McDonald's concentrates on the family,
targeting a diverse market which includes consumers ranging
from children to elderly people, using products such as the happy
Meal for children and Egg Mc Muffin for the elderly. McDonald's
also realized the changing world we live in and the need for
healthier food, since there is an ever changing demographic
group, who demand fast, top quality food that is low in calories.
McDonald's responded to this opportunity and introduced a new
and innovative product. This new product was a regular
hamburger that tasted like the real thing but was made of plant
material like Soya beans. This same product also targets another
demographic group, vegetarians. McDonald's mostly uses
psychographic segmentation targeting the working and middle
classes. These are the people that are more susceptible to enter a
fast food restaurant, since these are the people that lead a fast
moving life and thus require a fast meal. In brief McDonald's
customers are of all classes, but largely working and middle
classes, and people of all ages.


Main McDonalds Menu

Big Mac
Big N Tasty
Big N Tasty w/ Cheese
Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese
Double Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese
Crispy Chicken
Chicken Mc Grill
Double Cheeseburger
Chicken Mc Nuggets (4)
Chicken Mc Nuggets (6)
Chicken Mc Nuggets (9)
Mc Salad Shaker Chef Salad
Mc Salad Shaker Garden Salad
Mc Salad Shaker Grilled Chicken Caeser Salad

Main McDonalds Side Dish Menu

Small French Fries
Medium French Fries
Large French Fries
Super Size French Fries

Main McDonalds Breakfast Menu

Egg Mc Muffin
Sausage Mc Muffin
Sausage Mc Muffin w/ Egg
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit
Sausage Biscuit
Sausage Biscuit w/ Egg
Ham, Egg & Cheese Bagel
Sreak, Egg & Cheese Bagel
Spanish Omelet Bagel
Sausage Breakfast Burrito
Big Breakfast
Deluxe Big Breakfast
Hotcakes & Sausage
Apple Danish

McDonalds Dessert Menu

Baked Apple Pie
Strawberry Sundae
Hot Fudge Sundae
Hot Caramel Sundae
Vanilla Reduced Fat Ice Cream Cone
Oreo Mc Flurry
M & M Mc Flurry
Butterfinger Mc Flurry
Fruit n Yogurt Parfait
Fruit n Yogurt Parfait - snack size
McDonald land Cookies
Fresh Baked Cookies

McDonalds Beverage Menu

Thick n Creamy Shake - Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry
Coca-Cola, Diet Coke or Sprite
Orange Juice
1% Milk
Question no. 1, 2 &3
To determine the major segment of the consumer visiting
McDonald and to know their time availability.

Question no. 4 & 5

To know the purpose of visit of customer to McDonald and their

Question no. 6 & 7

To know features consumers are looking for in McDonald
products and preferred mode of payment.

Question no. 8 and 9

To know the price-sensitivity of consumers.

Question no. 10 and 11

To find out consumer expectation and product penetration.

Question no. 12
To know with whom consumer want to visit.
Consumer name:

Gender: Age: Job:



1)Are you?

a)Housewife. b)Student.

c)Working man/working woman. d)Retired man /woman.

2) Do you get leizure time?

a)Yes . b)No .

c)sometimes. d)often.

3) Where would you like to go in leizure time?

a)Mc Donald. b)Barista.

c)CCD. d)Pizzahut.
4)What you do there?

a)Enjoy . b)Have snacks.

c)Timepass. d)Enjoy+snacks.

5)How often do you visit?

a)Once a week. b)Twice a week.

c)Once a month. d)Daily.

6)What feature do you like there?

a)Quality. b)Price.
c) Variety. d)Hospitality. e)All the above.

7)How do you pay bills?

a)Cash. b)Credit card.

c)Debit card. d)Others

8)What will you do if their price increases by 25%?

a)Consistent with same. b) Switch to other


c)Reduce your visits. d) Increase your


9)What will you do if their price decreases by 25%?

a)Consistent with same. b)Switch to other


c)Reduce your visits. d)Increase your


10)What would you recommend?

a)Music or t.v. b)Waiter service

instead of selfservice.
c)Quality improvement. d) Others.

11)Which product you like most?

a)Fries. b)Burger.

c)Icecream . d)Pizza puff.

12)With whom you like to go?

a)Parents. b) Friends.

c)Girlfriends/boyfriends. d)Wife/husband.

Table for sales of Mc donalds

Years Sales($ M) Market share

2005 19117 23%
2006 20895 25.6%
2007 22787 27%

Market share of the company has been increasing since 3 years
with #######

There sales has also increased from 2005 to 2006 by 9.30% and
in 2007 by 9.03%.

We can analyze that most of the consumers of mc Donald are the

students and the working class. Only 51% of customers have
leisure time in which nearly 69% of customers likes to visit Mc
Donalds. Most of them likes to enjoy and have food.

About 50% of the customers visit once in a week and abut 50% of
the customers like the quality, price, variety as well as hospitality
of Mc Donalds. Most of the customers will remain consistent with
Mc Donalds if price increases or decreases. They mostly like ice-
cream and burger of mc Donald.

Analysis of questionnaire
Samples Percentage of sample Total(out of 77 sample)
2.6 2

Working man/woman
38.96 30

0 0

answer by Student Working House
sample % man/women wife Retired person Total
yes 51.11 16.67 0 0 36.36
No 11.11 6.67 0 0 9.09
Some 37.78 70 100 0 51.94
Often 0 6.67 0 0 2.6

answer by Student Working House
sample % man/women wife Retired person Total
Mc Donald 68.89 70 50 0 68.83
Barista 6.67 16.67 0 0 10.39
CCD 17.78 10 0 0 14.29
Pizza Hut 6.67 3.33 50 0 6.49
answer by % Working man/ House
sample women wife Retired person Total
Enjoy 20 10 0 0 15.58
Have Snacks 4.44 6.67 50 0 6.49
Time pass 4.44 26.67 0 0 12.99
Enjoy + Snacks 71.11 56.67 50 0 64.94


answer by Student Working House Retired

sample % man/women wife person Total
Once a week 48.89 46.67 50 0 48.05
Twice a week 22.22 16.67 50 0 20.78
Once a Month 24.44 26.67 0 0 24.68
Daily 4.44 10 0 0 6.49
answer by Student Working House Retired
sample % man/women wife person Total
Quality 24.44 36.67 50 0 29.87
Price 2.22 3.33 50 0 3.9
Variety 13.33 0 0 0 7.79
Hospitality 8.89 6.67 0 0 7.79
all above 51.11 53.33 0 0 50.65

answer by Student Working House Retired
sample % man/women wife person Total
Cash 88.89 80.00 100 0 85.72

Credit card 4.44 13.33 0 0 7.79

Debit card 4.44 3.33 0 0 3.9

others 2.22 3.33 0 0 2.6

answer by Working House Retired Total
sample Student man/women wife person
Consistent with 48.89 43.33 50 0 46.75

Switch to other 15.55 10 0 0 12.95


Reduce the 33.33 26.67 50 0 31.11


Increase the 2.22 20 0 0 9.09

Working House Retired Total
answer by Student man/women wife person
sample %
Consistent with 40 46.67 50 0 42.86

Switch to other 11.11 6.67 0 0 9.09


Reduce the 8.89 3.33 0 0 6.49


Increase the 40 43.33 50 0 41.56


Working House Retired Total
Studen man/women wife person
Music/t.v 44.44 40 0 41.56

Waiter service 42.22 50 50 45.45

Quality 11.11 6.67 50 10.39


others 2.22 3.33 0 2.60

answer by Working House Retired Total
sample Student man/women wife (%) person (%)
Fries 13.33 6.67 0 0 10.39

burger 40 50 0 0 42.86

Ice cream 17.77 33.33 0 0 23.38

Pizza puff 28.88 10 100 0 23.38

Working House Retired Total
answer by Student man/women wife person
sample %
Parents 4.44 6.67 0 0 5.20

Friends 71.11 46.67 0 0 59.74

Girlfriends/boyfri 22.22 40 0 0 28.57


Wife/husband 2.22 6.67 100 0 6.49

Most of the customers are student and working professionals, so
company should pay more attention on this group of the society.
They should also focus on enhancement of enjoyment and
maintain the quality of food they provide. Most of the customers
are looking for quality, price and variety in same restaurant so if
Mc Donalds want to maintain as well as retain its customer then
it should try to maintain all the three things.

It was seen that if the price of the products increases by 25% then
55.75% of the customers will be consistent with mc Donald or
their visit will increase so there no need for them to worry abut
their customers but they should maintain quality. but if we see
that if the price decreases then 84% of the customers show
positive results. So if possible company should look on this factor
also, it should try every possible way through which it can
maintain this 84% of the customers.

Consumers expect that waiter service should be provided because

most of them want to sit and have there food without any
disturbance. As most of the customers want to have full
enjoyment so it would be recommended that music or t.v should
be provided because sometimes customer has to wait long.they
can also provide special facilities for every segment like giving