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Why do you thing teaching is important for children. I like to teach children because I hope to
develop all the children and let them learn. In this day was my first teaching observation from
MCT. I came at my beautiful school at 7:22 to prepare the classroom. I prepared for everything
that I should use it at my lesson. my lesson was about letter h. I should taches students the just
lower case not the upper case because the curriculum came from MOE.
At 8:00 it was assembly time and MCT arrived at my school. At the assembly, I was standing
back of my classroom. The thing that I did and it was nice when I let students behave and listen
what they were saying at the assembly. After the assembly, we came in the classroom (students,
MST, my friend Mariam). Before we enter the classroom, I let students count from one to ten
and while they said the numbers the jump, then students said the prayer.
At the classroom, students stick their picture than they came to the circle (halakha). When all
students came, I welcomed the students, then I told them to say welcome my Aisha to our
classroom (MCT). I choices helper hand, then I asked students what did the helper do? They said
he help the teacher and other kids, so here were students center not the teacher center. The think
that I like when I teach students is making students center not teacher center. Students said whos
absent and I does with them mathematical equation. For example, from the boys was just one and
from the girls also was one, so 1+1=2.
I remind students the day of the week, date and the day. I like to make a revision for students
of the day and the date. For example, today is Monday, yesterday was Sunday and tomorrow will
be Tuesday. This way helps children to learn the day of the week because they practice every
day. Also, let students use puppets to sing a song of the day, here I connect the performance art
with my lesson students like that. If I need to improve that I will let students stand up and sing
the song of the day twice and once because it will help the students to practice more.
After the halakha routine, I start my teaching. At my teaching, I engaged students by does an
act to them about letter h. The act was about Hani and he likes to wear a hat when he wants to go
to the farm. At the farm, he saw a horse and Hani touch the horse with his hand and Hani said it
was a nice and the horse was happy. My favorite animal is a house. Students enjoy and like the
story, I think I do in a perfect way because of the time I don't the choice of the child to repeat the
story for his friends, but I develop this way by asking students missing a word. For example, who
was happy in the story? They said the horse. While I made the act, I stocked the picture of the
object with the name of it, so children can read the first letter or the word. This way was good
because it helps children to explore.
After that I asked students which letter did you explore from the act. One of the children said
the sound of the letter h, then I told them the letter h. I teach them the sound of the letter, then I
let them write if then know how to write or not by using their prior knowledge. Actually, most of
them know it. I used sand for students when they write so I do a different way to let them
understand more and let them use their physical skills. After the explanation, I had activities but
before I start I reminded them the rules again. The first activity was master hunger who ate my
staff and pupils took objects from his mouth, so before we start and saw what master hunger ate I
ask the children what master hunger do they said he eat your staff, so students know what he
does and how they should play because they does the activity before, but with other various
objects. I choices students who behave and sit nicely. I put staff that start with letter h and
students should say the name of the object with sound. They respond and most of them know the
objects. I put house, house, hat, hand and helicopter. Students involved and like the activity.
The second activity was several flash cards children should read it and look at it, then should
scream by took a picture for the flash card and then they closed the eyes after that I saw which
flash card that missing from the board. This activity develops their cognitive because children
think which word or picture missed. They had fun. After any answer, also if students tried I
encourage by nice words like excellent and good try or give them a gift. This way helped me a
lot because in this way I take their attention, make the lesson active and let students involved and
love the lesson. When I finished my activities, I remind them of the letter h and the sound of the
letters. After that I made a transition before my friend Mariam came and taught them.
The transition was a song and the song was if you happy clap your hand. I used this song
because of the happy start with letter h and students like this song. Students danced and enjoyed.
I took students attention by rises my voice like made higher or clap my hand to take their
attention this way made students that they must pay attention, learn from the teacher and
someone cares about them. After the song, I let them follow my rules and sit nicely because my
friend Mariam teaches them. Mariam teaches them site words. Her lesson was nice and useful.
When she finished, she told them that we would have group activities. Mariam explains her
activity, then I explained my activities.
The first activity was students create a hat, so they had designer materials, a hat work sheet,
glue and colors. It works because it was a hand on activity, students like it and it was art. The
second activity was puzzle student had different flash cards pictures and the complete each part
to make a full picture. This activity was useful because when children complete the picture they
will read the name of the object by decoding then when the children organized they read the
word without decode each letter. The third activity was children had a work sheet with small
letters, so they should copy the name of the pictures with the small letters. All these activities
help children to develop their skills and learn each letter with the sound of it and all these
activities start with letter h. students enjoy at my lesson and like my activities.
My friend Mariam and I closed the activities by sing a clean up song and use the bell. After that
we assess students by asking students questions and made for them revision. The lesson was
helpful and useful, I used different materials or different way to teach children letters. Also,
various activities that students like it. I get knowledge and experience from my lesson and I will
never forget it because I was professional and good at my teaching.