<p><b>What exactly is online education?

</b></p> <p>As per definition on the web, it is basically credit-granting courses or education training delivered primarily via the Internet to students at remote lo cations, including their homes. We don't have to slow down your present professi on. Receiving an online degree may even help in increasing our career developmen t. Those who have financial constraints studying online is a good option.</p> <p>In today's era having sound knowledge of computers and different <b><a hr ef="http://www.123elearning.com" title="computer software courses">computer soft ware courses</a> </b>has turn into increasingly significant. If you are looking for success and development in your career, having appropriate <b>computer train ing</b> is required.</p> <p><i>123elearning</i> <b>software training</b> courses will help you to lea rn any computer course from Windows to advanced programming. As these courses ar e online, you can learn these computer courses at your own convenience and pace. These Computer courses will lead you step by step through all the tasks you are most likely to perform in these computer software applications.</p> <p>People who are working or want a career shift or want to upgrade their sk ills but they have no time for earning required degrees from a regular college o r university do online courses or examination. </p> <p>Don't worry <b><i>123elearning</i></b> has made it easy for all us.</p> <p>Firstly it's not true that only the technologically advanced or those who have sound knowledge of internet and computer can only do these courses. You on ly have to choose the degree you want to pursue and 123elearing online courses o ffer you at your door step.</p> <p><i>123elearning</i> online courses offer you following courses -</p> <p><b>MS OFFICE SUITE 2007:</b></p> <p><ul><li>MS word 2007 with Demo, PDF and course contents.</li> <li>MS Excel 2007</li><li>MS PowerPoint 2007</li></ul></p> <p><b>MS word in details:</b></p> <p>By using MS Word 2007 we can create new style sheets and we can switch ea sily among them. We can also change the font style, size, colour them, hyperlink them, etc. </p> <p>We can also do spell check, signified by a wavy blue underline similar to the traditional wavy red underline for misspellings and wavy green underscore f or grammar errors, from time to time catches incorrect usage of correctly spelle d words, We can also do word count which dynamically updates us which is listed by default in the status bar. </p> <p>It has also come up with many new image editing abilities through which w e can change the shape, borders and colours of an image accordingly.</p> <p> MS Word 2007 also drops function for Insert/Picture/From Scanner or Came ra. This can be added manually.</p> <p>It makes us familiar with <b>MS word</b>, title bar, mini toolbar, scroll bars, ruler and status bar, etc. </p> <p><ul><li>How to create a new document </li><li>How to work with the text < /li><li>How to work with paragraphs </li><li>How to work with a document </li><l i>What more we can do with our documents</li></ul></p> <p><b> Following are the features of MS Word 2007:</b></p> <p><ul><li>Getting familiar with <b><a href="http://www.123elearning.com/asp /word_2007_online_courses_outline.asp" title="microsoft word">Microsoft Word 200 7</a></b></li><li>Starting Microsoft Word 2007 </li><li>Starting Microsoft Word 2007 </li><li>Office button </li><li>Ribbon </li><li>Title bar </li><li>Quick ac cess toolbar </li><li>Tabs, groups and commands </li><li>Mini toolbar </li><li>S crollbars, ruler and status bar </li><li>Using Word help </li></ul></p> <p><b>Programming:</b></p> <p><ul><li>VB.Net with Demo, PDF and course contents.</li><li><b>SQL Server< /b>.</li><li>Oracle.</li></ul></p> <p>The drastic development taking place in the area of information and techn ology which has made the use of these advancements, for providing education poss ible beyond the stereotype system of classrooms.Online education is resulting in an economically sound society with better educated and skilled people and the b

est example of its <i>123elearning</i> online courses.An online course not only educates the students but also makes them aware of current on what is latest in IT.</p> <p><i>123elearning</i> uses the potential of IT positively to contribute tow ards the educational development as well as socio-economic benefit.</p> <p>Each online <b>software training</b> course is being divided into section s and sub sections that deal with precise topics. All the sections and subsectio ns use a step-by-step approach, and almost every pace is accompanied by an inter active example, giving you a hand on view of the precise mission that needs to b e done. </p> <p><i>123elearning</i> is not only for beginners or novices who wish to add on to their computer and software skills but also for those who want to refresh and add on to their existing computer knowledge.</p> <p><ul><li>Interactive <b>computer training</b> courses - practice everythin g while learning </li><li>Step-by-step sensible replicated courses </li><li>Clea r explanations, handy tips and simulated exercises </li><li>Demonstrations throu ghout the course </li><li>Professional tuition </li><li>Learn at your own speed and at your own place </li><li>Audio and verbal instructions </li><li>Easy to us e with helpful voice narration, clear commands and colourful graphics </li><li>M icrosoft Office, Excel, Computer fundamentals </li></ul></p> <p><b>Programming VB .Net -</b></p> <p><ul><li>Introduction to MS Visual Basic .NET </li><li>Decision making: fr mDecisionMaking </li><li>Working with Arrays and Structures :FrmArrays </li><li> Using controls (frmEmployee.vb) </li><li>Additional controls and objects Notepad application </li><li>ADO.net </li><li>Advance topics: XML </li><li>Deploying Ap plications </li></ul></p> <p>Above mentioned all features will help you to pass online courses respect ively. For more details of mentioned courses you can visit at 123elearing.com About Author: <b>John grath (webmaster@123elearning.com) </b>- is involved with <a href="http: //www.123elearning.com" title="Online computer software courses">www.123elearnin g.com</a> in writing useful contents, like basic computer knowledge. You can lea rn more online about softwares, basic computer languages, <a href="http://www.12 3elearning.com/asp/online_courses_outline.asp" title="computer training courses" >computer training courses </a>here.

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