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Symbol- An object (concrete noun) that represents an idea or

concept (abstract noun). For example, the American Flag stands for
Note the difference between symbol and the following literary terms:
MOTIF- A recurring literary convention or an element that is repeated
within a literary work. (A motif in The Giver is a perfect society.
Ideas of what would make a society flawless continue to show up
in the story
ANALOGY- A comparison of two things essentially alike. (Drawing
parallels between a rake and a comb.)
SIMILE- A comparison using like or as. (He is as fast as a runaway
train. Her temper is like a fire consuming an old, wooden
METAPHOR- An implied comparison of two things which are dissimilar.
(Usually one thing is spoken as something else, death, that long
sleep or He weaseled his way to the front of the line.)

DIRECTIONS: Think about the chapters you have read and fill
out the chart.

Who? What? Where? When? How? Why?

1) Apple The apple The symbol first The explanation for this
is a appears in goes all the way back to
symbol Chapter 3. Clues the story of Adam and Eve.
for to this meaning The author only gives her
shame. are apparent on readers a hint of the
page 23. Jonas is biblical allusion. In the
anonymously Genesis story, Adam and
reprimanded for Eve supposedly ate an
hoarding the apple from the tree of
apple. infinite wisdom. This
displeased God, so He took
2) away their paradise (their
Headdress/ perfect world). For the first
Boys time, Adam and Eve
Hair realized that they were
Ribbons/Girl naked in the Garden of
s Eden and felt ashamed.
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DIRECTIONS: Create a symbol for yourself, your life, or your motto.
Explain it in a well-written composition. Please make note that you will
be graded on originality/creativity, effort (show through your writing and
artwork), and quality of writing. Project will be due ________________

Criteria Unsatisfact Basic Proficient Advanced

Creativity Student Student Student picked Student picked
showed no showed little an accurate a unique
creativity. creativity, but symbol that symbol that
chose a basic, represented represented
clich symbol them well and them well and
that was not was relevant to was relevant to
relevant to their own life. their own life.
their own life.
Organization Student Student Work was Work was
showed no showed signs of organized with organized with
organization. an a clear pattern a clear, easy to
organizational that was easy follow pattern
pattern, but to follow. that enhanced
work was meaning.
messy overall.
Explanation Student did not Student did not Student Student clearly
explain their use enough effectively explained how
symbol detail to explained how the symbol
explain how the the symbol represented
symbol represented them and
represented them. provided
them. specific
examples of the
between their
lives and the
symbol they
Sentences Student had 0- Student had 3- Student had at Students had
2 sentences 5 sentences least 6 more than 6
that were with no variety. sentences with sentences with
irrelevant to a variety of a variety of
the topic. sentence sentence
starters. Their starters.
paragraph was Student use
structured logic and
logically. phrasing to
Name: __________________________________________ Date:
_________________ Class Period:________

enhance their
MUG Student had Student had 5- Student had 3- Student had 0-
more than 7 7 grammar and 4 grammar and 2 grammar and
grammar and punctuation punctuation punctuation
punctuation mistakes. mistakes. mistakes.