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The Outsiders Social Media Project (100pts)

Pick one character from The Outsiders and design a modern Twitter or Instagram page for them
(see attached templates). Before you begin, think about your character. How do they speak?
What do they value? What are their relationships with others? Be sure to consider all aspects of
the character before creating your posts. You will be changing the 60s slang and references to
modern slang and references. (For example, instead of calling something tuff, today your
character might say cool).
Afterwards, write a paragraph explaining how your social media feed relates to the character.
Use specific examples from the text to support your decisions. Cite specific scenes if necessary.
Pay attention to grammar and punctuation.
On Wednesday, March 29, you will give a two minute presentation to the class about your
project. During the presentation you will be asked to describe the character you chose and
explain how you made their social media feed by updating their dialogue to fit todays slang.

Social Media Feed Criteria

Twitter feeds must have:
At least 15 tweets including at least
- 1 meme
- 2 emojis
- 2 tweets to another character (@ another character)
- 5 hashtags

Instagram pages must have:

At least 15 pictures with captions including
- 1 meme
- 4 comments from other characters
- 5 hashtags
Project Score Sheet
Twitter Feed
15 Tweets (2pts. each) _________
1 Meme (2pts.) _________
2 Emojis (2pts. each) _________
2 tweets to another character (5 pts. Each) _________
5 Hashtags (1pt. each) _________

Instagram Page
15 Pictures (0.5 pt. each) _________
15 Captions (1.5pts. each) _________
1 meme (2 pts.) _________
4 comments (2pts. each) _________
5 Hashtags (1pt. each) _________

Paragraph (25 pts)

Explanation of how project relates to and modernizes character (5pts.) _________
At least three pieces of evidence from text (5pts. Each) _________
Uses proper grammar and punctuation (5pts.) _________

Project Presentation (25 pts)

Describes character (5pts.) _________
Explanation of how character was made modern (15pts.) _________