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1. Lift is dac to
1) Pr-droop on upper surface of wing
2) Pr-droop on lower surface of wing
3) Velocity increase at lower surface of wing

2. Aspect ratio
1) Spane/Mean chord
2) Span2/mean chord
4) Span/area

3. If transfarmation ratio is 1:2 of on step up transformers then what about the secondary current:
1) current will double of original (primary current)
2) current will be half of original
3) no change in current
4) current becomes one third

4. Purpose of vertex generator:

1) High speed characteristic of wing
2) Low speed characteristic of tail surface
3) Both 1 & 2
4) Vertex generator is not used on tail surface

5. Ventral fin is used for which stability:

1) Longitudinal stability
2) Directional stability
3) Lateral stability
4) Both 2 & 3

6. If power = 28 watt, cmf = 28 volt what is R,

1) 28
2) 30
3) 29
4) 1

7. Marks the correct statement:

a) Tuagsten is a type of thermionic emitter
b) Thoxiated tungsten is an indirectly heated cathode
c) Oxide coated has less work function than tungestern or thoriated tungsten
d) Both (a) & (c) are correct

8. Current transformers is:

a) step up
b) step down
c) Transformeation ratio is unit

9. Mark the correct statement:

a) Transformer works on mutual induction principle
b) It has eddy current & Cu losses while operation
c) Transformer cores are laminated
d) All

10. Laminated core of transformers provides:

a) Low reluctance path to magnetic field
b) Low reluctance path to A.C. field
c) High reluctance path to Magnetic field
d) High reluctance path to A.C. field

11. Diode conducts when it is Reverse biased
a) Zener diode
b) PN Diode
c) Act as voltage regulator

12. Mark the correct statement:

a) Algorithm is set of program in a particular sequence
b) Pictoral representation of Algorithm is flow chart
c) As in 2 & 3 flowchart makes the problem easier
d) All

13. Microprocessor at least consist of:

a) CPU
b) ALU
c) Memory
d) All

14. Which of the gate represent parallel switch circuit:

a) AND
c) OR

15. Series DC Generator has emf. At no load is:

a) Maximum of rated voltage
b) Minimum of rated voltage
c) Maximum of rated voltage IR drop
d) No induced emf.

16. Long shunted compound wound generator has:

a) Shunt field across both armeture & revies field
b) Series field across both armeture & revies field
c) Shunt field across armature

17. Self excited generator has:

a) Permanent generator
b) Scparate DC source
c) Electromagnetic coil which is magnetized by machines current itself
d) All

18. Inter poles magnet or generator:

a) has same poles as the previous one main pole
b) has same poles as the incoming one main pole
c) as in (b) are connected inseries with armature coil

19. Polar inductor magneto:

a) all magnet, coil & rotor are fixed
b) magnet rotates and coil & soft iron core are fixed
c) magnet & coil are stationary & rotor rotates

20. The range marking an instrument is in accordance with:

a) manufacturer of instrument
b) type certificated data sheet (TCDS)
c) TCDS & maint. & flight manual

21. Bareol tester is used for:

a) steel
b) cu, Al & others softer material
c) .

22. Color coding of O-ring gives:
a) size
b) shape
c) fluid & vapour capability

23. Bunas rubber is used for:

a) tyre & tube
b) oil pipe & fuel pipe
c) hy. Fluid pipe

24. Neoprene is non compatable for:

a) weathers
b) aeromatic fuel
c) non-aeromatic fuel
d) neptha

25. Toluo is used:

a) for thinner of paint
b) for thinner of Zn chromatic primers
c) a thinner for dope film
d) both (a) & (b)

26. Jo bolt is:

a) internally threaded 2 pieces rivet
b) externally threaded 2 pieces rivet
c) internally threaded 3 pieces rivet
d) externally threaded 3 pieces rivet

27. Hi-Tigue interference fit is used:

a) in fatigue strength structure
b) any straight shank fastner can be used
c) both (a) & (b)
d) none

28. Hi-tigue has:

a) interference fit
b) chamfered fit
c) reacesed hole

29. Bolt used to join terminal fitting to cable is:

a) elevis bolt
b) hex head
c) close tolerance

30. 18-8 steel is:

a) 18% cr & 8% Ni C.R.S.
b) carbon steel 18% cr & 8% Ni.
c) Both (a) & (b)

31. Which cable is more resistance to fatigue:

a) galvanized steel cable
b) stainless steel cable
c) carbon steel cable

32. Tang of drill:
a) found on tapered shank drill
b) assist in removing the shank from socket
c) both (a) & (b)

33. Regarding margin of a drill mark the correct statement:

a) margin to a drill prevent binding of drill during drilling
b) is a difference between inner & outer dia
c) is a difference between helix angle & flute angle
d) both (a) & (b)

34. Trueness of surface plate is checked by:

a) DTI
b) Surface gauge
c) Micrometer

35. Color of O2 & C2H2 hoses are:

a) black & red
b) red & black
c) white & red
d) black & blue

36. Hoses have resisable fitting it consist:

a) socket, sleeve & nut
b) socket, nut & nipple
c) clamp, nut & nipple
d) clamp, sleeve & nut

37. In x-ray depth of penetration depends upon:

a) power
b) time of application
c) thickness of specimen

38. Power factor is:

a) true power (KWT apparent power (KVA)
b) cosine of phase angle
c) both (a) & (b)
d) app. Power/true power & line of phase angle

39. Active component of current is:

a) watt full element
b) watt less element
c) idle
d) both (a) & (b)

40. Excessive tightness of clamp on hoses cause:

a) cold flow
b) hot flow

41. Landing gear wheel alignment is done by:

a) torque link
b) shock strut
c) drag brace
d) all

42. Needle bearing is:

a) radial type
b) axial type
c) as in (a) & used where oscillatory motion is necessary rather than rotary
d) as in (b) rather than rotary

43. Size of tube is an wall clutch numbers:
a) outside dia in 1/16 increment
b) inside dia in 1/16 increment
c) outside dia in 1/32 increment
d) inside dia in 1/32 increment

44. Fatigue stress over a man caused by:

a) emotional stress
b) noise over 80 db
c) continuous work
d) all

45. Exfoliation corrosion is:

a) extensive case of intergranual corrosion
b) formed at the grain boundaries & repartees the layer of metal
c) cleaned by mechanical means
d) both (a) & (b)

46. 2017 rivets are:

a) heat treatable before driven
b) heat treatable after driven
c) non heat treatable

47. Tensile cable is:

a) Al
b) Stainless steel
c) Nickel coated Cu or Al
d) Timed Cu

48. Angle of achme thread is:

a) 60
b) 45
c) 29
d) 37

49. Mark the correct statement:

a) roll causes yaw & veer the a/c
b) yaw cause roll & veer the a/c
c) roll causes yaw & yaw caused roll
d) none

50. Identification on hoses:

a) geometric symbols
b) masks made up of C.C. (color coda)
c) word
d) all

51. Which view is used to show the location of object at an angle to plane:
a) sectional view
b) plan view
c) elevation
d) auxiliary view

52. Avgas 100LL has color:

a) dyed blue
b) dyed red
c) green

53. Additives are added to:
a) prevent microbiological growth
b) to act as antifreeze
c) to avoid detoration
d) both (a) & (b)

54. When securing steel bolt in soft alloys:

a) zinc coating is used
b) chromium coating
c) cadmium plating
d) Ni-plating

55. Corrosion on Mg is cleaned by:

a) HCI Sot
b) Sulphuric acid sot
c) 10% wt. by of chromic acid + 0.1% H2SO4

56. What is difference between Al oxide & iron oxide:

a) iron oxide is porous
b) Al oxide is porous
c) Al oxide is non porous
d) As in (c) it prevent further corrosion once formed

57. Interior cleaning of a/c is done by:

a) detergent & soap
b) phosphoric acid
c) vacuum cleaner
d) all are correct

58. Temperature inside furnace is measured by:

a) pyrometer
b) thermocouples
c) thesnmeter

59. In a parallel inductor, capacitor resonance circuit:

a) no current flow
b) maximum current flow
c) have low resistance

60. Mark the correct statement:

a) Rhcostat has three terminal
b) Potentiometer has three terminal
c) As in (b) & has low resistance value
d) Rchostat has two terminals & has low resistance

61. In which type of soldering localized heating is used:

a) Resistance Brazing
b) Induction brazing
c) Furnace brazing

62. Flux used for soft soldering:

a) To prevent effect of oxidation
b) To remove oxide
c) To increase strength
d) All

63. Ultrasonic soldering equation is used for:

a) Fe
b) Al
c) Honeycomb

64. In tail wheel A/c when nose is in the direction of wind:
a) Elevator is fully unpacked
b) Elevator is fully downlocked
c) Elevator is fully neutral position
d) 2 or 3 from neutral

65. Part of thread joining two adjacent blank at bottom of groove:

a) Flank
b) Root
c) Depth
d) Pitch

66. Scratches at high stressed skin can cause:

a) crack at high speed
b) starting point of corrosion at high speed
c) causes filliform corrosion
d) all

67. A gyro having freedom of rotation in all three direction is:

a) Space Gyro or free Gyro
b) Tied Gyro
c) Space Gyro
d) Rate Gyro

68. Mark alloying element of 2024 is

a) Nickel
b) Copper
c) Silver
d) Magnesium

69. Mark the correct statement

a) AND has logic of 1 when both L/P have logic 1
b) AND has logic of 1 when both L/P have logic 0
c) OR has logic of 1 when both L/P have logic 1

70. In an enclosed area in pr of moisture sparking will produce

a) Ozone
b) HCl acid
c) H2SO4 acid
d) HNO3 acid

71. Most common method of marking on stressed A/C structure

a) Electro engraving
b) Metal stamping
c) Acid etching
d) Electrochemical method

72. Mark the correct statement

a) There is marking on shank of bolt
b) Swaged terminals ate for sed by rolling
c) Increase of large nut there is marking on mating parts
d) A/C parts can be marked by electro etching.

73. When the length of heater is reduce what about wattage rating:
a) Increases
b) Decreases
c) Remain same

74. In Ni-Cd Battery electrolyte spillited in eyes what should be used:
a) Baking soda
b) Water dilute solution of Boric acid
c) Plenty of water

75. Modulus of elasticity:

a) Stress/Strain within elastic limit
b) Stress/Strain above elastic limit
c) Strain/Stress within elastic limit
d) Strain/Stress above elastic limit

76. In a cell potential difference is the difference between on of electrode of cell to:
a) other electrode of cell
b) Zinc plate
c) Carbon plate

77. Color of Zinc coated rivet:

a) Yellow
b) Silvery gray
c) Pearl gray
d) None

78. In a variable delivery pump i.e. Hydraulic pump:

a) Provides a fixed amount of fluid at certain foot per revolution regardless of pressure:
b) Is used to provide different amount of fluid as per demand of pressure
c) As in 2 and out valve will automatically compensated for variable delivery of fluid

79. A riveted joint will subject of the:

a) Tension load
b) Shear load
c) Bending load
d) Load