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Dedusting System

Sidernaval Equipos Siderúrgicos S.A., serves with technological capability the melt shop areas where
dust will be generated:

EAF type
- AC Furnaces
- DC Furnaces
- CONARC Furnaces

LF type
- Single Ladle Furnace
- Twin Ladle Furnace
- with fixed Roof or slewable Roof type

Secondary Technology Packages
- Desulphurization Station
- RH Plant
- KR Plant

Meltshop Equipment
- Deslagging Area
- Debricking Area
- Ladle Heating Stands
- Material Handling Systems

Offering integrated system for collection and cleaning all primary and secondary fumes generated in the
melt shop.
- Ensuring high efficiency and low operating costs.
- Suction control of the frecuent changes of gas volume.
- Individual design in accordance to customer's requirements.

Sidernaval offers different designs for: Water cooled Elbow .Slewable Combustion Chamber . Behind the combustion chamber.To expand passage section and so reduce the speed of gases so that heaviest particles settle down.Water cooled .To burn out the CO that may remain unburnt inside the furnace. Secondary Extraction . The primary gases generated in the furnace are suctioned through a water cooled duct which carries these gases to a combustion and decanting chamber. these ducts lead gases to an auxiliary cooling system where temperature of gases is reduced in order to get the right mix of temperature for operating conditions. such as: .Quenching Tower . rightly dimensioned for two functions: . If necessary.Movable .Forced Draft Cooler . . and consequently the extraction of these primary gases is called the Primary Extraction.Non water cooled And the installations of different solutions for cooling. the plate water-cooled and uncooled ducts are located. .Primary Extraction The gases generated in the production unit and directly extracted from there are denominated as Primary Gases.Easy replacement of parts.Peak Shaver All design and technical proposals are based on the aim of fulfilling customer's technical and economical requirements and expectations. Technical solutions for the Primary Extraction take into consideration: .Hair Pin Cooler .Reduction of maintenace works.

The Secondary Extraction system is equipped with one main duct which connects the canopy hood and the Bag Filter Unit. It collects gases coming out of the other melt shop installations. depending on the whole system and the necessities of the customer. In addition. Breakout Stand.Horizontal Spark Arrestor. with the different designs: . such as: LF. VD. Deslagging Stand. . the Primary Extraction and the Secondary Extraction get mixed at the end part of the Secondary system. In the Spark Arrestor thick dust particles are separated and isolated. The gases generated during the charging and melting of the furnace are collected by theSecondary Extraction system. etc..HELPD (High Efficiency Low Pressure Drop) Spark Arrestor. MHS.. The exhaustion during charging and melting through the Secondary Extraction system has the purpose of providing a clean atmosphere inside the bay as well as to obtain fresh air for cooling the temperature of mixed gases. The mixed gases are conveyed to the spark arrestor in front of the Bag Filter Unit. the mix of gases of different compositions and at different temperatures is made easier and improved while it gets prepared to get into the Bag Filter Unit. Finally. Bag Filter Unit . Ladle Heating Stand. Sidernaval offers alternative solutions for the Spark Arrestors.

Double row Filter . are propelled and evacuated by the main fans placed at the back of the Bag Filter. which. Sidernaval has developed the Pulse Jet Filters which minimize investment and assure the high performance of the Dedusting System with the optimum dimensioning: .The cleaning process of gases is done by the Bag Filter Unit.Single row Filter . The Bag Filter Units featuring this bag cleaning system are denominated as Air Pulse Jet Filters. after the cleaning process. The Bag Filter is properly dimensioned for the extraction of the volume of gases produced in the melt shop.Double building Filter And with the target of fulfilling environmental requirements . and finally released into the atmosphere through the Clean Gas Stack . The filtering bags collect the dust of the waste gases. The cleaning of the Filtering Bags is done by means of short bursts of dry compressed air.