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Piotr Wyrzykowski Art Portfolio

Performance “No”, 2010.
“Extremists Training”, installation, video, printed booklet, chairs, 2014
Work inspired by fake news campaign by Russian state mass
media about Ukrainian extremists camps organised in Poland.
I’ve decided to join info war pool with my own fake set of
information producing training booklet for Ukrainian protesters and
video fragments of Skype courses possibly having place during
the Ukrainian revolution. The worked based on deep study and
research of educational materials for contemporary street fighters.
app, podium,
print, 2016
Self -
Voluntary Kit -
is used to carry
out a public act
of virtual self-
The kit consists
of a mobile
application and
a portable
folding podium.
can be done
anywhere. To
do this, spread
the podium at
the selected
point and stand
on it. Run the
rise your hand
above you and
point the
camera at
yourself. Stand
motionless and
be proud
having the
moment of
importance in
“Self-immolation”, interactive installation,
app, podium, print, 2016. “Sobreexposition”
MAC, Chille
“RSO”, interactive installation, app, podium, print, 2015.

App screenshots
RSO it's a test designed
to practice your
behaviour during war

Facing recent events in
Ukraine we should
consider preparing
Poland in case of
Russian Federation
military invasion. The
war is happening 2000
km from Gdańsk, so this
events and the character
of the conflict makes us
aware the we need to be
prepared for sudden
attack in the Baltic Sea

This especially designed
mobile application helps
you to test the ways to
react in case of a direct
danger resulting from
war or terrorists attack.
The application based on
the position of the user in
the city gives advice and
commends, showing
direction where to go.
The main goal is to
reach the bunker in set
waring time. It is the time
that the user has, from
the moment of launching
the weapon by the
enemy to the moment of
explosion in the region.
“Protest”, installation, app, video, mobile phone, LCD 240x120 cm, 2015-2016.
Protest actions in public space

App screenshots

"I rebel; therefore I
exist" A. Camus. 
Protest app is a tool
for expressing your
civil revolt opinions.
Used it for creating a
peaceful virtual
demonstration. Type a
slogan, record video
wherever your want
and share it with
others. Your protests
will be available on the
"Protestline". You can
preview nearby
protests in Augmented
Reality mode.
“Water Memory”, intervention in public space, app, tablets, 2013
Augmented Reality app for mobile devices dedicated to open public
spaces. Application transforms the space around you in to the
underwater world with floating artefacts of the past.
Content is coming from people memories uploaded into the "digital
water" of the software.
Do you believe that water has memory?
Maybe you want to share your memories?
Dive into deep water just right next to you.
Experience this revolutionary augmented reality application turning your
surroundings into underwater world full of past messages. Walk or run
around using GPS and your device camera to find and learn all the
artefacts floating in water. By exploring your physical environment each
several meters your are going to make a jump in time.

Watch out the waves!

App screenshots
“How to Educate the Ruler? - discovered fragments form a handbook”, interactive installation, 2011
This project simulates an
archival educational manual in
the form of an interactive
It consist of 16 pages and laws,
each page trigers the animation
- 3d scene representing
different political skill.
The work is based on
augmented reality system. The
viewer by holding the pages in
different positions can change
the point of view of the 3d
scene. The short 3d story is
rendered on the surface of the
page. The viewer can see his
hand, page and animation on
the video screen in front of him.
The laws are taken from the
Robert Greene book: “48 Laws
of Power”
“Only Those Who Planed It Will Survive”, video installation, 2009
The idea of the installation is based on the
development of a form of "video-poster",
which appeared in the installation
"Communostalgie". The video is treated here
as a graphical dynamic visual element of the
whole compositions. In that case technical
drawing and typography is combine with
video of little child figures.
The work consists of six posters depicting six
different types of shelters designed as a place
to hide during a nuclear attack. Architectural
drawings are taken from the original American
publications from the period of cold war. They
were mainly design for families with their own
free-standing houses proposing a variety of
types of solutions from low-budget basement
conversions to reinforced concrete
underground structures.
Each of the posters is a standalone short
story scene of the group of children's life in
shelter. A short excerpt from their attempts to
maintain "normal" in such different conditions.
“Imam”, from the “Emoticon” project, video installation, 2011, (with R. Rumas)
Bakhchisaray, Crimea, Ukraine, April 2011.
Three-channel video installation, 14’ 33”.

Visual material filmed in the town
inhabited by Crimean Tatars. An interview
with Imam Sabri Soleymanov.

The Emoticon project, is a summing-up
of a journey we made at the beginning
of 2011 to Eastern European countries
around the Black See. We've visited
Ukraine, Turkey, Romania and Georgia.
“Shoe Copyst”, from the “Emotikon” project, video installation, 2011, (with R. Rumas)
Istanbul, Turkey, March 2011.
Three-channel video installation, 12’00”.

Visual material filmed in a “district” of shoe makers
in the middle of the Istanbul old town.
A quarter of streets houses the last small private
shops where shoes are manufactured by hand.
“Wiktoria Cukt Presidential Campaign”, www, public spaces, billboards, video, actions, installation, 1999 - 2000. by CUKT,
CUKT (Technical Culture Central Office) had run a fake election campaign in 2000, scheduled for the entire year of the real presidential election in
Poland.CUKT created a candidate for the President of the Republic of Poland, who was not only a young attractive woman, but also a fully virtual,
computer-generated being. The campaign of this long-legged beauty started on the internet. The idea was to promote the internet as the tool and
institution of a democratic society. But, of course, the artists played with the illusion of democracy. The candidate was perfect for everyone, as she
shared every opinion submitted by official website. Her statements were completely contradictory, so as to please every possible voter. This internet
project was followed by several election meetings in major Polish cities and Berlin, Chicago. Billboard campaign with AMS, released exactly at the
moment when "real" candidates started to present their own ones. This campaign really appealed to the Polish sense of humor, especially when the
billboard of Wictoria CUKT was shown, for instance, next to the billboard of President Krzaklewski from the Solidarity Union. Mr. President, whose
campaign was based apparently on his attractive look, had no chance against red-haired Wictoria. Regardless, she lost, but so did he.
“Copyright”, performance, 1995. Copyright was
a reaction to
the enactment
of new
copyright laws
in Poland in
1994. The
artist had the
tattooed on his
body. During
the procedure,
was reading
out selected
passages from
the new law.