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1. Proposed Position [only one candidate shall be nominated for each position]:

Agriculture Extension Specialist

2. Name of Firm [Insert name of firm proposing the expert]:


3. Name of Expert [Insert full name]: Paul Van Mele

4. Date of Birth: 12-01-1968 Citizenship: Belgian

5. Education [Indicate college/university and other specialized education of expert, giving

names of institutions, degrees obtained, and dates of obtainment]:

Wageningen University, the Netherlands: PhD (2000)

Ghent University, Belgium: MSc (1992)

6. Membership of Professional Associations:

Global Forum of Rural Advisory Services (GFRAS)

Neuchtel Initiative
External Advisory Board of ENDURE (European network of excellence
contributing to the development of farming systems less reliant on pesticides)

7. Other Training [Indicate significant training since degrees under 5 - Education were

8. Countries of Work Experience: [List countries where expert has worked in the last ten
Vietnam, Bangladesh, Benin, Mali, Guinea, Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania and Madagascar

9. Languages [For each language indicate proficiency: good, fair, or poor in speaking,
reading, and writing]:
Dutch: speaking (good), reading (good), and writing (good)
English: speaking (good), reading (good), and writing (good)
French: speaking (good), reading (good), and writing (good)
German: speaking (fair), reading (poor), and writing (poor)

10. Employment Record [Starting with present position, list in reverse order every
employment held by expert since graduation, giving for each employment (see format here
below): dates of employment, name of employing organization, positions held.]:
From [Year]: 2010 To [Year]: now
Employer: Agro-Insight
Positions held: Owner and director

From [Year]: 2005 To [Year]: 2010

Employer: Africa Rice Center (AfricaRice)
Positions held: Program leader, Learning and Innovation Systems

From [Year]: 2000 To [Year]: 2005

Employer: CAB International
Positions held: Vietnam Country Manager and Participatory Research and Extension Specialist

From [Year]: 1997 To [Year]: 1999

Employer: Catholic University Leuven
Positions held: Project manager (IPM in fruit crops, Vietnam)

From [Year]: 1993 To [Year]: 1997

Employer: Ghent University
Positions held: Lecturer tropical agriculture and project manager (Goat/Sheep and Husbandry,

Note: Maximum of 5 pages.

11. Detailed Tasks 12. Work Undertaken that Best Illustrates Capability to
Assigned Handle the Tasks Assigned

(i) examine the results of the [Among the assignments in which the expert has been
CDP and identify successes involved, indicate the following information for those
and shortcomings; assignments that best illustrate the experts capability to
handle the tasks listed in line 11.]
(ii) examine other previous
agriculture sector projects in Name of assignment: Identification and documentation of
Nepal including and identify success stories of seed production and distribution
successful initiatives in crop
Year: 2010
diversification and agriculture
extension activities; Location: ten African countries

(iii) examine crop Client: FAO

diversification, smallholder Main project features:
development, agriculture
support services, agriculture Positions held: Overall coordinator
commercialization and Activities performed: Coordinate study; prepare Terms of
agribusiness projects References for supporting consulting services; conduct in-
undertaken by ADB and other country studies to identify successful entrepreneurial models
donors in the past ten years of seed production and distribution of food security crops;
and identify successful interact with rural banks, cooperatives, agrodealers, NGOs
models which could be used and government officials; organize international workshop
to supplement; with FAO; develop outcomes of study into a book on Seed
Enterprises, to be published late 2010
(iv) examine other initiatives in
crop diversification, the Name of assignment: Innovations in Rural Extension
promotion of high value crops
and the provision of Year: 2004
agriculture support services Location: Bangladesh
being undertaken by other
donors in the country; Client: IRRI
Main project features: PETRRA project funded by DFID
(v) examine in detail the
existing proposal for the Positions held: Agricultural Extension specialist
proposed project and identify Activities performed: Interact with multiple service providers
ways in which the and grassroots organizations during a 10-month period to
implementation arrangements capitalize diversity of experiences of partners in
can be made into a generic, implementing innovative extension methods and enterprise
replicable framework models; develop outcomes of study into a book called
applicable over a wide range Innovations in Rural Extension (CABI Publishing, 2005)
of on-the-ground conditions
and crop diversification
environments suitable for Name of project: Developing Disease Management
packaging into an ADB project Capacity in Vietnam
Year: 2001-2003
(vi) assist the mission in Location: Vietnam
discussions on the PPTA
consultants proposal with key Client: ACIAR
stakeholders in Nepal Main project features: collaboration between CAB
including the Department of International, Australian and Vietnamese institutions
Agriculture and the Ministry of
Agriculture and Cooperatives Positions held: Project manager
and field staff involved in the
Activities performed: Coordinate capacity building of ten
implementation of the CDP.
government institutes in Vietnam with regard to diagnosis
and management of health of multiple crops (including high
(vii) assist the mission to
value crops); strengthen linkages with agricultural service
consolidate the proposal into
providers; develop and test extension materials and
a coherent ADB project format
based on a generic extension
model and incorporating
procedures, techniques and Name of assignment or project: Knowledge Generation in
methodologies found to be Tree and Forest Management
successful in previous ADB Year: 2003
projects both in Nepal and in
other DMCs. Location: Nepal, Kenya and Bolivia
Client: FAO
(viii) assist the mission to
prepare and negotiate an Main project features:
MOU with the Government Positions held: Overall coordinator
outlining the project proposal
including scope, cost, Activities performed: Conduct desktop study; coordinate
implementation field research by local consultants; formulate
arrangements, safeguard recommendations; edit book
aspects and due diligence.
Name of assignment or project: IPM in fruit crops
(ix) assist with the preparation
Year: 1997-1999
of the procurement plan, an
estimation of consulting
Location: Vietnam
services support and the
preparation of Terms of Client: Catholic University of Leuven
Reference for supporting
consulting services. Main project features: in collaboration with Cantho
(x) work with the mission and Positions held: Project manager
government counterpart to
ensure that the PAM is fully Activities performed: Prepare budgets and action plans;
agreed and prepared to undertake and monitor R&D activities in diverse fruit crops;
standards required by ADB. strengthen support services to move from rice to market-
oriented production of high value crops
(xi) assist the mission leader
in preparation of the RRP.

(xii) backstop and support the

mission leader during
processing of the RRP after
the fact-finding mission.

13. Certification:

I, the undersigned, certify to the best of my knowledge and belief - YES NO

(i) this CV correctly describes my qualifications and my experience
(ii) I am employed by the Executing or theImplementing Agency
(iii) I am a close relative of a current ADB staff member
(iv) I am the spous of a current ADB staff member
(v) I am former ADB staff member

if yes, I retired from ADB over 12 months ago

(vi) I was part of team who wrote the terms of reference for this
consulting services assignment

(vii) I am sanctioned (not eligible for engagement) by ADB.

I understand that any willful misstatement described herein may lead to my disqualification or
dismissal, and/or other disciplinary action being taken by ADB.

[Signature of expert or authorized representative of the firm]1 Day/Month/Year

Full name of authorized representative: Paul Van Mele

This CV can be signed by a senior representative of the Consultant provided that if the Consultants
proposal is ranked first, a copy of the CV signed by the expert and/or specialist must be submitted to the
ADB prior to the commencement of contract negotiations.