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Since the advent of smartphones and tablets, the scope for software developers to make it
big in the mobile app market has increased. This scenario has led to a tremendous increase
in freelancers and programmers entering this field of app development. Mobile application
development is a fixed set of process and procedures in writing software for specific tasks
(games, weather, news, etc.), for wireless computing devices like smartphones and tablets.
Mobile application development is multi-dimensional and needs new learning all the time
but is easy to get started.

Mobile Application development is a rapidly growing field, both in terms of revenue as well
as employment opportunities. As per the recent 2014 analysis report, about 46% software
solution architects and 47% of senior software developers believe there is a skills gap!
Employees usually prefer employing certified professionals. This eBook focuses on the
need of certification, mobile app development career growth in industry and takes you
through the entire certification journey.


Mobile app development popularity is increasing because of its simplicity, cost
effectiveness and the need for developers in the fast paced mobile application development
industry. The number of app downloads as per a report from Smart Insights shows that
around 25 billion downloads from Apple App Store and 10 billion downloads from Android
store are recorded. According to Wall Street Journal, Google and Apple offer
more than 700,000 mobile apps each and the total revenue in the mobile app industry is
expected to rise to $46 billion in 2016, ABI Research reports.

The market demand for apps running on iOS, Android, and other operating systems is
surging but the mobile app development talent isnt growing at the same rate. According to
a Forbes report, large companies whose 20% of business and growing at a fast rate comes
from mobile, has a single iOS and/or a single Android app developer.

According to IDC, the global share of Android is going to rise at a higher rate in 2015 than
iOS, Blackberry, Windows, and others. The expected market share for Android is 45% as
compared to 15% iOS and 14% Blackberry share.
Heres a quick glimpse of capabilities and features of both the popular operating systems,
Android and iOS.

Features Android iOS

Developer Google Apple Inc.

Customizability Plenty. Can change almost Needs to be jailbroken to be

everything. able to make changes.

Market Share (2014) 80.2% 14.8%

Expected Market Share (2018) 77.6% 13.7%

Google Play (1,000,000+ Apps)

Other sources like Amazon, Apple App Store
App Store (1,000,000+ Apps)
Samsung and Getjar also
distribute Android app

Average Selling Price $254 $657

2013-2018 CAGR -4.9% -1.4%


Android was initially developed by Android (A Company) which was later on backed by
Google. However, in 2005, Android was purchased by Google in 2005. As we are aware,
Android is a Linux-based Operating system that is designed for touch screen devices such
as smart phones and tablets.

It is the operating system with Java Programming Interface. The Android Software devel-
opment kit includes:
A Complier
A Debugger
A device emulator
Virtual machine to run the Android program
Tools that help developer to build and test such as 9-Patch, ADB, Monkey Runner etc.

Theres always an inhibition amongst the Android app developers regarding the basic
requirements (qualifications) needed to learn to develop apps.

In order to be eligible for taking up a training course, the minimum qualification is to
complete graduation in any stream. There will be an added advantage for aspirants
who have graduated in subjects related to computer science.

Apart from the educational qualification, the aspiring android developers should
have a basic knowledge in programming languages like Java. At a more advanced
level, Android Development involves knowledge of a lot of programming paradigms.

Most of the reputed organizations prefer candidates having hands-on

experience in the field.

As far as the skills needed for Android app developer are concerned, the best
rule is to learn to develop and start doing it. Other skills that will add value are:

Having thorough knowledge of basic aspects of objects oriented programming.

Being familiar with common programming languages like Java, C++, HTML, CSS

Strong computing skills like database management and security is a must

Determine user needs by analysis and develop an app that suits them

Working knowledge of Eclipse based development tools is an added advantage
Design and build advanced applications for the Android platform.

Should co-ordinate with other teams to define, design, and new features
for the application to be developed

Test code for usability and general reliability

Work with outside data sources and APIs

Dedicated work on bug fixing and improving the performance of the

existing applications


Though the market share for Android and iOS app keeps swinging in favor of the other like a
pendulum; from the developers point of view, iOS still remains the most profitable platform.

Similar to the Android developer qualifications, iOS developer also needs to
complete graduation in any field, preferably computer science or software
development. A specialized degree in mobile application development will
definitely give an added advantage.

Basic knowledge of HTML and Javascript is a plus, in addition to the desired

educational qualification.
Having an excellent knowledge of the iPhone iOS SDK

Basic knowledge of XML, JSON, SqlLite and working experience in SQL


Working knowledge of iOS frameworks such as Core Data, Core Animation,

Core Graphics, and Core Text

Familiar with HTML and Javascript

Coding standards, organizational programming skills and good commenting

practices is needed

Solid understanding of mobile application development life cycle.


Design and develop applications for iOS platform

Work with cross-functional teams to define, design, and discuss on features for
the application that needs to be developed.

Test the code for robustness, feasibility and reliability.

Evaluate and deploy new technologies for maximizing application performance

Improve all efficiency by bug fixtures
Currently there is no industry standard for mobile app development; however a lot of
reputed training institutes like Simplilearn conduct training sessions for aspirants. Though
not a pre-requisite, many companies require certification in addition to educational qualifica-
tions, for filling positions in their firms.

The most popular courses include certification in Android app development, iOS app
development, Windows app development, and the like. Apart from this, security courses
like CompTIA Secure Mobile App Development certification are also popular.

2014 was one heck of a year for mobile app development. Mobile commerce made up 32.3%
of all the US online sales, with around 52.1% of online shopping happened on a mobile
device. This was for the first time that online browsing was outdone by mobile traffic!

Contrary to the popular belief, Android users are outdone by the iOS users in mobile spend-
ing, which accounts for 34% of all online traffic whereas Android only accounts for 15%. Also,
there is higher spending percentage by iOS users as compared to Android user by 24.3%.

With this increasing value to mobile commerce, companies are looking for professionals who
can build apps for tablets and smartphones. According to Robert Half Technology, mobile
app developers are expected to see a 10.2 percent increase in starting compensation at any
given tech position, earning $107,500 to $161,500, on an average.

According to data on, mobile developers media annual salary is $94,000

whereas the hourly wage varies from $21 to $150 per hour. Also, with emphasis on good UX
design being the need of the hour, experienced designers with right creative leadership skills
can earn anywhere from $80,500 to $126,500 with directors earning something between
$110,000 to $178,000! In a recent IBM study, 94% of CMOs are planning to get native apps in
their mobile strategies till the next 3-5 years.
Though apps developers are making money in the most unexpected domains, there are a
few tried and tested genres that are successful in download percentages.

Apple App Store

Games 21.45%








Music 3.1%


Health and Fitness


Sports 2.64%

Photo and Video 2.48%


Finance 2.38%

Food and Drink 2.37%

News 2.36%

Medical 2.06%

Social Networking 1.99%

Navigation 1.19%

0 2.5% 5% 7.5% 10% 12.5% 15% 17.5% 20% 22.5% 25%
All apps Free apps Paid apps
Google Play (Android)







Books & Reference

Travel & Local


Music & Audio

0 10,000 20,000 30,000 40,000 50,000 60,000 70,000 80,000 90,000 100,000 110,000 120,000 130,000
As seen from the graphs, Apple Stores highest downloads are in the Games category with
21.45% while in the Google Play Store Education tops the charts. Mobile development
aspirants must try to develop apps in the leading genres to keep themselves ahead
in the rat race.

With the changing technology, it is important for aspirants to keep themselves updated with
the latest technological innovations, new products in the market, and other industry-related
updates. Aspirants must have the ability to understand client requirements and develop apps
accordingly. Now, private academies and training institutes offer short-term crash courses in
the field for experienced and freshers in the field.

Simplilearns Android App Development course helps you in

understanding the nuances of the eld.

Covers JSON, GPS and 45 Chapter-end Topics On DDMS, Course Completion

Geo- Location Programming Quizzes Android UI Design Certificate

6.5 Hrs of High Quality 4 Simulation Exams Downloadable e-Book

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