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Believe it or not, it is time to talk about your FINAL EXAM!

You will need to set up a time to

take your exam on April 26, 27, or 28. All VirtualSC initial credit courses require a proctored
final exam. There are NO exemptions.
Check the VirtualSC Final Exam Instructions on the front page of
your Moodle site for your schools exam arrangements.

YOU will need to confirm your exam dates, times and locations with
your sponsor schools.

Public school and private school students will be proctored as arranged by their sponsor school.

Home school students or their parent/guardians are responsible for securing an appropriate
proctor to facilitate the final exam. Exam proctors must hold a South Carolina Educator License,
and cannot be related the student taking the exam. To receive approval for an exam proctor,
please submit the Proctor Verification Form to VirtualSC. Upon approval, VirtualSC will contact
the proctor with final exam instructions.

Alternatively, a home school student or their parent/guardian may contact a local public or
private school to request a seat during their proctored exams. If a school is willing to
accommodate the request, the student will take their final exam on the date and time provided
by the school.

Students experiencing difficulty in arranging for their final exams may discuss ProctorU (an
online live proctoring service) as a testing option with their counselor or sponsor
school. ProctorU is a private company and charges a fee for their services. This service must be
approved by the sponsor school.

The final exam must count for 20% of the course grade. The final exam is password protected
and can only be unlocked by a proctor - certified teacher, administrator or counselor - who will be
given access to the password prior to the exam date.
The final exam consists of 50 Multiple Choice Questions. Some questions are new
questions; some are from the 'old' unit tests.
You may use a calculator on the final exam. You may bring a handheld calculator or use
the calculator provided in your course and/or GeoGebra. You may NOT use a calculator on
a cell phone.
You will be allowed to have a copy of the Geometry Final Exam Formula Sheet open on
your computer during the exam. You may NOT use any other notes.
You may answer the questions on the exam only one time.

The exam MUST be completed all at one time. If you do not complete the exam after opening it,
you will receive zero points for any unanswered problems.

There is an Exam Review Unit at the end of the course with all Exam information and review
opportunities. Please contact me with any questions you may have!