Jl. Karet Sawah 2 No.2A Karet Semanggi
Jakarta Selatan, 12930
HP :08988765077; Email : boahancock.monk@gmail.com

Jakarta, 23 April 2014

Human Resources Department

Dear Recruitment team,

May this letter find you well, I am a fresh graduate student from faculty of law with majored
in public law of Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia and I am writing to express my
strong interest to apply this application letter to your company. I first know about this
vacancy from the website and my friend. In my opinion by becoming the part of a team in
your Office would give me more experience and knowledge.

In last semester, I had involved as an internal researcher in the Institute for Criminal Justice
Reform (ICJR). After my involvement as a researcher, I have received uncountable
information pertaining to Criminal Justice Policy and also learn a lot of new things in practice
and my advocacy skill has improved.

The chance to join your company would be a tremendous opportunity and honor. I believe my
academic and experience, combined with my passion to work harder for future, and I believe
that work hard and diligence, make me a strong candidate for the position you need. I have
enclosed my curriculum vitae and my recent photograph for your review. I would appreciate
the chance to discuss my qualification with you. Thank you in advance for your time and I
look forward to speaking with you soon.

I have enclosed a resume highlighting my education and work experience. I hope to have the
opportunity to interview with you about the opportunity. Thank you in advance for your time
and consideration.


Hema Anggiat Marojahan Simanjuntak, S.H.

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