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ITC Argumentative / Analytical Essay Rubric Student: Number Grade: _____ Letter: _____

Excellent (A) Quite Good (B) Good (C) Emerging (D) Not Yet Evidenced (E)
4 3 2 1 0

Claim & Focus A single, clear, penetrating claim, A clear, insightful claim The essay makes a clear The central claim is unfocused, The central claim is irrelevant,
(Thesis rooted in the object of study, controls the essay and directs analytical claim about the object unsupported, or otherwise weak, obscure, poorly thought out, or
Statement) animates the essay. our attention to the object of of study. but remains discernible. absent.

Development Reasons and support for the claim Reasons and support are clear Reasons and support are mostly There are signs of an attempt to Neither the claim nor its
(Ideas & are clear, controlled, and (if and logical. The essay reveals clear, but occasionally fuzzy or develop reasons and support. The significance is advanced, defended,
Content) applicable) proactively defended. the significance of the claim. oddly constructed. The essay essay fails to address the so what? or developed. The essay offers too
The essay reveals the significance assumes too much about the question. brief a treatment of the topic, even
of the claim. significance of the claim, and is within the limited expectations of
not as explicit as it should be. the assignment.

Evidence & The essay unfolds appropriate, The essay presents strong, The essay presents relevant The essay includes evidence, but it Evidence and/or explication are
Support focused, and specific evidence to relevant evidence which is evidence that is adequately is ill-chosen, under-examined, or weak, irrelevant, or missing.
(MEAL) advance the reasons and claim. explicated with dexterity and treated. The explication or both.
Balanced and carefully explicated. consistency. analysis is attentive.

Organization The main claim (thesis) organizes The main claim (thesis) The main claim (thesis) A main claim (thesis) does not The essay is redundant and
the entire essay. Each part organizes the essay, the organizes the bulk of the essay; organize the essay, the transitions incoherent.
transitions smoothly into the next transitions are usually smooth, transitions are present but may are especially rough or absent, or
and reflects its precedents. Ideas and the ideas are presented in be rough; distinct ideas are the ideas are not ordered.
are presented in optimal order. reasonable order. presented successively.

Style The prose is clear, precise, apt, The prose is clear, precise, and The prose is clear and apt, The prose occasionally strikes The prose is vague, addressed to
(Voice, Fluency, sophisticated, and graceful. apt. though some imprecision home, but is otherwise feeble, the wrong audience, or aimed at
Diction) remains. inattentive, distracted, or hasty. the wrong topic.

Mechanics, Next to no errors in spelling, Occasional mechanical errors Mechanical errors are evident Spelling and grammar errors, or A dictionary seems never to have
Punctuation, grammar, punctuation, or do not interfere with the but do not prevent reading and convention / usage irregularities, been consulted.
Conventions convention. reading. comprehension impede reading and comprehension.

Format (MLA) Flawless Almost flawless Acceptable errors (quality or Significant errors (quality or MLA? Whats that?
quantity) quantity)