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1 Quick Test ENGLISH FILE 3

GRAMMAR 16 What _____ next weekend?

A do you do B will do you
Check () A, B, or C to complete the sentences. C are you doing
Example: My parents _____ in China. 17 Im not ____ speak to Jason any more.
A are born B were born Awill Bgoing C going to
C was born
18 She _____ eats meat or fish. Shes a strict vegetarian.
1 Annas in the kitchen. She _____ dinner. Aoften Bnever Csometimes
Acooks B s cooking C will cook 19 How many cups of coffee _____ a day?
2 I _____ to eat fresh vegetables I dont like frozen. A do you drink B are you drinking
Aprefers B m preferring Cprefer C you drink
3 Today most people _____ on junk food. 20 What _____ when he finishes college?
A cuts down B are cutting down A is he going to do B does he do
C is cutting down C he does
4 Its hot in here! _____ open the window? 20
A Will I B Are you going to C Do you
5 He _____ swimming on Tuesdays. VOCABULARY
A always goes B is always going a Check () A, B, or C to complete the sentences
C goes always
with food words.
6 A Is there anything on TV tonight?
Example: We had _____ chicken and vegetables for
B I dont know. _____ in the paper.
dinner last night.
A Ill look B Im going to look Agrilled Bgrill Cgrills
C I look
7 We _____ the movies on Saturday. Would you like to 1 Beets and cabbage are types of _____.
come? Avegetables Bfruit Cmeat
A will go to B go to C are going to 2 I love seafood, especially _____.
8 My brother _____ a job at the moment. Achicken Bduck Cshrimp
A isnt having B wont have 3 Food that isnt cooked is _____.
C doesnt have Aboiled Braw Cfried
9 I predict that you _____ marry someone rich and 4 Can you pass me the _____ of milk, please?
famous! Ajar Bcarton Ccan
A are going Bwill Cshould 5 This curry is really _____. It has lots of chilis in it.
10 Were _____ about you at the moment, and we hope Afresh Braw Cspicy
youll be home soon. 6 We dont like that restaurant because the service
Abelieving Bknowing Cthinking isnt _____.
11 The traffics terrible. I _____ miss my train. Afast Bhealthy Cdelicious
A will to B m going to C go to 7 I dont want to cook tonight. Lets get _____ from
A _____ order some salad?
12 the Chinese restaurant.
B Good idea. Adiet Btake-out C a food
A Must we B Will we
C Are we going to
13 Tom _____ arrives on time. Hes always late.
Anever Bsometimes Coften
14 Where _____ you going on vacation this year?
Awill Bare Cdo
15 Peoples characters _______ on their family
A are depending Bdepends Cdepend

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1 Quick Test ENGLISH FILE 3


b Check () the correct word(s) for the definitions,


Example: a woman who marries someone with a Which word has a different sound? Check () A,
children B, or C.
A stepdaughter Bmother-in-law Example: Avan Btram Clane


1 Acrab Bsalmon Cmargarine
8 your grandfathers / grandmothers mother 2 Achicken Bdiet Cfish
3 Afried Bgrilled Cspicy
Bgreat-grandmother Cgrandmother
4 Abeef Bbeans Cpear
9 the number of people born every year
A birth number B birth amount 5 Alamb Bgrape Cbaked

C birth rate
b Which is the stressed syllable? Check () A, B,
10 description of a family who keep in touch and help or C.
each other
Example: A exciting
Aclose Bnear Copen
11 competition between two people, e.g. a brother and
a sister 6 Adelicious Bdelicious Cdelicious
Aattitude Brivalry Crebellion 7 Arelative Brelative Crelative
12 relatives who arent immediate family 8 Astepfather Bstepfather
A close family Bstepfamily Cstepfather
C extended family 9 Avegetable Bvegetable
13 a child without brothers and sisters Cvegetable
A an only child B a single child 10 Agrandparents Bgrandparents
C a one child Cgrandparents
14 your sisters / brothers daughter 10
Anephew Bcousin Cniece
Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation total 50
c Check () the opposite adjective, A, B, or C.
Example: generous
Abossy Bmean
15 stupid
Asmart Breliable Csensible
16 talkative
Aquiet Bbossy Cmoody
17 self-confident
Aselfish Bshy Cjealous
18 honest
Ainhonest Bunhonest
19 hard-working
Amoody Blazy Csociable
20 patient
Ainpatient Bunpatient

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