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Task Outlines:

a) Differentiating centres based activities in the Preschool Classroom

Complete Table 3 below. Photograph and document the activities in the learning corners/areas and identify the learning outcomes with
reference to the curriculum e.g. UK EYFS. For each of these activities note any differentiation. Describe how each activity could be
differentiated to three ability levels.

Learning / Activity Centres observed in the Activities / Resources: Links to Early Learning Goals in the UK EYFS (2007) Possible differentiation to three ability levels.
preschool classroom: document:
(Photo) (list only what you consider to be the primary goals)
High Ability
Literacy book. Communication and language:
Pencil. Uses vocabulary focused on object and people that are of The teacher drew some pictures with or digraph on the board and she
asked high level students to cope one picture and try to think of three
Colours. particular importance to them.
pictures with or digraph.
Shows interest in illustrations and print in books and
print in the environment.
Demonstrates friendly behavior, initiating conversations Average Ability
and forming good relationships with peers and familiar
The teacher asked medium level students to cope two pictures from the
adults. board and try to think of two pictures with or digraph.
Physical development:
Draw lines and circles using gross motor movement.
Understanding the world:
Overview of the activity: Knows that information can be retrieved from the
computers. Low Ability
The students are writing or digraph. They draw Expressive Arts and Design:
The teacher asked low level students to cope three pictures from the
picture that include or digraph then they write Explores colour and how colours can be changed.
board and try to think of one picture with or digraph.
or digraph.