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A Colledion of Divine


5::^X-'A^ a r,t l y ^^,...^,
.New Compofcd, partly Tranflatcd
from the Hi^i-Qerrnm^ and L:itin HYMNS :

And fet to eafy and pleafant Tuues, for

more "General 13 fe. ''\'V

TheMufick EngravM on Copper Plates.

^ /p. XXIV. XVI,. XIV, XV.

lErorn the {^ly^^ili of the

Earth rrehive he^^ird %o?igs :

,v' kven Glory to the Rightecus. They Jl;a!i Sing for


the M^jefi-y of the Lord j they fluU

Ciy aloud from the
5^^. yyherefoie Glorify ye
. the Lord in the Jflescf
the Sea,

^ L N'D: ON,
Printed for J'.Walfli, Servant to Her Majefty, at the
Hary and Hchcy in Katherine-Street^ near Scmcrfct-
Houfe in xYvtStrrjid: And J. Hare^ Inftrument-
makcr, at the Golden Viol and P.ace in Comhill near
the Koyd^Exchmie : And P. K^ndjlj at the Violin
L find Lute by Tiiids'grays Courts \Yitho\it ror.^l?^
r>r, T'70. \

\ rWPWCTgWIg ! I I. II 1 II U' ^ l.l>^ *'P"*Tg**W

To u.^ vVorihy and Eftcem'd J^^.^
As Approvd of Skill

In the Great or P(?//V/<:.^^ Harmon)^ j

Like the r/^.^.'r;; ArtilT,
Who Received h.s Lute from Mercnrjy
\ By the Mufick' of Eloc[uence^ and Powerful

V Perfwafive, Charming the Infenfible^

'As Stones, into Regularity and V N ITX\

yy This Concert of D/'77/> Harmonyy ,

^, ^ - As a Birth of Kjr?^
j( '^^^ d under the fame Conftellation
^^ V iL.i that more General Concent,
In which He has Performed fo Exquifitea P*tA/ : -

And as Acknowledgment of Favour

From HIM, and J/75j^
With their Benign Influences on
Its Formation and Produl j

Is Humbly

A 2 The


8 0C60
j\ S there has been of Lite Tears a great 'Revival of the
jLa Genius of Aiufick in General^ and great Improve^
merits of it in Divine Vfe\ fuch Numbers taught to Sm^
in the CoufHry^ and in the Education of Childr/:n^ both a
Care irt their Governors^ and a Fropenfity in theinfelves
for the Exercife of Singing to the Traife of God : Jt has
been thought fomewhat Ntw in this kind^ that might be
.^fuited to all Capacities ; and of a little freer Air than the
gra,ve Movernc?it of the Ffalm Tunesy might be both fea^
. fonahle and acceptable j th. re being little or nothing ad^
njancd of this Nature am^ngiisy but what is quite thro
fet to Mufick-y and fo of lefJ General Vfe*
* -

It is Obfrvable, that in Germany, rvlere they have

fuch abundance of Divine So72gs and^ Hymns^ fet tojjjort and
pleafant Tunes ^ and of more Airy Aiovemtnt \ the Vea^
[ant at his Plow^ the Servants at their Lchovr^ the Cr/iU
dren in the Street and generally Perfcns both at their

Jmploy^ and in. Diverfin} ^ rnake ufe of theje for ths

Exprejfion of their Mirth j and have no fi:ch Cnflome as
< we unhappily labour undcr^ of Ballads and Profane Songs ^
Tvhich tend fo much to Vitiate the Mnds of thel^curger
fort'^ and Entertain the wicked Inclinations of others. And
as it is found they generally haze the Start of us both in
'Religion and Reformation^ foifin this Point alfo we could
.follow them J it might be the Tr anfpl anting a Flower into

would yield a grateful Savour both to God
"our Solly that

and Man.
The Ground of this V/orky was a ColleElion and Compoft^
t'lonfor Private ZJfe y inwhich were two or three cf the
\3erman Hymns to which others were recommended to

\ - he Added by fcryic of that Is^ationy and Encouragement gi-^

vsn ofgood AccejtMCs-i if they weie made Publick. Ths
J -

; 7 '
/T^he P R E FA C^E.
ditor has more of thij kind by him^ nhl h
If Providenct
fi appoint may follow, a?7d the Dcfign be carried an ta^^ for the Vfe of th, greater

coth m Mufck, and Religion.
' ThatfomethUa mne particular in foint
! . .
of Gratitude U
t> ygt medfulto be MvatJc'd, in a Nation that

above all o-
iher has had the Experience offuch
jurpnfng Favours and

peculiar Blejfwgs, I believe none will deny

I : And 'tis for
the Excitement of this Spirit, and as a
Mite of 7hankfal
Oblation to the Fountain of Mercies and Blefinfs
^arus the afpeafng his Indignation, and
averting his
Judgments, and for the Continuation of his Goodnefs
to ///,
that this Defign is Ultimately Intended,
Let us above all
ctrjcrs. Sing for the Majelly oj the Lord,
and let his Namt
ce Glorified mThis our Ifle. And we fliaU find 'the
ccnding Echo ofPraifefor Mercies Received, Returned
Ke- Echo' d from the Heavens, in Mercies Multiply'd,
Tea, It will refeci Glory alfo upon Us, upon our
and upon our Kingdom from the Glory
of His Frelence\

and ^t he Smile ef his Countenance, Ev'a Glory

to the
Righteous. So may the Ghry of
our Ife, and of our
Kingdom Increafe, in and from the Glory c/His breahng
forth amo-ng us, r,nd Shining upon us,

; 8 0C60


.H I ,H ii U< i II
> -


or t!x HYMNS Contain'd in this

ALLPraifcto thee: An Evening Hymn. -
p. 2..
AvpAkcinySouL A Morning liyran. , p.i.
AvpaJiC th: f^cice. iVacht auft ! mft tins p. 73.
Ca?i I ceafe my God, Solt tch mcmen Gott, Comme-
moration of God's Mercies. '
p. 22.*
Christ our Lord is Fije7\ Er(landc?i Ist dcr. p. 12,
Co?/;ff Holy Ghofr,' Kom Heiliger Geilf, A Peuteccltal
Hymn. ^ - . .
P* 5^-
Gloria Patri. p. 7Z,
God is cur Refuge, EinfeUc bnrg. Lntherh Hymn go-
ing to Worr?7s. P' 7S-
Hail rny ^ouV s mie Comforter. Sdve Cordis Gau^
dittm, - ' p. 29;
How fairly Shines. Wie fchon lenchut. p 4^.
How longfweet Lord, p. 3^, '

How 'fweet the Angel Trumpets^ A Sacramental

Hymn. ' '

p. 8.
./Jefus Chrijl is Eifen to Day, A Refurredioa.
Hymn. p.. u.
Jefus my Loving Spoufe, > ."
p. 61,
Jefus my Memrjjys fweet. Jefi dulcis memoria. St.
Bernard^ Jubile. p. 14.
Tn thislVorlls hm. For the Sabbath. ^ p. 66,
Let Juhil Trumpets, Jn dulci Jubllo. On the Birth of
Chrill. p. 7.
Lord now my Sleep. A Midnight Hymn- p. 4.
Uy.SoHl and All Praife for the Divine Good
nefs. p,
OdlyeWcrlsofCod. p. jg,
O my Soul with, hUehe dish 7?nne',. For 5piritiial
P 53

'imiSliSiir^ ;

A T A B L E.
. O Sacred Teace'. p. 3
Oht Good ar.d "Vnlvcrf^il. Lord's Prayer Para

phras'd. '
p 2,
j \
I ;! Ki[c O mySouL An Afpiration. p* 38
t Sacred FUr.Hs of Love Divine* .
_. 'lir^rrrr p. 16*

Si'figtO the Lord.

" "- p. ^9.
Sweef Jefus xpho. Mcin Hertz^ens Jefu, Of the Ex'-
cellence of Chrift.
P* 44..
Temptations Lord befei: Meditation for Koon. p. 55,
That Glory TTf ay, ;.._:., p. 77.
7hy Servants Lord. "^p, ^p. 58,
The UNION Hymn. .
. .; ^ p. w/f.
8 0C6i)

-- ~r*-r

A Mor

^yC ?7lOr?f.L'7lO S^^U/rvix- ,

TT -&

V i

yi 7vaJi^ 7711/ oJcntC a7id )Vitk the> Jiiih


^e- rr^

(ojArU^'oafm/ j}aqe> of Q/jiita n.i7i

n I


.17 ,::


^ If. 7iSC

## i
s Infi .1


3t3t Q- TT
' 61^ >''^y ^^'/ 'fiioiluncj ^ncnjfice .

^r=ffH rx r:
, , u.

J^i'ancis: Jiojf/nan ScnfLxnti,



-O *-.:-_-: ;.

V 8



_jOn tAz mrtfi erf (^ruris^.

^q J

I na
U^Sci6U-(/rurnpet3r 6&} - -
^^ r-T^ TT

-727 ukear^ un^apttcres:

p '

P^j^r^f.^^^i"^ #
I j.:>:ji w

[,( ) P n- zo=:g==;:
p^ ri rj 1 O i^
(/z&- -
-72? ^?z^7" ^elcmedO- - - - ne ^les m u Tnanaer.

m TX #E^^
o o, '


V C/i' -'i^-;^5:

n H T-^ XX ^ V J-hy^. , II o di


Lo- -TO nj07'<^iia/V'Vild'7HafuefrxfL -m. than,7llanj*j

!S=rax2 ft J ^-^-^i-zr-e-

^^1., cll<>-|^
p J-ffll"i^i'.l ocJ| | ^

[apcaii4lT^----^ th-J(/pfuLy.areatO- -

^ 1

o^ -e hzrf-ri
7-n EZZE

8 0 the Birth of Chrtjl


O Chcanny
My Hejrr
piiuts for thee ;

Look, look f.vect Babe on mc,

-With all thy Graces kind i.-" " r -,
Q Princely Majcfty, :
Draw me after thee, Hdraw me,^ ^^-2
C Love oth' Father dear, ;"f ^ -^'-"f^-- -igr-.Vi--:
More meekly Shining here :'^'^' :i
^ '-,-1"','^.
We'd in Hell been chainM, ' ,".
Incellant Flames to bear : .._.. _rt.--^^ .. .

.But he for us Regain'd 'S^^'^ry^''^^'^^.'
.The Glories of the Sphere. "'~'. '' -::v"Vj/ "

O were we but there._XO were we, crr.3 ^^^

* '}
O Joy where art thon foui^l-^^-^-':^^^H
OnParadtjh^ Ground^ ^ '-
f^ >f-^'
Where the Angels Sing,
And //j//^/wy4/;; Sound. .__._.....__.. -

Where the Cymbals ring V'""?^-HS:Fi^J:

And where the King is Crown'd. ~-^"
There may webcYound. [There may ^e^c.]}

Commemorstidn cf^ Chrijl'*s DeatL'^'^

~ ' /^; : . ^-i:A rSxcrameittd Hymn. ^- - .

^'q the Tune of^ Sweet Jefu,' who my WiniFuifils.

fwcet the Angel-Triimpctsfoundj
Heaven's kiiid Invitation,
That call the Altar to furrpund
la A^/cW Celebration :

CornmemorcxtioTis of ChriJPs Dc:\tk 9
Our Father has us Wellcome bid,.. -

Upon the Holy LAmb to feed, '!.*.; :^

Withbleft SolcmniiiAtion. ,"' \'^-^"' ''

O Sacred Viands here preparM

For our Divine rcpaHing ! /
O Sacred Gate, for us unbarr'd ri

To Pieafurcj Everlafbing! - V \w

^cfiis is Df^anna^ Bread Divine.

5^fyiisGyl, isMilfCand Wine,
And Honey to our Tailing. :
-'.V;* ;7.
'"" h "' '."\'U' '

Who would not, Lord, Remefhbef T^e^i :

On all fuch Bkll Occafions ?

pcan thy CrpTs e^er buried be '

In Worldly Occupations ?
OTree fodry^ fuch Fruitto bring
As ne'er in Paradife did fpring,
Fo;-Healing of the Nations

O Love, that makes rhch Joys to Tpring

^e^p Scenes of Mourning!
In fuch
TheGrpfs, the Spear, the Deadly Sting
To Healthful Ufes turning. V .

Death's Servant made, to break tht Bread i

And Pierce the Font of Wine faRed>
With Flames Cekftial burning.
l^nto v/hat Myfteries mull we div^t
In this Divine Ilefeftio^ ?
We Live to Die, we Die to Lxvtj
. In Blifsful Rcfurreftion.
Dear Lord, v/ho would no^ Die with tbee^
In Death the New-Births Gate to f^c ^
And Inlet to Perfeftion. u
': <> il-ii.
lo J^omenwation of Chrirt^s
.V ^.^.

O Lord Extend thyChiricy ... ,,..> .
, ^
Tothy poor Flock disjoynted i \;' )/^- jV-':-'//

Reflore thy Churches Unity, ^

As when 'tv/as firil Appointed.. ^ ^^ / :-__^.j ...

O let us Live in Love with Thee>. -virj -,j;J m^I
1 And in Fraternal Amity, .^ %:::0 h-f.*;..'^ O
With Oyl of Grace Anointed., j An;hi:l*i oi'
i *
7. .
, ... (\ -,'., .*..'

To God the Fathtr^ Fund of Grace,'; j''j;VV-i;Vu -
^^ *
i His Exprefs Image fending "-.V^..;,.i.|
? ,
\ The Sc??, the Brightnefs of his Face, ^

The Veil of Darknefs rending ^^ .^. j ...^. ; ;^ , ; ,

i j And to the Spirit be Glory, Powt, j^-^'j/i lO .

[ ; v
And Kingdom^ now, as was before^f^ v.!: r::jC"
; And Ih^ri be never Ending. .

,1 .>
vi!:.{-;-v/ nl
M* ,^ ~ '-::^i*}T'{ b;.'l c"{'^^'* v^il"^^'

^.?.q:* .. '< :di :o 'jri'^vH 7-;l

- '. . .i . .

{I ; * -ii!

;: L5U :; .i * > ^ r'


f^ . ^r? >f >o::

' '
'i ? "i'l !; .7i*^^3H (/!

.- - -^ .

- - - .'

. i 1 i:.
;- '
l*""!" *f''! ;r:::^ :lT

/.iCt Ci /

, -::.:. .-.aiajo
j The

SesiLs 0/i}%st: isOus^yx. to' day lua/h

jj I y ) um^m
(^ur' tr/hiiTvpfmnbCrtouu^^^

?t} M'
!\ ^ m -A=^
irr f

^Dno so
t [!i^^

cm tAe

^^ 7=t=

Ci^fi- S^aC&>-^atLeiau'af^

ir'd to "tedee/m cn^/r &jS-
^aii6<Jiai(fciua/z ^

FH J<yu(q^lt
^ m^

iif<ii rtiririi" n li

0^f the Kefurrscttort,

"AH: ;yc Females

from your Fright, HuH, &c.
.Take to Caliic your Flight : HalU

To his fad Dirdplcsfay, Hall.

Jefus ^Chrisl is Rlfcn to Day. Hall.

in our P^yr/;.:?/ Joy and Fcafl. Hallr

Let the Lord of Life be blcH, HuH.
Let the Holy Triac be praised, HalL
And thankful Hearts to Heaven be rais'd, lUlL

,_^., .^AR^furrcciion Dialogue.

l^rjUndm ijl der Heiltge Chrijl.

To th: [ams Tune, ' ''

y^i^^V/ bur Lord isRi^ Day, UaII &c,

V> Chrid our Life, our Light, our Way, Hj^H
Th"* Object of our Love and Faith HalL \

Who bur dy *d to Conquer Death. HaII.


To Dcdevv theh" Savioi's To nb , Hj^IL

.yi:fiis feek anioilg the Dead, HjH.
Fsr from thofe Dark Regions fled. Ha!L

\ ...,TvYa5rrgLVtAngeIs^ that appear, H^IL >n...

TMsSsIute'em He's not here. Hall. "vT

-BihifeS(!vrFov/> Slio^^
j' V/tli'cQm'etb' your Rife n king, ii/^//.^

1 .
' ^ , .! 4-
.". -

f .. ^^]:2^)j. Angels, fay wha\ place, Ball.

; -D^i, J-:riS char min g Prefence Grace ? //:i//.
! '^t.iS. m;j^ Eyes ;; then bid Rejoyce-: Z:^^//.

"JM^ii ta Bikr^ I'll, tunc nl^ Voices i-a/!?.

5- '^^
A Refiirrectior. Diilcgfic.^ i"^

Jn^cl. Firft the Sacred Place behold^ H.ilL

Did your Brcathlcfs Lord infold. H^^IL.
See the Cloath which bound his Head, '/fv/^.. .

Proves he's Rifcu from the Dead. Hall.


Mary. True 'tis To : The empty Urn, iT-ZUg

Shall myGricftoTranrportsturn. HaU-^

He's not here: O tell mc where-, H%
His bleft Refidence declare. JHaJL

7. .

Angel Hafl in Faith prepare to fee; H^H;^^

Your iov'd Lord in GaiiU, Ha.:,-'-. \-
"^ ^\'
BlefllethisDifciples be, /:/^4
With your Sacred Embafly. HaH.^
". $'\ ".

MoT'^f, Heralds of our joy, toyoiv/Zt^.

Grateful Thanks and Love is due. BaIU-
While our God in Prailcs high //^i\ ^ \^

We together Magnify. B^ll '

'. ,


Chorus. The'Crofs is paHr, thc.G:r^,\V<^ h. liy?,x\i
Th' Ranfom paid, and Death'^ Sting gt^nt. ^.^tiy,

Let lis Feafl, and Sing, a^ndSay,^ H^A'^ J

-:./!:'* """.t'
Chrijl and, \Fe iiave /.?/f. to D^iW;- -|i^f^._'

a -:' ';;o.{:?
^^Jsov/i. cd /^i^nJoPt
f 2'icD


, ,iv: .r l

inr 1
14 St. Bernards y/^i/VV, 3cc.

y ( 1 .
^^^ cCu/cuTTiernoj f/1 .

^'ltr riiV Memory_'i Iweet employ L'en dilrant gives myheart tniejoV/

t=r ?t
iii ^
^^ ^b Tiginc^
'' lioriey nor Ul
viorievnor al Eartfi's deligKt Regale like his (Tglit.

izO ^5"

THere^s Nothing can be fung, more fweet i

Nothing the Ears more pleafaat greet *,

Nothing be fwcetcr thought npon,

Than Jcf^^s^ God's beloved Son, .

-^^^/"^'fv the Penitents Good Hope \

^:[us^ the Suppliant's Aim and Scope %
To thofe that do bucfeek, how kind?
But what, O what to thofe that find j

7^/2//, of Hearts the fvveet Delight

The Fountain of their Life and Light,

.5r..EernardV Jdile, &c. .'15

Joy, that all other Joy tranfcends,
And ev'n beyond Defirc extends. ^;''\-

Our ftammcring Tongues can never tellj ;i"r.

Letters and Words but vainly fvvell; ir^A

Th' Expericnc'd can believe alone .

What 'tisto Love God's only Sj^/. -

. - I 6.. .. .
V ^ - ^^"^ i --^
Jefits \ feck when on my Bed -^ . -.oI'Jlr>dV'.''

The World fhnt out of Heart and Head,';,^'-;H-Mi *'

when I move, _, .^,


.^Private or Publick, t

Jefus ril feek with eager Love. j' ''' ^'H' . ;

'^^> :.': - 7.j.;f' :;/ .:r rl) -ofifiL? I
ril run with' A/tfry by Day-break,' ;!;';: -o1
My 7f///j in the Tomblll. feeky w c.''3tH : <

With my Heart's Love-complaint and cry ^

With Heart Til feek and not with Eye*" .;uT i

My Tears fhall on his Tomb diflilU :,. A 010^17' - ;

My Sighs and Groans the Concave fill.'"- l-^itP. :j!;

ril throw me at his Foot of Grace,
And there hojd fall with fld3: Embraced :::' ^
' :.^ .1 ^.;>i.< v'"J ... :4 ;5iji<i 0J 1 .

Jeffi! Of Kings
the v/ondfous King,;oi-': y:r i

Ore Death and Hell thy Triumphs ring ::^m ::j, ^. '

Svveetnefs of Grace InaiTable ;

r ^
' All Love, all o'er Dellrable. - - ^ -

Abide with us^ and ever Lord, [-^u i-

Illumination true afford: ."-"

^I'^Ti : - I-

Then' fliall we this vain World defpife j

And Heavenly Love Victorious rife.
1 1.

Thy Qracc Exuberant's underftood j ili

By Characters of thy ovnBlo(xl: ,T :

Where dying Love, and clouded Light,

Reftorc us Life, and God's dear Sigwt. .

^ iiv^'hca
^^^ ^^^ 7^f^^ riek, and bura
I .rJ}!^^
^^^^ Heavenly Lo/e, in Loves rccura :

I ,
T^.e Savour of his Ointincncs drawings
An4. ^is AllrClcraCnt Sceptre Awing.

Ah I me, fweet Jefu, let me pFOve
T^Q force of thy Exltatlck Love.
\Vhofe longing Eyes arc waiting Thee
Inr^hron'gL in- Glory high to lie.

Tho. Worthilycannot Nanie Thee,'

I ,

Icannpt chafe yet but proclaim Thee! " '

" ^

Fp;: boyling Love oft makes us bold,

B/eaks way and irons like iMolten Golds \ . r

Tfi/Lovd, thy S]f!'oyefu Rcl^' :';.!';V *^\-^

Is oar true Food, and Heavenly Feall. ' '" ' ; *

'V^'here Appctttcs nor cloy nor tire

?Ut fiird 0^: Thee have ircih. Dsl-j-e.

TBou irt v;hen foijnding in our Ears 3:: J i-A

The Mufick of the Heavenly Spheres:
hh* MoiiCh Kcaven^s Virgin Honey arf^ \/\^
A-ad Heavenly Ncct^ir in the Heart. :(. r

Ah ? blefi'd expert of Joys Divine- */

^^lebriate with the Kingdoms Wine.

'p K^pt their :;Vp/ to admire^ ' :
jUl i,

Tfii-t of all clfe they've loll Defirc.

;; J^^

My Soul C3f;h Moment thee vcqukes.7

I'o eafe my Lanp^uors, quench my FirfS :

And vvbat Tranfport when I find,

And- 7'hcc in warm Embraces bind I

rv'^p^ no\\r I, f-^e, what I Admire^

^'i A?rx:s Infock mv Lite> Dclire*-.

St. Bernard^ Jd'jlc^ See. 17
Pm held Tth f GalUrUs of Lovc^ f Cm. ? 5'
Intranc'd in flames like Theirs above.

^Tis Para Jijiol LovQ Dcfccnds


Heavens Flame through all my Vitals fends *,


Pierces the Centre of my Soul, ,


And Reigns in Joy without Controul. ; J

K, !

O blefTed Conflagration dear, ," ; '

Of Hearts Coojunclion in Love's Sphear ! ' '


Ocool Refrelhment fvveet, in one, j>


To Love, and Love God's only Son

^ Fair Virgin Flower, of Virgin Bed,

With Lilly White, and Rofie Red, Mi
Grow in my Heart then Praife fhall
, rife
Heav'ns belt Perfume and Sacrifice.



7f/w, than Sun more charming calm 9 ;. r

More Odorous than 6" //^^^x ^j/r//^ ,
' "

{ -!

.Sweet to my Talt
Sweets above
all ,

To my Eye lovelie'fl of all Love.

Thou art my Souls Supreme Delight 5 *


Confummatc Loves Meridian Height ; f

My Conqueft, Glory, Jubile ,

Salvation Univerfally. ,

O come enlarge thy Triumphs here, '


Right-hand, Cohfort dear.

And all thy Enemies trod down,

Come fway thy Sceptre, wear thy Crown. -

j. ;

All Powerful King, AUGloriousj ' '

Ore Death and Hell Victorious i
. '
, ui
.The Fountain whence all Graces rife, ^
1j i

And the Sun-flower of Paradile. / jl ;

' '

- '^ !:"

C 27. Yc i'j
:8 Tlj^ Song of the Three ChlUren.

Ye Orders bright of Heavenly Powers,^ .: ...

Life up the Everlafting Doors : _-^^^ ^ . , .


'to the Triumphant Conqueror Sing,

Hail, Jefn, of all Kings the King.

Thee all th' AngelickQjiiresProclaim- -

And Shout thy Imperial Name;


Who Reigns in Peace furpalTingSenfe j '

; -,;
And bids Loves SMath now Commence/ .y'" <j
'^ '--o:?
' '25. -'* ' ...

Jefu! Afccncls his Father's

Throne, c^v^ i *^ -
-The Godhead Love- Pavilion. .. ...,.-. ^

And after him my Heart fhall fiy ; ;;;: *,/ '.^.^^ ;^

Chris} live in Me and no more^ L \.-l*;:f J;\

-i ?t:';t-x.
O let us all Refound his Praife ,

Cur Cries and Vows inceHantraife, _

.^ .,
That, he may us the Favour dellga
In this bleft Throne with him to i?^^?^-;;.:;'.^::;:;

,^/4 .>^2^7 of^ J Cfuldren correcM. \

I O a/l ye ruxrrAs 0/ Uod ^ J^o^.6&&ij&ijJord'<

i t




7 he So/;g of I'fjc irji-ec L/y/;ti/cv.v -ic

OAll 7e Angeh of the Lord,

tUfiyi the Lord, Praifcy c<c.
^ O ye the Scarry Heavens (o high, B!ej%
Ye Waters clear above the Sky, ^Vc/J.
O ye Powers of God the Lord,
all i>/e//^

Oye the radiant Sun, and Moon, Blefs* -^

O ye the glinering Stars of Heaven, Slefs^,

O ye the Rains, and Pearly Dews, BUfs.
Ye flormy Winds, and whifpenng Gales, 5/f/i-* ;

O ye the Fire, and fervent Heac, BUfs.


Ye Winter, and the Summer fair, Blefs.

OyetheFroft, and
chilling Cold, BL-fs. '

^Oye congealed Ice and Snov/, Blcfs^

Ye Sable Nights, and Sun-bright Days, Biefs .

The Darknefs, and Light cheering Rays, Blepii.

Ye Lightning, and deftilling Clouds^ BUfs^ .^ pi
T~ Earths fpacious Globe, Blefs thoU the Lord^ '--' ']

Blefs the Lcrdj &c. r><.-

. -

^ PJ R T

All ye Mountains, and ye Hills, Blcfiy han.
O ail ye flovvring Greens on Earth, sl^fi*
ye the Ever-fpringing Wells, BUfs.
ye the Seas, and flreaming Floods, BUfu
/ ;Ye Whales that on thi^ Surges ride, /^/j. .

I And all that in the Waters glidc/Btefs, r' "* ;



all ye Fowles that Wing the Air, BUfs, ' '

Ye Wilder and Gentler Folds, BUfs^

Beafts, *

i .
O ye the Children of Mankind, B/^/}. ^

O //r/??/ loudell Blefs the Lord, -. ^I

^ . BUfs thou the Lordy 2cc. '

I i

.Oye theHolyPrieflsofGod, 2?/^//.
'O ye the Servants of the Lord, /f/}. .

Ye Spirits and Souls of Righteous Men, Bhfu

I' j

Ye Holy and ye meek of Heart, BUfs. '


jlnam^.s Blefs the Lord, BUfs thon the Lord:, ^:c^
O yf^^r/^j Blefs the Lord, j5/f/}.
Aud tSfr^H Slefs chou the Lord, Bhfs the, &c.
C 2 .

" .Mr

5^/16 Js''^'-^ ^kitj&r pa'Tcvp/ira^ 'd.

^Atcmns t;ra/risTS<zfrmJ: i/n.

BE GlorifiedTongue,
thy Creation
In ev'ry
Nation^ in ev'ry

Refoundiflg thy blelt Name.

Send us the (b) Day Star of the Morning 9

And thy Triumphant Spoufe Adorning,
Thy Glorious Kingdom come.
No more our Wills, nomoreourPafTions j

No more our Lulls, nor our fond Falhions.

Thy only Will be done.

As Heavenly Powers to us conveying,

So all the Powers on Earth obeying

Thy Sovereign Word alone.

With daily Food in Strength Renew us ,

And with thy Heavenly Grace bedew us,

The Bread by which we Live.
7. .
- .

And of thy own Free Grace Relieve us j

Our TrefpalTes and Sins forgive us ^ /-
As others we Forgive,
! And lead us not into Temptation :

But be from Evil our Salvation,

And from its Author.
Thine is the Kingdom, thin^ the Glory,
ThePowVas found in Ancient Story^
And (hall be Evermore. '
' '^

(i) Bthnging to th: Htghejl Htiven,

(b) Tb< Spirit far Fre^ATAthn of ths l{tnidofa.

J i

5-. ^ ;:


^^^L^^ trr:
^- s-^^

^^ J^

TTLotv^cL thcLt keary^ thxzt c^yrtnyT'^sAjSyru^s: '


Tnxmts K octiAit^s tiff p^tTic^' alL bhcLt &/ixcJm>^

^ ^ J>

faL-^ i
Ui^ ,.^

hjcrmaae T&ndefr CUi lAi/nas. to t/uir 'p^jrijOcL. /ms^.

.- i.

AS the Eagles Wings expanding

Foficr and Protccl Iicr Young;
Sd thy Arni all Power commanding,

Keeps me fafe in Dangers Throng.

Ev'nat firfc when Life tliou gave mei
me in the Womb i
lyiercy reach'd ,

Anddrop'd into my Tomb,


Kindly will ConduQ:" and Save me :


All things to tficir. Period hajt\-


GocCs Rich Mercies ver la[K .'
' '';. '

. 5. '

His Dear Son's.not fo Beloved .'
,' ^
V *;"';'. '/^^'
/ But he gave him up for me, '^y
That from Paths of Death removed ' ^ "" '^

' ;';' '^


I to Life Reilored might be.

* .'

O in depth Abyllal Fountain ! ,
-. .
^ ,
- ^ i


How fhall my weak
Spirit ftretch,

'. ^
% '**
,. H|
! . Thy unmeafur'd Bounds to reach?, y'".*^^
,..-! ^

for Height Eternal .Mountaia
.,;"-; ^*
! Z^
" :" '''"'^


His Good Spirit, Guide fupernalv ^^\'
Through his Word to me is given,

i ,Me to lead from Things External jj

the Pearly Gates of Heav'n.

This fweet Dove with Splendor glorious , .


' Fills my Heart,* the Light of. Faith,

Captivating Powers of Death.
Over World and Hell yidorious. . " '
^ .

i ^11 things to> ^


%':.'.- .

htellenu4 Health abounding,
Health "and Wealth provided are 5 \ A li:

Or Turroundiiig,
Cor'^trc'^T/ Ills

Still appears his/Fious Care.

:-^ A Com7nenioratio?i ofGod*s Mentis.
v hen my Strength and Pow'r decreafcs,
Or is quite to Nccbing come.
Then my Father calls me home^
Aad himfelf to Aid me pleafes." ^; '.^^
Ml things to.

Th' Heav'n and Earth and all their Treafure,

i Made he for my Benefit
Ev'ry Space my Eye can meafure . -.;
Yields me Profit or Delight, ^ "

f^afts,and Herbs, and Fruitful Earing,
;- Bottoms, on the Hills,
In the
What the Air, or Ocean fills *,

EvVy where my Food appearing. ''-:\


- Aujhingsto. .

^^ ,

1- In Sleep, Death's Preludious warning, " ^-'Z-

He my Fainting Life fupplys. \ '''^-^t -

Grace and Mercy ev'ry Morning ; '\ p^ \^l


' ^'*/'\'*
Conftant as the Sun arifc. ' '

', I in this Worlds Errant-Mazes, *


Dangerous Gulfs, and Rocks unfeen, .. , '

LoH and overwhelm'd had been,
but for 'thy Indulgent Graces* \
All tbuigs to^

. '.^^y""

how many fad Affliftions, .

Rais'd up by the Enemy, '^-^

Prbvidentijl Rcilriaions
i Have with-hcid from hurting me? '

The Mid-night and Noon-day Evil
Fly before th' Angelick Band,

That around rac Guardians frand :

M.chuel flill CoiUrouls the PeyiU

All t'.h?(rs fJ. 'V. ""i

9^ Ev'n
-^ CommemorAtio/t cfGcvs Mercies. 25

Ev'n his Tryals and his CroiTcs,

Tho' at they bitter be.
Are inflead of Hurt or LoiTes
Signs of Birth'Le^itimacy.
Xvidencing God my Father . .

Who me Loves now thinks on mc ;

From the Worlds Captivity
By the Crofs t^himfelf to gather.
j4ll things to. "'... 1 \

f o. '. '

T^is I know my Father's Pleafiire 9

And its bleil Event attend:
Chriftian Crofles have their Meafure, '
:- -

CrownM with Glory in the End. -^ >r- -^ "' T

When the Winter has done Snowing,

. !

Comes the Summer fmiling on, "


So when the Crofs-Work is done,

Joysinflead of Tears comefiowingr- -

Ml things to. _-..__ -.":u^

Now becaufe no End or Meafure

in God's great Love be found
Grant, O
Lord, of thy good Pleafure,
To it I may fet no Bound.
But with Strength of Love fupply mc.
That I may withHeart and Might
Thee Embrace both Day and Ni^ht ;
TiU -this Life (hall Breath deny mc^i' . =
Jnd my Love when Time isceafi^ J I'

Like thy Merciesjver h$l.


a *JL

/TlDjrt'irrdo77z Ote-^f^r^s 'of or Z6

rt $ ^m
Sacred flajnes of love divine In ourheaits untainted [jime
X C- -C-TL

-^ xr^ ^

^ ^
eedupon ourlouls and
T 1

tliemtDLpves burning
flake te let



p M
^ J
i ^^73

) bleft fires quickly come We're prepar'd For Marb/rdom
f^E3 2=53

^ ^m El

! !

ilelsed is the ioul that dies thus to

Love a

]Si:trtjrdom Rei>ers\{ : SiC. ^1
,.*. ^,

BLeffedy^/:^; from thine Eye, "' ^\


Thofe thrice 5acrcd Flames did fly> :' / i


Which now burn without controul> -': i" -^*w*;; '{.-! ;


As on the Tinder of our Soul. -'-^ '^- j-toi.Uc:!

-BlelTed Fires, O confume ,^->l'[^\l\('J.'\0 \
^' -^ "

What's preparMfor Mavtyrdom^^'^^:'^ ^^^'d^l ?:n: '

JBlefled as the 5oul that dies,

^'"-. ;^'-: .i V-:qiH

Thus to Love a Sacrifice, -: v^^'. jjv

' j.I ^:,;.

The Etherial Flames that are ^:^^'t :*::;-v/

j^rr !
Couched in the Welkin Fair v
--''!'' .1 iljirt

iThofe that croivn the radiant'Suri V"' '''^ ^^^

'And thofe that beautify the Moon, r': ..r-vrailpl^

Are lefs fair than thofe that' come' ;'3.i.^ i^u n-jj'i
Thus to Crown our MartyrdomI - - '^f '''- ^T

BlelFed is the Soul that dies', vr'-^ '^'*'^^^l -

jLoves unfpotted Satrifice/ "-- *'-v^.l aiirir ,

O "'^^ -'7^^ ^
hov/ raging,, yet how Turcef *

Are thofe Sacred Fires,' which greef' I'-d cV.oJ

Our dry Souls with flaming Kifies, ^'-^^'^ y^o nl
Pains difpenfmg with our Blifles./-' '^^''^
But fuch Pains wewifh:to conie \'-' '-'' ^^ *'*-''\|,
J That briug us MaVtyrdoT^^' ^-^^'^^ ^'^
Crdwns of
BlelTed is the Soul that dies; '; \ ;
;al r.ydrO
Thus 10 Lovea Sacrificei-'^-^*^^-^ knrijji aVvoJ ,

J. >

O our Souls are all on Fire, ,

We confume in our Defire,

We'Dcfire whatvve PolTefsf ^
Water's but our Fires Increafc :
Thofe- bright Fires which arc come
vTo. crown our Souls with Martyrdom.
""Happy is the Soul that dies
Loves AU-willing-Sacrifice.
2$ Miirtjrdoms Revzrs^dy Sec,
(. .

O what lingrii^g Death is this,

Biifs iavitingunto blifs. ^.^

J: J* i

B7 thofe Tafts of Love arc we \'-^^]r

,'f.-r '-[;_
Butmore Enamour'd of the5ca .

Of AbylTalLove, whence come /:i *::,T.cM
The Flames that crown our Martyrdom. \';p/f\V
Happy is the Soul that dies - --^ .:
Thus Loves daily Sacrifice .,1 ^ -^ - ;,vi oi z:iXY

O what kind of Pain is this, *

'J-:;.:,*' cJT
Which is fweetefl of all blifs,
-^-^ \' ; ,-.!ji;cD
Oh! tis Pain intolerable ! .
Pleafure yet Unutterable . ; \
Such are thefe blefl Flames which come [
To crown us with Loves- Martyrdom. .
Happy, happy Soul that dies. ^ :
Thus Love's Living Sacrifice. ^-- ^r^y .-7-
^' ^

O we cry we cannot bear o

Love's hot Flames, v/hich domineer
In our Souls, aud yet had we ,.. ; - ;jt
Doom'd to^Death far rather be, .^ii^^-ilii
Than to lofe thofe that come -'
To crown us with Loves MartyrdojB. y .
- -

O thrice happy Soul that dies ;

Love's Eternal Sacrifice,

^4 /L'j?n,n to J^yS-u^^. ^\ ^^

^ ^m

nw (oul's h-ue Comforter

-p p
.liail rny .lela

i ( I
^ !^ ^
jii I

Kail nxy hea,rt'.s Inflamer dear


i 4=i
hail rny Jelii


r H^-fif
T 6

Jiill /near life's


my leuc


">iv.^--* \ai vJ
loail niy (weetelt leiu. .T; .'vi.^ vrii o ,%''2

xx is
i '.' '.^>'- "^

JO A Hjmn to JefuS.
AThouland times I think on tliee,
Come fweet5poi]re to me.
A Thoufand times I vvifli for thee
Come fvveet Spoufe to me.
A Thoufand times I cry to thee ;
Come fvveet 5poufe to me.
Come my fvvecteft 5poiife to me.
He^jvenly Pafturcsme afford j
1 new Life fhail gain

Drop the Milk of thy pur6 Word,

My Lips fhall then be '\ fain.
Immerfe me in thy Bowels Lord,
Hopelliall fpring again:
Life of Love fliall bloom amain.

No fv/eet Tafle can Vie with thee,

'Sweet delicious Lo^e.
No fvveet Smell comes near to thee,
Sweet Perfume of Love.
None for Mildnefs like to thee
Lov^slweet Lamb and Dov^,
ye-^fweeteft, fweetofLove.
lamCold, Inflame thou me - -^
Heavenly Lover. - -

I am Sick, oh! Comfort me /

My Creator. .. _*:

Ah I \:^\%^ give Life to me, ~-^


O my Saviour, ^
^e[n^ O my Saviour.
. ^^m -

t ?9M Pfal, 71. ir,

. J Hue ^nd Crjj Sec. ijl

H^e and Cry after Peace. ,^ ,^ .

To the Tuae of, Arv.ilc mj Sr^.y^^'''}^^ .*

,'';.; 7 . .1 ;y . ' 'jI\1 j : li'sr-l ;

. .-V, - < - ' ''' - *

OJacrcJPcace where art thou fled? * ;.,; Rc^^ioa hides t;hy drooping Head? p .


l| -Fled from the Church, fled from

the State^ ,;.^r| ^r :i

--Tied horn the Poor, iand;;from the Greau -.t'"-,'^


A a Exile now from every Land,
Ev'n where tliy Sovereign's Altars Hand. ^.,/ ^vj ;


Fled fiom our Paltimes and Delights': ['^'.^^ "^.i i

. Ev'nthefc but ?a// our Appetites. ^^.^.^^^.|.^ li

Peace for the Wicked nere was known : :

But ah ! She's now from 5/o flown.
'.?(;:,;[ f
Into the Defcrtsdnv'n, and Woods; V^,.,;7{u/
And there purfiiM by pragon-Floodsr.."-.;- r;V

O Prince of Peace, how canfl: thou fee :

Thy SilbjcQs Wreck and Mifery !


Ah! they Ve Rebellious grown/ thou faifl 5

"liave Open- War with Me Profeft'__"^

By Joint Confentrejefting Peace,

They've fcnt home my AmbalTadrefs.
Love cannot dwell with Wrath, or Spite: ;

! No Peace With Qod where Brethren Fight.

6. Yet
32 Jl Hue ani Crjy Sec.

? 1
Yet Courage, thou, my Sioa dear ;
And bear of Prefcnc His thy Share,
Ev*n at the Worft difmifs thy Fears,
For at the Worit thy God appears.

Thy fufFering Lord obtaia'd his 5lrthV '.^''^

In Peace Proclaim'd throughout the Earth. .*-
" ii
But th' yT/^^/c/;//^ of TriuxTiphant Power" '

Shoots forth ev*n in the Darknefs Hour :

He breaks the Clouds, and thijnders'thro' '?-

The Storm, with Gales that flrojiger blow. / - .'

5oon jiwes the Tempefts with his Nod

And quells his Foes with Iron^Rod.

Thenfhall the Virgin Peace Return'-, ;.,

;.T\Vr r

And Love in Flames 5eraphlck burn. * ^"');

V \^
;^^J::: -----
And jointly in AU Hearts Hiall Reign ^^

As ev'ry where they now iare 5l?in*

^ ^ :.:*: IinnD v/od ^o-yt^H ioo:>m5i i

! v^^ti',': b::. )i^x.V/ catvlia \::t

-: :^^ : J-j f/jv/o-it^ ^-f/oi^^di^l :?v^^;il Idh,

.)iq^TO rhi;v//;Ai:./ [^v/!> lo^inc:^ ^:.\i


CL '^r^^l/uruj cntD t/ie /iiclino-j7face o^luorl*j poriMjr.

^6^-^ U-mJ-^^^Udi m
S&w ijDTm^jrJttJ^yJ>pAfi' tnow -^ oftwina Am; imo muy'acc


s ^ ^^
!, ;-; -:

^ Fi r\ -^ g Tt


m.i/^^&yy AtdmrffO r^rw thje> Vti^ y;amie, a,


ii :\\f \f nwi^m 'CX


F=?= ^-g.
'ZTW ca?vrin^J^^ajuJorcbpV6 L07m/jOJe!>c9ii^lL 72/J7:

mj^^asE^ s i i

tm r^w thd ^e'tCa'f
ana ccnne come corne aivavo/o-j

^ r;,r-
r^ ms
j4 Brcithing tKio thc^ S^c.

2. nn Hy 5f<3/ Wounds
1 Bleed without Curing :

Her Patient Soul

Long, long enduring.-
Srill Crovvn'd withThorn5>
In ShiQie and Scorning*;
Still Sh'n with thee
Till thy Returning.
Lite up thy Horn^
Thou iTiighcy Vnkorn*
(a) Pufh down thy Foes and S^rlr.^
twt Ef-
The Glorious Morning* ftes ss cf
3- Let Heavenly Teace^ ibc Horn
Long Life and Pleafures \
f Povcr
-^^^-^-..j:- snd the
LetCrcmt?; adora'd Htm cr
With \Vi domi Trcafurcs^ iv cf
The Portion be ^

Of thine Elefted; ..^"^:*r.. -

the He.
Now Honour'd more ^'';; ^.'. -_.-/_
IVord m
Than once Neglefted." ,
Now let *em Rife bitk.

And enter Paradife^ menc:

th% Ghry
By thy Great Mchad's
Fhming Sword Protected, v^ . Face it
4. O fhow the Place -" Re^-rcfsjt.
ted ds
Of thy Abiding ;

And where thy
Mighty Is Hidhtl'
O rend theVeil
And cpxnc away Lord

Love grows Inflam'd

And cannot Hay Lord,
Come fct us free
To Juydate with thee.
O vend the Veil, and comev
Coinc, come away Lore),

f f rf
i^ "
^ :p i
wX tncCX^its
f ^

* t,^

nts afce^naLnxj

t rr 'iVt^^


f- *^^

U^o^S U\ Quorate, ^^J2a7rL& nor


f v-t

e/uer &^ij]7lermcnhj at

^^ ^


>f<:^ M7y>iZ&L7 laWUT^ c/iB

^6 A Hjrnn of Pr.ufe^ &0.

HEAnd gently Pardons our MIs-dceds,

Cures the Wound which inward bleed?.
Has from the Chains of Death unbound ;
VViih Clemency and Mercy crownM.
With food our Hunger he fubdues,
And Eagle-like our Youth renews.
From him the Springs of Mercy flow ',

Swift to Forgive, to Anger flow.

Far he will not for ever chide, -.::.^-.
Nor conflant to his Wrath abide ;
^But mildly from it will relent,
Andlhorcen our duePrnifliment.
:!-- His Jullice he Extends to all
Oppreflbrs by his Vengeance fall.
."';-. ^"
But as the Heav'ns in amplitude

Exceed the Centre they include .' - . _ :: -

Soampleis hisClernency ^ .~
To all who on his Grace rely. -v^'
*^ r^ri^
-", ^'

As far as the tright Orient

Is diftant from the Sun's Defcent '-,

So far he fe.ts from his Afpedl ^ . .. -

. _,

Their Guilt, who His juli Laws affcft,-:^'^

Ev'n as a Father to his Child, ~
---^. ^:


So fofc, fo quickly reconcil'd.

-*'^- - *
For his fure Mercy fliall Embrace "

Kis Saints for ever, and their Race^

HisRighteoufnefs their Souls llp-rear.
Who Faithful in his Covenant arc :

Who fear his Threats, who v/ait his Will,

And his Commands with Joy fulfill.

L ^.:l
In Heaven the Grc'dtJF HOr^H
And Governs all that Earth conrains.
You Angels who in Strength exceed,
Who him obey with winged fpecd ; -

You Order'd Hods of Radiant Stars j

And you his flaming Minifters ,


All, whom his Wifdom did Create,

Thro' Empire, Celebrate
his large
His Glorious Name with fweet accord :

With me extoll and praife the Lord.

Daily recount his Deeds of Fame j
And O my Soul do thpu the fame. '

Let Praife afccnd to God above

To the Almighty Father's Throne j <

To our Redeemer God the Son, .;.

And God the Holy Spirit of Love.

As was when Times firfl Hours wheel'd on,
And Ihall be when their Circle's done.


j{iri\i/fL Cor da,
Q/fz CLjioi/radcri .

^^^^^^^ .-frfrr ^f-

5^ f
rijii n|.if^

U7n//eilhlrz tAmxoR^no may^t^i^ 'Jouf armce:ButdunmirJltent

^^ Si
I !

i !

I !

AMDView andmyReview with
thou, Soul, infpirM with Holy Flame,
moll rcgardtui Eye
That Holy Crofs, whence thy Salvation came j
- On which thy Saviour and thy Sin did Die :
For \\i that Sacred Obje^Tt is much Pleafure ^
And in that Saviour is my Joy, my Treafure.
5- .

To thee, O "Jcfuy r direifl mine Eyes, '


Tochec my Hands, to thee mv humble Knees j

To thee my Heart fhall offer Sacrifice \
To thee my Thoughts, who all their Motions fees.
To thee my Life, my Self and all give i I

To Sfn I Die, to Thee alone I Live.

... .-. .
4 ,. '

OHoly, Holy, Holy, Lord moll High, ;.

Coequal, Coeterhal Deicy, -

WhoMad'rius, did'Il Redeem, and doit Infpirc
Cur tepid Souls with new CcIeRial Fire j \
We Blefs, thee now, and (hall Eternally, -^-
OHoly, Holy, Holy;' Lord moft High. .^';



^,;:.-1__.-.;; )
<C^^ Jo^Tj^ of the 0^na6 .

} ;

P!"!" F>i-^
J^^TZ? fai/riy Sklruts ymjnur^/tfzir w oraceU truth Icyorib


/ 1 O


I ^ r

iP l
Saar6j LneikcnLartmij^rwitJjxi^ist

g s

TJ. ^ r
^ ^ nrr
iT), .
- f.^ ..y i

Tir7= L
' L) -:. ; s
IS ' \

\laueJaf /ujTidp'tt i/n TvAoifec^vee^^ce'G/e^ti/xl ^"^^ce^ _

^ ^
i :ni
gp^FP ^^5
i I

i :

m^tiolo-ry J^rusJrmfii^^hi^k-estJto - ru^

~cr rf^no: XJ
liJe'^^^Ofigcj tijsBriac, .

AH!Godmyand the humble

Pcavl, my precious" Crov/n,
Marys Son,
Heaven's King, and Eifths i.ow'bov/ing. ;!
My Heart calls thee its Lily true : w'J''"'
Bnt thou artRofe and Lily too ^
With Milk and Honey Rowing. , '

Swett Flood ! -
Rich Food!
Hofaf:r,ay this \i Sing Ha fart nA^ v".^-. '
True Mitnn.i is \ C Heav'nly Manna 3
L :/.
Angels Feafting
Ito Savour with us Reiline. ^ ^ -* ''**-*-''' ^



^' ; . . ;

Thou Rw&y fair, V>vi^\tJafj)e/'^to?:e^'^ - '

, , '^

Deeply into my Heart pour down, ' ' .


Thy burning Streams Anointed. '^


ThyGoldenSea, in Love's full Tide ^ :

/ ,'^\V
While I in full fvvolu Jovs abide =\^S^ ;r.'''
Thy Spoufai Rib faft pynted-. - v"'
?^'^-^ ^-

Heavens Rofe, .^']-

Gracious, '-; , .._.


Tm Sick and cry, Clamcrylng] *';^:'A j |'

F^eart wounded lie. Qwounded lyin^^ .'" \,* '.^

Poor and lonely, ^ /- - j;

i canbehelp'd by Theconly. . * ^ i. ;

'(- Or n W'hofe out-flreaming Beauty beaming, j

What here J -and afterward ( in this Song ) inclnc-eil

in Bracket s-i is accc/r.r/wddtedto tinQther ^va\' ofSi?-^if<P'

this Paffa^eiis^d ar^or.j the Gtinun'^y ,

V 4. From "v

From God comes on me a Glance of ]r>y^

While thou with thine AIl-charmmgEye,
Moft kindly me beholdefl.
Xord Jcfu dear, my precious Good,
Thy Word, thy Spirit, thy Body and Blood,
My Food thou nere with-holdeft. , :;. ,

Take me ^xxa\
To thee,
^ Into thy Arms, C Beauty charm: me ;]
VVhofe Love fo warms, Love alarms mc ^
Andme BlefTes* .;::. .^i^:^,.

Icome to thy CarefTcs, r:nz.Hzc<^

My Father, Hero of Might Divine,

Before all Worlds, in Grace Inclin'd, .^ .,

Thou purpos'd to Refine rae. ;-:T V:--

Thy Son to me Bctroth'd has been -,

..t> Yi-T
My Royal Spoiife, and I his Qiieen *,
' -

My Life of Hcav'n v;ithin me.

Eja! -^

\ \ \
'Tis Life of Heav'n, C All I wanted 3
So freely giv'n, [Freely gracted;3
li !
And conftantly.
My Soul Praife him incelTantly.
\ \ ,.

I': Force, force the Strings upon the Lyrc^

i i
And found our Joys in fuli tun'd Quire 3
With /feav'ns Ivveet Notes Inspiring-
While I v/ith Jcfus^ wondrous fair,

My Sacred Bridegroom, Sv/eeteft Dear^

lye in Love Flames Expiring. . ;

Joy, Spring,
Shout, Siiig,
Triumphant Praife C In the Praifes ]
In Tuneful Layes, C Each one raifcsl
Tribute bringing:
The King of Glory Singing. --'- ''

Ho\7 glad! am I that my Love-Prize '''"" -

The Alpha and Omc/a is, ^ ::," __?!Clir- ,

' Firll, Laft, All.comphehendlng.:'^: li/z^zEi:^.
I know He'll to his Praife at Jaft '
BringmeinParadifeReplacM; , . i{

And clap my //ands attending. "'l'::::^:T-:iJrr---:-

Come Fairefl foon, C Come my FairellS'

Wy Joy, my Crown, C Come my DearellT


Vindicate her r^ ^-F^^^-

. . r J.z:.: ^.i-:ll:p^').
Who fits thy Sion Waiter. c


j ;

.UWf > l|
m;^j .>^JL,JW II
HI; -.
^eszL5 ClU i{rL ClU .

Dlelti hrtKZ/n<s Se/u mzirze 'J^M^t

, | I

4^ T--

S'^^v^tle fus who 'iiiywi[h fulfills. In v/lioni tiry Gul

; ^
1; . I

repoles, ^1/ lips lye on tliy breads tliofe hills, oF lilies
r n
:'' m
?a id^ ^
ai^dofrole^.l^^moutli forthee's
4 9
prepann^ pi"ai(e,v?cvhile

1 ^6 >
rJlo l


lly goodneG thus di/playes, io

many fweets
indoles .

L-i ,_-,
p p^ e^
\jefu5 Ail in /lu. 45

MY //eart is ravIfhM and for thcc

Ja Fiarncs of Love i> burning- ; .

It rprings, iificgs in JhviIt _/:_.i?/iu^.-':.\*r*T

When ever thou'rt Returning.! : -- ':.; --U^--';! '

A? oft in Love it Kines Darts. -j ;;i: -^i.:.;:;;*^^ i>5

To thee the AU of Pious hearts ,* : .;..5>\-r^ - ':

By F?ich \7ith.thee Sojourning. / ,. /.--.vyic-".

Light of ray Soul, in tby bright Rays ; ... ,: . .;

Alone I Hand beholding, \. v.ul v-..T .

Thofe Beauties, withuncover'd Face ^yys :ij\Vl7

Which quicken me Unfolding." '
take my //eart," and it quite^ fill Y ./i^P ?t i^I

My Glory, with thy Glory Bright.i,./:V;; r,: ;;;v:jj-

v Fad-Iock'd for ever holding. .C; '^-rV t^'l .: .^U'

. art my [^ay to //eay'n, 7;;;;T

Thy Self Lord ;

The Key of
the Creation : :;y-::t ^I M:-'S'
Who finds thee has his Pa fport given :>^f;,;rc.^/7/
To Lifes Eternal Station. '
.y^j. W;^::.t:^:^i^i^O -'-.

Ah deareft Saviour, ne'er let mc^:,li.^l.^^l!,ic^:\T

Expefta /yeav'ndivefl: of thee,:.;VHl>L:i:.i:i^^ tiif
Gf Man's Imagination. ,

y. . -...*.^;-
art the Trmh^ and that alone"; .u's i/vrtT
Intelledlual Prize is. :r:ti .:r^5t>V^^. '

Without tliee Words and //usksare.fliown,'-* ;-d.W

* Thouall Things _ -- ^
,; :.^; .^BT'^
O make my entirely free^'f rn-.-ri -j;.(Jir.vjA-^j

To be Devout alone to thee, -z-t: :4 / -c? v7 czri: ;


Where its true F^rjdife is. . ::;^,ic^-3 -,^>.fI^

' . ..I. .1
. . I . ^ I r . ^ . I, ^^

f Or thus, IVhite thy Gr.tce it felfdifpLiys.

^ ThoJt art the Sf'.h!lanc\f ^.U ihf 5h.idoxvj^ hsn In
Infcricur Niiturn The Crc-ii::d t^nd SuTprt of ail

' .>....:
' ' f. Thoa
46 .
"J^f^i^' All //? APi.

Thou art my /->/^, ics flowing Pov/crs,

Thro* every Pan difperllng ;
Thy5pirit v/ichits Vitafshovvers
Both Soul and Ecdy picrciug.
So let me be all Life and Spirit^
My Jffu^ all ways thee Inherit;
No Power the Grsnt Reverilng. '^
; -

Thou art my food^ and Heavenly Feaif^' "

The Father's beft iJonation.
Which gives, when Hungry and Diftrcft,
Strength and Confolation,

Bkft traught with Life and Pow'r,

fVlantia !

Let Husks which this V/orlds Swine devour

Be ne'er my Delectation. - .^-r r-irr-.-:!.
Thou zrtmy Drinh^ and Sacred Wine
Mod pleafant to my Tafting.
Who Tails mLift wifh the Draught Divine ^ .;,

Of fwectnefs Evcrlafting. -^'

Thou WeU-fpring of my panting Heart,
Thy Milk and Honied Streams impart^ -

Richljr for my Rcpalling.

Thou art the jyicJe wherein 1 Drcrs ^

My Gem, and coftly Tiring.

Who deaths me with thy Righteoufner>,
The Silk to my Admiring.
Let me be from the Vanity
Of thiis Worlds pompous Gandery^ -- ^_ -

'^"^--^ '^'
As Rags of Shame, Retiring. -

__^ 10.

"Thou art niy "C'^y?/r, andTmy Fence ,

Where fafely rcpofc me.


No Enemy can drive me thence ^

No Heatcaadii^*ompofeme.
';jefus AH in AH ;

Ah! Svftztc^\fifuy here lot me

Be ilill fecnrcly kept in thcv *,

^ *

Aad thy Itron^ Arm iiici'>'c rnc-

XI. ' . *

Thou arc my ShephcrdT.'th^ui, rriic "-/''^


To fruitful Pafcurcs iCiJ. :^. -

Thy Call of Grace my'v\\-7 dL; fnew,



When far from Lhcc rcliiii.*^. -


Ahl now luke Care ofme thy ?^hccp, ^.^^ ... j

That Satan's Pcvv r, nor ciiniiiag peep r?;j> .


i '-'^i'.;
MayBias myfure crcadine. -^.
^ 12,. ^ - -. .- ViU J *^> .,. ,.! L .
^ ^

Thou art my
Bridegro.m vvhofe Lovechaini "-'"^ 'I

.: v.;.\ vM

5hallever fail indole me. ^ .

Krjy triie/Z/^/y^ri^, and myXi:i;?;^ fliia^/;''.-^--^;^^^'^ ;;

The_way to Life that fhows me. ^ ?ifr*-:lT i!

Thou art my Kitig^ that dofl Reign o'er^ ^ _ ,_

And fave me by Almighty Power, '-I'^J^r v'

When Enemies oppofe me. "?''' !r .: , ;^^

Thou my true and dearell Friend^

art / - '
v^* ^
Within my Heart abiding. .
jtv -^^^I^M
My Brother fvveet, my Mother kind, ^,t^-\^^

In Care for me providing. - i'^}^;^i.^^-^%'^^

Phyfician^ and Medecin^ , j .' - -'
a. .: .. ^.. . *

And watchful iV//r/f, that keeps me in,;;

\-a V.
And holds m'e up when Hiding.
.,:ni'i :i.::n

* 14- ; ,.

Thbu art my Valiant Heroy'--' -'.0

.:^^r:^ vm 1\.^lx
aA '

^Intime of War's adkiling. "' s//i3rrl ;v/.ci^

?r ^^:':r
" ^-i I- '-I
n. :.|l

In Fight my Jlrmonr^ Shield^ and Bs^tp .-''v^


" '

In Sorrow, Joy prevailing. - ^iAi:?V- ' -


In Storms my 5/;i|, and Anthor fure,

Cc7np/ifs^ and Heavenly Lo(id'fto;:e pure,
. In Conduifl never failing.

4S "^jefus All ;;; All.

Thou art my Li/,ht and Guiding Star
When N i^ht and 5Iidc!es furroimd me;

yij Wealth \i time of Pinching Care.

My Hij^ht^ when Dec ps cnntouad me.
In BiiCcniers my Honey fweet.
My R<;dj^ and Shelter here I lit, vv

When Tempells fall around me.

^- .

Thou art my lovely Garden where

fmd fwect Calm and Plcafurc.
1 ^ v^,i
Tfiou art my F/on?^/* moll charming Fahr; *

My Orfiament and Jrcafure. ''."l . :


Hy Rafc i'th* Valley of the Crofs

Refrefhiag, me when oft with Lofs ;_; ,>v..: .

Thorns iuterrux^t my Leifure. I :';jr{^.,v;.t;rll'

^Thou art my Comfort when diltrelt 9 . ...,,-:. ^. .>^

When freed me joyful makings, ''

My daily Care in which I'm blell.

My Thought when I'm Awaking. . - ^^ rciT

In Sleep my Dream^ and fweet Rfpo/r; iii-MJV^'

The Cuna-n 'which interpofe I :
-"^ sv:cnri v:-'.

. in Bed, the World forfaking. --yrr.'tOJ J i

And to what elfe moft Beautiful,*

f; v-liTev/ b '.;\

My Love, fhall I compare th^^* ^ -j^i^li^X

"'"".'^ "^
I'll call thee my Defire in fuFI -,

And my Thee.
0;/^-^// declare -z.^i'^T .

For what I want thou artto mc, ^ii:n-*

Oh! let my Heart then conftantly ^, i^.n-^*''-"^ ,

la Heavenly Flames Infphear Thee;. v'*r:

' IL atCcitc

/ >biiiv't:r/ Jfti

k^H\i^u \i/nr:^ \

\Jj/natD the, o(oi^ mr znZ aume' 'is uox>o y/tis^

J ^
f I '. ^ -f^i.^f ..^ P
i^ ^ f m f
C: Olil'Q, '[,.'71 :H ^(i;*

^ i
'^fmnAs Mr'uoi2n^U'7^ -Pus

^ ^ fe

f^ I
/t/OTijdrxms Qjctioris aiid Acs Q3rals3
S ^reAerys^
' ! i

p^^ i S
"Jubilate. ^

I ^ ET them give Life and Numbers to your Song-,

.S--4 And count the Glories, which to him belong.
But who their Verfe can to his Glory raife,
Or, as his .A<fls dtferve, fhew forth his Praife ?

All ye who fear his NamCj in That rejoyce,

fhew your cheerful by your Voice.
I Seek ye the Lord, and feck his mighty Power 3
I! --And never till you" fee his Face give o'er. ^^ _. ^:.

Rememfeerall the Wonders he hath done,
The Words he fpake, the Signs his^Hand his Ihevvn.,
- Thrice happy they, who his Commandments love,
And by their Conflancy their Service prove.'
On me, unworthy Wretch^ OGod, look down,

-And grant i^thofe Favours which thou fhew'fl thine

That 1 may'tafl how good 'tis to be Thine,

And with tjie Heav'nly Qiiire toblefs thee joyn.

. i All Glory to the Majefly on high, _~l2 rr :'
The ever BlefTed Trine in Unity. . v-.

As i'th' Beginning was,, is now^\ ihall be

JWhen Timefhall pafs mtQEtewity._ -.. .1 -^
- ^(Pen irrc-s/'a I JrC^' jrc?
,^^rn ^(Stiller (^tst fl2?-?-s i^^o^^ u
. .^^ : 3
i i

% T": | 1

\ Ccnu: /w!>i fiof f/ ^/lotrt Jord our- ^d^y. /vh/nj gifts of

i^rutecosc iAe. faiMA.16 Aaar^ jf^

Jiaivs IVaiUrs fil/.-

iumina. Icrjc in thtm. instilA man ha^fi 6y tnu laif^

aIl^-Jrt(>s to thin& Jnkertlancel^r i/iis '^aise. ^heSiTi

5- '
A Pehtecojl.ti Hj?rnh

Ail Holy,
HolyLi-hti Diamond Rock,

1 OrTparkling Truths, fhine on thy Flock.

Thou, God in * Lm'e to know the Grace imparts
To call Hhn y/W;,-? in our Hearts^
From Doftrincs Strange, O keep us clear ;

nil -Let us our own

true A/after hear :
Ev'n Jefus Chriji wi[h Faith fmcere.
Ever Confiding, -]Q Him our KnTg-r^^-.-.i,'^'
.V :HalhlHuih. HdlUhtjahr ' ' :

i 1

Come Holy Flanie of Love,' our Dove--^/ate,

--Let us, with Joy and Courage great,
Coiillant for thee in Holy VVartare [tand;


Let no Temptation Countermand j

And flill with Power infpir'd from Thee,


Like "CFTanjpions Fight for Liberty,

.Till Sabbaiizing with Chriil our -King,

I ,i ii ..y. --- .'"^-^..

C^ Rom. 8 1:4,
% ,c?:f.\v \^-^4 ^,^- ",
of Scrvann

"'""' ^"^ z~- **' -" - n:rJ^ti-X

.:_3irt- Spi
^^^^ '
iVIacKe diclirniJie Ueift bereit.

^^m O
- ay

TnijJoulTO:praucrjy, crie/IVatJi tc y^tci

ry rn:
> I '<-


iriOM^lheeAest awrVuckf^hjM lA't-vil li/ne ^'er

^ +-f-r
J f*
=^H^ ^ :jC!^=i

: ,

\OaJ(t/m J^^^-
1 1


I ^^^a^itf i ^^
g^ ,^e i

1^ ^T^?.
^bmpt mid


^^^^^^ ^^=
54 Spiritual lYatchfuhiefs.

Flrft take care thy fclf to roufe

^ From Sin's Sleep enchanting 9
i Torments great fuch heavy Brows
Will not long be wanting.
Lead miihaps
And Death traps
Seize thee time mifpending,
Unav/arcs Offendinc^.

"Wake for Jefus otherwife ..-:::-. ::"

- Cannot thee Enlighten. '
Roufe thee e're the true Light flies
--j::Which thy Lamp fhould biighten.
::~" Grant he will

Graces ftill ; .^^^i.
But bids us that have them .

Look to him that gave them. ^4-:--^.

Watchful be lefl Satan's Craft'^-"'^-
Should furprife thee fleeping.
Since his Darts more fwifc than (haft
Fly the Winds out fliipping.
God let's all
5uch Saints fall,
Into woes and weeping,
Who are guardlefs fleeping, --;- riz. .

""'.^"~ '
- - f. -

Left the World Ihould thee confTraiii,

Watch with fear and trembling ^
Left fhe to herfelf regain
Thee by her dirfcnibling.
5tria Watch fct ^
And ne'er let
Treach'rous Convcrfation
Jnr' AJcciaiiou.

6. . \

Alfo watch ihyfclf within, I


Fleih and Spirit ever ^

Left thro' Carclefncfs and Sin *

God withdravv his Favour.

Mortal Duft's
Full of Lnfts,
Ofhfelffhort fighted.
In its Pride delighted.
But upon thy Watch TowV pray
Taking no denyals.
That the Lord v?ould take away
5ins which cauie thy Tryals,
Which deprefs 'v i

__ _ And diftrefs. *

And lofleepy make thee, 1

That Death may o'er take thee. ' . !

God will humbly be ador'd .

E'er he does Relieve us.

With our Cries he'll be implor'dy
That he may retreive us. . > .

Evermore i

By his Pow'r \

Conquer Sin and Evil, ^ f

World, and Flefh, and Devih .

All things muft however turn '
To the befb and eafe usj - . j

If to him we pray and mouru '.

^ ^|
Thro' his dear 5on Jefus \ ij
Foryekno;v >

He'll beftow if
On us Grace exceeding,

Thro'ChriIi;s Jaterceding. . ;:?




E 4 iQ. Stilt
5<5 - The CGm^Uint.' ''''
ro. ' . - .

watch, and cry, and pray, -"

Still let's c-iiA ;'

And with Iiall prepare us ^'. -M-^ *'

. '

El(e the Evil Time and Day .^ :'/'-- -}--

' '

Quickly wil! erjfp.are us, ^ v::-;/t!ri v j oC' ' <

God's Jull Doom ;;

Is e'en come v*[^^ u>Vin

To try cv'ry Creati-re v %---'i^:; - '"'i; IjM li^ :0

AndDilTolvc all Nature

r/;^ Complaint : "O/, A'lMitittion far

V .... .J
1 .

09/7. , .

"To the Tunc of, ^ir;z?<? /;iy 5<7tt^.

TEmptations Lord befec me round ;

No Place of Safety can be found :

I fliall a wretclied Prey be made

To ev'ry Lull without thy Aid.

Tempted to Vanity by Drcfs
By Meat and Di'uik unto Excefs.
\A^ant Atjxions makes \ Hi^hm'wdcd Wealth y
DiCc^k Imp jtl:r:t^ r^^;r5/z Health.

My whom moft t Love,

faithful Friends,
The word of Thieves too'often prove ^
VVhilft Fin by them of Time deprived \
Oi Timcy which ne'er 'can be retrieved.

And O yet woiTe, Vm rare at Reft

Ftoni Wars and Coiifiicrs in my Breafl. '

Paflioii my RcLjf'/n (.\ol\ Invade ;


llcafon my Faith dotli Captive lead.

5 The
The Contplx'n)t^ <^-j

The Good I would I ofc omit

The 111 I would not I commit. . :


What in the Spirit I begin .'


The Flefhconflrains to end in 5in.

After my Wafhing I am Stain'd 9

After my Conqueds I am Maim'd-,
After Repentance Fall again i
When Life's renewM by 5in Tm flam.'
Soon my Devotion fiags and tires, .! .

But rarely fenfual Joy expires. ^

My Vows I break ; ro Sin I'm bent,
Tho' checkt with fear of Punilhmcnt. ' *

. Ill Thoughts within my Bofom dwell;

The Tongue's oft fct on Fire of Hell :

-Seated between my Brain and Heart

Both unto it ill Words impart.
In this fad plight where fhall I go ?
There's none but God can eafe my Woe."
His Spirit alone can guide my way y
Without Him 1 fhall ever flray.
.10. U
Lord, Pardon will do little good-, ft

Or ev'n thy Son's Balfamick Blood \ ] \

llnlefs thy Spirit fet me fiee l|,

From Sins dark Power jnd Slavery. [i

I,. \\

Therefore mike good thy Promifc Lord ^

Thy Powerful Aid to me afford.: ^

That no PrefunijiLUOus Sin may Reign,

Or ought my lanoccncyftain.
"' '


'.'-- "ii. '

My Appctitesiiiy Eye and Ear,

iMy Pillions anger, Hope and Fcar^
^.:.. .: *
5S " 'J^Midnight Hynn.
O let me watch continually.
And check ev'n La^/ful Liberty.

Our Love, our Hope, our Faith, our Fear,

The moll degenerate Vices are, . . .''

On Creatures plac'd, but on God ^tt

His Image \:i us they beget. 'v^ "'''.

14. '.o-r'fiCs* '- r\ lySit

O let my Tongue be alvv.iys barr'd . .: ;'..":/:

By Teeth and Lips that double Guard: .1 .^v

My Words with ^^^ and SoftMcfs move ;

With pointed Truth, Foreclos'd by Love.
If. .:.:.
May my chief /ludy and delight
Bein God's Vord both Day and Night.
Then from my God I nere fhall fvverve j
Him ever Love, Him ever Serve.
When his Blell Will's iiiy daily Food,
My daily Bulinefs doing Good,
Blell (hall I be whilH I have Breath,

And Endlefs Happy after Death.

j4 Midnlgh Hjrnn.

To the Tuae of^ Awake my Sout,


T Servants Lord did not of Old

Their Hands within their Bofom
One did ail Night with thee Contend ^

Nor would his^happy Wreftling end ,


Omnipotence had Orerome,

Till he
And brought from Hcav'n a Bleffing down;
Th' Heroic Strength his God did raile ^
jiji I Yet for the VidVy g4v.e him praife. ...

3. And
'A Mi^hight: Hjiniu

'And tho* opprelt with Cares of Stated ^ _

Cares which oa Courts and Camps do vvaitj
King David would at Midnight rife. '

[To pay his grateful Sacrifice.

4. - ,

When he wak'd in dead of Night

His thoughts of God made Noon-Day -Light.
I'th' Night he made his Turtle-moansv
rth' Night he fent his Cries and Groans.

A ftria Account with God he kept,

And for his Sins at Midnight wept.
Refleaing on his Youthful ways.
Whole Nights he wept and weary Days. - ^

Whole Nights his Bed did fwim iil Tears,

His Soul perplext with refllefs Fears
Till Pard'ning Grace thofe Fears 3d)ourn\U
Thofe Tears to fprightly Glances turn'd.

Till God his Heart from Slotts Hill ^ ..

- \

With Joy, his Mou-.h with Praife did fill. ^ *


His Pains and Grief now dormant found^*, |

Jlis Refi: with fwtet Enjoyment crown'd,^ ;
: j

P^w/lmprifon'd were, -
. Silks zx\d. ^

Condemn'd a triple Bond to vvcar.^ j|

In the JaylsDunaeon they were laid v ^

Fall in theStOLkl tb'ir Feet were made.

9. - ^ -

With ilripes their Limbs ran down in Gore:

With matchUfs Patience all they bore.
Such Holy lunKites making thcrc^
A Di^ix or Thieves a Houfe oj fmyr. .
" ',

Tlieir Souls not be P^i^'ncl:s ViwAc ',


.Iron there no eacraucc iud^ ,

In that Connnement they did Sing
"* ^''''-
Praifes to the Iraaiortal King. '

-V'^*^ "r.A
i; .i .' -^ .
lr.^ -^J---^ r.o ilji^hvs'iTO
Then did the Pris'n's Foundation fliake; "1 ,.,; [

The Jaylor too V7ith fear did quake. ^ v: \c~7 '


The Chains were broke, the Doors unbarr'd.

When God's true Ifrads Voice was heard."

..;-'.' ' '^
- ' -

,^- , '

The Chriflian's Zeal here did not end,

. To After-Times it did defcend. - v r

At Midnight would wake from fleep ;

Chrifl's Spirit with them the Watchdid keep.

I?.' '

The Throne of Grace they did Befiege,

By th' Eucharilt rhemielvcs oblige
Their Word to keep, the Tnithto fpcak,
And ne'er their Maftcrs Laws to break.
Nay fome Bold and Fervent were,
They with Solemiiity did Swear,
J ;;,j J
They would not from their Knees arife,
. Till God had heard their Pray'rs and Cries*
Their Zeal fo glowing and devout
Like th' AUarVlrc it ne'er v/ent out. .

^ JButO my Coldnefsand my Sloth

To God's pure Woflhip and his Truth !

f might with Canaaas Grapes be fed,
With Keav'nly Manna for my ^jread :

Yet Husks I feed on Day by Day ,

And feldom is God's Word my Stay.

' 17-

How Lord, thy Pardon crave,

fnall I

Who on my Self :;) ^[crcy hive ?

How fhajl Italic 1 [eav'ns Delight ^

Wlio with l^Q S-.v i:.^^ hive Appetite ?

2 8; O
18." i

. O may I know and

ne'er forget, -

While here I'm by the World befet, \

Earths Comforts v/ill, like //4;;2*?'s Fcaft, \

Attended be by Death at laft.
19- , .

Unlefi God'< Laws a Relifh give.

While I in Peace and Plenty Live,
More true and lafling to my Mind,
Than Worldlings in their Mammon f^ai,
5ince then fo much is pad oth* Night, 1

And Day approaches with its Light ^ \

May I the Deeds of Daiknefs Ihun j ^ '

The Armature of Light put on. .


-Tije Breall-plate firm of Faith and Love ; J

And Hope, the Helmet from above. jj

Teach me thy Spirits Sv/ord to wield ;


And Shod wich Peace to keep the Field: f

Lord ftrengchen me, that fo I may
Walk honcfliy as ia the Day : .^ . :^; -. - ;;

Not in Strife, Envy, or Excels, "^-'^ ^'.-

In Chambering or Waatonnels. ^ i
25. ^ -: . '-.':-:

But with the Day-fpring from on High,
In Gracious VifitsLordr draw nigh.
\: _
.: ,..,

Thou v/ho thy Flocks from Nightly Stray .. ' !1

Prelerv'd by Fiery PiKar's Ray,

" ;::. -:.-. -, -, /-a^/ ^- >:* ; .


Replenilh me with Wifdoms

Light, :;

Clear fhining thro' Afflidions Night. r

Thy Preicnce is Etevnai Day : ;

To th' ILrivViIy'-C/Tf.M^: guide my Way.

62 ^ &% L>st C/io/'ce


3esiMS7wtj,mln^Jp^u^e ^^rru^i
^Si l^errctie.

m ^ r Ftt

u 3ti=^ i
n ^-

^ T

<ftremthin rm oy. thy^nice^j^ath6j'll7ie2Hrfie^

2^t^ ^ -l-T-T i
u--'^ (
I I ;S=^ P

P ^

/V^ TthrldJciy tv. th^^v

^m ^
mli^e^iij^'Ucme to


1 ^tiili
^ z
PH J'c/w:
Tha Bejl Choice.

POor Men feek after Wealth, . ^ '


Bondmen feek Liberty.- ^ i

The Sick cry out for health,

All feekProfperity. .v:-:

Nothing feek I but Chriilj irvli

He alone pleafcth me. ..:;:! :'-''Ly

Let the World fay what they will

: . i > {>.:

Jefus my Choice Ihall be. ^ ir ^ I vc;>^

5. '

Fond Lovers long full fore *

Their Miltrefs Eyes to fee. . .

' ^.ii Li:'/;. ^ ?"
Difcarded Courtiers crave :
Il-o.v jiv-jfj -^-ir il

t In Princes Grace to be.

No want, no woe feel I -^ 1:1 Ji I.:.

If I Enjoy but thee.

Thou only art, and fhalt i

.My only Comfort be.

Some weary out themfelves li/i'.arf^'

In ways of Vanity. ^' ;^^^^p^;^

" '

5ome follow painted Flies lv r c: bt :

Thro' Fields of Milery. 'v-. ..-:>!. .: ;^:a .

Some in the Mouths of Men '^^t : I* .. cMi .


Place their Felicity. ^i-ri^i^r;^:;^^^:)

Such trifles contemn

I : l* -j^p: r^-M \:ir::r
7r/j for Love of thee; ^ -- JlVirr;-r'^

Some fail thro' furging Seas

In daily Jeopardy ;
Hazarding Life and Limbs ,

To be Enrich'd thereby.
5ome toil at home therefore-
I by pofTelTing thee
Have they have and mor^g
CoinzT^P^s then to me.

^& m
64 T/je Beji Choice,
All that Heart caa conceive.
Ear can hear. Eye can fee.
All and more 1 poiTefs,
Sweet j[us Chrilt, by thee. v.'r
' t i j\ J

Heay'n Earth, and all therein,

Life, Limbs thou ^.'^avcfc mc.
Have I not caufe to {\\\^
Jefns I thine will be ?
Tho' the World tempt me fore, C I
And the Fielh trouble me> >.

i: 1
The Devil would me devour. ^ h
My Refuge is to thee. ' ^ ')::, /ir.r
Tho' Heav'n and Earth fhould fair. '.
r'i -w-oli
i And all perplexed be ; >.ii. ^Mtr-
Thou art,and ever fhalt
- -f*

My Joy and Comfort be. _ : ) \h i vl.^.

8. ...
What can this wretched World ^

Replete with mifery, ,

Yield to delight my 5oul,

Made for Eternity.
All is vain, all is frail.
Compared unto thee. _-/, 4 .

All Earthly Pleafures fail : ...

Thou liv'It Eternally. .-,- : v- :T.vJ70i

' *"V-
9. ^
Thou art, my Saviour fvveet> .:-h;?r"^
-' y
Life and Food unto mc.
A Medecin mofl meet,,
For each Infirmity.
To my taftc Honey ivfQct ;
To my Ear melody ^
Perfect Guide to my Eeet;
To my Heart Jubilc.

te, ^ofc
The B':y Choice. .6 5 - ,

13. -j

Not my Will, Saviour fwcet,

But thine performed be-

AH thingscount as Dung
I .

Compared unco thee. I

Pomps, Pleafures, and Delights,

(That I may worthy be, ^ .

I do abandon quite,
Sweet Chrill: for Love of theej .
- '- - ".- .
- .

-.11. i .

For thee my Soul was made, '^,

Nought elle contenteth me. ^'

All Earthly Pleafures fade 5 '"*


Thou liv'fl Eternally. ^


Strengthen me by thy Grace - .1


That r may worthy be [

la Heav'n to fee thy Face,

And burn in Loyc with thee* _ ^ - '\
--"-^'^"--- ~i-^.->^^--^->iSe-A-

/yrta/Ai^ria a^/^r'i^^^Jai'iaA^GfQLest,

-, z_ _ j
.-i^ c_i ^:;:ziz:i

J^ t/iU 97}n}'{jo^.-s ^7irL ^Dfic Lodci-? therein, ccm. !

^-QdzTL^sa/lrml/jvoTL As df^jTj^arirrha, Oyut

IVf 'T I S^^* (T
^ ^

^^ f=^--'^f^=r=r=f^^
IaceAi7rLsAn/Jj^iU}'e/2j/i}?^/uo7L alrucms ju/nclarut

othen^mare e/rrv&race kion .

J Bre.xrhir/z 4^-'^i ^^' ^7

Ach Day on Wings Vexation brings

ccrraiii Cares abounding^
net this diflurb our Blifs, ^
U iJ

With reftlefsThoughtscoufoimding. .^^ f^.:i^

God sProfi-iife true is ever new ",. ",

.,:',X t- -twv 4

ToHearts la him Conhding ^

His Heav'nly Grace, in cv'ry Cafe,
Advice aad Aid providing. .-' U' n'

Contentednefs with Godlinefs . ''j,..V.^q \

Is Gain that bed may pleafe uSj

;.' 1

The reft fhall be all added free, ;.'- *:'.',- -V) -^ "

ff vve Poflefs but JcfHs. [ [ i

.'e^'ilj'^ \

Then rich We are i like Angels ^^^ S'';^;^;,.:. x" vj

And tho' v;e here are Dying, 'I'-'ro-l'


Yet God in all, and after fhall ., :V|i\>{ jf/.

With Comforts be flipplying,/ v-^x^j'VdT '^ ^ "^
4- ' ^' '
""" '

Ah! Godlet me burn ardently

in thy fweet Love for ever.
And Succour fend when th' Evil Fiend
Me from my Reft would fever.
Td own thy Truth with Heart and Mouth, ,

Before thy Scepter falling : ' , .-_.^.. .^J.'

Thy Spirit in me, of Liberty, ^ ;iv/" -

ThQQ j^bba Father calling.

- .

O fix thoume frotr felf fet free,

In thee my Habitation.
With Chrift thy Son my Head made one.
In bleft Incorporation.
When fhall I Re[i from Aft? unblcft,
And only work thy Pleafure^
Where all is done by thee alone
In Number, Weight and rrleafarc?

^. W-
6S A BreAthing after y &c.

We wait tl^ dear Sabhatkk Year -^(.'V Aj

Of Grace and Judgment Grcetiri^r;;;j->j j/-/*
All Enemies made now thy Prize, \^. \.,_ rj .

And at thy Feet fnbmiccing."/ ...^'.^j",'


When ev'ry King fiiall Tribute brlflgv^\/.y

Their Rights to Thee Revolving V:"^-^/! ^^Y^ ,.
And ev''ry Crov/n be Molten dovvn,'^^'^.y_-.'
In tliy pure Love diirolving. "

O 5/o; Rock, fave thy poor Flock ;~;.:>/^^

Thy faithful Word remember, V."/^ ^^..-^^

Conhrni the Hands, and break the Bands .

Of each diftreiled Member. y :^..'^^--

^hy^^ill be known, thy Horn be blown 7\ ^^r''
For Joy and JubiUtini: . .^';^ -^^^r j

All Nations round in Peace be found,

'" :*

Thy SMath Celebrating.
v':;;'3bin f;i jd tjaj :^?I Lcnc) l^l-T*

^ '


:?. lir u>'. -en tort: v::! ^y

'^.i^i! 'il A I'lcv^ r lv'5*^-: A I'* '^- ^''*1 ^

il 1


-{ ^

Qdju^x. tky Self

i- ^ rr ^

my fend cnclzairijr to^pet thy f^QO -m/

^^ n
ChfLSt til y ^^^Jfwrusrw^u hlsniumr colli ihti c^M: of ^MLk - r*y

Tt OrO-

QjltJinj Grosses TLOTV^i^^
e=e 1=:
rr zz DI

..| g f
v. .-ri

p Q I
^ I

t2^=d i^^xi


\^?ieasv^r^vvi.^/icri^hza: Utv-
-^^ out rmasiore .

p -f= r:; i
70 a^ t/j-j Jpp reach cf Death

was coniphining
Ot my trouble, Lortl, to thee\

I long'd allwavs for tli' obtamius

Of a fafc Delivuy.
Travellers vvoi.'ld have their ri^y
Tq their End without delay.
' ii
Soiiave I been oft dcliring
That my Lifetime were Expiring,

iji For as Kofes are iiiclofed

;' Ronnd about with Thorns and Stings
I So arc Chriflians here expofcd
; ;,
To a World of Sufferings.
^.z As the Sea is usM to rife.

i 'ii
tumultuous Waves and Noife
In ,

hi\ |i So are we by mifchiefs hurry'd.

Tip and down, till v/e are bury'd.
World and Sin, yea Hell and Devil,
Joyn with our'owu Flcfh and Bloody


To afliid the Soul with Evil, '

^' I- And deflroy all that is good.
\i )

1 1 ' Cares and CroHes every Day


Take our Pieafure here away.

Doleful is our Lif's Beginnin^^
Woful always, for our Sinning!

Sun rlfing every Mo-ning,
Every Evening ihc Sun fct.
Seems to m'^ us a new Warning
Of mifchfevous Snaies and Ncr.
Thus we fpend our Days and Nights'
ThrongM with ilgh?, and harM with frights;
\\'^cr!::a;id Slave to be maintain'd,
-Eat uitii 'icdis, what vrc have gain'd.


TU GAte of Fsnid:ji\ jj

Therefore come, O Lord, i^iXi^ hadcu,

Chrill, Eternal Morning-Ilar,
Sbev/ me, whereupon to faflcn *,

My Redenier
be not far.
Oafiill me, that I may
Die with Peace and Joy this Day.

Thou art able to Enlighten

P^rknefsj wherewith Death would fright eiu

- -^

i-^^tE^-E^The Gate of Faradifc. ,^


JHcquihus irt Terris^ & ^xts mlhl Magnus k'^o^o^

^svi^iSrz:^Cz_ Firgif." la 'Engli[h thus. ^3;; J;^ .

Say, and thoa'rt my /Jf oiT^, in what Land

Is Heav'ns wide Space in Cnbits Three contain'd ?

The Soiutlen. ,
To the Tune of, S/^^ to: the Lord.

:;\":-v:^^\:-y^;.;^H-itv^i^^''^^"- I. ^
"- >^^
. , .

HOW^ vain Main,

To meet thy God
beyond the Sky
dofl: thou_ fo eagre ffy^

Outward is Piill hut AUtters Region Dark.

lie's evVy- where but' ilill ffithln the Bark..,

- ^_:...^-_--"l.'
- '-,:, -\*.-:
-^; "':'- " -'^. ^^"

Ontw^rdis hwarh Vpi^ardskaQ'Nn x

DowfiTparc^ :
Ifh'Afcent ftill tow'rds the Centre^ and the Crown.
Thy Way's too L(7^,vYithdraw from r4i^tcrs"6o\ind,
AndHeav'ns bright Qrbs may in thy SelfhQ foiind.

God's proper Region of5f/V/Ms.^'

//w^ Borders on thou Realms of Blifs?
Retire then. Recoiled*. Break thro', Arife.
5a thy own SouFs the G^te of F AU^A D 1 S .
F 4 Glqr'tJ^
72 ulorr-^a jJ^ci'.ri

Zj_j. ->7ri r P' f


\ ^

-^ \ ^ L I i
1-_- :: -^ '
' ^ ^ ^t~^


' '

-^-r -I '
i !

^^ -j ri
.i :

I '


c^ T-y;
V- ,

^^ g^
^ ffi

'^y/iE IVoJ.r/i. rrtaTi Ij Call 7fc

Vjatkt: aruS^t^ m.f^t.i^/us. die. ^t4/nvt7L^,' %cc.


^^^ xx xm

^ Ddp

r;o l , i f
4- I
^a zmr ^EE

:^^ -H

TTTTT -he^

xc o-

t- > o tsxtlnii
^ovCs^oTiuio &m^s7iaiv ^''m^^Oirif^^ae/^'J^qilym^^


i i
i &5=d:


^ ^
^r t^Tlu'ptiai'^^astdrw /last to
^ '
: o--.

dorunymii^imy (/''est

Hr-^ i -e-^ p I
TJ =^ XT
74 The IVMchmvPs Ca!(.

kit Slens iV/itch ate Singing,

F' Her Heart for Joy and Triumpli fpringing.
She wakes, fiie nfesfLreightVand hafts away,
Hef Joy comes do;vn all Glorious - :

With Grace, and Truth, and Might VicTiorious.

Her Morning dawns, her Scar proclaims the Day
Come now
Celeflial Crown, ,_^._^_
'""" :.. ^~
Jefuy Go(i,\ deai_S,ou.. 'Itt J-^
:. zz::s:r:Bof2nn3,l ~'~vzx~r7 :'-r:Jj:^\S'zl

Now, now wc enter all the Court Royalj^
7' ,^ And Celebrate the Nuptial Fcftivalr ._:-.--^:^-ji:

Thy Glory ay be founding ':-,,-' 7

From Men and Angels Tongues

VVithHarps& Cymbalsfweet harmonious Toa^,
Fearis unfolding ^

f - -.1^;

Equal Seats with Angels holding, ("T-frrone.

l^ ^. _J^ Love-link t Wreaths encircling thy bright

ZJLS T>^P gye has ever fcen, ;^/ "^::^*irr r-^:-
zn:ii;vNox'evcr heard, .has be c , x^n'i J. Llni . .

^, .;<.v . Such Light, fuch^oy. .\.:^ ;;,;:^^

For this our Praifes flow, Jo I Jo ! ' -


A'nd^jl^ies Eternal -Jubil-Tru^
.. _A-.._
^. ....:jtkl-:."--'-^':,: ........ i.
t -]- ,j'


-.i. - .A.,




r-r' ..,
X :

- i*-4 -A-
Jnj./'Ae'?' Jw.'^i'Tc on fas ^^^i to/Vai-vn^,

\7U/uU.}mv of doT^fu^Tvyro ccnn -mtnu.lhirz:c v ar^ Ufr-ftitfci. hpo-

I P 'j-i-^
I !


i * . * V-
ivAlie jj old 7ie>m^- assaults lU vr&rulltj -,//r.^~^'J^tflaUanm'dw

rroT i
a,^f-f4j I / i


f \ p p , , I op XX -e-
^ J v.. \ .t -* i 'i , J

O ^^
fe TT- iE

a^//4^ World 6'&r.

iTI o^ - ''-''

Nought here avails our Strength or D^-J -

We prcfeiitlv muil be deflroy'd.

But for us fights a Man indeed ,

A Champion bold, th' /c\^ of God.

Uoes any ask,' who is't ?
His Name is Jefi^s Chrljl ; ^
The lord of HoUs Divine-: -
^ -^.---.
.. VVe'il to cone elfe incline,''^- "iV-T:-::^:
He, He fuilains the Inroad, r

""And fhonld we
thoiifand Dire js fee,

-Juft ready us to Svvallov/, "'..i^^.:^
We would not doubt the Vidtory: ^

;*-:The Day
ours we furely know
is ' , "-:->
r'^-The Prince of this World 'vai% ' '^

With all his Might- and Main,

..Can do no Injury. -
--"-:For Judg'd himfelf is he. Ji
One littje f^Kcrd caii him o'rcthrow.


Theylhall not fnake God^s 5tabIe'Wt5f(?.

And this we-fhall not thank 'em for.
He keeps the Field with Flaming Sw.ord
Of his own Spirit's Victorious Power: -

And tho' they Rob of Life,

Goods, Honour, Chilu or Wife
To thcni no Gain' 'twill be ^
We'll ./rand Reii2,n'd andTree:
The Kiri^ikm\ jcfc ftill itt]thc Dcor.*'

Q^rcu7n.pha7i^ crCaniw/i u. hq V H
s ^^^^^-^
r.r^ Oi
^i -I ;__

l^Mta^u&ru maija?vflilrb cur^-y.ndJr^ Con.ccit'df!avef<nj''ftfjqncornrnl?rc

^ TZt-"

^P _^-J-*:




P^ 'i I 'i s --f '-

a i^
IK 7^-0-^-0 i

-Hi' :


Senfcs all enjoy your founds,
Chrifl the Lord's rnofi: glorious Wounds.
Their Number's FivC) and iMufick's Five
Love's moil harmonious Concord give.
No Notes fo clear,nor Voice fo fvvcct
As grateful Praife at Jefiis Feet. '

Strike up again, charm Ears and Hearts ,


The Spheres and Heav'ns will bear their Parts^

Ye that 5ung on High^.^.

Heiiv'niy Hofus,
When did in th' Manger lie,
Jefiis "'-v
Defcend and with us joyn, let's all
Together down before him fall.
Then Rif' and 5ing, to God on high,
Be Glory Peace on Earth ; and cry.
Good VV I to ch' Male and Female Train*
ThenSin;^ united, Chrif} does Rei^n.

All Glory be to God on high.
On Earth, Peace and Profoerity.
Be thofe that bear his Image Bleft.
To all Inferior Creatures Reft.
Hallelujah ! The Lord does Reign j
All things are now Reftor'd again.
The 5on Rcfign the Kingdom fhall :
And God be Father All in All.

F 1 N^'-sy^
; Xlie Union lyrnnI . .i

d Canon o/^^feiyen^msi/fi o^^z,

! (i^ *^ hciman'^j cooe ioi>t arui /lannciinj,

\ 'lie l/u joh fut t le .
1^ jak. ^^^