Better profitability Smarter farm management Improved practical skills A healthier environment
Grain & Graze is the largest research and extension program of its type to offer Australia’s mixed farmers the opportunity to significantly increase their profitability while better managing natural resources including water, soil and biodiversity. The Grain & Graze Program aims to raise awareness among 15,000 farmers and directly influence 6,800 producers to change their mixed farming practices to deliver: • A 10% increase in profitability. • Improved, or at least stable, conditions for the natural resources on mixed farms in line with regional or catchment targets. • Confident and knowledgeable mixed farmers making decisions and using management tools which sustain production and promote biodiversity. The Program is a collaborative partnership between four of Australia’s top research and development corporations (RDCs): Meat & Livestock Australia, Australian Wool Innovation Limited, the Grains Research and Development Corporation and Land & Water Australia. It combines the knowledge and expertise of the four national partners with new on-farm research into a unique Australian whole-farm approach.

At a regional level Grain & Graze is working with local farmer organisations, catchment management authorities (CMAs), state agricultural agencies, the CSIRO and universities in focus regions across Australia’s mixed farming zone. The nine project regions are: • • • • Avon Region, WA • Eyre Peninsula, SA Border Rivers, NSW/QLD • Mallee, SA/NSW/VIC Central West/Lachlan, NSW • Maranoa/Balonne, QLD Corangamite/Glenelg-Hopkins, VIC • Murrumbidgee, NSW • Northern Agricultural Region, WA

The Program has invested in national research and extension projects to value-add to activities being undertaken at a regional scale. These include: • • • • • • Whole farm feedbase distribution and utilisation. On farm biodiversity monitoring. Whole farm economic analysis. Social dimensions of managing mixed farming systems. A national ‘Change On Farm’ strategy. Whole farm analysis of 40 mixed farms.

The benefits of getting involved in program activities
Grain & Graze projects offer many opportunities for mixed farmers, including: • Exposure to innovative technology and how to apply it in a mixed farming system. • Interaction with other mixed farmers who are facing similar challenges within their systems. • Participation in field days, training workshops and seminars to gain confidence in decision making when planning changes within your system. • Strengthening of networks within your region to receive the most practical and useful information to support your learning. The diversity of these regions is clearly evident with climate, soils, rainfall, vegetation and population heavily influencing the quality and type of products generated for the domestic and international market places. It is an important agricultural production zone that needs to remain sustainable for the long term in several ways - profitable businesses, healthy landscapes and viable communities.

How can I get involved?
• Each project has a regional coordinator who you can contact to see what activities are happening in your region (see over for contact details). • A central Grain & Graze events calendar is located at the website and updated regularly -

Grain & Graze is improving the profitability and sustainability of mixed farming in Australia whilst helping to create a better environment. For information on how to participate, contact your regional coordinator or visit the website to see what activities are happening in your region. National Coordinator Dr Richard Price (02) 6295 6300 National Extension Coordinator Gillian Stewart (02) 6263 6042 Regional Coordinators
Avon Wendy Dymond (08) 9690 2242 Border Rivers Rachel Charles (07) 4671 7900 Central West/Lachlan Jodie Dean (02) 6895 1015 Corangamite/Glenelg-Hopkins Cam Nicholson (03) 5258 3860 Eyre Peninsula Alison Frischke (08) 8680 6223 Mallee Zubair Shahzad (03) 5021 9103 Maranoa/Balonne Nick Christodoulou (07) 4620 8122 Murrumbidgee Felicity Gummer (02) 6924 4633 Northern Agricultural Region Phil Barrett-Lennard (08) 9475 0753