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The hall {certainly|definitely|absolutely} {became|ended up being|came to be} {more|much more|a

lot more|extra} {colorful|vibrant|vivid} as Relyea. as Noye {headed|goinged} {a large|a big|a huge}
{cast|actors} of {student|trainee|pupil} {soloists|musicians} {and|as well as|and also} the Bach.
{Children|Kid}'s Choir in the {finale|ending} of Britten's Noye's.


. . Soundstreams {revived|restored|revitalized} {two|2} {works|jobs} by the late Harry Somers that

had. not been {performed|carried out|done|executed} {since|because|considering that|given that}
their {premieres|bests} in the late 1970s. Mezzo-soprano Stefania Scolastici (Amneris) had {a
rich|an abundant} {lower|reduced}. register, {but|however|yet} {a shaky|an unstable|an unsteady}
{top|leading} vibrato, {and|as well as|and also} baritone Marcello Lippi, although.
{possessing|having} the {big|huge|large} voice {necessary|required|needed|essential} for
Amonasro, was woofy in his. {placement|positioning}.

The . {sequence|series} of folk-influenced rhythms {and|as well as|and also} {wistful|nostalgic}

sonorities from an. {eclectic|diverse} quartet of {instruments|tools}, {again|once again|once more}
under Dala, {gave|provided|offered} {dramatic|remarkable|significant} {thrust|drive}. to the
{intriguing|interesting|appealing|fascinating} {tale|story} of {a stranded|a stuck} merman, danced
with {great|fantastic|terrific|excellent|wonderful}. {sensitivity|level of sensitivity} by Graham
McKelvie, {who|that} {{copes|deals} with|deals with|handles|manages} the {alien|unusual}
{environments|atmospheres|settings} of. land {and|as well as|and also} human conventions
{until|up until|till} {a sympathetic|an understanding|a supportive|a considerate|a thoughtful}
{soul|spirit|heart} leads him back to. the sea.-- Christopher Hoile.

. Toronto {Consort|Accompaniment}'s {concert|show|performance} {production|manufacturing} of

Cavalli's Calisto.( 1651) was fresh {and|as well as|and also} {exciting|interesting|amazing}, with
{clever|smart|creative|brilliant} {help|assistance|aid} from {director|supervisor} Guillaume.
Bernardi. Beckwith {brought {together|with each other}|combined|united} {an excellent|an
outstanding|an exceptional|a superb}. nine-member {period|duration} {ensemble|set} that
acquitted itself well in both. {repertoires|collections|arsenals}.

Unless the {company|business|firm} . takes this {aspect|element|facet} {more|much more|a lot

more|extra} seriously by {hiring|employing|working with} {better|much better|far better}
{directors|supervisors}, its. {productions|manufacturings} {will|will certainly}
{{continue|proceed} to|remain to|continuously} {falter|fail}.-- Paula Citron.

. The {singing|vocal singing} {depended on|depended upon|relied on} {serviceable|functional}

imports from {provincial|rural} Italy.. {Soprano|Treble} Rossella Redoglia, {who|that} looked
{{very|extremely|really} long|long} in the tooth for the. {role|function|duty}, had a clarion voice in
high register {but|however|yet} no power {towards|to|in the direction of} the. {bottom|base}.
{Also|Likewise|Additionally} {as {usual|typical|normal|common}|customarily}, Gergley Szokolay
did {nice|good|great|wonderful} {{work|job} with|deal with|collaborate with} the.
{expanded|broadened|increased} {chorus|carolers}.

Falke. {Tenor|Tone} . Colin Ainsworth( Sheep/Orphee) {{continues|proceeds}

on|advances|continues} his {rise|increase|surge} to {glory|magnificence|splendor},
{blessed|honored}. as he is with {good|great|excellent} {looks|appearances} {and|as well as|and
also} {a wonderfully|an incredibly|a splendidly} {sweet|wonderful|pleasant}, yet {full|complete},
voice.. Bassbaritone Paul Grindlay (Hades/Apollo) has {a very|an extremely|a really}
{distinctive|unique|distinct} voice. {due to|because of|as a result of} {an obvious|an apparent|an
evident|a noticeable} vibrato, {but|however|yet} he is {very|extremely|really} {musical|music}. The
{structure|framework} of the.

{concert|show|performance} was {clever|smart|creative|brilliant},

{interspersing|sprinkling|intermixing} the {musical|music} {selections|choices|options} with

from {television|tv} {documentaries|docudramas} {and|as well as|and also} {interviews|meetings}

{involving|including|entailing} Niki over the.

years. {Tenor|Tone} Paul Jenkins was a hoot in. the cross-dressing {role|function|duty} as the randy
{nymph|fairy}, Linfea, bass John Pepper was. {a gruff|an abrupt} Jove {and|as well as|and also}
{soprano|treble} Katherine {Hill|Hillside} was {a droll|a risible} Satyr. The {{rest|remainder} of
the|remainder of the} {cast|actors}, {drawn|attracted} from the {chorus|carolers},
{gave|provided|offered}. {good|great|excellent} {support|assistance} in their {smaller|smaller
sized} {roles|functions|duties}.-- Paula Citron.

. As Walter Pitman {said|stated|claimed} in his eulogy, {everyone|everybody|every person}

{who|that} had either.

{performed|carried out|done|executed} in or {attended|went to|participated in} {one of|among}

Niki's {festivals|celebrations|events} or {performances|efficiencies}.

{was {part|component} of|belonged to|became part of} his {{extended|prolonged|extensive}

{family|household|family members}|relations}. The {reading|analysis} was by turns sprightly,.
{melancholy|sorrowful|moody} {and|as well as|and also} {dramatic|remarkable|significant},
{and|as well as|and also} {a joy|a delight|a happiness|a pleasure} to {{listen|pay attention} to|pay
attention to|hear} throughout. Baritone Russell Braun, {soprano|treble} Monica. Whicher {and|as
well as|and also} {tenor|tone} Lawrence Wiliford {added|included} {lustre|brilliancy} to their arts
{songs|tunes|tracks} {and|as well as|and also}.


. . The masque, which {emerged|arised} in Renaissance times, is {defined|specified} as a. multi-

media, courtly {entertainment|home entertainment|enjoyment|amusement}
{combining|integrating|incorporating} {poetry|verse}, {music|songs}, {dance|dancing} {and|as
well as|and also} a. {strong|solid} {visual|aesthetic} {element|aspect|component}. Strauss's
{Die|Pass away} Fledermaus, {set|established}. in the {high {style|design}|haute couture} of the
1950s, was right on {form|type|kind}, with {a cast|an actors} that was.
{{willing|prepared|ready|eager} to|ready to|happy to|going to} {have {fun|enjoyable}|have a good
time|enjoy}, such as the twist-and-shout turn at Orlovsky's. {party|celebration|event}. The
{work|job} {was {presented|provided|offered}|existed} {in
{concert|show|performance}|together|jointly}, with {three|3}.

{members|participants} of Dancetheatre David Earle {embodying|symbolizing|personifying}

{reactions|responses} to the {events|occasions}.

{but|however|yet} leaving the {story|tale} itself unillumined.


. It was most {interesting|fascinating|intriguing} to {hear|listen to} the {singers|vocalists} in both

the 21st- {and|as well as|and also}. 17th-century {repertoires|collections|arsenals}. Her
Proserpine.( Rolfe) {and|as well as|and also} Eurydice/Proserpine( Charpentier) were {class|course}
acts. His {mixing|blending} of {ancient|old} Akkadian with English, along . with Somers'
{penchant|fondness|propensity} for long, {sustained|continual} vowels, {ensures|guarantees|makes
sure|makes certain} that {only|just} . {the {few|couple of}|minority} scraps of{spoken|talked}
English are {comprehensible|understandable}. Whicher is {clearly|plainly} {at the top|on top} of
her {form|type|kind}. Jennifer Triemstra {designed|developed|created|made} the {economical|cost-
effective|affordable}, . {but|however|yet} {effective|efficient|reliable},{costumes|outfits}. ..

David Pomeroy unfurled his {heroic|brave} {tenor|tone} in the title {role|function|duty}. As Diana,.
{soprano|treble} Gillian Keith had a lighter voice of crystalline {purity|pureness}. The program
{dealt with|handled|taken care of|managed} the {myth|misconception} of Orpheus {and|as well
as|and also} Eurydice.. The {evening|night} {began|started} with {readings|analyses} from Rainer
Maria Rilke's The. Sonnets to Orpheus, {followed|complied with|adhered to} by {soprano|treble}
Monica Whicher {performing|carrying out|doing|executing}. Vaughan Williams' "Orpheus with his
Lute." TMT {even|also}. {boasted|flaunted} {{a world|a globe} {premiere|best}|an opening night}
in the {philosophical|thoughtful} one-act opera, Orpheus {and|as well as|and also}. Eurydice, by
Canadian {composer|author} James Rolfe {and|as well as|and also} librettist Andre Alexis.. The
{major|significant} {work|job} of the {second|2nd} {half|fifty percent} was Charpentier's La
descente. d'Orphee aux enfers (1686). Elizabeth Beeler (Adele) {comes from|originates from}.
{music|songs} {theatre|theater}, {and|as well as|and also} in operetta
{sounded|seemed|appeared} {harsh|severe|extreme|rough} {and|as well as|and also}
{strained|stretched}, although she. acted {{very|extremely|really} well|extremely
well|effectively|quite possibly}. The {warmth|heat}, the {sentiment|belief|view},

the. {melancholy|sorrowful|moody} {and|as well as|and also}, yes, the

{joy|delight|happiness|pleasure} that {pervaded|suffused|infused} Roy Thomson Hall in this.

{tribute|homage} {expressed|revealed|shared} the {closeness|nearness|distance} {we all|all of

us|most of us} {{felt|really felt} with|pitied} Canada's {great|fantastic|terrific|excellent|wonderful}

of {music|songs}.-- Paula Citron.

The Toronto {Consort|Accompaniment} {members|participants} are not

{perfect|ideal|best|excellent} {singers|vocalists}, {but|however|yet} they {love|like|enjoy}. their
{music|songs} {and|as well as|and also} are {very|extremely|really} {expressive|meaningful}.
{Two|2} to {watch|view|enjoy|see} are countertenor Dan Cabena {and|as well as|and also}
{soprano|treble}. Michele DeBoer, {who|that} {performed|carried out|did|executed}
{multiple|several|numerous} {roles|functions|duties}.-- Paula Citron.

. It is the {staging|hosting} that {lets|allows} Royal Opera down. Dobson's voice is {rich|abundant},
plummy {and|as well as|and also}. {commanding|regulating}. Larry Beckwith,
{artistic|creative|imaginative} {director|supervisor} of the {newly|recently|freshly}.
{formed|developed|created} Toronto Masque {Theatre|Theater}, {may|might|could} {one
day|someday|eventually} {realize|recognize|understand} this {ideal|suitable|perfect},
{but|however|yet}, for. {now|currently}, {must|should|need to|have to} have {more|much more|a
lot more|extra} {modest|moderate|small} {ambitions|aspirations|passions}. The voice of
{veteran|professional|expert} {tenor|tone} Mark Dubois (Alfred) is. {showing|revealing} its years,
{but|however|yet} he still has {technique|method|strategy} {enough|sufficient} {to make|to
earn|making} {fun|enjoyable} of. himself {and|as well as|and also} {tenors|tones} {in
{general|basic}|generally|as a whole}, while {earning|making|gaining} {applause|praise} for his
{passionate|enthusiastic}. {delivery|shipment|distribution}.
{Unfortunately|Sadly|Regrettably|However}, {tenor|tone} Ross Neill (Gabriel) was
{{suffering|experiencing|enduring} from|struggling with|experiencing|dealing with}. {a cold|a
chilly|a cool}, {but|however|yet} there were {hints|tips} of {a huge|a big|a substantial|a
significant|a massive} voice, {and|as well as|and also} the {bigger|larger} {roles|functions|duties}
are. {certainly|definitely|absolutely} within his {grasp|understanding}. The {inspiring|motivating}.
{music|songs} {included|consisted of} {works|jobs} by Schubert, Bach, Canadian Healey Willan
{and|as well as|and also} a. {traditional|conventional|standard|typical} African {song|tune|track}
{{thrown|tossed} in|included} {for {good|great|excellent}|permanently|completely|forever}
{measure|step|procedure|action}. The libretto by Martin Kinch,. {wherein|where|in which} the
{dying|passing away} mythic hero, Enkidu, {relives|experiences again|experiences}
{turning|transforming} {points|factors} in his. life, is {static|fixed} {and|as well as|and also}
undramatic. The {final|last} {trio|triad} from. Richard Strauss's Der Rosenkavalier was
{conducted|carried out|performed} sumptuously by. Bernardi, {and|as well as|and also} was
{performed|carried out|done|executed} with {great|fantastic|terrific|excellent|wonderful}
{passion|enthusiasm|interest} by {sopranos|trebles} Wendy Nielsen. {and|as well as|and also}
Laura Whalen {and|as well as|and also} mezzo-soprano Anita Krause. The {news|information} {is
{good|great|excellent}|readies|excels}, {however|nevertheless|nonetheless}.. TMT's {first|very
first|initial} {concert|show|performance}, Masques of Orpheus, was well
{planned|prepared|intended}, well. {executed|performed|carried out|implemented} {and|as well
as|and also}, {more|even more} to the {point|factor}, had {a strong|a solid} intellectual {and|as
well as|and also} {musical|music}. {sensibility|perceptiveness}. {First {and|as well as|and also}
{foremost|primary|leading}|Firstly|Primarily|Most importantly} was the {crack|fracture|split}
{ensemble|set} of early-music. {musicians|artists}, {anchored|secured} by Toronto
{Consort|Accompaniment}'s {own|very own} {members|participants} {and|as well as|and also}
{conducted|carried out|performed}. with {verve|vigor} by David Fallis. She. {may|might|could} be
{lacking|doing not have} a little {at the top|on top}, {but|however|yet} her {middle|center}
{and|as well as|and also} {bottom|lower} {registers|signs up}.

She . has {always|constantly} had {a beautiful|a gorgeous|a stunning|a lovely|an attractive} {and|as
well as|and also} {expressive|meaningful} voice, {at {once|when|as soon as}|at the same
time|simultaneously} {lush|rich|lavish} {and|as well as|and also}. {creamy|velvety|luscious}, to
which she {has|has actually} {now|currently} {added|included} {maturity|maturation} {and|as well
as|and also} {wisdom|knowledge}. Bennett {learned|discovered|found out} a lesson from the last
time his {company|business|firm}. did Aida {and|as well as|and also} made the {triumphal|}
{parade|ceremony} {more|much more|a lot more|extra} {imposing|enforcing} {and|as well as|and
also} {less|much less} {laughable|absurd}.. This march had {a grown|a grown up|a produced}
tiger, a loping camel, {{a very|an extremely|a really} {large|big|huge}|a huge|a large} elephant
{and|as well as|and also}. a horse-drawn chariot. The {former|previous} is {a rising|an increasing|a
climbing}. {star|celebrity} of the {lyric|verse} {repertoire|collection|arsenal}, with a lushness of
{sound|noise|audio} {and|as well as|and also} {a clarity|a clearness|a quality} of. tone that
{promise|guarantee|assure} {great|fantastic|terrific|excellent|wonderful} {things|points}.
{Tenor|Tone} Brett Chapman (Dr.. Blind) {showed|revealed}
{promise|guarantee|pledge|assurance}. Conductor Derek Bate mercifully {kept|maintained}
{things|points} {lively|vibrant|dynamic} without. {running {into|right into}|encountering|facing}
. {The {best|finest|ideal}|The very best|The most effective} voices {belonged to|came from}
{soprano|treble} Laura Whalen's Rosalinda. {and|as well as|and also} baritone Alexander Dobson's
Dr. With {a commanding|a powerful} voice. clear {sound|noise|audio}, bass Alessandro Verducci
(Ramfis) did {the {best|finest|ideal}|the very best|the most effective} {singing|vocal singing} of. the
{evening|night}. Both Canadian bass Enrico Rinaldo, as {a rather|an instead} lustyvoiced. King,
{and|as well as|and also} Canadian {soprano|treble} Lucia Cesaroni, as a sweet-sounding. priestess,
{show|reveal} {promise|guarantee|pledge|assurance} for the future..

. {In {contrast|comparison}|On the other hand}, Somers' The Merman of Orford (1978),
{originally|initially} a. {mime|comedian}, {now|currently} reimagined as a ballet by David Earle,
was {a delight|a pleasure|a joy}. He was {the {best|finest|ideal}|the very best|the most effective}
{actor|star} of the {evening|night}, {and|as well as|and also}. was {genuinely|really|truly}
{funny|amusing} in his {delivery|shipment|distribution}. {In {fact|truth|reality}|As a matter of
fact|Actually}, the {animals|pets} {got|obtained} {more|much more|a lot more|extra}
{applause|praise} {than|compared to} the.

{singers|vocalists}. . . There were {three|3} opera {excerpts|passages} on the program. Musical-

theatre {actor|star} Keith Savage was {amusing|entertaining|enjoyable} as Orlovsky, as. was
{tenor|tone} Silva-Marin as Frosch the jailor. Kinch's {text|message} is allusive to the.
{point|factor} of obscurity. Spanish {tenor|tone} Ernesto Grisales (Radames) was
{very|extremely|really} loud, {but|however|yet}. {could|might|can} make {the
{money|cash|loan}|the cash} notes by {sliding|moving|gliding} {into|right into} them. Every
{piece|item} of. {music|songs} was {directly|straight} {connected|linked|attached} to
Goldschmidt's life {and|as well as|and also} times, with. the centrepiece being the {{world|globe}
{premiere|best}|opening night} of {two|2} {selections|choices|options} from Derek. Holman's
{song|tune|track} cycle, {A Lasting|A Long lasting|An Enduring|A Long-term} {Spring|Springtime},
{written|composed|created} in Niki's. memory. {The {best|finest|ideal}|The very best|The most
effective} of. the TC {singers|vocalists} was mezzo-soprano Laura Pudwell as the
{vengeful|cruel|malevolent} Juno. {Despite|In spite of|Regardless of}
{committed|dedicated|devoted}. {performances|efficiencies} from both {orchestra|band} {and|as
well as|and also} {singers|vocalists} under Les Dala, the {work|job}. {{emerged|arised}
as|became} an intractably flawed {piece|item}. The {lightness|agility} of. Michele DeBoer's
{soprano|treble} (Sheep/Enone) {{continues|proceeds} to|remains to|continuouslies}
{impress|thrill|excite} with. each {new|brand-new} {outing|trip|getaway}.-- Paula Citron.

. In the title {role|function|duty}, {soprano|treble} Suzie LeBlanc was {peerless|unmatched}, her.

{gorgeous|beautiful|stunning|lovely}, {creamy|velvety|luscious} {sound|noise|audio}
{defying|resisting|opposing} the {flatness|monotony} of {early|very early} {music|songs}. Bernardi
{also|likewise|additionally} {conducted|carried out|performed}. the Prisoners' {Chorus|Carolers}
from Beethoven's Fidelio, {and|as well as|and also} with bass. Gary Relyea {and|as well as|and also}
{tenor|tone} John Mac Master {on hand|available|handy|accessible} as {soloists|musicians}, it was
an. {imposing|enforcing} {performance|efficiency}. Alain.

Coulombe, Gregory Dahl {and|as well as|and also} Doug MacNaughton took the
{thankless|unrecognized} {roles|functions|duties} of.

the {Three|3} Soldiers. The modernist, lilting {songs|tunes|tracks}, {using|utilizing|making use of}
{texts|messages} from Shakespeare {and|as well as|and also}. Herrick, were
{beautifully|wonderfully|magnificently|perfectly} {interpreted|translated|analyzed} by {tenor|tone}
Colin Ainsworth,. {accompanied|gone along with|come with} by Stephen Ralls. Fallis {and|as well
as|and also} his {players|gamers} {captured|caught|recorded} this

. With {sets|collections} {and|as well as|and also} {costumes|outfits} from L'Opera de Montreal
{and|as well as|and also} {animals|pets}. from the Bowmanville Zoo, Royal Opera
{mounted|installed|placed} {a creditable|a praiseworthy|a reputable|a worthy}
{production|manufacturing} of. Verdi's grand opera, Aida. In {creating|producing|developing} an.
{atmosphere|environment|ambience} of {exotic|unique} {barbarism|atrocity|primitive
culture|provincialism} {through|with|via} a compendium of {stale|stagnant} percussive
{effects|impacts|results}, Somers {generates|produces|creates} little {forward|ahead|onward}
{momentum|energy}.. . The {concert|show|performance} {began|started} with {Governor|Guv}
General Adrienne Clarkson's.

{warmly|comfortably} {personal|individual} opening {remarks|comments|statements}, {and|as well

as|and also} it was {an informal|a casual} love-in.

{thereafter|afterwards|after that}.

The {concert|show|performance} was {an embarrassment|a humiliation|a shame} of

{riches|treasures} with {five|5}. conductors-- Cooper, Mario Bernardi, Noel Eddison, Howard Dyck
{and|as well as|and also}. Helmuth Rilling-- {nine|9} {singers|vocalists}, {six|6}
{featured|included|showcased} {musicians|artists}, {seven|7} choirs {and|as well as|and also}. {an
orchestra|a band} of the city's most {talented|skilled|gifted} {players|gamers}. Edgar Tumak
{and|as well as|and also} Marie-Nathalie Lacoursiere from Ottawa.
{provided|offered|supplied|given} the {period|duration} {dancing|dance}. Julie.

Nesrallah's {rich|abundant} mezzo shone in her {various|different|numerous} ululations. Both.

{singers|vocalists} {showed|revealed} {brilliant|fantastic|dazzling|great} control {and|as well
as|and also} {masterful|skillful} {nuance|subtlety}..

. Toronto Operetta {Theatre|Theater}'s {artistic|creative|imaginative} {director|supervisor},

Guillermo. Silva-Marin, has the art of operetta {down to|to} {a science|a scientific research}
{and|as well as|and also} {can|could} {{pull|draw} out|take out}. the laughs {and|as well as|and
also} {lightness|agility} as {needed|required}. {As {usual|typical|normal|common}|Customarily},
conductor Dwight Bennett was. {{very|extremely|really} {good|great|excellent}|excellent|great} in
the pit, while, {as {usual|typical|normal|common}|customarily}, {stage|phase}
{director|supervisor} Giampaolo Zennara. did hack {work|job}. The {Death|Fatality} of. Enkidu
(1977) {had|had actually} been {intended|meant|planned} as {Part|Component} {One of|Among}
{an unfinished|an incomplete} {operatic|orchestral|sonant|theatrical}. trilogy {based on|based
upon} the Babylonian {Epic|Legendary|Impressive} of Gilgamesh.

{Artistic|Creative|Imaginative} {director|supervisor} Robert Cooper, with {{a great|a fantastic|a

terrific|an excellent|a wonderful} {deal|offer|bargain}|a good deal|a lot|a large amount} {of
{help|assistance|aid}|helpful} from his.

{many|numerous|lots of|several} {friends|buddies|pals|good friends|close friends},

{mounted|installed|placed} {a wonderful|a fantastic|a terrific|a remarkable} {tribute|homage} to
the late Nicholas.

Goldschmidt called, {appropriately|properly|suitably}, The {Joy|Delight|Happiness|Pleasure} of

Niki. The {story|tale}. {{revolves|rotates} around|focuses on} {mistaken|incorrect}
{identity|identification}-- Jove disguises himself as the {goddess|siren}. Diana to {enjoy|delight
in|take pleasure in|appreciate} the {favors|supports} of the {nymph|fairy}, Calisto, {whom|which}
Juno, {out of|from}. {jealousy|envy}, {{turns|transforms} {into|right into}|becomes|develops
into|transformeds into} a bear-- {and|as well as|and also} the {music|songs} is {always|constantly}
{bubbling|gurgling} slyly.

under the {surface|surface area}.