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2017 Spring Issue No. 22
Published on March 22, 2017
Geoje News is the first local English maga-
zine in Geoje, first published in 2014. It’s
published every season.
Geoje News is published
by Geoje International Center
3F, 9, 10-gil, Okpo-ro, Geoje-si,
Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea
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1. How to take a bus tion covered by this copyright may be re-
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2. When the marts close graphic, electronic, mechanical, photo-
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4. Charities in Geoje
PUBLISHER Youngseung Jo
WRITERS Alexandra Yeom, Fina Thorpe Wil-
FEATURE lett, Sihyeong Lee
1. Korean Curry Recipe DESIGN Sihyeong Lee

2. Pokemon Go-je COVER PHOTO Michael Fincham

3. New local restaurants
4. New kids café in Okpo
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Youngsook Park Subscription Inquiry and Feedback:

- Maison de Plastic

6. Community Advertising Inquiry:
- GIFS Beach clean up
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1. Spring Festivals

2. GIC Schedule

Flower festivals

Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival Taean Tulip Festival
 Period: April 1-10, 2017  Period: April 13 - May 10, 2017
 Venue: Area of Jinhae-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeong-  Venue: Nature World, Sinon-ri, Nam-myeon, Tae-
sangnam-do an-gun, Chungcheongnam-do
Description: This festival takes place in early April Description: Selected as one of the world's top five
when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. Jinhae tulip festivals, Taean International Tulip Festival
Gunhangje Festival draws in more than 2 million showcases tulips, lupine, foxglove, lilies and other
tourists every year, and visitors are greeted by advanced breeds of spring flowers. This year, the
showers of cherry blossom petals as they pass festival has the addition of famous landmarks from
through a tunnel of cherry trees. There are various around the world such as Korea’s Namdaemun Gate
events not to be missed, such as the Jinhae Interna- and France’s Eifel Tower, recreated through flowers.
tional Military Band & Honor Guard Festival and Source from
fireworks show.
Mt. Daegeum in Geoje
(Azalea Flower Mountain)
 Blooming Period: March 18-April
5, 2017
 Venue: Geoje-si, Jangmok-myeon
 Description: Mt. Daegeumsan is
437.5m high above sea level. The
name of the mountain originated
from the fact that iron was produced
here during Silla period. As the shape
of the mountain is smooth and the
silk like grass covers the whole moun-
tain, it is called Mt. Daeguemsan
meaning beautiful silk. Geoje has 5
major mountains one each on the north, south, east, west, and center as if to fit the philosophy of 5 ele-
ments. Ongneobong(peak) is on the east, Mt. Nojasan on the south, and Mt. Daeguemsan on the north.
When seen from a far, this mountain looks like a good looking woman holding a child. In spring, the
mountain is ablaze with azaleas. Junggeumsanseong(mountain fortress) and Sogeumsanseong(mountain
fortress) seen from the summit look like women's breasts. And Isudo looks like a baby sleeping in moth-
er's bosom. There is a platform for the prayer for rain at the summit. There is a mineral spring and a
platform for the prayer for rain in Mt. Junggeumsan, the middle peak of Mt. Daegeumsan. Especially,
many people come to the mineral water spring on the July 7th and 15th of each month by lunar calen-
dar to drink and take a bath. At the summit, you can see Tsushima island far away and Busan, Masan,
and Jinhae underneath.

Hiking Trails: 3. Jeolgol village→ Azalea habitat(45 minutes/1.4㎞)→
1. Myeongsangbeodeun village→ Daeguemsan village
Summit (15 minutes/0.3㎞) 1 hour/1.8km in total
(20 minutes/0.7km)→ Jeonggoljae(1 hour/1.9㎞)→
4. Sangpo village(At the entrance of forest path)→
Mineral water spring(15 minutes/0.5㎞) → Azalea Jeonggoljae(1 hour 30 minutes/3.1㎞) → Mineral
habitat(5 minutes/0.2㎞) → Summit (15/0.3㎞) 1 water spring(15 minutes/0.5㎞) → Azalea habitat (5
hour 55 minutes/3.6km in total
2. Bankkae pass(Yulcheon pass)→ Byeokgaedeung(25 minutes/0.2㎞)→Summit (15 minutes/0.3㎞) 2
hours 5 minutes/4.1km in total
minutes/0.8㎞)→ Mineral water spring(10
5. Jeonggol village→ Jeonggoljae(20 minutes/0.6km)
minutes/0.3㎞)→ Azalea habitat (5 minutes/0.2㎞) → Mineral water spring(15 minutes/0.5㎞) → Azal-
→Summit (15 minutes/0.3㎞) 55 minutes/1.6km in ea habitat (5 minutes/0.2㎞)→ Summit (15
minutes/0.3㎞) 55 minutes/1.6km in total

“How do I use a local bus?”

BUS FARE is 1300 won in cash and 1250 won by
Bus fare can be paid either by cash or transporta-
tion card as you board. Just tap your card on the
card reader. It will say “Gamsahamnida’(Thank
If you are using a transportation card, you can get a
discount (100 won) as well as be able to transfer to
another line once for free within 40 minutes.
To receive the discount, be sure to Tap your card
on the card reader by the exit doors before getting
off the bus. Riders paying with cash cannot get the
transfer discount so we highly recommend using a
transportation card.
You can buy your transportation card at the main
bus terminal in Gohyeon or T-money card at con-
venient stores. You can also get a debit card with
this function at the bank.

There are 2 kinds of bus lane in Geoje.
For example, people can use the former to get to
Samsung shipyard from Gohyeon Bus terminal
and the latter to get to Gohyeon from Okpo.

1. One is driving between Goheyon, Jangpyeong
and Suwol area. (above)
2. the other is driving through out the whole is-
land. (below)
GIC Class / Interview 10

What you have to know is which number of bus
goes to your destination and find the closest bus
stop from where you are. Additionally, every an-
nouncement and sign is in Korean so you will need
to know what your destination is called in Korean
or you will need to be familiar with the area.

Below is the brief outline of the popular bus rates
by numbers. Every bus circulates. It leaves from
the Gohyeon bus terminal and after it gets to the
final stop, it comes back through the same route to
Gohyeon Terminal.

10 Gohyeon-Suwol-Clearwell Hospital-Yeoncho-
Okpo-Lotte Mart-DSME-Daewoo Hospital-
11 Gohyeon-Junggok-Yeoncho-Okpo-Lotte Mart-
DSME-Daewoo Hospital-Jangsuengpo
16 Gohyeon-Junggok-Yeoncho-Okpo-Okpo down-
town (Wet market-GS Supermarket)-Lotte
23 Gohyeon-Junggok-Yeoncho-Okpo-Lotte Mart-
DSME-Daewoo Hospital-Daemyung Resort-Jisepo-

In Korea , you get on the bus from the front door
and get off from the back door.
Bus doesn’t stop at the very stop. When you get
off, you need to press the bell on the window seal
before you get to the bus stop you are going to.
Usually the announcement tells you the coming up
stop and the next stop. Once you hear the bus stop
you want to go to. Press the bell.

It’s common for young people to yield seats to the
elderly people in the bus in Korea. Usually the
front seats are considered as seats for the elderly
and the disabled. Also there is a seat with a pink
cover which is for ladies who are pregnant.

Though you might still have some hesitations in re-
gards to taking a bus, give it a try. I’ll be easier than
you think!

THE“When do the
POKEMON marts close?”
The big marts
(e.g. Lotte Mart, Home Plus,
Costco and Emart) close down on
2nd & 4th Sunday of the month.
Due to concerns that the big supermarkets such as
COSTCO,E-Mart, Homeplus, Lotte Mart, GS Mart,
Mega Mart and the SSMs (Super Super Markets)
were hurting small retailers and traditional local
markets, the Korean government introduced man-
datory Sunday store closings in 2012.
There is an exception, however, Hanaro Mart (NH)
& Suhyup (Four fish mart) are not considered as big
supermarkets, they are respectively based on Agri-
cultural and Fishery Co-operatives.
“Where can I borrow

a baby POINT
car seat?”
Center (GIC)
Open: 9am-6pm
Address: 9, 10-gil, Okpo-ro
NH Mart 3F
E-mail: geojeinterna-
Phone: 055-688-2285
GIC is non-profit organiza-
tion offering service for for-
eigners in Geoje. They have
some car seats you can bor-
row for small donation. Con-
tact them and arrange a pick
up appointment. You can al-
so visit in person.

“Charities in Geoje?”
Sung Ji Won is a children's house and also an or-
phanage since the Korean War, 1950.
At that time, most of the children were war or-
phans, but now many of the children are from un-
fortunate broken families.

There are 38 children : Under school age 6, Elemen-
tary school 13, Middle school 8, High school 9,
Mentally retarded 2

SungJiWon receives some financial support from
the government and local administrators. The fund-
ing is insufficient to satisfy children's lives. In partic-
AIKWANGWON ular, children's school tuition fees, and art psycho-
therapy fees are not supported.
Address: 967-2 Gohyeon-dong, Geoje-si, Gyeong-
Phone: 055-637-7753 YOOSAMO
Aikwangwon is a school and home for the severely Address: 109 Dudong-ro, 1-gil, Sadeung-myun,
physically or mentally disabled; children and adults Geoje(거제시 사등면 두동로 1길 109)
of all ages live and learn here in a very loving and Phone: 055-639-6368
nurturing environment. The school provides educa- Yousamo is an abused and abandoned animals pro-
tion, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and tection- non profit-organization, established on
job skills training. February 28, 2011.
Ebin Sheltered Workshop, in the grounds of the Or- Yousamo operates a No-Kill animal shelter that ac-
phanage, has a range of arts and crafts for sale commodates 200 dogs and cats on average, most of
which are made by the residents. These include which are abandoned or rescued.
textiles and ceramics. There is also an on-site bak- Most efforts of the organization are focused on
ery. Sometimes it is possible to purchase eggs and providing proper and on-time medical treatment or
vegetables which are produced in the gardens. At grooming to dogs and cats at the shelter besides
the highest point in the grounds here is a large cafe offering food and shelter.
overlooking Jangseungpo harbour. To fight cruelty, Yoosamo is always seeking dona-
tions, sponsors and volunteers for its ongoing oper-
SUNGJIWON ORPHANAGE ations and for a No-Kill shelter.
The center opens from 13:00 to 16:00 for adoption
Address: 967-2 Gohyeon-dong, Geoje-si, Gyeong-
process. Volunteers are welcomed.
Phone: 055-637-7753
Local Business/Interview 14

Maison de Plastic The actor behind the action figure cafe
By Fina Thorpe-Willett

It was by accident that I came across Maison de
Plastic cafe. I was on my way finding a bag work-
shop nearby. I did find the bag workshop after see-
ing this cafe but it was only the cafe itself that
makes me keep coming back to this neighborhood,
somewhere outside the hustle and bustle of Okpo
(well.. used to be) for a couple years now.

I am not alone to find that Maison de Plastic is im-
pressive, given the fact that this kind of cafe exists
in the far away island that we are living on. I mean,
this is Geoje! A place we called a home away from
home, but it takes many transits and transportation
changes each time we go out to see the world. Among his busy schedule, he agreed to my invita-
Even when you go to Seoul and tell them you are tion for a casual interview driven by my personal
an expat living in Geoje, not only once or twice curiosity of the coolest cafe in town.
they would wonder why.
F: Annyeonghaseyo! Thank you for your
It is also the same case with friends and family that time. Would you share to our readers a
we took them to this cafe during their visit to Geo- bit more about yourself?
je. They wonder why the owner of this cafe estab- BSY: Annyeonghaseyo! It is my pleasure
lished such place on this island. haha. and honor to be interviewed for Geoje
News. Thank you. My name is Byun Sang
Anyway, I am very pleased that Mr. Byun Sang Yoon Yoon. I was born in Incheon, 37 years
decided to leave Seoul, slowing down his step to- ago, but moved to Geoje when I was 4yo
ward his dream: acting. Yes, the action figure cafe due to my father’s job at DSME. I gradu-
owner is an actor! ated at Seoul Arts Institute, majoring in
Theatre and Film.

beans. One day, I delivered coffee beans to
a Starbucks branch. They gave me Vanilla
Latte, which for me was the best coffee I
ever tasted, at that time. Funnily, I had
kimbap which I ate along with the latte.
The combination was interesting! Then I
took a barista course and not long after
that I worked part-time at a cafe.

F: I never imagined to eat vanilla latte and
kimbab before! I might give it a go after
B: Actually, when I opened Maison de Plas-
tic, I had kimbab in the menu. But since it’s
not as easy as it looks to prepare kimbap
ingredients, we are no longer serving that.

F: Right, I vaguely remember it. So is that
why you opened a cafe on Geoje?
B: I had some thoughts to open my own
cafe someday in the future. But honestly, I
didn’t expect (one of) my dreams could be
realized this soon. Thanks to my parents
who persuaded me to move back to Geoje,
since they see it is not easy to get an
acting job, the competition is tough. They
also support my concept of having this
kind of place.

F: What inspired you?
B: Many local cafes in Seoul that I visited
had inspired me. However, the main con-
cept to all the details here are all from my
own ideas. Although good coffee is im-
portant, I believe people in Korea come to
F: That is really a different path from becoming a cafe not only for appreciating coffee.
a cafe owner or coffee expert... That’s why I want a place that is cozy for
B: It may look like that. But I also work many them to enjoy a good conversation with
kind of part time job during my years living in friends and family.
Seoul. There’s a moment that made me so in-
terested in coffee, so it is not a strange deci- F; Daebak! You have done a good job, like
sion for myself. a professional interior designer. Why ac-
tion figures then?
F: May we know what kind of moment it was? B: I have been collecting action figures for
B: I must say, Starbucks indirectly influenced several years. So why not. Seoul and some
me. One of my part-time jobs at that time was other cities have it, but not yet on Geoje.
a delivery person. I delivered many things in
the morning, from newspaper, milk to coffee

F: Is there any interesting story of your
Until today, Mr. Byun Sang Yoon is still
B: My favorite character is Iron Man, but
responding to acting job offers (on
it is not the most expensive item in this
screen and on stage) which require
place. It is also not the first figure I
him to be in Seoul occasionally. How-
bought, because it was Leon (from movie
ever, he is still putting the Maison de
Leon: The Professional) as my very first
Plastic customers as his priority. He
figure collection. For accommodating chil-
doesn’t want to create branches in
dren in this cafe, I collect more child
other cities, even if it would be possi-
friendly figures like Minions and Toy Story.
ble. He prefers to expanding the cafe,
My collection that is not so good for kids,
growing its assets with more action
are also really bad characters in movies,
figures on Geoje.
so I keep them at home. My friends living
overseas also help me to build up the col- Knowing that acting is his vitamin/
F: Are there many expats visiting his cafe? energy booster, I also hope he will be
B: Actually yes. Nowadays, I also receive successful in both work: action figure
people coming from nearby cities like cafe owner and acting in any ways
Tongyeong, Changwon and Busan.
F: So I suppose the downsizing of projects
in Geoje will not heavily affect your busi- Opening Hours: 10:00-24:00
ness.. (Closed on 2nd & 4th Mondays)
B: It is still affecting my business. I hope Address: #20 Seongsan-ro 3-gil
the situation will get better. Which will be
good for everyone, the expats and local Tel: 055-688-3677
people. .
Local Restaurant Review 17

Geoje Spot light
New Restaurants in Okpo
By Alexandra Yeom & Tijana Jung

Vietnamese Restaurant The menu is
quite big, cov-
Address: Okpo-ro 259, Geoje
(next to NH BANK near Bowling alley) ering around 3
pages. One
We have 2 new restaurants to spotlight in this is-
page is devot-
sue. Both located in Okpo, within walking dis-
ed to starters,
tance from the GIC, yet the menus are from the
mainly spring
opposite end of the globe.
rolls and the 2
Located near Okpo pages of Viet-
central police sta- namese noodle
tion, hidden away dishes. I or-
down a little street dered a bowl
is a small Vietnam- of rice noodles on a recommendation, and was
ese needle house. very happy with my choice. The size of the noodles
Though it is out of were well worth the money, and I was also very
the way, you can’t happy with the taste. It was so good that I contin-
miss it once you’re ued to eat even after being full. We also ordered a
there. The actual set of spring rolls between us, but for us it was just
restaurant is on the a little too much. The price for a bowl of noodles is
second floor, above about the equivalent of Korean noodles, 7,000won
a vibrant set of yellow stairs, almost like the yel- for one bowl. So, the price for our whole lunch of
low brick road from the Wizard of OZ. 2 huge noodle bowls and a set of spring rolls came
The restaurant itself is set up like most Korean to about 20,000won. We both left feeling very full
restaurants, underfloor heating, floor tables and and content. The restaurant also boasts a small
cushions to sit on. Due to it’s set up there aren’t Asian food mart, so if you’re not too full make sure
any highchairs available for children, but chil- you take a look. If you enjoy your noodles as much
dren’s bowls and forks are available without re- as I did, you can buy some of the ingredients and
quest. even make it at home. However at just 7,000won
you could just come back!
Local Restaurants Review 18

Ete Mour
The service was nothing out of the ordinary, in a
Address: Okpo-ro 201, Geoje
(Between Skin Food and Hangten Kids) good sense. Not obtrusive, and not too standoffish.
The server spoke English, and was very prompt.
Going to a western restaurant in Korea can some-
The prices are what you’d expect from a western
times be risky business. Honey on garlic toast?
restaurant in the ROK. Not like back home (and I
Corn on pizza? Kimchi on a burrito? Sure restau-
write that as a US American), but not eye-gougingly
rants in Korea need to appeal to Korean tastes, but
expensive either. At 8,000 KRW, the French toast
what about us homesick foreigners who crave a
was the cheapest food item on the menu, and as a
taste of the ol’ Southwest? Well, lucky for us,
lunch time patron, I didn’t even look at the drink
there’s Ete Mour in Okpo. Located where Kim’s gar-
menu items or prices. Though I can say with cer-
den restaurant used to be, the LED light out front,
tainty there were many colorful bottles behind the
still promoting their fermented foodstuffs.
bar. After having ample time to admire said bottles,

Inside, it’s a posh, modern bar-like atmosphere. It our food was brought out.

looked like a bar that had opened too early and At first bite, my fish taco was rather disappointing.
was waiting for the weekend evening rush. At It wasn’t as authentic as I had hoped. But by the se-
noon. And the country tunes blaring from the Win- cond, third and last bite, I was over it. The shells
dows Media Player proudly displayed on the flat were soft and warm, the sauce appropriate, the
screen, did nothing to help. Really, bar-like was a vegetables okay, but the fish. The fish was just flaw-
bit of an understatement. Especially when con- less. It was perfectly fried—crunchy on the outside,
fronted with the sparse menu. The number of dish- and soft and flaky on the inside. Simply divine. I
es offered are able to be counted on two hands, contemplated ordering two plates, but due to so-
with a few spare fingers left over. There isn’t a long cial norms and the fear of being judged by my
list of probably mediocre dishes, presumably, be- peers, I withheld.
cause all of the listed dishes are the restaurant’s Perhaps, next time I’ll have the liquid courage. But
specialty. In its simplicity, it contained mostly Tex- until then, yes, I would recommend this place. Go
Mex classics like quesadillas, burritos, and fish ta- there, and get the fish taco. (Please note this re-
cos, as well as standard American cuisine like view was written before Ete Mour and La Buona
French toast. Cucina combined)
GIC Class / Interview 19

as a life
Interview with Youngsook,
Geoje’s local artist
GIC Class / Interview20

GIC has been run by the volunteers who have con-
tribute their time and effort for the center. There
are volunteers who have been supporting the cen-
ter since its beginning and Young sook is one of
them. She has been teaching an art class at the
Geoje International Center for almost 3 years. Every
Tuesday morning she bring her smile and inspira-
tion to the center and share them with her stu-
dents. This time we met her outside of the center
and interviewed her to know more about her life.

Youngsook was born near Busan and moved to
Geoje about 30 years ago. She is teaching art to
children to adults and organizes some exhibitions at
her art galleries, Aggripa Art Institute in Okpo and
AA Gallery in Deokpo and volunteers as a art teach-
er at the Geoje International Center. After she de-
cided to become an artist, she has been travelling
to many countries like France, US and UK.

Q: Geoje News / A: Youngsook

Q. How did you choose to become an artist? 어떻게
화가로서의 삶을 선택하게 되셨나요?

A. Because I wanted to live like the paintings and in
the parings 그림속에서 그림처럼 그림같이 살고싶어서입

Q. Where do you get your inspirations? 그림의 영감
은 주로 어디서 받으시나요?

A. Most of inspiration for my artworks comes from
people and the nature like lights, wind, flower, sky, than 30 years, I’ve been to many other places that
sea and mountain. 저의 그림의 영감은 자연속에서 느낌 gave me different inspirations. But I always ended
니다, 사람,빛.바람,꽃,하늘,바다,산 등등 up coming back to Geoje. It is my shelter and my
home which always welcomes me. Also by living
Q. As an artist living in Geoje, how is the life here? with international residents, I can learn how to re-
What do you like and dislike about living here? 거제 spect and understand other cultures and by that
my life gets richer and richer. But I do feel sorry for
에 살고있는 예술가로서 거제에서의 삶은 어떤가요?
Geoje to become a building-forest. I hope the is-
A. My heart is in Geoje. Living in Geoje for more land will go back to before it changed.
GIC Class / Interview21

Q. Is there a general meaning that you want to
deliver to the audience through your art-
works? 본인의 작품이 의미했으면 하는것, 자싞의 예
술로서 이루고 싶거나 관객에게 젂달하고 싶은 의미

같은 것이 있는지?

A. My motif is usually a human being and I’d
like to show unlimited freedom through my
art works.
저의 작품의 모티브는 사람으로 시작해서 우주까지 핚

계가 없는 무핚핚 자유를 보여주고싶어요.

Q. What can you tell to people who want to
become good at drawing? 소위 예술에 소질이 없
는 사람들이 그림을 잘 그리려면/예술적 감각을 얻으

려면 어떻게 해야하는지?

A. Art is to express. So you can become good
at expressing yourself as you practice more
and more. But being creative can be like a
battle with yourself.
그림은 표현이고 행위이므로 연습과 노력으로 표현이

가능 합니다. 다만 창조작업은 자싞과의 싸움입니다.

Q. You mentioned that you’ve been to many
countries. Can you tell us about a memorable
experience that you got from your trip? 화가로
서 많은 지역을 방문하싞 걸로 아는데 기억에 남는 경

험이 있으싞가요?

A. As an impressionist artist, travelling is es-
sential for me to get inspirations. The earth is
round and one big world but the lives in differ-
ent countries have their own beauties. It’s
저는 거제가 저의 심장 이고 그림과살게핚지 30년이 지나면
hard for me to pick one.
서 이곳,저곳 다니면서 영감을 얻어보앗지만 항상 거제도로
저는 인상파 화가로서 여행은 필수입니다. 지구는 둥글
돌아오게되고 얶제나 나를반겨주는 안식처,집입니다, 또핚
게하나지만 그속에 다르게 위치하고 생활하는 모습은
세계인들이 같이공유하고 존중하고 이해하는 문화는 더더욱
제각기의 아름다움이있어서 하나를 꼽기는 어려욳 것
살아가기에 풍부해집니다. 단지 요사이 너무 빌딩숲처럼 변
해가는 모습에 안타갑지만 곧 안정이되겠지요.
GIC Class / Interview 22

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10 am– 12pm Adults
Q. How do you manage to run your business as a
art teacher and keep doing your own art work? 하루 Mon, Wed, Thu Elemen-
1:30-3 pm
일과가 어떻게 되시는지? (작품활동과 미술레슨 등) (Aggripa Studio ) School
Kids (7-12
A. 4 days a week, I teach students. During the rest years old)
of the week, I try to be in the nature to get inspira- Adults &
6-8 pm
tions for my art. Teaching also gives me inspira- High
tions. 일주일의 7일중 4일은 그림가르치면서 영감을 얻으 School
며, 3일은 자연을 접하며 느낍니다.
Tue ( GIC) 10 am-12pm Adults
Q. Can you introduce us your galleries? (Revised from
‘Geoje Gazette’) 거제 내 두 아틀리에 경영은 어떻게 하고계시

는지? (아틀리에를 꾸미시고 욲영하시는 데에 특별히 염두에

두싞 점이 있는지?

A. I have named my gallery in the honor of Ag-
gripa, who was the son in law of Roman emperor
Augustus and a great architecture of the city of
Rome whose artworks have always been a great
model for all art lovers. I’ve founded the Aggripa
Gallery and Institute in order to live endlessly sur-
rounded by art and to share my passion with
artists, art students, and all visitors who love art. I passion for painting, to give emotions and inspira-
cannot imagine how I could live without paintings! tions to people. I stay at the Aggripa studio in Okpo
The most important for me is to be constantly 4 days a week, displaying art works of mine and
nourished by with the soul power with various other artists. I have some art classes there too. And
artists that I meet at the gallery and to teach visual during the rest of the week, I stay at the AA gallery
arts to all art lovers. My goal is to communicate my in Deokpo, painting and focusing on my own art.
Community 23

Little Heroes
GIFS Students Beach Clean Up 경남국제외국인학교 전교생 삼천포해변 청소봉사

It was rainy and windy, but it did not stop students 경남국제외국인학교의 학생 및 교사 약 120명이 경남 삼천
from Gyeongnam International Foreign School from 포에 소재핚 해변에서 쓰레기와 잒해물을 수거하는 봉사활
helping the environment with an all-school beach
동을 했다. 유치반부터 고등학생까지 다양핚 연령층과 25개
clean-up. Over 120 students and teachers from
국적으로 이루어져 있는 경남국제외국인학교 학생들과 교사
Gyeongnam International Foreign School (GIFS),
들은 모두 함께 해변에 흩어진 담배꽁초와 낚시 잒해물, 스
representing over 25 nationalities and various ages
티로폼 등으로 채욲 50리터 쓰레기 봉투 15개를 수거하여 삼
(PreK-12), volunteered to pick up trash and litter on
Namildae Beach and surrounding areas in Sam- 천포 지역의 환경 정리에 힘썼다. 이번 삼천포 환경 정화 봉

cheonpo for the Gyeongnam community. They col- 사활동을 통해서 사천 지역 사회에 환경을 보호하고 바다와

lected more than fifteen 50L bags of litter and oth- 지구를 쓰레기로부터 보호핛 수 있도록 홍보핛 수 있었고 국
er large items. The main items found were cigarette 적과 문화는 다르지만 모두 핚 곳에서 자라고 있는 외국인
butts, bits of plastic, and pieces of fishing equip- 학생들이 함께 살고 있는 지역사회에 더욱 관심을 가지고 몸
ment, especially styrofoam, net weights, and wire. 소 봉사의 가치를 배우게 된 계기가 되었다.

It was a good chance for the foreign students to
show their concern and care for the Gyeongnam
community and to learn the true value of volun-
teerism. GIFS students and staff encourage their lo-
cal community to take care of the environment and
keep the beaches (and earth!) free of trash. They
hope to do it again in the springtime with the sup-
port of their Sacheon community neighbors!
Local Restaurants Review 24

Kids President Finally! Another kidscafé in Okpo
By Alexandra Yeom

I was so happy to hear the news about a new kid’s
café in Okpo, it’s been long overdue. There are
many kid’s cafes in Geoje but, sometimes I’m just
too sleep deprived to drive! I’m aware that Lotte
Mart also has a kid’s café, however, my toddler
spends the first 40 minutes inspecting the bath-
room and bringing me the kid’s shower shoes. For
6,000won an hour I’d rather he monitor our bath-
The new café in Okpo is located on Starbucks
Street, on the same side as the traditional market.
It’s opposite the Gs25 store and above Pizza Hut.
and it was heaving with kids and parents. After 3
It’s called 꼬마 대통령 or Kid’s President. Recog-
seemed to be the best time to go (Unless we all go
nise the name? It shares the same name as anoth- at 3!). Most of the play rooms are on the second
er kid’s café in Gohyeon. As well as its name, it also floor but, the first floor also has a selection of ac-
shares many of the same unique features. I’m not tivities too. Most of the activities on the first floor
sure, if it’s owned by the same people or whether are suitable for toddlers and smaller children, and
it’s a just a franchise. the way the seating is organised it makes it easy for
parents of younger kids to follow and watch their
children easily.
From top to bottom.
The second floor is made up of 3 rooms, 2 are split
into 2 smaller rooms and house two themed play-
rooms each. The house playroom is connected to
the camping playroom and the market playroom is
connected to the music play room. The third room
is the eco wood blocks. All three rooms are ac-
cessed by an individual set of soft stairs. This is a
really good idea, as it spreads out the up and down
traffic over three sets of stairs. Unfortunately, the
Visually it looks really good! The first floor boasts a
stairs are very narrow and can be a little cramped
large open seating area for parent’s with both
when there are kids going up and down at the
western style tables and Korean floor seating.
same time. The themed play rooms were also a
What I really like about the seating is that it’s easy
little small and sometimes there was a little bit of a
to navigate and not over crowded with tables.
que, especially at the market and music themed
Though the table are set up really well there aren’t
room as it also has the entrance to the slide.
many available. I went in the morning and it wasn’t
too busy, the second time I went was at lunch time

scenes is that of the hugely popular angel wings
but made for kids. I’ve seen a few out and about
but they have never been easily useable by par-
ents with kid’s, until now. There is a soft bench
below so both toddlers and children can pose for
a picture.
How much does it cost?
It’s pretty cheap! One hour is 6,00won, this en-
trance fee also includes a free drink for mummy
or daddy. I presume due to the size there is no
kitchen on site and so there aren’t any hot foods
The first floor is the best part of the café in my
for sale. There is however a selection of snacks
opinion. It holds all the most fun activities and it is
and drinks suitable for children. Though there isn’t
also very easy to get around for a child and parent.
any food available, I did see a few families enjoying
There are 2 trampolines, one for big kids and one
a picnic of food that they had packed and brought
for toddlers. As the mum of a toddler, I thought
with them.
this was an exceptional idea. My son loves the
trampoline but as he is still small he can get a bit My thoughts.
taken aback by the bigger kids jumping. Though Overall I think it’s a good little kid’s café and for
they are connected they are separated in the mid- the money it is defiantly worth a visit. There is
dle and have different entrances. The baby’s tram- something for everyone, toddlers and older kids.
poline is accessible through the babies soft play ar- It’s clean, easily monitored by parents and safe for
ea. Though the soft play area is a little small, it’s kids. If some of the areas were a little bigger, it
full of fun interesting things for littler kids. My son would have been my new favourite kid’s café.
especially loved hiding in the house and closing
the doors. Like in the Goyheon café, this café also
has a sand room, complete with overalls and air jet
for cleaning. Though I still felt a little sand on the
floor, the hour I was there I also witnessed a vacu- Address: 2nd floor 21, Okpodaecheop-ro
um cleaner coming out, most likely to pick up any Geoje-si Deokcheon Building
excess sand. Another noteworthy activity on the Opening Hours: 10 am—9pm
first floor is the costume dress up. There are cos-
tumes available for both boys and girls, in kid’s siz- Cost: 4,000 won per hour
es. Though the day we visited, I didn’t see any
boys in costume but, I saw many girls parading
around in the long flowing princess gowns.
Now my two favourite areas in whole café, which
are also on the first floor are the ball pool and the
trick art photo area. Though the ball pool is a bit
small and could do with being a lot wider, it has a
really good slide with access on the second floor.
The ball pool also has a selection of interactive
games, both through a projector as well as holes in
the side wall to throw balls. The older kids loved
the projector games, which changed every few
minutes or so, from basketball hoops to castle win-
dows and strangely, frozen penguins. The tricks are
Feature 26

By Alexandra Yeom
Whether you watched the cartoons or played the
card game as a kid, I bet you know what Pokémon
Playing Pokemon Go in Geoje –
is. The game has been available in most parts of What do you need to know?
the world from last year but, has only just come to
The most important commodity in the game has to
Korea within the last 2 weeks. Using their smart
be pokeballs, these are used to catch your
phones, players travel to real life locations and
pokemon. Pokeballs are collected from real life lo-
catch virtual monsters like Pikachu. Pikachu the
cations marked as pokestops. When you come
most famous creature from the Pokémon world,
across a pokestop you spin the sign and receive a
made famous by the 1990’s hit cartoon show. The
selection of useful items like pokeballs. After
game incorporates many things from the Nintendo
pokemon, Poke stops are the most abundant. In
games like; catching, evolving and fighting Poké-
Geoje they are mostly found at art pieces, historic
mon but, first you’ve gotta find them all! In order
treasures and religious buildings. (Nearby locations
to do that, you have to go out into the real world
are shown in game.)
and explore. The game has been praised for getting
people outside and exercising more. Maybe that If you enjoy battling then you will need to search
was your new year’s resolution? Another thing the out the Pokemon gyms. Pokemon Gyms are also lo-
game has been praised for is getting people togeth- cated at similar locations to Pokestops. After
er. Whether it’s families hunting together or new strengthening your Pokémon, you can assemble a
people meeting while a midst a Pokémon hunt. team and battle other players for the title of Gym
The game also encourages you to travel as different leader. Pokemon Gyms are not as abundant as
areas and even different cities hold different mon- Pokestops and we have compiled a list of what we
sters. Some monsters are even specific to a certain believe to be all the Pokemon gyms on Geoje Is-
area of the globe. land. Though as some players may be aware not all
the location names match up 100% with the actual
location, you may still need to walk around a little.
What’s so good about Geoje? 27

n the game, certain areas spawn certain types

of pokemon such as rivers, seas and other
bodies of water spawn water pokemon. Fields
and farm land spawn grass pokemon and
rocky areas and highways spawn rock
pokemon etc. Luckily being an Island Geoje
has all the above and more making it a great
area to catch a wide selection of pokemon

Don’t miss this guy!
Look out for this little fella too, he’s not really
gym battling material but, he is only available
to catch in Asia so, catch him while you’re

Gadeok Island

Dream statue/Seojung village Yeoncho myeon

East Geoje

Gwanam village/Yeonchomyeo town office

Korean love totem pole/Statue of Yuchihwan

North Geoje

Transmitter portal
Neungpo 28

Bird statue
Natural statue/ Way shrine





National Park

Sinsundae light house/ Windy hill
Gohyeon 29

Choa Bongsa/Rytham Statue
Gohyeon Bus Terminal/Ginyeombi


DSME monument/Okpo Library

Guard of Admiral Memorial Park

Paneoksan Geoje Church/Okpo Culture Center
Food/Recipe 30

Curry up! By Alexandra Yeom

All over the world people enjoy eating curry, espe- it’s actually one of my all-time favourite Korean
cially back home in England. When you think of Ko- foods. I make it at home at least once, if not twice a
rean cuisine, I bet curry doesn’t cross your mind month. It can be made at short notice, in little time
right? Though there aren’t many variations like in and can be made from pretty much anything. I find
India, like England Korea has its own unique curry. it a great recipe to make when you need to clear
It’s defining feature is its vibrant golden colour out the fridge before going shopping.
which comes from its unique blend of spices. The Though there is a general set of ingredients, it can
most important spice being the turmeric which is be made from pretty much anything. Most recipes
said to have many health benefits, such as being an call for pork but, the meat too can be altered. My
anti-inflammatory. favourite meat to use is chicken and in restaurants
I bet your thinking, within the whole spectrum of they usually make it with beef. However it tastes
Korean food, why am I telling you about Korean just as good without any meat at all, use chick peas
curry, or Karae 카레 as it’s pronounced in Korean. or tofu and make it vegetarian.

It’s quick, it’s easy and everyone can make it. Also,
Food/Recipe 31

The most popular brand of curry in Korea is O ddu If you’ve had your fill of rice, why not try one of the
gi (오뚜기), it was also the company that brought other popular dishes made using Karae powder.
curry to Korea, and made it a must eat food in Kore- The most popular combination is deok bokki and
an homes. That was over 45 years ago now! curry or Karae deok bokk i (카레 떡볶이). A great

Since then many varieties of curry have appeared mix of 2 spicy dishes, incorporating a little bit of
on the market. They started with Curry sauce, in each. It can be bought at most kimbap naras and al-
powder form and have since released readymade so sold in ready to eat tubs at your local conven-
curry that can be heated and ready in just 3 ience store.
minutes. They haven’t stopped at just curry either,
they have also combined this iconic flavour with Ko- Want to try?
rea’s biggest love, ramen. Here is my go to karae recipe, taught to me by my
Something for everyone Korean mother in-law.
If you don’t like spicy food, don’t worry, there are As stated earlier, Korean curry can be made using
three spice levels available, not spicy (순핚맛), a anything just remember, as with all Korean food
little spicy (약핚매욲맛), and spicy (매욲맛). As well colour is important so, make sure when you make it
you use a variety of ingredients with plenty of col-
as 3 different spice levels there are also a few fla-
vour variations. If you’re not too keen on the nor-
mal blend there is also a Vermont blend (브먼드), As the seasons change how about using fresh sea-
sonal produce. You can replace one with another or
made with fruits such as apples and even pineap-
use in addition. Here are some seasonal alterna-
ple, it’s much sweeter. There is also a lentil version
and a healthy, lower gluten curry powder.
As Korea’s staple food is rice, it seems only natural
Not just curry and rice
to enjoy it with curry.

Let’s make Korean Curry!

Mother in law’s Chicken Karae

1 tin of cooked chicken
½ onion
¼ courgette (zucchini)
¼ carrot
1 medium potato
1 pack of Korean curry powder (2 person serv-
ing size (2인분)

1 spoon of grape seed oil
2 cups of water

1. Cut the vegetables into small pieces, a size
that suits your eating style.
2. Heat the oil in a pan and add the carrots
and potatoes.
3. When they start to brown, pour over the
water and cook longer.
4. When the carrots and potatoes has started
to soften, add in the courgette and onion.
5. After adding in the courgette and onion,
add in the Karae powder and mix.
6. When the all the vegetables are ready add
in the chicken meat and cook a little longer to
heat up the chicken.

7. Serve over warm rice. 맛있게드세요. ^^

GIC Property of the month

Deokpo Tower Palace
3 rooms with an ocean view (B Type)
Right next to the Deokpo Beach
Apartment Gym Facility
Rooftop Garden
Only 5 min drive away from Okpo

Geoje International Center Tel. 055-688-2285/

GIC Property of the month

Mijin Tower Palace
3 rooms with an ocean view (168㎡ )
Right next to the Lotte Mart, ISK and French School
Apartment Gym Facility

Geoje International Center Tel. 055-688-2285/E-
Geoje News Team

Alexandra Yeom

Born in the UK, Alex came to South Korea an English teacher. Originally planning
to stay for only one year, six years later is still here. After falling in love with the
Korean language and culture, she now has a family here and calls Korea home.
When her son is sleeping she likes to make beautiful things from hanji and write ar-
ticles for the Geoje news.

Sihyeong Stella Lee

Sihyeong is from Miryang, Korea. She moved to Geoje 6 years ago. It has been
2years since she started working at Geoje International Center as a administrative
manager. Geoje News is one of her contributions for the GIC community. It’s her
first time doing magazine design but she really enjoys doing it.

Fina Thorpe-Willett
A proud Indonesian but happily called many places as her home, thanks to her main
duty as a trailing spouse and mother of 3 girls. Geoje is the recent home she loves so
much and she will keep trying to contribute to the community through many ways,
even if it means challenging herself doing totally new things in her life. Creating
and preserving Geoje News is one of them.

Youngseung Jo

Youngseung Jo is the founder of Geoje International Center. He started variety of in-
ternational projects with an aim to provide a common platform for interaction be-
tween the foreigners and the local residents living on Geoje Island. He contributed
on publishing and fundraising part so that the Geoje City Council and other compa-
nies can sponsor the Geoje News project.

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crisis, there was no choice but to
euthanize 27 pets last year and 10
more in March 2017. To prevent
more animals from an euthanasia,
we are always seeking the new
adoptive, donations , sponsors
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