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CAMBRIDGE ~ TN NA IER MORO WUUT AID eL TN uae Ty ESOL Examinations Cambridge English Olyective an oO Peer es ru Ree ee Ls also known as Preliminary English Test (PET) Map of Objective PET Student’s Book TOPIC 10-13 Sports and hobbies M5 Reading Part | Speaking Part Unit 2 V'ma friendly person 16-19 People 20-21 Listening Patt 3 22-25 Work 26-27 Speaking Part 3 Reading Part 5 go out 28-31 Entertainment 32-33 Listening Part 1 Unit 5 Wheels and wings 34-37 Transport 38-39 Reading Part 2 Unit 6 What did you do at school today? 40-43, eduction and history 4445 Listening Part 2 Units 1-6 Revision 46-47 48-51 Towns and buildings 52-53, Reading Part 3 Unit 8 Let's celebrate 54-57 Special days GRAMMAR Present simple tobe + frequency adverbs ees would ike + to; 10 be + af) ++ occupation Present simple vs present continuous (for present actions); state verbs: short Prepositions of time present continuous for future plans needs countable and ‘uncountable nouns expresions of quantity Past simple; short answers adjectives ending and-ed Prepositions of place and Present perfect simple; jas already yet FUNCTIONS AND VOCABULARY Definitions and explanations; a kind of + nglnouny sports hobbies expressing titade Describing people: appearance, personality, nerests inviting and responding to invitations Saying what people are doing jobs Entertainment; making appointments; dates Transport; sip Ianguage; compound School lf school subjects describing feelings and ‘opinions; dates (years and decades) Placesuildings in towns: dire ‘question: saying you dont sinderstand ions; polite experiences and recent aetvitiess Celebrations, festivals and parties; giving good wishes 4 MAP OF OBJECTIVE PET STUDENT’S BOOK PRONUNCIATION i ain step i ain big fot asin pop dla inf {ju in winery Saying ap and ont Unstressed a of, and Final sound of regular ‘verbs in past tense: eV and id Dates REVISION Alphabet ike + ~ing have got Present simple Unit 1) would you ike + 0? (Unit 2) present continuous present actions (Unit 3) Frequency adverbs and present simple (Unit 1s ‘compound nouns from Units It Expressing opinions Adjectives from earlier nit spelling rules Dates (Unit taking about pictures (Unit 3); Present tenses al TOPIC GRAMMAR FUNCTIONS AND — PRONUNCIATION REVISION. VOCABULARY Exam folder 8 58-59 Speaking Parts 3 and & Writing Part 2 Unit 9 Short answers in the Parts ofthe body illness: fet asin sy Present tents past simple; How do you feel? 60-63 presen pvc aivingadvce expressions Je asin ell present perfects short eal and fines. witha vers Exam folder 9 64-65 Reading Part 4 | Speaking Part 2 Unit 10 Present perfetand past Letters andemaisete. _—_Finalsound of plural Past simple: present perfect [look forward to hearing simple ag, for, sinc, in: nouns short answers ‘you 66-69 ‘beer and gone; have you Ish (21 and iz) Bowmen eva [Exam folder 10 70-71 | Listening Pact 1 | Writing Part 3 Exam folder 76-77 Reading Part 5 it Describing styles and as in elevision Present and past tenses: ‘Aplace of my own 86-9 pombliysircaidtmgh saying what oupreer; 18S sin oe ‘prepositions (Unit 7) advice Feria race Imusic’ be prepsions price rooms and fariture {oni9) ofplace xam folder 13 90-91 Reading Pat 2 Exam folder 14 96-97 | Listening are 4 | Writing Parts 2 and 3 Unit 15 Movals (permission nd Res phrasal verbs Pronunciation of ou Adjectives rom earlier Risk! 98-101 obligation can ca: hae with ey activites and ‘uns past simple (Uni 6) Rives? toydon't have to; had toand experiences adjectives and dns have to adverbs adverbs (Exam folder 1s 102-103, | Reading Part 1 Unit 16 sing future present Studyand leur; the Saying times Invitations (Unit 2}; present time 104-107 tense ater when afer and time ivitatons making continuous for aur plans ton fae tine arrangements Gries) MAP OF OBJECTIVE PET STUDENT'S BOOK 5