Thursday, April 6, 2017

Lansing City Council
124 W. Michigan Ave.
10th Floor City Hall
Lansing, MI 48933

Lansing City Council Members:

As economic growth and job creation proponents, the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce and Michigan
Chamber of Commerce represent close to 1,000 employers in the City of Lansing. At a time when many businesses
and organizations were leaving the city, our organizations made significant commitments in downtown Lansing
and continue to be advocates and catalysts for additional investment.

The City and our region have made great progress in becoming a competitive and attractive place for businesses to
invest, grow and create jobs. We have succeeded in diversifying our economic foundation. The region’s
transformation, while still evolving, has been no accident. This was carefully planned by business, community and
elected leaders who have worked closely to energize the local economy and set its future course.

Lansing is a diverse community, rich with history and culture. It’s what makes our city a welcoming destination to
live, work and thrive. Recent actions of City Council, whether intended or not, have placed an unnecessary target
on the City of Lansing while jeopardizing millions of dollars in federal funding that impacts the city budget. A
budget, that cannot afford to fill a gap this significant.

While the focus should be leadership on issues such as the city’s unfunded liabilities, roads and infrastructure,
regional cooperation and making Lansing more competitive, City Council has chosen to bring a federal matter to
local politics. City Council has spent the first three months unfocused and has continued to ignore the financial
challenges and economic opportunities facing the city. It’s time to prioritize efforts on important issues that
positively impact businesses, residents and the future of our region. With close to $1 billion in proposed economic
investment, City Council has a unique opportunity to propel further growth.

We respectfully ask that you amend the recently passed resolution by removing the reference to “Sanctuary City.”
As our city’s elected leaders, you play an important role in maintaining and creating a climate that attracts
businesses, residents and investment - or doesn’t. Let’s maintain an approach that makes investing and doing
business in Lansing just as attractive as Detroit, Grand Rapids, Traverse City and other growing and thriving cities.


Tim Daman Rich Studley
President and CEO President and CEO
Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce Michigan Chamber of Commerce