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2 Simple Entry Keyboard Commands

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[hide]Action Key(s) Laptop alternate

Chroma step up/down: equal/dash

Accidental natural: n

Accidental parenthsize: p

Accidental courtesy: pp

Accidental show/hide courtesy: shift-control-minus

Sticky flats/sharps toggle: alt-minus/equal

Add interval 2nd to 9th above: 2 to 8 F2 to F8

Add interval 2nd to 9th below: shift-2 to shift-8 shift-F2 to shift-F8

Add nearest pitch to cursor: shift-A through shift-G

Add articulation: alt-a or backquote

accent: a

breath: b

cesura: c

down bow: d
tenuto: e

fermata: f

marcato-staccato: g

square harmonic: h

mute/plus: i

turn: j

inverted mordent: k

ped. end (*): l

mordent: m

gracenote: n

harmonic: o

ped.: p

tenuto accent: q

grace rest: r

staccato: s

trill: t

up bow: u
marcato: v

staccato-accent: w

staccatissimo: x

tilde: y

staccato-accent: z

fingering: 1-5

tremolo (1 beam): 6

tremolo (2 beams): 7

tremolo (3 beams): 8

parenthesis start: 9

parenthesis end: 0

other keys: open Articulation Selection window

Sticky articulation toggle: control-backquote

Change clef: alt-c

treble clef 1

alto clef 2
tenor clef 3

bass clef 4

percussion clef 5

tenor treble clef 6

octave bass clef 7

baritone bass clef 8

French violin clef 9

baritone clef a

mezzo-soprano clef b

soprano clef c

percussion clef 2 d

octave treble clef e

upper octave bass clef f

blank clef g

tab clef h

tab clef 2 i
other keys open Change Clef window

Add expression under note: x

ffff 1

fff 2

ff 3

f 4

mf 5

mp 6

p 7

pp 8

ppp 9

pppp 0

fp f

fz g

sf h

sfz s
sffz z

Adagio y

Moderato u

Allegro i

8va q

8vb w

loco l

accel. e

rit. r

a tempo t

arco o

pizz. p

A to D a to d

other keys open Expression Selection window

Add key signature: alt-k

1 to 7 sharps 1 to 7
1 to 7 flats q, w, e, r, t, y, u

1-7 sharps with cancel a, s, d, f, g, h, j

1-7 flats with cancel z, x, c, v, b, n, m

Add time signature: alt-t

1/4 to 9/4 1 to 9

1/8 to 7/8 q, w, e, r, t, y, u

9/8 o

12/8 p

1/2 to 4/2 a, s, d, f

cut time x

common time c

3/4 v

other keys open Time Signature window

Move pitch octave up/down: alt-shift-up/down

Move pitch diatonic up/down: alt-up/down

Change note/chord duration: alt-0 to alt-8

Add augmentation dot: .

Sticky aug. dot toggle: shift-dot

Tuplet, (triplet) toggle: 9

Tuplet, user defined: alt-9

Enter note: A to G

Enter note at cursor position: enter

Enter rest: 0 or tab or alt-enter or shift-enter

Break beam to previous note: /

Flatten beam toggle: alt-/

Default beam angle: shift-/

Enharmonic spelling: \ or alt-e

Delete: delete or shift-backspace

Select eraser: alt-backspace or alt-delete

Flip tie (on right): control-f

Grace note: alt-g

Show/Hide: h
Flip stem: l (lowercase L)

Default stem direction: shift-L

Tie to next note: t

Tie to previous note: shift-T

Toggle note/rest: r

Cursor/selection clear: backspace

Cursor octave up/down: shift-up/down

Cursor step up/down: up/down

Move one entry left/right: left/right

Move one meausre left/right: control-left/right

Select duration 128th to breve: 0 to 7 or control-alt-shift-0/7

Change duration of note: alt-0 to alt-7